Link Love: Crafty Organization Ideas

Need a little help in the organizational department? I think we all do. Whenever I ask about organization on Facebook, people seem to have the same response – “Organization…what’s that?” Nobody’s perfect, but it helps to know where your supplies are and what materials you have on hand. Luckily, you can easily repurpose materials you already have or recycle your discards and create fashionable, functional organizational pieces. In fact, you can use everything from old neckties to aluminum cans for these projects. It’s time to get organized, crafty people!

First, make a few items for your desk or craft table and get into the habit of placing your supplies in the correct spot. A Denim Art Can or Crayon and Pencil Organizers can add a fun touch to your space and help you keep track of your supplies at the same time. If you frequent craft supply stores (who doesn’t?), the Best Coupon Organizer is sure to help you. The more colorful and stylish the organizer, the more likely you are to make use of it and score great deals.

Think outside the box and make it a priority to get organized. In fact, this is a great new year’s resolution. You can’t have to spend a fortune on supplies, either. Use your crafty know-how and creativity to dream up fun and unexpected organizational ideas – it’s a way to clear your clutter and your mind.

  1. Colorful Desk Organizers from World of Pineapple
  2. Twine Wrapped Pencil Holder from Crafted
  3. Aluminum Vase & Utensil Holders from Sugar and Cloth
  4. Shabby Chic Accessory Holder from Lovin’ Our Chaos
  5. Notebook Organizer from Abernathy Crafts
  6. Chalkboard Labels from The Thinking Closet
  7. DIY Jewelry Organizer from C.R.A.F.T.
  8. 10 Minute Marker Caddy from Aunt Peaches
  9. Hanging Scissors Organizer from Recycled Neckties from Craft Test Dummies

What’s one way you keep your craft supplies organized?


How to Organize Your Craft Room: 6 DIY Projects

You’ve got five minutes to make a card for your niece’s birthday party and your “Happy Birthday” stamp is no where to be found. You need to patch your son’s jeans but your thread has gone into hiding. You’re almost finished knitting a scarf but you can’t remember where you put that extra yarn.

We’ve all been victims of messy craft room scenarios like these, but here at FaveCrafts we’ve decided that it’s time to stop the suffering!

However, when it comes to crafting staying organized is actually a huge benefit. If you know where everything is you won’t have to waste time searching and you’ll have more time to create. Instead of spending an hour looking for your favorite fabric or pair of scissors you can actually use that time to finish that new skirt pattern.Organization often falls to the wayside when inspiration strikes. Putting your supplies back in the right place is the last thing on your mind when you’re in the middle of a creating a cute scrapbook page. Unfortunately, that leaves us with a great finished craft but a disaster of a craft room.

The key to staying organized is making sure that all your supplies have a “home.” Drawers and baskets can do wonders at reducing clutter, especially when they are clearly labeled. Since you are already crafty you can use your skills to make your own organizers. These simple tutorials will show you how to make these craft organizers yourself.

Sewing CaddyThis Sewing Caddy is great for any crafting supplies, not just sewing. It has handles that make it easy to transport and handy pockets for scissors, glue guns, needles and anything else you need. If you are sick of your ribbon getting tangled and unraveled then this Ribbon Organizer is a quick fix. All you need is a shoe box and a couple dowels to end your ribbon woes. Speaking of unraveling, keep all your yarn in one place with this Yarn Storage Box. Not only is it a great space to keep your yarn but the decoupaged sides of this box will liven up your craft room decor.

A bulletin board is a great way to keep all your project ideas and inspiration in one place. Pin up those patterns and pictures on this Pottery Barn-inspired Wall Organizer. You and your wallet will love the rustic burlap design that you were able to make at a fraction of the cost.

Baskets are a huge help when it comes to organizing your craft room. It’s so easy to just put all your fabric scraps or paintbrushes in one container. Do you have some outgrown jeans laying around? This Denim Fabric Basket is a great way to give that old denim new life. It’s an up-cycling project that can be made in a variety of sizes to store anything from tape measures to knitting needles.

If you are short on counter space these Hanging Fabric Baskets are sure to help. You can hang these baskets on the wall to store paper, magazines and photographs.

It’s never too late to get your craft room organized. Once you are done you’ll love spending time in your neat work space. All it takes is a little effort and creativity to transform your cluttered room into a creative oasis!

How do you stay organized? We’d love it if you shared some tips!

Craft Room Tour: Mr. Cricut Crazy

Tanner Bell is a blogger at Mr. Cricut Crazy.


Take a peek inside Tanner’s craft room in this video tour he made. You’ll feel like you’re really there! Tanner’s craft room is full of Cricut supplies, scissors, and of course, paper. You’ll also see a cool, built-in trash can system, see where he films his video tutorials, and take a sneak peek at some giveaways he’s running on his blog.

