Jewelry Tools 101: Comparing Pliers And Tweezers

Having the right tools for jewelry making is key to your success. The right tools and jewelry making techniques will help you get the results you want while also saving you time and a whole lot of frustration. You can also avoid wasting materials that get broken or lost because the tools you are using don’t have the right grip or strength.

Jewelry tweezers are relatively straightforward. Jewelry tweezers have a very fine tip that comes to a sharp point. They are used to pick up tiny gems and beads, as well as to get into tight spaces when you are positioning beads, threading wire, or wrapping wire.


Tweezers come in different material types to offer different strength and longevity. They can also be magnetized so that it is easier to pick up and hold onto certain jewelry findings.

Jewelry pliers, on the other hand, come in a much wider variety of options. They are larger and stronger, allowing you to grip beads tighter or to twist and manipulate thick wire. Here’s a look at some of the different types of jewelry pliers that you might need:

1) Round Nose Pliers

Round nose pliers are some of the most commonly used jewelry pliers. They have round tips all the way around, including inside the jaws. You can use them to make perfectly rounded pieces of wire, such as for closing head pins, jump rings, or other closures. You can also use them to create beautiful wire creations.

Round nose pliers can be purchased in different sizes and different materials to accommodate the type of project you are working on. For example, you might need stronger pliers if you are working with a heavier weight of wire.

2) Chain Nose Pliers

Chain nose pliers are the standard pliers. You will find these in any handy man’s toolbox, and they are a basic tool for jewelry makers.

Chain nose pliers typically have a serrated jaw, which makes it easier for them to grip things. You can also get them with a smooth jaw. You can use them for all-purpose work, but they are typically not small enough for fine details. You can buy smaller sizes for more detailed work, but you’ll need a pair of tweezers or other specialty pliers to get into really tight spaces.

3) Bent Nose Pliers

You can’t always tackle your project head on. Sometimes, there are beads, wire or other findings blocking your way, or sometimes the area you are trying to reach is so recessed that even holding the pliers in your hand can block it.

Bent nose pliers allow you to get into spaces at any angle, giving you a clear view and letting you access hard-to-reach places on your design. You’ll need to get a few sizes to make sure you can get into the smallest spaces when needed. The finer the tip, the more delicate the work you can do.

4) Flat Nose Pliers

Most pliers have a relatively narrow nose or even a round nose. Flat nose pliers have a wider nose that works almost like a clamp. The flat nose allows for a wider grip, and it can be used to create some interesting shapes when bending wire.

Guest post from Nina Blaicher of Tronex Tools

What tools do you like to work with?

As If! 21 Jewelry Patterns Inspired by the 90s

There is a theory in fashion that every 20 years, trends will start reappearing. In the late 90s, fashion from the 1970s, like flared jeans, daisy chains, and colors like olive green and burnt orange, was the rage. In the mid-2000s, the 80s were alive and well. I remember being in high school about 10 years ago and rocking bright eyeshadow, band tees, and fishnets (Yikes!). And it seems like this 20-year staple has come around again, because the fashion, colors, and styles of the 90s are absolutely trending everywhere right now. 90s fashion faves like crop tops, bright bold colors, and platform shoes are in demand from fashionistas everywhere. However, it doesn’t matter if you were a 90s kid or not, because you can still embrace these crazy fun vintage jewelry ideas that are all over the runway.

As If! 21 Jewelry Patterns Inspired by the 90s

From looks inspired by classic 90s movies like Clueless to the glamorous styles worn by famous 90s supermodels, there’s literally a look for everyone! If you spent most of your teen years at the mall, I’ve got you covered with fun DIY accessories inspired by your favorite stores. I’ve made sure to include the most popular jewelry trends from the 90s, from hemp bracelets to velvet accessories, so that you’ve got endless options for when you’re channeling your favorite nostalgic vibe.

If you’ve got your own 90s-inspired jewelry patterns, or just want to let us know why you love the 90s, make sure to leave a comment below! Sit down, relax, pop in your favorite 90s movie, and get to crafting your favorite easy jewelry pattern from the list below!

