12 DIY Kitchen Ideas to Craft Before Company Comes Over

We’re fast approaching that time of year where it feels like we have visitors over all of the time. Whether it’s family or friends, our homes are a hubbub of activity during the holidays, and while we frantically rush to clean up our homes before Cousin Teddy stops by with his family, we often feel at a loss. If you’re like me, you rush to dust, vacuum, and jam as many items into the closet as possible. No matter how many times you tell yourself that it’s going to be different, that last-minute dash to spruce up the joint is habitual. I don’t know about you, but when I’m racing against the clock to rid the house of dust mites, there’s one room I always forget to tackle: the kitchen. I’m usually good about cleaning the dishes and putting food away, but when company comes over, my kitchen isn’t much to look at. It’s dull. It’s boring. If I sweep the floor, the kitchen might look better, but it’s still a room in dire need of color. That’s why I’ve been compiling a list of DIY kitchen ideas.

I’ve spent many hours sprucing up the home decor for my living room. When cleaned, I’m proud to say that the living room looks great. It’s comfortable. It has a sense of atmosphere and style. People can see all of my cool DIY room decor and be amazed. My kitchen, as you now know, is another story, and I wanted to change that. What if Cousin Teddy and the family wanted to raid my fridge for snacks and sodas? In looking for DIY kitchen ideas, I put together crafts that either looked great, were practical, or could wear both hats. Some of these crafts, like the Coffee Pot Homemade Terrarium, were also a neat way to recycle spare items I no longer needed. Featured below is my personal to-do list. The next time those family members or friends want to check out my home, these crafts will make me feel like my kitchen is dressed up enough for company.

12 DIY Kitchen Ideas to Craft Before Company Comes Over

12 DIY Kitchen Ideas to Make You Feel Stylish

  1. Wooden Spoon Wall Art
  2. Coffee Pot Homemade Terrarium
  3. The Dreamiest Treat Jars
  4. Crochet Beer Cap Hot Pad
  5. Colorful Crochet Dishcloths
  6. Permanent Marker Art Bowls
  7. DIY Vintage Sign
  8. French Seed Packet Printable Art
  9. Brewtiful Coffee Printable Art
  10. DIY Laminated Placements
  11. Delectable Donut Coasters
  12. Recycled Milk Carton Organizers

If these 12 DIY kitchen ideas inspired you to track down some more neat projects, you should check out this 39 Low Cost Kitchen Crafts eBook.

I’ve opened up about my last-minute preparations for company. How do you prepare for guests?

Get That Gold: 15 Gold Craft Ideas

With the Big Event taking up all our TV time, it can be tough not to crave adding some gold to your own life. While gold medals and jewelry are crazy expensive, adding some spray paint or faux gold to your DIY crafts is cheap, easy, and chic! Look out below for some gold craft ideas that you are going to love. Whether you are looking to add faux gold jewelry to your life or a touch of gold to your home décor ideas, this list is full of shining star ideas. Get to crafting immediately with these Big Event-inspired ideas immediately! Add glitter and gold to your world with the DIY crafts in get That Gold: 15 Gold Craft Ideas!

Gold Craft Ideas15 Gold Craft Ideas that Look Like a Billion Bucks

  1. Gold Edged Clay Jewelry Dishes
  2. Star Spangled DIY Earrings
  3. Decorative Globe Anthropologie Knock-Off
  4. Gold Hot Curling Iron Travel Pouches
  5. Luxurious DIY Statement Necklace
  6. Gold DIY Ring Dish
  7. Metallic Duct Tape DIY Candles
  8. DIY Studded Loafers
  9. Rose Gold DIY Necklace Tutorial
  10. Glamorous Golden Sequin Vases
  11. Beautiful Ball Drop Earrings
  12. Clothespins DIY Craft Project
  13. Golden Lacy Crochet Shawl
  14. Golden Shimmer Shawl Crochet Pattern
  15. Gold Chunky Crochet Cowl

What’s your fave metallic to work with: silver, gold, bronze, or something else (like rose gold)?

12 Show-Stopping Succulent Crafts

There’s something to be said for bringing a little bit of the outdoors into your home. A little bit of greenery can easily brighten up any room. That’s why we are just in love with succulents right now! They are the most adorable little plants, and they can flourish just about anywhere. I’ve seen people keep succulents on their bookshelves, on their desk at work, even hanging from the ceiling!

