Bam! Plan a Superhero Bachelorette Party

Your best friend has found that “Bam!” “Pow!” “Wow!” romance and she’s getting married. With great power, comes great responsibility; you’d better throw her a zinger of a bachelorette party.

She’s into superheroes –those muscular people who wear spandex and fight evil–so you already have the perfect theme. Here are some unique bachelorette party ideas gathered by your friends at AllFreeHolidayCrafts for a truly stupendous superhero-themed party! We’ll be your party planning heroes.

Superhero Decorations

Comic Book Word Bubble PrintablesFirst, start making your superhero-themed DIY party decorations as early as possible. Go with a retro superhero comic book theme for punchy DIY party decorations. Paper party decorations will save you lots of time. When possible, try to decorate with logos and colors from superwomen like Wonder Woman and Batgirl. After all, this party is all about the girls.

  • Comic Word Bubble Printables: It’s easy to make paper word bubbles with fun fighting words. Then, just tape them over everything from condiment containers to cups.
  • Superhero Comic Book Banner: This banner stands up against boredom with each unique pennant made from the pages of Batman, Superman, or Spider-Man.
  • Comic-Wrapped Balls: Just substitute pages from a Wonder Woman comic book, and these would make great decorations to hang from the ceiling.
  • Superhero Fan-ciful Garland: Get some fabric printed with superhero logos and make this garland faster than Superman can fly across the world.



Superhero Recipes

Spider-Man CakeNext, it’s time to make some delicious desserts and cocktails. With just a swish of your cape, you can be a Super-Cook when you make these fun caped-crusader recipes for the bachelorette.  Mmm, victory is sweet!

  • Spider-Man Cake: Are your spidey senses tingling at the sight of this easy cake? We feel the same way.
  • Wonder Woman Cake: The bachelorette caught the love of her life in her golden lasso. Make her this Wonder Woman Cake from Bronnie Bakes before the engaged couple flies off in her invisible jet.
  • Caped Crusader Cupcakes: Holy cupcakes, Batman! Pay homage to all the major heroes with these little cakes of justice.
  • Avengers Cake Pops: You’ll be a cake pop hero when your bachelorette broads see these works of art.
  • Hero Punch:  It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a super-cocktail! It’s a bachelorette, after all. Try this tasty red champagne punch.
    See more superhero-themed cocktail recipes at Comics Alliance.


Superhero Party Activities

Captain America MaskPlan your party activities to get the girls into your superhero theme. Here are some fun bachelorette ideas to keep everyone entertained. Soon, it will be time to fly into action with these superhero party games and activities.

  • X-Women Masks: Pass out craft felt masks, ribbon, and markers and let your League of Extraordinary Ladies decorate their own superhero disguise! See a more detailed mask, the Captain America Mask on FaveCrafts.
  • Superhero Telephone Box: Fly in the face of the camera and save memories of the superhero bachelorette party by taking some amazing photos. Making a Superhero Telephone Box, like this one by DIY on the Cheap, is a popular superhero party idea.
  • Superhero for a Day Pictures: This photo idea for kids that could definitely be updated for adults. Just add some hilarious, props to this flying-over-the-city scene and this idea is bachelorette-ready!
  • Bleached Bachelorette Tank Top: The party girls will have fun making these cool bleached tees. Stick to the theme by making the bride a “Super-Bride” tank, and the rest of the ladies’ tanks can say, “Super-Sidekick.”


Using all your superpowers of craftiness, creativity, and cooking, you will triumph over all others to give your BFF the best bachelorette ever!


Which superhero would you marry?



Ooh la la! Planning a Parisian Bridal Shower

Bonjour, mon ami! If you know a bride who thinks Paris is the definition of romance, then we have ideas for a Parisian Bridal Shower that will make her feel like she’s being swept away on a vespa ride through the city of love.