As If! 21 Jewelry Patterns Inspired by the 90s

Pop Culture Princesses: Jewelry Inspired by Your Favorite 90s Icons

Enya Bohemian Midi Ring

To wear: When you’re listening to your old Spin Doctors CD

Scene Stealing Jewelry: Patterns from 90s TV and Movies

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Choker

To wear: When you’re writing down notes with your gel pens

 Mall Makeover: Jewelry Inspired by 90s Fashion

Delia's Inspired Daisy Chain

To wear: When you’re rocking your favorite body glitter

What’s your favorite 90s movie? Leave a comment below!

Upcycled “Lucky” Die Cut St. Patrick’s Day Necklace

Today we have a guest post from Stefanie Girard from Sweater Surgery! She’ll be sharing with us an easy way to decorate for St. Patrick’s day. For more great tutorials, be sure to check out her blog!


Words make a great subject for statement necklaces and die cutting recycled plastic is an easy way to make words for your statement necklaces. I like to use the plastic from take out containers with my die cuts to make jewelry.

The surrounding plastic left over from the die cut makes a great stencil for future projects so don’t throw it away!


To color the plastic a Krylon silver leafing pen works great on the backside of the plastic.

To poke the holes for the jump rings I used a large embroidery needle. I simply held the plastic on self healing cutting mat and worked the needle into the plastic from one side until it went through a bit and then from the other side enlarged it more to accommodate the diameter of the jump ring.


Decide how long you want your necklace and add chain to each side along with your favorite type of clasp and you have yourself a pretty statement necklace featuring the word “Lucky.” I bet your friends will want one too, so you might as well make a bunch to give them for St. Patrick’s Day.

Have you ever made jewelry out of recycled materials?

28 Jewelry Boxes: How to Make a Jewelry Box

If you like DIY jewelry, odds are that you have tons of different pieces of jewelry just lying around your home. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for jewelry to get tangled or lost this way. Get organized and continue your crafty, DIY trend by making your own jewelry holder. No matter what it is you need to organize, we’ve got the answer for you. Whether that’s a jewelry box, a necklace holder, an earring holder, or a bracelet box, you can find it in this collection of 28 Jewelry Boxes: How to Make a Jewelry Box.

28 Jewelry Boxes: How to Make a Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box

You can’t go wrong with a classic! That’s why making a homemade jewelry box is never a bad idea. Great for holding all of your odds and ends, a jewelry box is a staple in the bedroom of every jewelry lover. What we love most about homemade jewelry boxes is that you can completely customize it to fit your personal style.

Mosaic DIY Jewelry Box

1.  Mosaic DIY Jewelry Box
2.  Three Blind Mice Trinket Box
3.  Trinket Box
4.  Sailor’s Embellished Jewelry Box
5.  DIY Lace Jewelry Boxes
6.  Darling DIY Jewelry Box
7.  Tin Jewelry Box
8.  Antique Cameo Jewelry Box
9.  Cardboard Accessory Box
10. Stunning Quilled Paper Jewelry Box
11. Beautiful Bracelet Box
12. Reliable Ring Display

DIY Earring and Necklace Holders

If you don’t want to drop your necklaces in a jewelry box where they could still get tangled up, what you need is a DIY necklace holder. This will allow your necklaces to hang independent of each other and not result in a tangled mess. Similarly, if you’re worried that putting your earrings in a box will make it harder to match pairs, then you should try making an earring holder that keeps your earrings together. If you don’t want to spend hours finding and freeing your favorite pieces of jewelry, then these DIY earring and necklace holders are definitely what you need.

Wood Mountains DIY Necklace Holder

13. Wood Mountains DIY Necklace Holder
14. Necklace and Earring Organizer
15. DIY Wall Necklace Organizer
16. Metal Tabletop Jewelry Organizer
17. Picture Frame Earring Organizer
18. Shabby Chic Earring Holder
19. Lacy Vintage Earring Organizer


DIY Jewelry Dish

For everything else, there are jewelry dishes and trays. If your jewelry is so beautiful that you want to openly display it in your room, then this option is most likely for you. These options look great on the top of a dresser or desk and, as long as they’re not too cluttered, make it very easy to decide which pieces of jewelry to wear each morning.

