Trendy Arrow DIY Jewelry

I know for those of you who have never attempted to make homemade jewelry, don’t be scared off just yet! I just started about six months ago and I’m already making chain maille jewelry; it sounds scary, but wire wrapping tutorials become your best friend. The intricate statement necklaces that I’ve made with thick wire bracelets make me feel like a female knight from The Canterbury Tales. Anyways, jewelry making is such an awesome hobby because instead of catering to what you see at the store, you can just make exactly what you’re looking for.

Arrow Jewelry

When this Aztec jewelry and tribal clothes started becoming a trend, I was definitely not the first to jump on the bandwagon. I love geometric patterns as much as the next Art Deco buff, but the miss-matched colors and bold designs were just too much for me at the time. And, they were difficult to mimic because I didn’t have a steady hand at painting, nor a keen eye for sewing. I’m more of a floral pattern person—flowers are much softer and more feminine. So, it’s only just recently that I’m jumping on the Aztec and tribal pattern bandwagon. I’ve become more of a Boho-chic hipster. I’ve embraced the tribal patterns with arrows and geometric themes. Since it is such a huge trend, though, that means finding the exact arrow jewelry to go with all of my tribal outfits is fairly difficult, not to mention expensive. That’s why DIY arrow jewelry is my next big project.

Considering I’ve only made jewelry a handful of times in my life, these are super easy jewelry making projects. All you need are the materials.


Trendy Arrow DIY Jewelry


Paper Arrow Jewelry SetPaper Arrow Jewelry Set

Using paper materials in your own pattern choice, you can make this easy paper jewelry craft in less than an hour. These make great gifts if you’re trying to stay within budget.



Pamela Love RingPamela Arrowhead Knockoff Ring

This Pamela Love ring dupe looks so much like the original, you’ll have a difficult time trying to figure it out which one is the real one.



Easy Arrowhead NecklaceEasy Arrowhead Necklace

This is an awesome tutorial about how to turn a rock into an arrowhead, and make a necklace from it! You will love this easy arrowhead necklace that gives you the freedom to decorate your necklace however you want.



Trendy Turquoise Leather NecklaceTrendy Turquoise Leather Necklace

This is what I call a successful mixed media. This leather craft is cut out in the shape of an arrow. So if you don’t like the feeling or the texture of heavy rocks weighing down your neck, this is the arrow necklace for you.



Stitched ArrowsStitched Arrows Pendant Necklace

If you’re wanting something in a jiffy, you can make this stitched necklace. It would be a great gift for a Hunger Games fan if you added a bird pendant and made a cluster.



Arrowhead EarringsArrowhead Earrings

These earrings are a great way to give a splash of color to your tribal outfit. Their simple triangular design fits right in with any pattern.



Clay PendantsAztec Clay Pendants

Clay is the easiest medium to work with when it comes to jewelry making. You’re just molding it to the shape you want and connect it to the chain.


How do you like to wear tribal and Aztec patterns?






Link Love: 35 Trendy DIY Jewelry

One of the common misconceptions about DIY jewelry is that they don’t look like store-bought or that they aren’t trendy and fashionable. We are here to prove them wrong! Homemade jewelry is absolutely gorgeous and there are endless possibilities with what you can do with it. There’s clay jewelry, metalwork, beaded, wire work, and so many other options for what you can make. As long as you have the right tools and an endless imagination, you can make anything you think of. Can’t find the right leather bracelet? That’s why you make it yourself and use the materials that you are imagining. Stop settling for the options that are given to you, and learn how to make jewelry the way you want it to look.

Trendy Jewelry

I feel like every woman owns at least three full sized jewelry boxes, and a couple trinket boxes. Each one symbolizes the phase that represents of that time in her life. For example, I have a small, about a foot high, box that is labeled for each type of jewelry in bright colors and flower knobs—obviously, that was my childhood phase where I kept everything and it was just the awful kid jewelry. Then I have one that is wooden, same size, and has glass doors that have a hanger to hold my necklaces. My “adult” jewelry box is the full length mirror that opens up to hold all of my nice, jewelry, DIY statement necklaces, wire work projects, and anything that needs a little extra love.