Do you have a lot of supplies you never use inside your craft room? How do you deal with craft clutter?


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Craft Room Tour: Latrice Murphy from Any Occasion

Latrice Murphy is a FaveCrafts designer who blogs at Any Occasion.


Hey there FaveCrafts fans! Latrice Murphy here with a fun studio tour for you. First off I have to tell you how we decided to create this unique space in our home. We were running out of space in our house when we decided to have our second child. The office that was in the third bedroom would become our daughter’s room, and her old room would be the new nursery.

Our house is a small one with a one car garage that was only storing tools and what not. My husband, being the idea guy, thought maybe we could finish it off, buy a nice big shed for the backyard, and make this the office. He was right! We cleared the space out of all tools, bikes, toys and whatever else, organized them nicely in a BIG shed, and went to work. We had to Epoxy the floors for a clean look, find cabinets from a house I actually remodeled (SCORE!) finish off the outside wall, paint, trim and add insulation to the garage door. WHEW! After all that hard work we went shopping.

IKEA was by far the best place for us to find large tables, shelves, racks and more. I have figured out a way to utilize just about every inch of space and keep it all organized. Here are some photos of my space along with a video tour I created to share with you all!

Thanks for visiting my studio and I hope to see you soon. Please visit me over at my blog.

How do you keep your craft room organized when it gets messy? What are your motivational tips?

We are giving away a prize a day every day here on our FaveCrafts blog for National Craft Month. It is so easy to enter. Just go to our Project of the Day post and comment to enter! You have 31 chances to win and a new special prize each day. Tune in every day to see if you are the winner!

Craft Room Tour: Amanda Formaro from Crafts by Amanda

Amanda Formaro is a FaveCrafts designer who blogs at Crafts by Amanda and Amanda’s Cookin’.


I’m pretty excited to share this with you, but I have to warn you first. My craft room is in the basement. It’s not all glamourous and shiny like the ones you see featured in big magazines. It involves concrete walls, exposed plumbing, laundry machines and all the ugly things you find in a basement. It’s not pretty, but it’s a large space and a great place to keep my overwhelming amount of craft supplies contained. When we bought the house, we took a paint sprayer and 20 gallons of white paint to all the dingy walls. So it’s a far cry better than it was, but it’s still not pretty.

So with that disclaimer out of the way, I bring you my great big wonderful craft table, complete with cork board and magnetic chalkboard! Here’s a before picture… eewww.

And an after…

I definitely didn’t want cords all over the table top of my table, so hubby drilled a hole in the middle and attached a power strip upside down under the table. This way all the cords go through the center and none of them will be stretched across the table top.

That caused an issue for my glue gun though. Since the glue gun does not have an on/off switch, it can’t be left plugged in. So we used those one-hole straps I mentioned above to run a small extension cord through so that it pokes out under the table right where I work. There’s enough slack in the cord too so I can stretch the glue gun across the table and work with it from anywhere.

So there’s still a lot of work to be done as you can see from the mess laying around, but things are so much better and I have so much room to work now! See more pics of Amanda’s craft room on Crafts by Amanda.

Do you have an organized craft room? What are your favorite storage methods?

We are giving away a prize a day every day here on our FaveCrafts blog for National Craft Month. It is so easy to enter. Just go to our Project of the Day post and comment to enter! You have 31 chances to win and a new special prize each day. Tune in every day to see if you are the winner!

Craft Room Tour: Marti Wills from Pezadoodle Designs

Marti Wills is a FaveCrafts designer who blogs at Pezadoodle Designs.


I have been an artist and crafter for as long as I can remember, but only in the last several years have I been blessed enough to have an actual studio room all to myself! My studio has been a work in progress over the years as my interests changed and I tried out different organizational methods. I finally hit upon something that works really well for me and I am excited to show it to you here! It is still not totally complete but it is very close.

My studio set up is done purely for function and ease. I do not worry about the looks or decorativeness. I do not worry about lining up jars and jars of embellishments by color. I wanted a space that gave me maximum creative ease without getting me bogged down in excessive organization. I also needed to be mindful of my budget. Full kitchen cabinets and a built in sink would be lovely but what I really like to spend my money on is supplies and tools!
My studio occupies one room in our basement – our basement is open so there is nothing blocking it from the rest of the basement area which I really like. Although the room is on the smaller side, I wanted as much workspace as possible. I purchased one 8’ table and two 6’ tables over the course of several years, in addition to a drafting table I have had for quite some time. My husband came up with a genius idea to arrange them in a spiral (the spiral of crafting insanity he calls it).