Trendy Jewelry Tray

20. Trendy Jewelry Tray
21. Cake Stand Jewelry Organizer
22. Bread Dough Jewelry Box
23. Homemade Clay Jewelry Dish
24. Fashion-Forward DIY Jewelry Dish
25. Easy DIY Clay Jewelry Dishes
26. Perler Bead Catch-All DIY 
27. Seashell Jewelry Holder
28. Clay Ring Cone

What’s your preferred method of jewelry storage?

The Ultimate List of Last-Minute Thanksgiving Crafts

As Thanksgiving seems to be rounding the corner, we’ve put together the ultimate list of last-minute Thanksgiving crafts. Why is it the ultimate list? It’s the best list because these are all easy and fast projects that all crafters will enjoy. All ages will find a new favorite and fun craft project among this list because we’ve included crafts for toddlers and crafts for adults. There’s something for everyone, and each and every project is perfectly festive.

The Ultimate List of Last-Minute Thanksgiving Crafts

Among this list, you’ll find jewelry projects, DIY home decor, and more! Of course, we had to include our favorite recycled craft projects like this Super Simple Coffee Filter Turkey Craft. This Turkey and Pumpkin Thanksgiving Garland isn’t half-bad either. The tutorial shows you how to use plastic bags to make a great DIY Thanksgiving decoration! If we can find a chance to use recycled materials, then you bet we’ll give it a go. Even these Repurposed Thanksgiving Blocks show you how to make use of those crafting supplies you thought you would just end up tossing out.

If you’re looking to add some quick, festive decor to your front door, then try this super affordable Easy Corn Husk DIY Wreath. If you’re looking to decorate you walls, just try this Precious Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Printable Wall Art and you’re done! So easy and simple! We love budget-friendly DIY decorations for the holidays, so if you haven’t made yourself some Thanksgiving crafts yet, then this is the perfect list for you to get started. The hardest part will be deciding which craft to make first!

Quick & Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Colorful Cupcake Liner Turkey Craft for KidsSuper Simple Coffee Filter Turkey Craft

Lil’ Turkey No-Sew Onesie

Recycled Cd Turkey Kid Craft

Pinecone Pilgrim Turkey With Handprints

Colorful Cupcake Liner Turkey Craft for Kids


DIY Home Decor for Thanksgiving

Easy Corn Husk DIY WreathTurkey and Pumpkin Thanksgiving Garland

Easy Corn Husk DIY Wreath

Feather and Corn Husk Table Settings

DIY Fall Branch Centerpiece

Precious Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Printable Wall Art


More Last-Minute Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving Menu Tote BagPom Pom DIY Necklace

Pumpkin Patch Memory Wire Bracelet

Thanksgiving Menu Tote Bag

Repurposed Thanksgiving Blocks

Charming Envelope Thanksgiving Banner

Precious Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Printable Wall Art

Autumn Memory Wire Bracelet

Fall Leaves Free Crochet Pattern


Comment below and let us know, what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

I Like Big Beads and I Cannot Lie!: 21 Big-Bead Jewelry Patterns

You know the old adage…go big or go home.  Whether it’s large statement necklaces or chunky bracelets and rings, sometimes bigger is better…and when it comes to jewelry, big beads are all the rage!

From the simple to the exquisite, these 21 Big-Bead Jewelry Patterns are sure to take your favorite outfit to the next level.  Add a splash of color with this Beaded Gemstone Necklace, or gear up for spring with the lovely Bubblegum Raindrops Necklace.  Both of these patterns are easy and fun to make and are sure to give your outfit high fashion style without the high fashion price.

If you love accessorizing with big beads, you’re going to love this awesome collection of bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.  Great for women of all ages, this collection of projects is great for the upcoming spring and summer, and is a quick no-fail way to add a most welcomed splash of color into your accessory collection.

If you like big beads and you cannot lie, you’re going to love these awesome jewelry patterns!  Still can’t get enough beautiful big-beaded accessories?  Check out our giveaway below!


21 Big-Bead Jewelry Patterns

BeadaliciousMemoryWireBraceletBracelets Made with Big Beads



Big Beaded Earrings



Necklaces with Big Beads


BONUS!  We’re giving away a copy of Creative Beaded Jewelry, an amazingly beautiful book filled with some of the most creative jewelry patterns you’ve ever seen!  You have until March 21st to enter, and you can enter to win once a day…so the more you return, the greater your chances of winning this awesome giveaway.  Get all the info at the Creative Beaded Jewelry giveaway page.  Good luck!