Then again, that might be just me trying to put a reason behind the hoard of boxes I have—an English major problem. I’ll just say it is an attempt to organize jewelry. Everything on this giant list of link love looks like something that has been bought in a store. I love the homemade rings with a sideways gem or incredible metalwork. Statement necklaces haven’t gone away yet, and honestly, I hope they never do. They’re an easy way to add some flair to a plain outfit. There’s something for everyone on this giant list. With all the options for cute DIY jewelry, I’ll have to buy another jewelry box for that period in my life where I go “crazy for crafting” (which is all the time!).

35 Trendy DIY Jewelry


Quick! Let me see…


DIY Statement Necklaces

Homemade Earrings

Homemade Bracelets

DIY Rings

Jewelry Sets

DIY Statement Necklaces

SIlver and GraySilver and Gray Necklace




Embossed BurlapEmbossed Burlap Necklace




Mint Green ChunkyMint Green Chunky Necklace




Simply StunningSimply Stunning




Something BlueSomething Blue Pearl Statement Necklace




Double TieredDouble Tier Beaded Chain Necklace




Emerald ArchEmerald Arch Necklace




Homemade Earrings


Sparkly Drop EarringsSparkly Drop DIY Earrings




Lovely OmbreLovely Ombre Earrings




Geometric EarringsEasy Gorgeous Geometric Earrings




Dangling SwarovskiDangling Swarovski Crystal Earrings




Crystal Ball DropCrystal Drop Ball Earrings




Cowrie ShellCowrie Shell Hemp Earrings




Copper CircleCopper Circle Earrings




Homemade Bracelets

Shades of BlueShades of Blue Beaded Bracelet




Classic Crystal Double WrapClassic Crystal Double Wrap Bracelet




Charming DIY LeatherCharming DIY Leather Bracelet




Halfway BeadedHalfway Beaded Bracelet




Aqua Beaded LeatherAqua Blue Pearl DIY Leather Bracelet




Easy WrapEasy Wrap Bracelet




Textured Cuff10 Minute Textured Cuff




DIY Rings


Herringbone WireHerringbone Wire




Radiant RoseRadiant Rose




Moonlit Purple Wire Moonlit Purple Wire Wrapped




Ocean BlueOcean Blue Enameled Statement




Dual Band BeadDual Band Bead Ring




PMC LeafPMC Leaf Ring




Bling RingBright Bling Ringlet




Jewelry Sets


Treasures of the OceanTreasures of the Ocean Jewelry




Modern Pearl NecklaceModern Pearl Necklace and Earring




Opera Length Opera Length Wire Necklace and Earring




Hex Nut HoneycombHex Nut Honeycomb Jewelry




Marble Stone Marble Gem Stone Jewelry




PPearl Birds Nestearl Birds Nest DIY Jewelry




Pretty Pink CubePretty Pink Cube Bead Set


What do you do to organize your jewelry?

Your DIY Jewelry Summer Bucket List

Everyone should have a summer bucket list, so AllFreeJewelryMaking has put together a DIY jewelry bucket list for you to complete throughout the rest of your summer.  With this list of ten stunning summer jewelry crafts, you will not only learn what are hot pieces right now, but also how to craft the always popular summer jewelry pieces.

Your DIY Jewelry Summer Bucket List

Your Summer Bucket List

1. Become thrifty

Yes, that is right. There is nothing wrong with being thrifty, especially when it is fun. Try making any one of our Delightful Dollar Store Crafts: 20 DIY Jewelry Projects or budget-friendly crafts. You can also follow this quick 10 Minute Scrapped Bracelet tutorial for a chic look.

10 Minute Scrapped Bracelet

10 Minute Scrapped Bracelet


2. Think vintage

Vintage jewelry is always popular but it is not always easy to make DIY vintage jewelry pieces. So, as your second point on your summer bucket list, try one or all of the projects on our list of 15 Vintage Jewelry Patterns. If you only have a few minutes while your kids are at swim practice, then you can make this gorgeous 5 Minute Vintage Cuff instead.

5 Minute Vintage Cuff

5 Minute Vintage Cuff


3. Cherish memories

You have not mastered the art of DIY summer bracelet making until you have made one of these projects from our free eBook, How to Make Friendship Bracelets: 12 Fun Friendship Bracelet Patterns! After, mastering the projects in this eBook, teach your daughters by using this cute Chained Together Friendship Bracelets tutorial.