There are a lot of reasons that succulents are so popular. A big reason is that they are a very low maintenance plant. As long as they are kept in sunny spots, they only need to be watered about once a week (depending on the week). Learn more about how to care for succulents here.

Show-Stopping Succulent Crafts

Remember, succulents can be more than just an adorable piece of home decor. Succulents can be given as gifts, make precious party favors, and have even been used at weddings! Succulents can be incorporated into corsages, bouquets, and even used as place cards at a reception. There’s no end to what these charming little plants can be used for.

Now that it is officially March, that means there is one thing on everyone’s mind: Spring is coming!! This means that it’s time to get creative and breathe new life into your home. And what better way to celebrate the approaching change in season than with these show-stopping succulent crafts?


Show-Stopping Succulent Crafts

How to Make a Succulent Fairy Garden (shown)

Elegant and Easy Succulent Centerpieces

How to Make a Succulent WreathHow to Make a Succulent Fairy Garden

DIY Vintage Vertical Succulent Garden

Succulent DIY Garden Projects

Decoupaged Succulent Planter

Punny Succulent Gifts

Shimmery Succulent Centerpiece

Smiling Succulent DIY Pincushion

Succulent Quilt Pattern

Mini Succulent Planters

Gorgeous Green Succulent DIY Earrings


Comment below and let us know, what is your favorite way to display your succulents?

Easy DIY Ornaments

Christmas is quickly approaching, and it is just about time to decorate your tree! What better way to decorate your Christmas tree than to incorporate some DIY ornaments? These handmade ornaments will make your Christmas even more meaningful. You’ll be able to spend time with family and friends creating these easy DIY ornaments and all your guests will see your hard work on your tree.

Easy DIY Ornaments

Just think about the wonderful memories that will be brought to mind every time you look at the tree. There’s just something extra special about handmade Christmas decorations and to know that these crafty creations were the result of some time spent with loved ones is just magical! Save these DIY ornaments and bring them out year after year. As you decorate the tree with your family, you will all be able to relive the fun you had making them.

And when the kids are older and move away, you can send some of those ornaments along with them for their own Christmas trees. They will be continuing the tradition with their families and cherishing the memories from years gone by.

  1. DIY Ornaments with Rit Dye From Mod Podge Rocks
  2. Simple and Easy DIY Wooden Ornaments from A Little Craft In Your Day
  3. DIY Neon Puffy Paint Ornaments from The I Love To Create Blog
  4. Glitter Galaxy Ornaments from The Swell Designer
  5. DIY Mason Jar Lid Ornaments from DIY on The Cheap
  6. DIY Mosaic Ornament from A Little Craft In Your Day
  7. Washi Tape Ornaments from FaveCrafts
  8. DIY Cupcake Ornament from FaveCrafts
  9. Let it Snow Scrabble Tile Ornament from Crafts By Amanda
  10. S’mores Peppermint Ornament from Sew Licious Home Decor
  11. Cookie Cutter Ornament from Favecrafts
  12. DIY Glass Photo Ornament Tutorial from Fynes Designs
  13. How to Make Salt Dough Ornaments from Viva Veltoro
  14. DIY Wood Slice Ornaments from Upcycled Treasures
  15. DIY Glitter Ornaments from Create and Babble

There are so many fun DIY ornament ideas to choose from – you are surely going to find something for everyone in this list!

Are there any other easy DIY Ornaments you’d like to share? Write about them in the comment box below!

Crazy Cozy Afghan Patterns for Winter

When you just can’t stand the cold anymore or you’ve got a chill you can’t shake, then it’s time to make yourself an afghan. A cozy and cuddle-worthy afghan is perfect for those cold, wintry days or those nights snuggle up by the fire. I don’t know about you, but these are my favorite gifts to make and to receive for the holiday season. Everyone can always use a new afghan! We love showing off our gorgeous afghans by draping them over the couch or on the bed. We’ve even got into the trend of using a “blanket ladder” to store our afghans. All you need is a ladder and you can easily hang an afghan on each rung. Then the afghans are easily accessible to anyone with a chill, and the display looks wonderfully rustic!

Crazy Cozy Afghan Patterns for Winter

Make these free afghan patterns for those you love most. They’re such beautiful creations and our favorite are the super colorful afghans. There’s nothing like adding a splash of color to your winter blues. Plus, these afghan patterns are available for both beginners and advanced crafters. Whether you knit or crochet, you’re bound to fall in love with one of these craft projects. The hardest part will be deciding which ones you’ll make for yourself and which ones you’ll make as DIY gifts!