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Paper Crafts to Warm Your Heart

Honestly, the weeks of winter that follow New Year’s Day seem like a waste. Cold winds, snow drifts, icy roads, and no presents to show for it? No, thanks! In my perfect world, we’d fast forward to spring, but unless someone invents a time machine, we’re stuck with this crummy weather for at least a few more weeks. Luckily, there’s a way to stay toasty in these frigid temperatures–in a figurative sense, anyway. These Paper Crafts to Warm Your Heart will keep your mind occupied and your fingers unfrozen. Try out some homemade card ideas and share the warm fuzzies with family and friends. Deck out your home with easy DIY paper decorations, or learn how to quill paper embellishments that you can use on jewelry and cards. So, grab your blanket and get ready to banish those winter blues with these DIY paper crafts.


Adorable Origami Heart CardHomemade Card Ideas

Now that most people communicate via text message and email, it’s more thrilling than ever to find a piece of mail in your mailbox. Surprise your loved ones with these homemade card ideas, and who knows? They might be inspired to return the favor. These DIY card ideas also make beautiful homemade valentine cards.

Adorable Origami Heart Card
Fancy Folds Card
Washi Tape Heart Card
3D Hearts Card



DIY Paper DecorationsHeart Flower

These DIY paper crafts will put a smile on your face as soon as you walk in your door. These projects make marvelous Valentine’s Day crafts, but don’t let that stop you from putting them out all year long! Between an inexpensive paper garland DIY and a simple tutorial on how to make a cupcake topper, you’ll soon see that hearts are appropriate for all seasons.

Valentine Hearts Tabletop Tree
Heart Flower
Easy Hearts Garland



Quilled Hearts JewelryPaper Quilling Tutorials

Learn how to quill paper hearts and flowers that are intricate, adorable, and totally versatile. You can use these embellishments for a variety of projects, from cards and home decor to wearable paper crafts. With a little bit of creativity, you can look fabulous without spending a lot of time or money.

Quilled Hearts Jewelry
Lovely Quilled Heart Flower Card



Ideas for Valentine's Day: 12 Free Printable Valentine's Day Cards and Other Valentine's Day Crafts Free eBook
For more heart paper crafts, check out our free eBook, Ideas for Valentine’s Day: 12 Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards and Other Valentine’s Day Crafts.







What’s your favorite way to beat the winter blues?






Top Trendy Jewelry Crafts for Teens

As an avid shopper, I know that accessories can be expensive. Just a few pairs of earrings or a couple of cute necklaces can easily add anywhere from $20 to $40 to your shopping expenses. You shouldn’t have to choose between boosting your school wardrobe or spending every penny you have, and now you won’t have to.

AllFreeKidsCrafts has compiled a list of 17 crafts for teenagers that will let you wear the latest trends for less than you would spend in the store. These DIY jewelry ideas are easy and budget friendly, so if you’ve never tried making your own accessories before, there’s nothing to fear. Boys, don’t turn away; we have crafts for you, too!


Unexpected Ideas

You’ve probably noticed that your outfits get the most attention when you wear something that no one has seen before. The same is true for your jewelry. Whether you’re making DIY earrings, bracelets, or necklaces, you’ll surprise your friends every time when you wear these unexpected ideas. Golden Glam Pyramid Jewelry, for example, is actually made of straws. Your friends will never realize these trendy accessories aren’t made of metal. Find out what these other DIY jewelry ideas are actually made of:


Crafts for Boys boys-hardware-jewelry

Buckle up, boys! It’s time to get crafting. Add some edge to your school wardrobe with a few of these DIY jewelry ideas. Hardware Jewelry is both simple and masculine, and it looks just as cool as something you could buy from the mall. Your friends will be impressed with your new accessories, but they’ll be even more impressed that you made them yourself. Here are more cool craft ideas:



DIY Necklaces

Chunky necklaces are totally in style right now, so why not try making some? These crafts for teenagers might look complicated,but don’t worry. They’re easier to make than they look.The Pretty Pinwheel Necklace is a no-sew DIY jewelry idea that looks fancy enough to wear to a school dance, but it’s cute for everyday wear as well. Check out these other awesome DIY necklaces:



DIY Bracelets

Bracelets are such an easy way to show off your style. You can wear a lot of them together for a fun, layered look, or you can pick one showstopping bracelet. These DIY bracelets are easy to make, so you’ll be even more stylish in no time at all. If you have an antique-inspired style, you’ll love the Vintage Pulp Stone Bracelet. For more bracelet patterns with beads, take a look at the rest of these DIY jewelry ideas:


What’s your go-to accessory?

How to Organize Beads: What Are Your Best Tips and Tricks?

Veteran beaders know best: If you want to be successful in the art of beading (and maintain your sanity while doing it), you’ve got to keep your bead stash organized. As you start to create your own jewelry, you’ll begin collecting more and more beads. Before you know it, your bead stash has gotten out of control!

Keeping your beads organized can help save space, time (“Now where did I put those crystals?”), and money (“Whoops, I already bought these briolettes!”). It can be quite a task keeping all those tiny beads, findings, and other assorted bits and baubles in order, especially once you become a full-fledged “bead hoarder.” So it’s best to develop good organization habits early on.

All beaders have their own special tips and tricks they’ve picked up over the years, from the best containers to use, to categorization systems by color and type. So why not share them and help out a fellow beader? Pass on your wisdom and experience to your fellow jewelry-making enthusiasts by leaving a comment on this blog post with your best bead storage tips! Then, we’ll pull all your awesome suggestions together into a handy tip guide for so other beaders can benefit from your wisdom!

So, what are your best tips and tricks for storing and organizing beads?

Leave a comment below and share your suggestions!



Go for the Bold: How to Make Necklaces with BIG Impact

We are entering the season of rebirth and new beginnings, which means another opportunity to make jewelry. This spring, create a new you by learning how to make necklaces with BIG impact. We’ve selected 29 DIY statement necklaces that are big, bold and fabulous. Whether the winter is dragging you down, work is drab or your boyfriend just dumped you, chances are some necklace crafts are your antidote to the blues. Let’s preview these necklace designs and create a newer, fiercer you.

Wear the Rainbow

Maybe you tend to be monochromatic in your look. If that’s the case, add some color to your jewelry box with this Rainbow Royalty Statement Necklace. It’s a DIY necklace that relies on washi tape to add a rainbow effect to the focal pendant. This is one of those necklace designs which will surely be the crown jewel of your collection. Subsequently, wearing it will make you relish in the feeling of royalty.

Rainbow Royalty Statement Necklace

Are you a hardware girl? This DIY necklace allows you to add color to something other than beads. Relying on hardware store candy, this Brass Ring and Neon Knot Necklace pops with the help of a neon nylon cord. Find out how to make a knot necklace like this one; you’ll be brimming with confidence.

Brass Ring and Neon Knot Necklace

Bedazzle Everyone

Love beads? Perfect. You can learn how to make a beaded necklace big time, with this Waterfall Multi Bead Necklace. This stash-buster is well worth the work. With shell beads cascading down your neckline, you’ll look like a goddess who is not to be reckoned with.

Waterfall Multi Bead Necklace

Rise and Shine!

Indulge in a little stardom by trying out this Golden Globes Necklace Set. You can create a necklace that’s fit for celebs by wiring crystals into an elegant and provocative DIY necklace.

Golden Globes Necklace Set

You can also bring the shine back with something other than crystals by making this Metallic Mermaid Necklace. Learn how to make a necklace that has a seafaring twist for a fashion adventure.

Metallic Mermaid Necklace

Perhaps you’re looking for a statement necklace design that is a little different than these. If that’s the case, worry not! We’ve got you covered. These are only 5 of the 29 DIY Statement Necklaces that we’ve selected as show-stopping accessories. There are plenty of designs to choose from with enough color, beads and sparkle to make a statement that says you’re self-assured, secure and happy. Bust out one of these stunning necklaces and you’ll remember that you’re not the supporting actress; you’re the leading lady.

Be honest: what’s the boldest accessory you’ve ever worn?