Chained Together Friendship Bracelets

Chained Together Friendship Bracelets


4. Get some color

The best way to do this is to dye your jewelry, not tan it. Learn how to to tie-dye jewelry with this Colorful Tie-Dyed Jewelry project; or, get your color naturally with the Blackberry Dyed DIY Necklace

Blackberry Dyed DIY Necklace

Blackberry Dyed DIY Necklace

5. Get in shape

Bring some movement to your appearance with this Burnished Copper Necklace or any of these cute Geometric Bead Rings.

Burnished Copper Necklace

Burnished Copper Necklace

6. Go green

Start recycling and upcycling your jewelry with this Ocean Stones Statement Necklace or any of these Chic Recycled Crafts: 14 Recycled Jewelry Tutorials.

Ocean Stones Statement Necklace

Ocean Stones Statement Necklace

7. Master braids

Learn how to braid with these 35 Braided Jewelry Patterns: How to Kumihimo, Fishtail Braid, Box Braid and More. After you learn those, you will be ready to make a summer hemp bracelet, like this Beaded Hemp Wrap Bracelet.

Beaded Hemp Wrap Bracelet

Beaded Hemp Wrap Bracelet

8. Bring the charm

Mastering the art of an elegant and simple charm bracelets takes skill. Try making this Simply Sleek Leather Charm Bracelet and these adorable Cute Candy Charm DIY Jewelry pieces.

Cute Candy Charm DIY Jewelry

Cute Candy Charm DIY Jewelry

9. Make Statements

Statement jewelry pieces are stylish this summer, so learn if they are for you by designing the Black Velvet Statement Necklace or the Striking Fringe Statement Necklace.

Striking Fringe Statement Necklace

Striking Fringe Statement Necklace


10. Do KNOT give up

When beading, chaining, or wiring gets hard, do not give up. Instead take a break and make some knotted projects, like this Nautical Knot Necklace and these DIY Love Knot Jewelry pieces.

Nautical Knot Necklace

Nautical Knot Necklace



What is on your bucket list?


8 Enchanting and Magical DIY Jewelry Projects

The summer months can be long, hot, and busy. With a million places to be, it is hard to spend time focusing on what pieces of jewelry to wear that day. As a result, we end up either wearing no jewelry or putting on plain pieces. What we all need this summer are some fun, exciting, and easy-to-make jewelry ideas that will make our busy selves look brighter.  With these eight enchanting DIY jewelry projects AllFreeJewelryMaking has selected for you, you will not only glow with charm, but you will also be adding a little magic to your lives.  Inspired from our favorite fairy-tales, myths, and fantasy stories, these eight DIY jewelry pieces will have you believing in fairies once more.

Glinda The Good Witch’s DIY Jewelry Ideas

These two dazzling DIY jewelry pieces, the Bewitching Wire Wrapped Bracelet and the Magical Crystal Shard Bracelets, would have the Wicked Witch of the West chasing them with more zeal than she did those ruby red slippers! Watch out, Dorothy!


The Bewitching Wire Wrapped Bracelet

The Bewitching Wire Wrapped Bracelet

Magic Crystal Shard Bracelets

Magic Crystal Shard Bracelets

Tinker Bell’s Marvelous DIY Jewelry Ideas

With the Magical Recycled Glass Pendant and Fairy Circle Necklace, you will have two extraordinary DIY jewelry pieces that even Tinker Bell would have approved of. But, with these on, you won’t need any fairy dust to make some magic for you; they will do all the work for you once they are on.

Fairy Circle Necklace

Fairy Circle Necklace

Magical Recycled Glass Pendant

Magical Recycled Glass Pendant


Sleeping Beauty’s Entrancing DIY Jewelry Ideas

We can see Princess Aurora wearing the charming Crown Seed Bead Ring, and the evil Maleficent wearing the dangerously fashionable Faux Druzy Bead Ring. Your prince is destined to find you with these rings on. After all, even Maleficent deserves a chance, right?

Faux Druzy Bead Ring

Faux Druzy Bead Ring

Crown Seed Bead Ring

Crown Seed Bead Ring


Hermione’s Spellbinding DIY Jewelry Ideas

Smart and brave, we can see Hermione wearing either of these earrings. She would wear the Mystical Galaxy Earrings to work at the Ministry of Magic and the Magic Pixie Dust Earrings when she is spending time with her two pals, Ron Weasley  and Harry Potter.

Mystical Galaxy Earrings

Mystical Galaxy Earrings

Magic Pixie Dust Earrings

Magic Pixie Dust Earrings


 Who is your favorite magical character?