If you’re looking for another knit or crochet gift idea, try cowls! You can check out “Cowl” us Crazy! 12 Knit and Crochet Patterns for the perfect free patterns.

Cozy Crochet Afghan Patterns

Rainbow Sampler BlanketA cozy crochet afghan is the best DIY home décor project. You can create a beautiful and fun rainbow afghan or use colors that will complement your room’s décor!

Luscious Lace Crochet Blanket

Spicy Diamond Blanket

Northern Lights Granny Throw

Rainbow Sampler Blanket

Extra Soft Knit Afghan Patterns

White as Snow Cable Knit ThrowA knit afghan is always so plush and cozy. We can’t get enough of them! You can find an advanced pattern or an easy pattern. If you’re looking for a quick knit afghan to give as a gift, then we’ve got the free knitting patterns you need!

Grandma’s Famous Bobble Knit Blanket

Sunny Days Rib Stitch Blanket

Super Easy Lap Blanket

White as Snow Cable Knit Throw


Comment below and let us know, how many afghans do you have or have made as gifts?

The Ultimate List of Last-Minute Thanksgiving Crafts

As Thanksgiving seems to be rounding the corner, we’ve put together the ultimate list of last-minute Thanksgiving crafts. Why is it the ultimate list? It’s the best list because these are all easy and fast projects that all crafters will enjoy. All ages will find a new favorite and fun craft project among this list because we’ve included crafts for toddlers and crafts for adults. There’s something for everyone, and each and every project is perfectly festive.

The Ultimate List of Last-Minute Thanksgiving Crafts

Among this list, you’ll find jewelry projects, DIY home decor, and more! Of course, we had to include our favorite recycled craft projects like this Super Simple Coffee Filter Turkey Craft. This Turkey and Pumpkin Thanksgiving Garland isn’t half-bad either. The tutorial shows you how to use plastic bags to make a great DIY Thanksgiving decoration! If we can find a chance to use recycled materials, then you bet we’ll give it a go. Even these Repurposed Thanksgiving Blocks show you how to make use of those crafting supplies you thought you would just end up tossing out.

If you’re looking to add some quick, festive decor to your front door, then try this super affordable Easy Corn Husk DIY Wreath. If you’re looking to decorate you walls, just try this Precious Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Printable Wall Art and you’re done! So easy and simple! We love budget-friendly DIY decorations for the holidays, so if you haven’t made yourself some Thanksgiving crafts yet, then this is the perfect list for you to get started. The hardest part will be deciding which craft to make first!

Quick & Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Colorful Cupcake Liner Turkey Craft for KidsSuper Simple Coffee Filter Turkey Craft

Lil’ Turkey No-Sew Onesie

Recycled Cd Turkey Kid Craft

Pinecone Pilgrim Turkey With Handprints

Colorful Cupcake Liner Turkey Craft for Kids


DIY Home Decor for Thanksgiving

Easy Corn Husk DIY WreathTurkey and Pumpkin Thanksgiving Garland

Easy Corn Husk DIY Wreath

Feather and Corn Husk Table Settings

DIY Fall Branch Centerpiece

Precious Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Printable Wall Art


More Last-Minute Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving Menu Tote BagPom Pom DIY Necklace

Pumpkin Patch Memory Wire Bracelet

Thanksgiving Menu Tote Bag

Repurposed Thanksgiving Blocks

Charming Envelope Thanksgiving Banner

Precious Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Printable Wall Art

Autumn Memory Wire Bracelet

Fall Leaves Free Crochet Pattern


Comment below and let us know, what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

7 Clever Storage & Organization Ideas

We can never get enough of DIY storage ideas and these are the latest projects that our storage woes need! Good organization ideas can be hard to come by. They’re often expensive or they really don’t solve your problem. However, when you make your own storage projects, then you’re able to not only save money, but also customize a project to fit your specific needs. You’ll never believe how fun and creative these DIY organization ideas can be, so read on to discover your next craft project!

 7 Clever Storage & Organization Ideas

We like recycled projects, but a DIY storage project like this Adorable Recycled Skirt Pouch is simply too much! You can make this project with a skirt you no long wear or with a thrifted skirt that doesn’t fit, but has a beautiful pattern. We’re smitten with this organization idea. Plus, this DIY Vintage Window Frame Organizer looks like it was bought from a store. No one will believe that you made such a rustic and chic storage solution yourself!

