18 Fabric Flower Crafts To Brighten Winter Days

When the weather is just barely above freezing, it’s hard to think about flowers. In fact, it’s during this time of year that  you begin to forget what warm weather feels like and pretty flowers look like. It’s easy to let the cold and dreary temperatures bring you down, but what you might not know is that there are so many crafty ways to channel spring no matter the time of year.

With a little fabric (this is a great way to use up scraps!), you can create posies to wear, display and show off.

18 Fabric Flower Crafts To Brighten Winter Days


How to Make Fabric Flowers

Scrap Fabric Rosette Barrette – If you want to add DIY fabric flowers to your look, create these homemade barrettes. This is a quick and easy project that’s perfect for beginners and young crafters.

Ribbon Flower Pins – Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and rock one of these delicious flower accessories.

Upcycled Vintage Fabric Flowers – When you have an old t-shirt on hand, there’s no need to invest in fabric. In fact, that’s all you need to get started on this pretty project.

Coffee Stained Roses – The next time you spill coffee on a white shirt, make one of these flowers. In just minutes, you can turn stained fabric into DIY fabric flowers.

Mitzi’s Fabric Flowers – Chose assorted fabric scraps to make your flowers really stand out. Find ow to make fabric flowers that work on their own or as part of a bouquet.

Strip Fabric Flower – In just eight simple steps, you can learn how to make a fabric flower that looks unlike anything else. All you need is muslin to get started on this project.

Charming Hair Flower – Little girls will love sporting this delightful flower in her hair. DIY fabric flowers are always in season, so have her wear one when the weather is freezing.

No Sew Fabric Flower Bouquet – No needle? No problem! Use hot glue to construct your own fabric flowers.

Fabric Flower Bouquet – When it comes to this bouquet, the more fabric scraps you have, the better! If you’re making fabric flowers, why stop with one?


Even More DIY Fabric Flowers

Dyed Ribbon Flower – Use white ribbon to design your own one-of-a-kind flower. While you’re at it, make a whole bouquet!

Ric Rac Rose Rings – A little bit of ric rac can make a huge difference with this innovative jewelry project.

Multiple Use Fabric Flowers – The name says it all – you can do so much with these DIY fabric flowers!

Outstanding Organza Flowers – If you have a needle and thread, you can create your own version of this elegant project. Learn how to make a fabric flower that’s both delicate and dainty.

Stamped Fabric Flower Garden – The button embellishment take these free DIY fabric flowers to a whole other level. Make a bunch and use them as a display on your table.

Quilt Scrap Flowers – Don’t throw out that old quilt! Instead, use the fabric to create personalized flowers.

Roses, Ribbon & Chain Bib Necklace – Forget about wearing your heart on your sleeve – it’s all about flowers on your neck. Once you find out how to make fabric roses, you’ll never want the real thing again.

Burst of Color Fabric Flowers – No-sew fabric flowers are perfect for non-sewers. Pick colorful fabric so your posies stand out.

Radiant Ruffled Blossom Bouquet – Start with basic white cotton fabric and use dye to turn each flower into a unique piece of art.


What’s your favorite flower?



16 Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns You’ll Want To Keep For Yourself

I can speak from personal experience that handmade afghans turn into lifelong keepsake. In fact, I have two homemade blankets that I absolutely adore and consider to be my most treasured items. To me, nothing is more special than knowing someone put so much time and care into the creation of my blankets. When I look at either of these crochet baby blanket patterns, I’m reminded just how much I’m loved, and that’s truly special.

Now it’s your turn to make an impression in someone’s life. Work up one of these free crochet baby blanket patterns before a baby shower or birthday party – mommy and baby will appreciate the warmth and comfort. Baby blankets are one of the most popular types of patterns on FaveCrafts and it’s easy to see why. If you have some sort of crochet knowledge, you can make a baby blanket. You can choose to make a quick and easy baby blanket or work on something more complicated, but either way, you’re sure to make a huge statement.