Discover What Shape You Are: Jewelry in Six Stylish Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are the hottest jewelry trend. Fun, festive, and funky, geometric jewelry is the perfect way to stay stylish while letting a little loose this summer. Hot summer days in the office or at the park with your children can be long, so spice it up with any of these stunning DIY jewelry pieces below. Since everyone is pulled in every direction during the summer, whether it is driving to summer camps, sport practices, or “play dates,” making all six DIY crafts may seem overwhelming. So, to choose which geometric jewelry piece best fits you, discover what shape you are with the list below that AllFreeJewelryMaking has put together for you! You do not need any knowledge in geometry to rock your geometric jewelry shape; all you need is your free jewelry tutorial and the desire to wear one of these stylish statement pieces.


Geometric Shape # 1: The Tame Triangles

This modern DIY necklace is for those who want to stay stylish but do not think geometric shapes are necessarily for them. Chic and classy, this Triangle Geometric Necklace is perfect for every occasion and is easy to make. Just because it is geometric does not mean that it cannot stay simple.

Triangle Geometric Necklace

Triangle Geometric Necklace



Geometric Shape # 2: The Quirky Multidimensional

Our hands are always moving, so dress them up with rings that have some movement and dimensionality. These Geometric Bead Rings are a great and simple way to make your appearance “pop” with style this summer. Instead of getting a manicure to dress up your hands, just put on one of these rings and you will instantly feel refreshed.

Geometric Bead Rings

Geometric Bead Rings



Geometric Shape # 3: A Sleek Six-Sided

Go for an even six-sided hexagon with this Modern Geometric Pendant. This piece is the perfect necklace for the office, as it looks great paired with a suit. Chic and simple, it is a statement piece that means business. Whoever said business clothes and creative fashion did not mesh well never saw this DIY necklace.

Modern Geometric Pendant

Modern Geometric Pendant



Geometric Shape # 4: Simply Sweet Squares

For those of you characterized as “sweet” and “kindhearted,” these Contempo Turquoise Earrings are just for you. Classic and dainty, these geometric earrings will make everyone of your summer outfits elegant. Yes, that is right, geometric shapes are not just crazy. They can be elegant too.

Contempo Turquoise Earrings

Contempo Turquoise Earrings


Geometric Shape # 5: The Boldly Radical Rectangles

These beautiful and bold earrings are for someone who likes to have some fun with her jewelry.  The  energetic Deco Darling Earrings are perfect if you are not afraid to show your vintage side with some art deco styles from the 1920s and 1930s. Try something new this summer by bringing back the old and make this DIY craft.

Deco Darling Earrings

Deco Darling Earrings



Geometric Shape # 6: The Delightful Doodle

These simple and fun Metal Bubble Earrings are the need-to-have pair of earrings for all hoping to either stay youthful a little longer or add a little more vigor to their appearance.  These earrings combine a classic format with a creative geometric design, making them great summer statement earrings to wear any day of the week.

Metal Bubble Earrings

Metal Bubble Earrings


So, which geometric shape are you?

Bead&Button Show 2014: Hot Trends and New Friends

This past weekend the editors of FaveCrafts and AllFreeJewelryMaking had a blast touring the Bead&Button Show in Milwaukee, collected a new list of hot trends, and met some amazing designers we can’t wait to introduce you to! From the crazy color combinations to cute little animal beads to fabulous new products, The Bead and Button Show opened our eyes to what’s hot and happening this summer.


If you have never heard of the Bead&Button Show you’re in for a treat, and possibly a new annual tradition! Located up North in Milwaukee, WI, the Bead and Button Show is the largest jewelry and bead show in the world, hosting over 300 talented designers and companies that are dedicated to the crafty world of beading (and buttoning)! These designers and companies each have their own booths that display and sell their patterns, one-of-a-kind jewelry, and products–plus, some of the companies even hosted “Make and Takes!” The show will also hosts over 700 bead and jewelry classes. It doesn’t get more fun for beaders like us than being able to walk through a conference dedicate to tiny, shiny, beads and buttons!


Color Trends

This year, bright colors are all the rage. From shades of sky blue and teal to fuchsia and coral, this summer, the bolder the better. We noticed a great focus on blue, teal, and turquoise which was complemented by an assortment of corals, reds, and oranges. That being said, this summer the focus should clearly be on cheerful beads that add a POP of color to your outfit!