This bridal shower plan isn’t as dramatic as the one in the movie “Bridesmaids” — there will be no giant cookies. However, there are plenty of pastels, sweets, and romantic lighting. Shower the bride will the glamor of Paris and she’ll be feeling l’amour!

Let’s go on a getaway to the most romantic city on earth. Let be your tour guide as we help you plan the perfect Parisian bridal shower!


It’s called the language of love…

Here’s a printable list of French phrases the lucky couple can use on their honeymoon! Just right click to save and print.

…And now, for the Parisian planning!



DIY Party Decorations

Pretty Paper LanternsFirst, you must make your decorations, which should be feminine, delicate, and decadent. Decorate with florals like these Pretty Paper Lanterns and French Twist Fabric Flowers. Use Pretty Paper Pomanders as centerpieces. Finally, make DIY Party Bags for Macarons; you’ll need those for Step 2.

French Twist Fabric Flowers
Pretty Paper Pomanders
Pretty Paper Lanterns
DIY Party Bags for Macarons





Easy Party Recipes

Strawberry Macaron Flower Pops Bon appetit! Serve Midnight in Paris French Martinis alongside your main course, Blueberry Smoked Turkey Baguettes. For dessert, offer Floral Shower Cupcakes and Strawberry Macaron Flower Pops in the DIY Party Bags for Macarons from Step 1.

Strawberry Macaron Flower Pops
Floral Shower Cupcakes
Blueberry Smoked Turkey Baguette
Midnight in Paris French Martini


DIY Party Favors

Mix Your Own FragranceFrance is known for its high-end perfumes, so give the bridal shower guests some DIY Pretty Perfume Bottles filled with fragrance you mixed yourself. Learn How to Make Exfoliating Soap as well, and place it all in French Wedding Favor Bags as a luxuriant gift.

French Wedding Favor Bags
DIY Pretty Perfume Bottles
Mix Your Own Fragrance
How to Make Exfoliating Soap



DIY Party Activities

How to Arrange Rose CenterpiecesBegin your Parisian bridal shower with an activity that doubles as wedding prep! Your guests can learn How to Arrange Rose Centerpieces, and you can choose the best arrangement to make again for your wedding reception. Play some fun games with this Wedding Mad Libs Printable and Shower Smash Book Game. For more bridal shower games, check out this list from Life on the Homestead.

How to Arrange Rose Centerpieces
Wedding Mad Libs Printable
Shower Smash Book Game
Printable Bridal Shower Games



What makes Paris so romantic?

How to Plan a Baby Shower With a Nautical Theme

There’s a baby on board! Casting off into the mysterious sea of motherhood should be recognized with a whale of a baby shower. Prepare your friend or family member for a safe voyage with a nautical-themed baby shower.

Nautical fun like anchors and whales has been popular for the last few summers, so your party is sure to make waves among family and friends. Dive into the adorable menu and decorating possibilities with as we help you plan a sea-worthy baby shower, step by step!

Climb aboard the baby boat…

Use these ideas throughout your nautical baby shower theme.

  • Blue and white
  • Rope
  • Whales
  • Water
  • Anchors

1. Baby Shower Menu

First, you need a menu fit for a sailor and a new mommy. No worries, pregnant ladies are allowed to eat fish, as long as they don’t eat too much in one sitting. Make some delicious Coconut Shrimp as your entree, with Blueberry and Bree Crostini as a side dish. Top it off with these adorable Simple Seashell Cookies for a perfect nautical-themed baby shower menu.

Coconut Shrimp Simple Seashell Cookies
Coconut Shrimp
Blueberry and Brie Crostini






2. Baby Shower Decorations

Once you’ve decided on your menu, it’s time to decorate! This theme includes so many cute details like whales, stripes, and anchors. Use Mermaid Shell Topped Bottles as a centerpiece. The possibilities for these Nautical Baby Shower Printables are as big as the ocean. Stick them on toothpicks in your coconut shrimp, and use them throughout your buffet. Next, make some Nautical Painted Napkins for your guests. Hang some No Fuss Nautical Buoys from the ceiling, and you’ll have a super sea-worthy party room.