Free Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns

  1. Precious Pink Baby Afghan
  2. Pretty in Pink Baby Blanket
  3. Striped Lavender Baby Blanket
  4. Bluebell Baby Afghan
  5. Peppermint Candy Afghan
  6. Yellow Baby Blanket
  7. The Coziest Crocheted Baby Blanket Ever
  8. Lace Baby Blanket



Easy Crochet Baby Blanket Ideas

  1. Squares in the Corners Baby Blanket
  2. Beautiful Crochet Baby Blanket
  3. Ruffled Baby Blanket
  4. Gingham Baby Blanket
  5. Baby Block Crochet Blanket
  6. Diamond Bobble Baby Blanket
  7. Easy One Ball Baby Blanket
  8. Bitty Blossom Baby Afghan





Looking for more free crochet baby blanket patterns? Check out this collection of 34 Easy Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns, Free Tutorials and More and make sure to save it for a shower or birthday. Baby blankets make great gifts are often saved as keepsakes, so be sure to make one for your favorite little bundle of joy. You’ll find afghans for little boys and girls, as well as gender-neutral afghans that expectant mommies will surely appreciate.





What’s your favorite thing to crochet?




Need a Knit Dishcloth Pattern? You’re In Luck

Now that I live on my own and have my very own kitchen, I know one thing for sure: everything costs money. When I was a kid, items would just magically appear, I would use them and that would be that. But now, I have so many responsibilities, including keeping my kitchen clean and stocked with necessary items. One thing I never thought about growing up was dishcloths. Now that I’m older, I know just how important it is to have a good sturdy dishcloth that you can reuse over and over again. After all, paper towels are costly and wasteful! Thankfully, FaveCrafts has a bunch of knit dishcloth pattern ideas that I can use whenever I want.

Instead of buying some boring old dishcloth, grab a pair of needles and work up a quick dishcloth that matches your decor. These are great projects to work on while you watch TV or sit in a waiting room. Best of all, dishcloths are perfect starter project for a beginner. Choose yarns that stand out and make a statement. Who knows – you may actually WANT to do the dishes from now on.


For Those Who Need A Knit Dish Towel Pattern ASAP

Pink Flamingo Dishcloth – How have I lived without this knitted dishcloth pattern?

Cotton Stripes Knit Dishcloth – Super simple but so adorable. I want one in every color.

Doily Style Dishcloth – Add a vintage flair to your kitchen – it’s so easy.

Ridged or Waffle Dishcloth – Waffles aren’t just meant for breakfast.

Mitered Knit Dishcloth – This is a new take on an old favorite knit dishcloth pattern.


But What If You Need A Basic Knit Dishcloth Pattern?

Easy Dishcloth Knitting Pattern – My new favorite free knitting pattern.

Simple Dishcloths – A quick project you can work on tonight.

Nifty Knitted Dishcloth – How great is this knit dishcloth pattern?

Easy Knit Dishcloth – I think I’ll make one of these for my mom.

Feathered Dishcloth – Girly, fun and too cute for words!

Tulip Dishcloth – Whether it’s spring or the dead of winter, you’ll appreciate this pattern.


Don’t stop with dishcloths! Make knit mug cozies, coasters and more with a little help from 12 Free Knitting Patterns for the Kitchen. The kitchen is the most important room of the house, so make sure it looks great and feels comfortable.  If you have a pair of needles and some yarn to spare, you can make these amazing projects.



What’s your favorite thing to knit?



13 Mason Jar Crafts To Make Now (And Later)

Mason jars are my absolute favorite craft supply. They aren’t intimidating, they don’t cost much and they’re infinitely adaptable – what’s not to like? Since Christmas is just around the corner and I haven’t started shopping for gifts yet, I’m feeling a twinge of last-minute anxiety. Since I don’t have a ton of time to look for gifts, I’m considering creating a few of these Mason jar crafts and giving them to my friends. My favorite idea is decorating the outside of a Mason jar and filling it with candy. I must say, though, I love unexpected Mason jar crafts, like vases.