Desk organization is all the rage – but what about super affordable desk organization? This Recycled Milk Carton Stationary Organizer will keep all your stationary supplies organized and neat while on a budget too! Recycled materials take on a new life in this craft and you can make this Decoupage Storage Bin for additional storage requirements as well. These DIY storage solution ideas are perfect for crafters looking to use up stashed crafting supplies and to organize a craft room. You can also use these projects as inspiration for other projects if you have other rooms in need of some DIY organization. Once you start organizing, you won’t be able to stop!

7 Clever Storage & Organization Ideas


1.) Adorable Recycled Skirt Pouch

Adorable Recycled Skirt Pouch

2.) Felt Organizers Set

Felt Organizers Set

3.) Bedside Hanging Storage Pockets

Bedside Hanging Storage Pockets

4.) DIY Vintage Window Frame Organizer

DIY Vintage Window Frame Organizer

5.) Recycled Milk Carton Stationery Organizer

Recycled Milk Carton Stationery Organizer

6.). Magnetic Makeup Organizer

Magnetic Makeup Organizer

7.) Decoupage Storage Bin

Decoupage Storage Bin


What room in your house needs some DIY organization?




10 Cutest Monogram Ideas

Newly Wed PlaqueIf you’re in love with the Lily Pulitzer, but don’t want to spend the money on cute monogrammed stuff, then you need to try these DIY monogram ideas. You can cheaply decorate your home with hand-painted monograms in your initials. The great thing about monogrammed items is that there is no question of who’s stuff it is. I live in a house with two other sisters and my mom. My sisters and I are about the same size, so my clothes mysteriously go missing from time to time. However, I noticed that the ones with my initials on it or my sorority letters are the items that get left behind. That’s why monogrammed stuff is becoming essential: a personalized touch makes greedy hands go away.

10 Cutest Monogram Ideas

Monogrammed House NumberI’ve been rooming with the same girl since my freshman year, so all ideas of “personal space” have gone out the door. Though starting out, we kept everything separate. We were the lucky ones who didn’t end up hating each other and didn’t have too many problems. Others, however, didn’t have as much luck. Labeling everything and getting stuff organized has become such a huge trend. Especially the DIY storage bins that can be used for literally everything. Monogramming initials has become such a cute way to personalize clothing and crafts.

Here are some direct quotes from our editors on their thoughts about monogramming:

“I love monogramming because it allows me to put a special touch on even the most generic accessories.”Monogrammed Stool

“Monogramming is a way to personalize gifts for friends and family in a way that regular store-bought, generic gifts don’t.”

“My name is incredible and I want to show it off, but really though it’s a personal touch on any accessory. Monogram necklaces are a great gift, tote bags, and travel.”

I can’t wait to get started on the Newly Wed Plaque. My sister just got married, and I want to use a variation of it. The fun part about my new brother-in-law and my sister? They have the same initials. Both start with “L,” middle “E,” and obviously the same last name. The best thing about these easy crafts are that they can be applied and followed. You can put them on practically anything. Take the technique of the Paper and Monogrammed Stool and use it for a DIY kid’s table or a wooden plaque. The idea of monogramming is simple and not too different, but the techniques of applying and creating it vary from crafter to crafter.


Paint and Paper Monogram Stool

Elegant Wood Wall Monograms

Monogrammed Newlywed Wall Plaque

Rhinestone Monogrammed Bouquet Wrap

Monogram House Number

Holiday Monogram Plate

Mod Podge Monogram

Stunning Monogrammed Candles

DIY Monogrammed Charms/Pendants

Custom Silhouette Monogram Fans

What is your favorite thing to monogram?

Spring Fashion Trends: DIY Chevron Ideas

We are not exactly the front-runners when it comes to announcing this spring fashion trend. Have you been able to step into a craft store, clothing store, or even out on the street without seeing a chevron pattern? I haven’t been able to escape it. I am not complaining though. I love chevron. I’m crazy about the popular pattern especially when it comes in the form of a DIY chevron project. It’s cute. It’s classy. But most of all? It is easy to copy. If you are looking to be on-trend this season, check out these 2014 Spring Fashion Trends: DIY Chevron Ideas.