No-Fuss-Nautical-BuoysMermaid Shell Topped Bottles
No Fuss Nautical Buoys
Nautical Painted Napkins
Nautical Baby Shower Printables








3. Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games ahoy, matey! These games are extremely easy and quick to make. All you need is your printer to make Personalized Bingo Cards and Baby on Board Price is Right. Your guests will love the cute nautical designs. End the day with a Dollar Store Sailboat Race, which begins with party guests designing their own little sailboats. Everyone will love these games, and the mom-to-be will adore having some fun with friends before her maiden voyage into motherhood with the new baby.

Dollar Store Sailboat RacePersonalized Bingo Cards
Baby on Board Price Is Right
Dollar Store Sailboat Race






Bonus: Baby Shower Favors Ahoy!

Make these cute crafts as baby shower favors.

What other nautical baby shower games would you play?

Block Party Ideas: A How-to Guide

Memorial Day kicks off the hot American summer and suddenly we’re ready to put on our sunglasses, get outside, and party!

No more hiding inside watching TV, it’s time to meet the neighbors and soak up some rays. Remember the good old days, when neighborhood kids ran wild or zipped around the block on bikes while their moms and dads grilled, talked, and hung out?

Let’s throw the perfect block party—the kind they’ll talk about for years to comewith a sizzlin’ grill, red gingham table cloths, music, lemonade, and laughter.

Block Party Checklist

Let’s get started. Here’s your checklist for must-dos to plan a perfect block party this summer. Print it and stick it on your fridge!

Decide on the date, send invitations or fliers to your neighbors, and plan for safety with your local municipality. Then, you’re ready to get into the finer details of the block party, including the menu, decorations, and activities.

1. Block Party Activities

Paint the Town DIY Outdoor Idea


Giant Outdoor WaterbedThe most important part of the block party is the activities. After all, it’s a party. There are obvious activities like listening to music, dancing, and enjoying the buffet. But make sure you plan some fun for the kids, as well. Create some homemade paint and let the neighborhood kids use the whole block as their mural. While the sun’s shining, set up a Giant Outdoor Waterbed in someone’s front yard, so the kids can cool off. Every great block party has a bike parade, where kids can decorate their bikes, like this one from Apartment Therapy.


2. Block Party Decorations

Burlap Utensil Holders

What says summer more than blue jeans or red gingham? We love these simple red and blue decorations. They’re so classic and summery, and remind us of childhood potlucks and block parties. String Festive Denim Party Bunting from tree to tree near the central party house. Then, decorate the buffet with a red gingham tablecloth by Beach Vintage. Top it off with cute Burlap Utensil Holders, easy!

3. Block Party Menu

Barbeque Chicken Sandwiches

Apple Pie on the Grill

Grill out with Barbeque Chicken Sandwiches, then chill out with some Fresh Cherry Lemonade. Have the neighbors bring the appetizers, salads, and other desserts. Check out this gourmet burger bar layout from Heart Tree Home and display your food in a similar way, as a buffet with everything labeled. Here’s the rest of our block-rockin’ menu to fuel all the neighborhood fun.


 What’s your favorite block party memory?

Berry Sweet Crafts and Strawberry Recipes for National Strawberry Month

If you couldn’t tell from the piles of low-priced strawberries greeting you near grocery store entrances, May is National Strawberry Month. Those juicy red berries are taking over! We at don’t mind one bit.

In fact, we welcome the sight of strawberries, that iconic summer fruit. Strawberries are so cute and girly, not to mention delicious. A whole month of strawberries sounds like the perfect way to welcome summer! To join in on the fruity fun, check out our strawberry-themed summer ideas.