Before you head to the mall or a fancy boutique, consider making one of these Mason jar crafts. If you’ve already completed your holiday shopping, save this list for another day. You never know when you’ll need a quick and easy gift or fun decorative craft, and these projects definitely fit the bill.


Mason Jar Christmas Crafts

Snowman Belly Jars – Simply draw a belly on these jars to create headless snowman. While this may seem a little morbid, it’s actually super cute. Use fun colors that really stick out and make each jar a little different. Fill them with cotton balls and you have a non-melting Santa for all season.

Easy Rustic Mason Jar Decorations – With this Mason jar craft tutorial, you get two projects for the price of one. The contrasting colors make these a true standout. Group a bunch of these jars together and place them on a mantel or kitchen table.  These will look great on a table during Christmas brunch.

Winter Wonderland Candle Jars – How cool is this frosty Mason jar? You don’t need actual snow to create this pretty decorative piece, so if you’re in the mood for a winter treat in six months, this is the perfect project. The simple, rustic look evokes a country feel.

Frosted Luminaries – Evoke the look of frosted glass for this super simple Mason jar craft project. Line your Mason jar on a mantel and fill them with tea lights. The colors will make your room sparkle and glow.


Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Simple Stained Mason Jars – It doesn’t matter what you use your jars for as long as they look good. That’s the philosophy behind this kid-friendly craft project. You won’t believe how easy it is to change the look of these Mason jars.

Altered Art Mason Jars – Store spices, treats and more inside these Mason jars. Create your own labels and organize all of your essentials – it’s easier than you think.

Pretty Pink Mason Jar Cups – If you’re planning a baby shower or birthday party, you’ll want to make this project. This is not only a great way to serve food or drinks, but also a fabulous party favor idea.

Affordable Jar Party Lanterns -Cover jars in paint, wait for it to dry and add a stripe with Mod Podge. That’s all you have to do if you want to complete this craft project. Kids will love pitching in and painting the jars, so be sure to have them help out.

3D Memory Jars – Capture your favorite moments with this delightful project. This is a great gift or favor idea, so keep it in mind for your next celebration.


Mason Jar Gift Ideas

Gold Tipped Mason Jar Vases – Combine a Mason jar and candle stick to create your own vases. Paint helps turn these jars into fancy home decor items. Place these in the center of a table for a class look.

Mason Jar Vase – Use a candlestick or a candlestick to add height to your vase and include some trim and embellishments to make each piece unique. Once you’ve completed these two steps, you’ll be well on your way to creating a memorable Mason jar.

Colorful Bead Jar – Store all of your beads in these handy jars. This is a great way to organize supplies and clean up your craft room. If you don’t have a ton of beads, you can opt for a baby food jar rather than a Mason jar.

Craft Room in a Jar – Who wouldn’t want to carry their craft room with them wherever they go? Throw your favorite supplies in a jar and give it as a gift. You can also use this project to clean up your space and get organized.



What’s your favorite use for Mason jars?



Not Too Late To Decorate! 13 Christmas Crafts

Wait, how is already December? Just five minutes ago, I was laying out in the sun, soaking up the last few rays of the season. Almost overnight, the days became darker and the air became chillier. I feel like the holiday season arrived before I could fully prepare! Do you feel the same way?

If you’re a little behind on your holiday crafting, you’re not alone. Luckily, you can still make plenty of crafts before December 25th. Decorating your space for the holiday season is by far one of the best aspects of Christmas, so don’t miss out on the fun! These holiday projects aren’t too complicated or difficult – if you have some crafty skills and an urge to decorate, you’ll be well on our way to finishing at least one of these projects. Wreaths in particular are a great seasonal treat – you can hang out on your door or simply add it to a blank wall for a pop of cheer. Additionally, there are plenty of handmade garlands, stockings and tabletop trees to help you show off your spirit. Don’t let the holiday season pass you by – sit down, relax and make a few Christmas crafts before it’s too late.


Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

Holly Jolly Christmas Reindeer Sign – Rudolph makes a surprise appearance in this clever Christmas craft project.

Simple Striped Santa Stockings – A great project to work on leading up to Christmas Eve. You can also make one and give it as a meaningful gift.