300--20140606_171900  300--20140606_172020

Bead Trends

This year at Bead&Button, we noticed a hot selection of seed beads, rhinestones, and seas glass. These top trends are great jewelry projects for beaders to work on during the summer–especially when it comes to sea glass! Using these different types of beads to create large statement necklaces was spotted at the show, which is another fun option for summer beaders.

300--20140606_171807  SeaGlass


Trends from New Friends

We met a lot of talented designers during our stay at Bead&Button, and no one knows the beading world like a designer! Take it from an expert like Hannah Rosner, spikes and skulls are back IN! Also, those amazing double-holed seed beads are in high demand. Another really cool beading trend we saw was the increased popularity of dichroic glass beads, and Karen Bruns’ Designs had an amazing display of them. These glass beads undergoe a color change in certain lighting conditions, which is super-cool!


 Seed-Beads  20140616_093929

What’s your favorite trend from the 2014 Bead&Button Show?



Hot Jewelry Trend: Precious Metals for Summer

Summer is a time of beachy bracelets, rope necklaces, bold colors, and nautical prints; but, sometimes even in the hot summer season, you need a little bling in your life. Every girl’s gotta have a little sparkle, even in the summer months. There is no better way to add a little shiny element to your ensemble than with a lovely homemade jewelry piece. That is where these trendy summer metallics come in. Wear these bright and shiny precious metal hues all summer long. If you are looking to stay chic with this summer trend, AllFreeJewelryMaking has compiled a list for you of some of these fabulous metallic jewelry projects. Shimmer and shine with this sparkly summer trend!


 Metal on the Moon Necklace

One of the best ways to get this trendy summer look is with this luminous necklace pattern. The Metal on the Moon Necklace is a sweet, inexpensive knockoff that will surely put a smile on your face during the sunshine season. [break]

Metal on the Moon Necklace[break]

Metallic Bangles

Making bangles from scratch can be a little tricky, but these metallic bangles are well worth the effort. Thin and light for summer, but classy for the whole year round, there are endless benefits to these pretty DIY bangles. [break]

Metallic Bangles[break]

Hidden Message Locket

Perfect for beginner and those new to the art of metal stamping, this precious little locket is a lovely DIY metal stamped jewelry project. Simple and sweet this homemade locket is sure to be near and dear to your heart this summer and beyond. [break]

Hidden Message Locket


Classic Crystal Arm Cuff

This Classic Crystal Arm Cuff is a quick and easy project that is sure to impress. The gold wire is pretty enough on its own, but the crystal beads are what set this accessory apart. Plus, its thin wire keeps it from being heavy during the summer season. [break]

Classic Crystal Arm Cuff[break]

May Flowers Metal Earrings

In under a half an hour, you can create chic boutique style jewelry with just a design stamp, texture hammer and a few blanks. Follow this step-by-step tutorial, and you will be amazed at how easy these DIY metal earrings are to make. Celebrate summer flower season with these pretty-as-can-be DIY earrings. [break]

May Flowers Metal Earrings[break]

Metallic Lace Cuff

This Metallic Lace Cuff is a DIY bracelet made for showing off, and not just because it’s designer-inspired. Bright gold coloring combined with the delicacy of a lace bracelet design ensures that this fantastic cuff will be a keeper for your wardrobe for this summer and beyond. [break]

Metallic Lace Cuff[break]

Friendship Bracelets Beyond the BasicsAnd don’t miss…

Speaking of trendy jewelry, there is nothing quite as trendy for summer as friendship bracelets. These DIY bracelets are a staple of the season. Think friendship bracelets are just for kids? Think again! In Friendship Bracelets Beyond the Basics, from Leisure Arts, you’ll kind tutorials that everyone can enjoy. Kids, teens, and adults alike will find patterns they adore in this compilation of nineteen friendship bracelet tutorials. Enter to win Friendship Bracelets Beyond the Basics by June 10, 2014, at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time.

[break] [break] [break] [break]

What is your favorite summer jewelry trend?


All Aboard: 8 Nautical DIY Jewelry Projects

Climb aboard the summer nautical trend by making DIY nautical jewelry. From the high seas to high fashion, nautical jewelry is making a splash. Embrace this beach-worthy trend with some fun knotted projects. Whether you are preparing for sailing season, or just looking to mix up your jewelry style, nautical jewelry is a easy and accessible trend to try. Most knotted jewelry patterns require very little tools and are easily customizable to fit your jewelry making needs.