Strawberry Crafts

Sweet Strawberry Terra Cotta Pots

Strawberries are a perfect symbol of summer. They’re so attractive with their bright red color and that permanently-wet look! Just imagining sinking your teeth into one is refreshing. It’s the flavor of the season, and seeing strawberries just makes people happy.

That said, decorating with these fun summer decorations will help you transition from spring to summer. As the temperatures rise, so does the crafty cuteness level!

  1. Sweet Strawberry Terra Cotta Pots
  2. Strawberry Fields Little Girls’ Dress
  3. Sweet Strawberry DIY Pom Pom
  4. Precious Patriotic Berry Cups
  5. Pretty Pink Strawberry Stool


Strawberry Recipes

Strawberry Macaron Flower Pops

What’s even better than looking at adorable strawberry crafts? Devouring strawberry recipes, of course. Strawberries have the perfect balance of juicy and sweet. Best of all, they’re healthy! Let’s say thank you to Mother Earth for providing such a perfect fruit for desserts and salads. Strawberries are a guilt-free sensation.

These recipes will have you snackin’ on berries all month long.

  1. Strawberry Macaron Flower Pops
  2. Sweet Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes
  3. Summer Strawberry Smoothie Recipe
  4. Strawberry Almond Shrimp Salad
  5. Easy Strawberry Pie
  6. Fluffy Strawberry Salad
  7. Strawberry Sundae Roll Up



What’s your favorite strawberry craft or recipe?


Get Out and Play! DIY Outdoor Activities for Your Family

Summer is the time for kids’ imaginations to run wild in the backyard. Finally, they can go outside and play, to the relief of parents everywhere! Fresh air, exercise, and mess-less fun make the great outdoors the best place to play. At, we’re celebrating summer with DIY outdoor activities to get your whole family out and moving. If we’d had these outdoor games and activities growing up, our parents would’ve needed to drag us inside for dinner!

Years ago, kids were often left to entertain themselves in the backyard. Now that families are more active, we need more DIY outdoor activities that can appeal to all ages. Roll up your sleeves and get to work on these great summer ideas. They’re fun to make and play!

Get Out and Play! DIY Outdoor Activities for Your Family


DIY Backyard Board Game

Imagine spending an afternoon with the family playing a DIY Backyard Board Game. If you’re a musical family, design the board to include challenges like singing and tapping out a beat. If you’re a sporty family, roll the dice to race around the yard or do jumping-jacks. The possibilities are endless for this exciting summer idea! This game is guaranteed to result in laugh-out-loud moments and great summer memories. Everyone wins when your family is having a blast! What kind of challenges would your family enjoy?

DIY Backyard Board Game

DIY Kids PVC Periscope

Something about fresh summer air really stirs up kids’ imaginations. When you’re spending family time in the yard, give the kids a little inspiration for their make-believe adventures. This DIY Kids PVC Periscope, created by Amanda Hill for Living on Love and Cents, could lead to a submarine fantasy! Kids can peer around corners and spy over bushes. This kids craft for summer would take any hide-and-seek game to the next level.

DIY Kids PVC Periscope

DIY Outdoor Dominoes

Tricky, tricky! Playing DIY Outdoor Dominoes will get your kids outside and improve their math skills at the same time. These giant dominoes might make math seem fun! Whether you play dominoes the old-fashioned way or just stack and count them, the whole family will be exercising their bodies and brains. That’s just smart parenting, and your kids’ teachers would be so proud.

DIY Outdoor Dominoes

DIY Rainbow Paver Hopscotch

Here’s an updated classic that doubles as garden improvement. DIY Rainbow Paver Hopscotch will have your family hoppin’ and boppin’ their way through the yard. Your kids will love this colorful counting game. As an added bonus, the rainbow pavers will make a great summer decoration for your yard, and will serve as a nice, sturdy path. Wouldn’t this look cute in your yard?

DIY Rainbow Paver Hopscotch

What’s your favorite outdoor summer activity?



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