Grandma’s Angel Garland – Grandma would love this country-inspired Christmas craft.

Dazzling Christmas Centerpiece – An eye-catching design that’s sure to please. Place this sparkly table topper on your Christmas party table.

Felt Sweater Christmas Trees – Save old sweaters and use them for something fun and practical.

Knit Christmas Stocking – This is a more advanced project but that doesn’t mean it isn’t so much fun to make.

Frilly Paper Trees – The more colorful the paper, the better! Cover your table with these Christmas trees and make it a memorable holiday season.



How to Make a Christmas Wreath

Rosy Cozy Christmas Wreath – This wreath is both pretty and traditional. The beautiful posies add an unexpected dimension to an otherwise unexciting Christmas wreath.

Vintage Winter Wreath – Take a trip back in time! Homemade Christmas decor can help you feel warm, toasty and oh so cozy.

Peppermint Sweets Christmas Wreath – All the sweetness, none of the cavities! Satisfy your sweet tooth with this handmade wreath.

Mesh Christmas Wreath – An unexpected take on a traditional project, this wreath will change the way you look at DIY Christmas crafts. Who wouldn’t want to hang one on a door?

Christmas Cool Ornaments Wreath – Kids and adults alike will surely appreciate this fun and festive wreath design.

Candy Cane Crochet Wreath – This project may look complicated, but it’s so easy to complete. Everyone will love his handmade Christmas wreath and will want to know where you bought it!


What Christmas crafts will you make this year?



21 Ways to Crochet, Knit or Sew a Bag

I have a confession to make: I simply love bags. Big totes, small pouches – I don’t care how big it is. If a bag catches me eye, I simply HAVE to have it. While it’s fun to go shopping and check out the latest style, it’s not so fun to watch my bank account dwindle. I’ve realized that I must seek out the best possible DIY projects to recreate my favorite bag patterns.

When you learn how to knit, crochet and sew your own bag, you have the world at your fingertips. Who needs fancy designers when you can bring your own homemade bag to life? My favorite way to make a statement is by upcycling old items like jeans and turning them into memorable handmade bags. Get inspired and get to work – you may never spend money on a handbag ever again!


Free Crochet Purse Patterns

Crochet Tote Bag – Super simple but so much fun to make.

Extra Large Bellagio Tote – Carry all of your essentials plus a few extras.

Beginner Tote Bag – If you’re new to crochet (or just don’t feel like working too hard), try this free crochet pattern.

Mini Knitting Tote – It’s teeny, it’s tiny and it’s PERFECT.

Smiling Sunflower Bag – Rain or shine, this bag will always make you happy. Little kids will also love this pattern (it’s perfect for traveling).

Felt Flower Mini Tote – It’s small but mighty! Who wouldn’t feel glamorous with this purse on their arm?

Little Red Crochet Bag – Get fired up! How cute is this free crochet pattern?

Striped Tote Bag – A bag that’s anything but basic, you’ll want to take this with you everywhere.


Knitted Purse Patterns

BeeBopper Knitted Tote Bag – The bold colors and wide strap make this pattern a unique delight.

Uptown Tote Bag – No matter where you’re headed, you’ll be glad you made this practical bag.

Shetland Cable Knit Bag – Who wouldn’t fall in love with knitted bag patterns like this?

Thrifty Market Bag – Take your bag to the farmer’s market or carry it when you travel. Either way, you’ll be able to fit all of your essentials!





Free Bag Sewing Patterns

Funky Jeans Bag – What do you do when your old jeans don’t fit anymore? Don’t get depressed – make a purse instead (and buy new jeans, of course).

6 Old Jeans Purse Patterns – Once you make the bag above, you’ll want to upcycle all of your old pairs of jeans and make more sewn bags.

Sew Easy Skirt Tote – Save a skirt, make a bag! This fashionable project will help you cut closet clutter.

Upcycled Denim Tote Bag – Go green and save your denim from the trash can. You’ll love the look of this fashionable sewn bag pattern.





