Link Love: Crafts That Will Have You Seeing Red

February is all about the color red. Of course there’s Valentine’s Day, when red hearts, red candies and, well, red everything rules. February is also American Heart Month, a time to raise awareness about heart health. Throughout the month, there have been a variety or events and opportunities to spread the word about heart disease. Wearing red was just one of many options and people all over the world took advantage.

Before February ends, make a red craft (or two) to capture the essence of the month. In a previous blog post, AllFreeHolidayCrafts editor Jennifer showed off some of the top red crafts from that site. Today, we’re widening the scope and going beyond holidays – we’re talking red crafts for every season! During the long, cold winter months, a Knitted Brim Hat and a Bright Red Shimmer Cowl are great accessories that will stand out from a sea of black clothes. These patterns show that your wearables don’t have to match the cold and gray weather outside your window! If you’re not interested in yarn crafts, use a red shirt to create a dress or red cardstock to make a handmade card.

Get inspi-RED and create some bright crafts that will capture everyone’s attention – it’s a great way to beat the winter blues!


  1. Paper Quilled Rose from Honey’s Quilling
  2. Mushroom Ring from Lexy Levin
  3. Duct Tape Gift Wrap from The Sweetest Occasion
  4. Ombre Bangle from One Artsy Momma
  5. Gold Twig Pendant from Crap at Crafts
  6. Date Night Bow Brooch from Terra Savvy
  7. Geometric Rose from The Southern Institute
  8. Fringed Feather Earrings from La Bella Ironia
  9. Red Statement Necklace from Elemental Carbon

Project Accessory: A New Show for Jewelry Lovers

Project Accessory

Lifetime’s new design show, Project Accessory, premiered last week and for anyone who loves making jewelry or other accessories and has seen Project Runway, this is a dream come true! I thought it might be of interest to all crafters as well.

The very first challenge was a super interesting one and very in line with what I’ve been seeing all over the blog-o-sphere! The contestants had to scavenge some storage units for found objects to turn into three accessories: a necklace, a belt, and an object of their choice. After all the innovative and exciting recycled jewelry projects I’ve found online I was very excited to see what these designers could come up with under pressure. And there were some interesting choices being made. Here’s a peek at some of the designs:

Project Accessory Designs

Project Accessory
This one sort of floored me because, even though it’s a little more than I would normally wear, it was made from the springs of an old couch!

Project Accessory

Project Accessory

Project Accessory

This simple and elegant design was made entirely out of re-purposed leather. Yup, even the necklace. It was just painted gold. How crafty!

Project Runway
And the winning look was this pretty bohemian chic collection. It feel very summery to me and I absolutely love the ring. Can you believe those are matchsticks? Now that’s some creativity. I completely agree with this as the winning look. What do you think?

Watching the show was actually completely inspiring and made me want to do nothing more than rummage through a thrift store for objects I could take apart. I also started browsing through the recycled projects on for some ideas and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. I have to say that there are quite a few that are worthy to be judged on Project Accessory!

Easy Nameplate Necklace

I love this Easy Nameplate Necklace! What a fun idea to recycle all of those expired credit cards that you don’t want to toss. It’s a super simple piece that looks surprisingly polished and professional. Just imagine wearing it to work and all of your co-workers being jealous and surprised that it’s an Amex!


Electrical Wire Rings


How fun and colorful are these Electrical Wire Rings? They are so amazingly simple to put together. They take about 5 minutes a ring and in no time you can have lots of fun, brightly colored rings! Add some beads for some extra sparkle.


Literati Necklace


I just love this Literati Necklace made from old book pages. Wouldn’t it make the greatest gift for a book lover in your life? You could also use this same idea to make a bracelet or some earrings.



Pop Can Beads


Can you believe these cool, industrial looking beads were made from plain old pop cans? It’s the perfect way to inexpensively incorporate some metal into your jewelry making and recycle at the same time!


After finding these projects and watching the amazing designs that came out of Project Accessory, I am ready to make some recycled jewelry! I am super excited to see what the next episode of Project Accessory tomorrow will bring and what inspiring challenges they have planned ahead. If you missed the first episode, take some time to watch it online! Maybe it’ll inspire you too. Tune in Thursdays at 10 pm to check out all the other challenges.

What did you think of the first episode?

Gift Sunday: Cultural Exchange

Unique gifts don’t always have to be odd or especially ornate. A handmade craft can be unique based on its origin of inspiration – like foreign countries and cultures. Take your friend or loved on a trip to Europe with bistro-inspired decor, or make a card that shows off the beauty of Asian gardens. These thoughtful gifts are second to none.

Millefiori Dangling – In Italian, millefiori means a thousand flowers.

Bistro Window Sign – Give your home a French connection with this cafe-inspired sign.

Thanks A Bunch Card – Using colors that arouse the island feeling, this card is perfect.

Cherry Blossoms Card – Springtime is blooming season for cherry blossoms in Japan.

Spice Girls of the Old World – A fun way to remember the Old World and cook with yummy spices.

For more unique gift ideas, check out the Seasonal section at FaveCrafts.