We know that you like to be on trend, yet be your own fashion force. That is why we at AllFreeJewelryMaking have compiled this collection of a variety of nautical DIY projects. Infuse bright neon colors into your designs, or embrace the bold, timeless look of navy and white. The possibilities for making nautical inspired jewelry are endless. From sail-boat worthy pieces to beach-wedding designs to nautical patterns you wear all year round, there is something for everyone in this collection of nautical jewelry patterns.


Nautical Braided Bracelet

Nautical Braided Bracelet

Get ready to sail the ocean blue with this Nautical Braided Bracelet. Made from leather cords and a solid braid, this DIY bracelet is tough enough to withstand any typhoon that comes your way. The cheerful colors evoke the cry of seagulls and the crash of waves. As an added bonus this red, white, and blue designs evokes a sense of patriotic pride too. It’s the perfect bracelet to wear on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, but it is also subtle enough to wear all summer long! [break] [break] [break]

Bright Nautical Knot Necklace

Bright Nautical Knot Necklace

Nautical does not have to be all about navy and white. Create a bold nautical-inspired look with this Bright Nautical Knot Necklace. Be on trend, but still craft your own unique nautical look with this bright neon pink knot DIY necklace. If neon is not your style, you can still test out other colors for your nautical jewelry making. This Black and Gold Nautical Bracelet is perfect to wear all year round, and serves as a good reminder that you can set sail for jewelry making inspiration during any season. [break] [break] [break]

Nautical-Inspired Necklace

Nautical-Inspired Necklace

It’s sailing season, and you need to look great. Chances are, you never thought you would don a rope as a necklace, but the cord blends well into this recycled, Nautical Inspired-Necklace. This necklace is so stunning it could even be your something blue for a beach wedding! If you are looking for more ways to incorporate nautical designs into your wedding attire, check out Beautiful Beach Jewelry: 22 Beach Wedding Jewelry Ideas. [break] [break] [break]

Nautical Knot Necklace

Nautical Knot Necklace

There are so many nautical designs, it can be hard to choose what to make. You can focus on the chain of the necklace and make a Finger Knitted Nautical Necklace, or learn How to Make a Nautical Rope Necklace. You can make a bold pop of color statement piece like with the Nautical Poppies Necklace and Bracelet Set. Sometimes though, you just want to go with a simple traditional design like this Nautical Knot Necklace. Classic and cool in navy and white, this knotted necklace is sure to be a favorite in your summer DIY jewelry collection. [break] [break] [break]

What is your favorite nautical jewelry design?

Summer Preview: 57 Sizzling Summer Jewelry Projects

Bright colors, beachy designs, light fabrics, the smell of sunscreen in the air—it’s almost that time of year! These are all essential elements of summer style, and the season will be here before we know it. As the weather warms up, you’ll need fun and exciting accessories to create a hot summer look. We’ve got you summer goddesses covered with this collection of 57 Sizzling Summer Jewelry Projects. From bold neon bracelets to trendy nautical necklaces, we have a little bit of everything you could need in this seasonal assortment of DIY jewelry. Whether you are vacationing by the beach, or lounging by the local pool, there is something for everyone in this collection of sassy and stylish summer accessories.


Summer Preview: 57 Sizzling Summer Jewelry Projects


Studded Leather Macrame BraceletMacrame Patterns and Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Of all the bracelet patterns and instructions out there, the Studded Leather Macrame Bracelet is sure to become a fast favorite of yours. This super cool bracelet design uses sterling silver beads and shamballa knots to create an edgy studded effect. Macrame and friendship bracelets are staple accessories of summer. To find other bracelet patterns like this fun macrame bracelet, visit our collection page.

Summer Agate Dangle Earrings[break]Colorful Summer Jewelry Projects

Summer is the season of bright and bold colors, especially for jewelry pieces. These bright pink Summer Agate Dangle Earrings are a product of one of our simpler beaded earring tutorials, and they are sure to send lots of compliments your way. Check out our summer jewelry collection for more colorful summer jewelry projects. [break] [break]


[break] [break] [break] [break] [break] [break] [break] Light and Airy Summer Jewelry PatternsDainty Stackable Seed Bead Bracelets

Warm weather is wonderful, but when it’s hot out, you don’t want to be worn down by heavy materials. Keep cool and look hot with light and airy summer jewelry patterns. Whether worn stacked or singular, these Dainty Stackable Seed Bead Bracelets make the perfect sophisticated accessory. This handmade seed bead bracelet set would be the perfect finishing touch on almost any outfit. You can’t go wrong with these cute summer bracelets. Find even more light and airy jewelry patterns for in our collection for summer.