How to Make a Purse: 20 Patterns for Sewing Totes, Bags and More – Once you start making your own purses, you might not be able to stop! Luckily, there are a ton of fun and exciting bag patterns in this free eBook. Purses can get super expensive, especially if you plan to buy a fancy handbag. Stay away from that department store and step away from the computer – this free eBook will help you save money and look like a million bucks. Whether you want to make a fancy clutch or a large crossbody bag, we’ve got you covered. Download a copy today.



What is one item you have in your bag right this second?




Cozy Winter Crochet Patterns To Keep You Warm

Tis the season to be cold. The temperatures are steadily dropping and that cold winter chill is settling in. In addition to heavy coats, it’s time to grab gloves, mittens and hats before you head out the door. Instead of spending money on poorly made winter wearables, stay home and crochet yourself something fabulous. Most of these patterns are quick to make and easy enough for beginners. Even the more complicated patterns won’t take all season, so you can create your piece and then wear it before the season comes to an end.

You know what else you can do with winter wearables? Give them as holiday gifts! The Christmas season is just around the corner, so you want to make sure you have some quality gifts to give your loved ones. These winter crochet patterns are both cute and practical, so you don’t have to wonder if the recipient will actually use what you give them.

Don’t wait! Every minute you waste NOT crocheting is a minute you’ll spend feeling cold and quite possibly numb out in the cold.


Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern

Cozy Winter Headband – How cute is this chunky winter headband? Don’t neglect your ears (or mess up your hair) when you head outside. This quick pattern is perfect for a car or train ride.

Fuzzy Pouf Ear Muffs – If you like a more traditional look, consider a pair of ear muffs. The vintage look and textured feel is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Simple Crochet Ear Warmer – The name says it all – this winter crochet pattern takes almost no time to make. If you’re new to the world of crochet, this is the perfect project. Test your skills and practice what you’ve learned so you can proceed to more complicated patterns later on.

Twist of Fate Headband – The twisted head wrap look of this pattern is so trendy right now. The focal point is the front rather than the side of your head, giving it a bohemian look and feel. The thick texture makes this extra warm and cozy.


Free Mitten Patterns

Colorful Texting Gloves – Texting gloves are one of the most genius inventions of the new millennium (in my opinion at least). Now you can dash off a text or e-mail while keeping your fingers warm and toasty.

Elizabeth Bennet’s Lacy Hand Warmers – Lizzie Bennet would surely approve of these delightful hand warmers. Catch your own Mr. Darcy with this delightful design.

Easy Fingerless Gloves – Fingerless gloves are a great option if you need to turn pages or apply lip gloss. Keep your palms warm while performing every day tasks – it’s the best of both worlds.

Chunky Crochet Mittens and Scarf – This yummy set makes a great gift. The warm mittens and fuzzy scarf can be worn together or separate – it’s up to you. No matter what, you know you won’t be cold.


Free Scarf Patterns

Sea Foam Infinity Scarf – Take a trip to the beach without leaving your home (or booking a plane ticket). Evoke the look and feel of the ocean with the bright color and soft wavy texture of the scarf.

Forever 21 Knockoff Scarf – Whether you are 21 or 121, you’ll go gaga for this simple scarf pattern. The single color and easy stitch make this ideal for a new crocheter.

One Skein Asymmetry Scarf – Got one skein? Well we have a fantastic pattern for you to enjoy. This is one of the most popular patterns with our readers, and we can certainly understand why.

Soft and Easy Alpaca Scarf – Alpaca is one of the best fibers for yarn – it’s so soft! You won’t be able to stop touching this scarf, so prepare accordingly!


Crochet Cowl Pattern

Crochet Convertible Cowl – Scarf or hoodie? Now you don’t have to pick! This is a quick and easy pattern that beginners will love. Since you don’t have to change colors, you won’t need to purchase a ton of yarn.

Bright Red Shimmer Cowl – Make a bold statement with this little cowl. If you’re heading to a holiday party, be sure to top your outfit with this fun winter crochet pattern.