When I enter the “spiral” I have a 4-drawer file cabinet and 2 large shelves along the left wall. The shelves were purchased at Home Depot, both on sale, and they are very deep – more so than a standard shelf.

The file cabinet was one of the more expensive items I have purchased, but worth every penny. I have all of my 8 ½” x 11” paper in the middle two drawers organized in hanging files by color.

By using a swatch of each to write the color name on for the tab, I can see at a quick glance what color I want to use. The bottom drawer contains all of my specialty papers such as grunge board, acrylic packaging, and sketches and other items I want easy access to. The top drawer is for scraps. I group scraps very simply by color – so all shades of orange go in a hanging folder, all shades of purple in another, etc.

My 12” x 12” paper is stored on the deep shelf next to the cabinet.

Originally I used the plastic bins by Cropper Hopper. Then I came across the sturdier 3 section ones also by Cropper Hopper and have been gradually switching over to them. Again my organization is fairly basic – like color groups together, dotted together, holiday patterns together and other patterns together.

The deep shelves also house all of my stamps and other items. I knew I wanted shallow drawers so they would not be difficult to dig through and I found these sets of three fit perfectly on the shelves.

I do not have them labeled yet but because they are clear it is easy enough to see the contents. Again I went for ease of organization – I classify them by broad category – birthday, Christmas, collage, floral. This prevents me from spending too much time putting things away when I have let them pile up!

To the right of the shelves is my daughter’s craft area – of course I had to include space for her! She has a child’s craft table and lots of plastic drawers for her own use as well as more drawers for my use!

Her area could use a little straightening!

Because I do so many different things I needed a lot of workspace and I get that with my large tables. I have a space for sewing, building miniatures, working with polymer clay, electronic die cutting, painting and papercrafting! I also have a small old table we had that is set up for photographing my projects.

For anyone who blogs or submits photographs of their work for publication, a good spot for photos is essential. I purchased an inexpensive yard of material which is tacked to the wall so I have a pure white background. Lighting is also essential!

Even though I had ample workspace I was seriously lacking in storage. After trying a number of different things I found I liked the plastic storage drawers the most for a number of reasons. First, they come in such a wide variety of sizes and configurations. I can get exactly the size, number and depth drawers I need for whatever I need to store in them. Second, I can see through them and know right away what is in them. Finally, the drawers are removable. I can grab the one I need and pull it out to use whatever is inside. Now I don’t need to do this for all of them but for something like my colored pencils this is quite handy – I pull it out and can place it where ever I am working, even take it upstairs.

On top of the table I have sets of smaller drawers.

These keep items like acrylic blocks and a variety of embellishments handy when I need them.
In addition, I have a variety of sizes beneath all of the tables.

Because my main work area is a spiral I have plenty of space yet everything is within easy reach!

If you are like me and have oodles of little bottles on hand, a spice rack might be just what you need. I found these at target several years ago but I think I may need to add another one!

Of course I acquire books nearly as fast as I acquire supplies so I have a tall bookshelf tucked in one corner.

My cricut cartridges take up far less space using the Scrap-cesories boxes! You can see my Cricut machines and my polymer clay roller on either side. Having the space to keep items out and accessible means I make better use of them!

As I mentioned, our basement floor plan is open so I can see what is going on, watch TV, interact with other family members who may be down there with me.

My workspace ready to go! I have ample lighting set up as well as my video camera for filming. Today I will be working with my Luminarte Artist Pigments and so I have easily pulled out the drawer and can see them all! I have a variety of buckets from the Target $1 spot which hold pens, markers, paint brushes, scissors, etc. (I swear by the Ranger water bucket!)

One final item I will mention that has been invaluable is the power strip you can barely see going across the back of my worktable. It is 5’ I think and has plug sockets every few inches. This allows me to keep everything plugged in as well as plug something in temporarily.

What is your best organizing tip? How do you keep your supplies in order?

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Guest Post: Organizing Craft Supplies

This guest blog post was written by Leslie Turner.

We are very “Go Green” oriented in our home. We love second-hand stores! This has prompted my “Save the Earth/Protect the Environment/Don’t Recycle – reUSE” page on my website, Leslie’s Green Garage. Why throw something away that someone else can use! In today’s economy, it just doesn’t make sense to go out and buy “brand new” when you can buy “used” instead, and be just as happy!