Nautical Knot NecklaceBeach-Ready Jewelry Projects

Going to the beach is one of the best summer activities there is. Want to hit the sand and still make a statement? Then you will want to try beach-ready pieces like this Nautical Knot Necklace. Sea-faring fashionistas are sure to find summer jewelry pieces they love in this group of beach-worthy projects.






If you still haven’t seen the right summer jewelry accessory for you, don’t fret! We have even more summer projects for you to choose from. Remember, we are always adding projects to, so be sure to check in for the latest seasonal projects and trends!

 What is your favorite summer jewelry piece?


Leisure Arts Knots and Macrame Book GiveawayBONUS: This collection features several knot and macrame bracelets. Want to expand your skills in these areas? Enter to win the Leisure Arts Knots and Macrame Book Giveaway! We are giving away a copy of Macrame Jewelry and Knots & Beads  to two lucky winners. The deadline to enter is May 12, 2014, at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time. [break]

Color Crush Turquoise: 10 DIY Jewelry Projects

Still waiting for warmer weather and feeling the blues? Brighten up your mood with the trendy color of the season. Tranquil turquoise designs are all the rage this spring. Adding this blue-green hue into your collection is the perfect way to leave the winter blues behind and get ready for spring.

There are so many ways to incorporate this tranquil hue into your DIY jewelry collection. To help you find the perfect piece, we at AllFreeJewelryMaking have compiled a list of some of our favorite turquoise projects. Find the right project for you in this cool hue with these 10 DIY projects.

DIY Earrings

Contempo Turquoise EarringsDIY earrings are a simple way to add a dash of color to any outfit. For a sleek modern look, try out these Contempo Turquoise Earrings. The touch of turquoise in these DIY earrings will add a nice, subtle pop of color to your outfit. This fresh take on dangle earrings is an easy and understated way to add DIY turquoise jewelry into your collection. For a little more funky flair, try out a pair of Southwest Spirit Turquoise Earrings. With their rich turquoise and brown hues, these homemade cluster earrings add a stylish dash of southwestern style to an outfit.





Chunky Turquoise BraceletHomemade Bracelets

On the hunt for an accent piece to add to your jewelry collection? Learn how to make this Chunky Turquoise Bracelet. Turquoise stones are widely available, so you won’t have to break the bank to get this organic and eye-catching accessory. Still if you aren’t quite sure where to get turquoise stones, you can make your own beads that look like real gemstones with this Matrixed Turquoise Bracelet tutorial. Learn how to make polymer clay beads using the “lace cane” technique to get the same crackled, earthy effect.


DIY Necklaces

Turquoise Triangle NecklaceAnother way to try out turquoise jewelry is with a homemade necklace. This Turquoise Triangle Necklace is for the down-to-earth girl who still likes to keep it sophisticated. Another option is a Braided Seed Bead Necklace. This is one of our favorite free seed bead patterns. This chic homemade necklace is a very fashionable design that’s easy to put together. Still haven’t found the right DIY turquoise necklace for you? You can also try the two fabulous patterns below:
Super Easy Turquoise Necklace
Earthy Wood and Turquoise Necklace



Homemade Rings

Brown Turquoise Peace on Earth Ring

Last, but certainly not least, a quick and cool way to add a touch of turquoise is with a DIY ring. You can stick with earthy hues and craft this gorgeous Brown Turquoise Peace on Earth Ring. It’s easy free wire jewelry making instructions make it a must-have jewelry piece. You can also craft a Turquoise and Pearl Ring. This simple yet elegant DIY ring is the perfect thing to add a little sophistication to your everyday outfits. If you are looking for a way to make quick and cute rings, this project is for you.



All of these DIY jewelry projects are great ways to incorporate turquoise into your collection this season. So enjoy this fabulous pop of color this winter and start crafting these fun jewelry pieces. If you are interested in more turquoise homemade jewelry, check out

Where have you seen turquoise this season?