Crimson Ridge Cowl – Who doesn’t look elegant in red? This is a great gift idea for women who like to make an entrance. This is also a great option for people who don’t like to wear constricting circle scarves.

Crochet Cowl Hood – This beautiful pattern is super trendy. The understated look and color makes this an age-appropriate delight that will last all winter long.



What’s your favorite way to stay warm?


35 Of the Cutest Miniature Craft Ideas … Ever!

Okay, prepare yourself. Are you ready to see some of the teeny tiniest, most adorable craft projects on the planet? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’re bringing you some of the cutest mini craft projects FaveCrafts has to offer. In fact, we think some of the best crafts come in the tiniest packages.

If you love to knit, sew or create your own home decor, you’ll find fun and easy projects to get your creative juices flowing. If you don’t fit into any of those categories, don’t worry! We’ve included a few extra projects that are sure to inspire you. Mini crafts make great gifts, so consider saving a few and giving them to the ones you love. No matter what, be sure to try your hand at a few of these projects – they don’t take up much space and are a breeze to complete.


Mini DIY Christmas Crafts

The holiday season is just around the corner, so now is the time to start crafting. If you’re not in the mood to take on a big project, these mini DIY Christmas crafts will work for you. They’re quick to make and super easy – no need to spend a ton of time and money at the craft store. Use these designs to decorate your desk or kitchen table – homemade Christmas crafts can really boost your mood, especially during the cold, dark winter months.


Mini Button Wreath

Mini Beaded Christmas Trees

Mini Button Canvas Trees




Tiny DIY Sewing Projects

Grab that needle and thread or pull up to your sewing machine – these projects are perfect for sewers. Whether you have a ton of experience or want to try something new, mini projects will keep you on your toes. These DIY sewing projects are cute and whimsical, making them ideal for creative people like you. Carry your favorite lipstick and a wad of cash in your teeny tiny tote bag or keep your pins close at hand with a homemade pincushion. Once you make one miniature craft project, you might become addicted!


Felt Flower Mini Tote

Mini Cupcake Pin Cushions

Felted Mini Handbag




Itty Bitty DIY Home Decor

People usually associate home decor crafts with big, expensive materials. These projects pretty much turn that notion on its head and show that you don’t need a ton of time and money to make your space shine. Line up a few planters on your back porch or store important odds and ends in a pretty box – all you need is a little creativity. Don’t let your home turn into a gloomy space! Teeny tiny DIY home decor crafts like the ones shown here will put a smile on your face well after you’ve completed making them.

Pink Mini Storage Box

Mini Succulent Planters

Mini Bloom Organizer Box

Tiny Teacup Topiary




Mini Craft Project Ideas

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite mini craft projects to keep you busy when you have a few spare minutes. Readers love the tiny amigurumi seal project and the Tiny Apple Keychain is a hit during back to school season. Students will also appreciate the homemade clipboard and will want to throw paperclips and erasers in the leather pouch. Tiny projects don’t require much time, so you can make a bunch and save them for later. If you’ve never made a mini project or just want to create something adorable, start with this list. You’ll want to display your designs forever!

Tiny Apple Keychain

Mini Knitting Tote

Tiny Seal

Tiny Cupcake Clipboard

Tiny Leather Pouch

20 Mini Handmade Craft Ideas



What’s on your craft to-do list?


11 Angel Craft Ideas That Will Warm Your Heart

Even if you aren’t religious, you Christmas just isn’t complete without a few angels. You’ve seen them atop a Christmas tree or lining a mantel,  but there are also a ton of non-traditional angel craft ideas. From tampons (yes, tampons) to Barbie dolls, you can use so many unexpected supplies to create a Christmas angel. Crocheters, there are plenty of patterns for you, too!

Pick one of these angel craft projects and start your countdown to Christmas. It’s never too early to start decorating for the holidays and these sweet and simple projects will put you in the jolliest of moods.


Super Easy Angel Craft Projects

Unique Tampon Angel – Okay, this project is a little controversial. Yes, you do use a tampon and it is displayed on a Christmas tree. Would you make one? Leave a comment and tell us why or why not – we want to hear from you!