I’m very fortunate that my husband is a remodel contractor who is able to save lots of neat items from certain demise when he does his remodels. We have used a number of very good condition second-hand items in the remodel of our own home which is turning out quite nice! And we’re not done yet! He made one side of our Computer Room into a Scrap ‘N Craft area for me using an awesome 12-foot blue counter top with a grey overhead cabinet and two sets of drawers from an office remodel, and a nice set of kitchen cabinets from a home remodel that he painted grey to match. I purchased a bunch of small rectangular bins (3 for $1 at a local dollar store) that I labeled for all of my small items. These bins are 10” long x 6” wide x 2” deep, and are the perfect size to go in cabinets or drawers. I have them grouped and labeled as follows: Arrows & Frames, Baby, Birthday, Bling, Butterflies, Child, Christmas, Corners & Brackets, Dazzles, Flowers, Hearts, Miscellaneous, Odds & Ends, Seasonal (beach, BBQ, etc.), Stars, Tags, Thanks/Sympathy/Get Well, and Wedding/Anniversary. This has worked very well for me – when I need something specific for a project, such as “bling,” I pull out the “Bling” bin or if I need “flowers,” I pull out the “Flowers” bin! It’s great and was a very inexpensive way to organize the items I use the most for my projects. I later found some at a consignment shop for 25 cents each, so I bought a few more to organize things in my drawers such as Stickles, glue sticks, tape runners, staples, glitter, flocking, and my stiple brush.

I also found some inexpensive plastic divided boxes for $1.99 at a local craft store that I labeled for my Brads, Buttons/Letters/Charms/Clips, Eyelets, Miscellaneous, and Paper Clips/Anchors. These stack nicely on a shelf, or would certainly go in a cabinet or drawer, and they are see-through so can see the contents.

I had so many spools of ribbon, and you know how unruly ribbon can be! I discovered that I could straighten out an old wire clothes hanger, stack 12 to 14 spools of ribbon on it (stick it up through the center of each spool of ribbon), then bend each end of the wire so the ribbon spools will not fall off. These fit perfectly in a drawer! Awesome organization, and no more unruly ribbon!

Craft Rooms Exposed: Edition 7

Welcome to the seventh (and final) issue of the FaveCrafts Craft Rooms Exposed series!  As promised in our monthly craft question post, we have featured the inside of your favorite designer’s craft rooms every Monday.  I hope you got plenty of insider tips, inspirational ideas or just pain had fun reading these posts!  And now without further adieu, let’s explore our final featured craft room. Until next time!

Featured Room Designer: Gail from Gail Friend Designs

Thoughts on Organization: Getting organized was definitely my major New Years Resolutions this year. I spend most of my free time working in my studio area in my apartment. I was in my spare bedroom and was outgrowing it. So I went with a rather unconventional approach. In my apartment the living room and dining room are one open area. I made my living room my studio. I have my computer desk, art supplies, sewing machine, bookcases and storage in this larger room. I put my former dining table in the middle of the room for a work table. The former dining room is now a small sitting room with the TV and stereo attached to the studio area. This arrangement probably wouldn’t work for most people, but I live alone, so I figured why not? I have been so much more productive and I am really glad I made this change. I think at first most of my friends and family thought it was a crazy idea, but the get it now. I love it. I love using unusual items for storage. I have vintage suitcases that I organize and keep my patterns I design in them. I use old cigar boxes for ribbons and trims. I have a pink cupcake theme I am working on, so I have found glass covered cake plates for display. On my work table I have a cake plate with containers with my art supplies. The really pretty Valentine Candy boxes are great for storing beads too. I have attached a few photos. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share.

The Tour:

Craft Rooms Exposed: Week 6

Welcome to the sixth issue of the FaveCrafts Craft Rooms Exposed series!  As promised in our monthly craft question post, we will be featuring one craft room every Monday.  Get inside tips from some of our favorite bloggers and designers and find out how they turn their craft rooms into lean, mean crafting machines!   And now without further adieu, let’s explore our latest featured craft room.

Featured Room Designer: Debbie Buchanan from Stampin’ Up

Organizational Tip: I have turned my garage into a Stamp room.

The Tour:

Debbie says,”Here are 2 shots of my work area. Everything at arms reach. Paper stacker came from K-Log on line, Stamp pad holder came from a x-down-line’s hubby, and the little boxed drawers came from Ikea. The white shelves came from the kids bedrooms and one houses the stamps, the other has tools. The brown boxes are each filled: envelops in one, everything that colors in another, embossing tools and powers in another, ink refills in one, and all things wheels in another. The boxes were from Staples a few years back on sale. Thanks to Stampin Up’s bonus I was able to buy them all! The plastic draws under the table house all my favorite Stampin Up punches. The long wooden box that has the ball canning jars in it, came from my dad when he sent a stained glass pc to me. We stained it and added it to the wall – the jars fit perfectly in it.”

Debbie says, “This next shot is the cutting area. The Big shot and dies, larger paper cutter and more is all there.”

To see the rest of the tour, visit Debbie’s Blog.