Wire Ribbon and Pearl Angel – This project is deceptively easy and looks really sophisticated. You only need a few supplies to get started, making this ideal for frugal crafters. I would definitely hang this on my tree – the delicate and unique look make it a true standout.

Itty Bitty Angel – How ridiculous cute is this little angel? I love the addition of synthetic doll hair – it makes the angel come to life! If you plan to give this away as a gift, model your angel after the recipient and personalize the face. Glasses, moles and other distinctive features will take this project to the next level.

Doily Angel – If you plan to throw a holiday party or festive gathering, make sure your table is perfectly decorated. You only need one paper doily per angel, so you can create a bunch in a short time. Plus, paper doilies are super cheap, so you won’t break the bank when you work on this project.

Little Angel – Crochet beginners will love working on this adorable angel. In just a few minutes, you can crochet both the wings and body. The stitches aren’t intricate and the pieces aren’t huge, so you don’t have to worry about messing up. Use this as an excuse to test your crochet skills and see what you can accomplish.

Extra Glamorous Angel Tree Topper – Who knew a Barbie could be a Christmas crafting MVP? This is the ultimate recycle craft – you’re repurposing an empty plastic bottle, toilet paper roll and yes, a Barbie to create a one-of-a-kind angel. This is a standout craft you won’t soon forget.


Our Favorite Angel Crafts to Make

angel-dogPuppy Angel Christmas Ornament – Immortalize your four-legged friend with this delightful polymer clay ornament. The tiny halo and sparkly eyes are will help your ornament stand out on the tree. If you’re new to the world of clay, this is the perfect project for you.

Cinnamon Angel Garland – Rustic, country-themed crafts are always popular, but this one is especially meaningful. The cinnamon sticks and bay leaves used to string the garland and decorate the angels will make your home smell positively delicious. The subdued colors and small features make this an ideal craft if you just want a tiny touch of holiday flair.

Clay Angel Ornament – Grab that polymer clay – it’s time to get to work! I love the heart motif used throughout this adorable Christmas craft project. This may look like a complicated project, but it’s actually pretty easy to complete.

Ruffled Angel Statue -Use fleece or felt to complete this genius angel craft. Simply wrap your ruffles around a Styrofoam cone for a textured look. If you’re looking for a creative tabletopper or mantel display piece, be sure to work on this project.

Angel Ornament Pattern – Use this as a coaster, wall hanging or tabletop display – it’s that versatile. I love the traditional look of this design and the basic stitches used to complete the piece. Best of all, this is a true one skein pattern, making it ideal for waiting room and long car trips (as long as you’re not driving, of course).


What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?



9 Beautiful Country Crafts for Christmas

Picture this: The snow is falling outside as the sun sets. The fire glows as you sit on a rug covered floor, slowly sipping hot cocoa and listening to the sounds of howling winds outside your door. Okay, now open your eyes. You may not be able to live out your country-themed fantasies, but with a few creative craft ideas, you can surely take a brain vacation. Since Christmas is just around the corner, why not create rustic Christmas crafts that take you to another time and place?

Country crafts have a distinctive look – they usually involve muted colors and imperfect materials. Shaggy edges, unsanded wood, upcycled materials — if you have it on-hand, you can use it to create country Christmas crafts. After all, out in the country, there’s no reason to be perfect and you don’t exactly have access to a ton of supplies.



  1. Country Cozy Afghan
  2. Homespun Country Cousins Blanket
  3. Rustic Rag Wreath
  4. Antique Snowman Ornament
  5. Applique Christmas Placemat and Napkin
  6. Classic Country Scrap Wreath
  7. Clay Pot Snowmen
  8. Country Themed Ornaments and Wreath
  9. Log Cabin Afghan


If you live in an urban metropolis or just want to bring a rustic vibe to your space, consider creating one of these gorgeous projects. There’s no better way to get in the holiday spirit than to show off your skills and create unforgettable Christmas crafts.


What Christmas crafts do you want to make this year?