Of all the spring fashion trends that are showing up, DIY chevron crafts are the most versatile. The funky and geometric pattern looks great on clothing and in the home. Chevron DIY home décor ideas can add so much to a room. Just like a splash of color can really make a room pop, a splash of a pattern can become an amazing focal point. These off-kilter stripes are a great way to draw attention to a piece of furniture, wall, or even yourself!


Chevron DIY Home Decor

Chevron is an amazing way to spruce up your DIY home decor. If you want to draw attention to a favorite piece of furniture or wall, add a chevron craft.

Chevron wardrobe Ideas

Chevron stripes are stripes with some serious attitude. If you are looking to add some funk to your daily wear, these DIY chevron ideas for your wardrobe will make your day.

Chevron DIY Accessories

Add a splash of sass to a casual or cool outfit with one of these DIY chevron accessories. All of these purses, DIY scarves, and jewelry use the trendy pattern in a new and fun way.

Chevron Paper Designs

Start small and try some of these chevron paper designs.

What is your favorite trendy pattern?

50+ Cheap & Classy Anthropologie Knock-Off Crafts

anthropologie-knock-off-craftsI am absolutely obsessed with the store Anthropologie. It is one of those stores that I can spend hours wandering around in, browsing their beautiful collections, and lusting over being able to decorate my whole apartment and wardrobe with their products. I remember the first time I walked into an Anthropologie. I felt like I had found the holy grail of unique items. Every single item was funky and fun. I just about went wild picking out item after item. When I finally looked at the price tags, I realized I would bankrupt myself. After that, I turned to DIY home décor ideas and easy sewing projects instead. These 8 Cheap & Classy Anthropologie Knock-Off Crafts will knock your socks off. All of these fab items look just like their counterparts at the famous boutique. Luckily, these Anthropologie knock-off crafts will fit into just about anyone’s budget.

Anthropologie Knock-Off Crafts for Your Wardrobe

  1. Chevron Inspired DIY Purse: I just love the pattern of this purse. I would make this my go-to bag in a heartbeat. How could you not? It will match practically anything.
  2. Thrifty Anthropologie Ruffled Hem Sweater: This Anthropologie knock-off looks exactly like the original for half the price.
  3. Anthropologie Maxi Skirt: I am so ready for winter to go away so I can start wearing my DIY maxi skirts again
  4. Anthro Striped Knock-Off Top: I love the new patchwork style that is getting so popular. It is so much fun to mix patterns with a sleek pair of jeans. This Anthropologie knock-off is so chic and rustic.
  5. Anthropologie Ruffled Skirt Tutorial
  6. Fabulous Anthro Inspired Shirt
  7. Anthropologie Work Skirt
  8. Anthropologie Inspired Camisole
  9. Anthropologie-Inspired Esplanade Halter Top

If you love these Anthropologie knock-off crafts, you will love these 9 Printable Knock-Off Patterns.

Anthropologie Knock-Off Crafts for Your Home

  1. Anthropologie Inspired Pintuck Pillow: This pillow would look so classy in your bedroom.string-art-ampersand-anthropologie
  2. DIY Anthropologie Orimono Pillow : This is hands-down my favorite Anthropologie knock-off. I love the colors. I love the patchwork. I love how it looks just a little bit vintage. I just love it.
  3. Anthropologie Smoldering Hues Shower Curtain: Colorful bathrooms are so under-rated. I absolutely love this fuchsia piece of DIY home décor.
  4. Anthropologie Inspired String Letters
  5. Anthropologie Inspired Love Pillow
  6. Anthropologie-Inspired Spring Tea Towels
  7. DIY Anthropologie Inspired Bolster Pillow
  8. Anthropologie Knock-Off Comforter
  9. Anthropologie Inspired Confetti Pencils
  10. Anthropologie Inspired Recipe Binder
  11. Anthropologie Inspired Holiday Mug
  12. Anthro Inspired Snow Globes
  13. Anthropologie Inspired Tree Topper
  14. Anthro Penmanship Gift Tags
  15. Anthro Inspired Lampshade

Anthropologie Jewelry Knock-Off Crafts

  1. Anthro Knock-Off Akela Necklace: It is insane how expensive one little piece of jewelry at Anthropologie can be! Luckily, this lovely necklace is a quick and cheap craft.anthro-diy-earrings
  2. Anthropologie Knockoff Tealights Bracelet
  3. Anthro Knockoff Tassel Earrings
  4. Knockoff Anthropologie Beaded Bracelet
  5. Knockoff Anthropologie Necklace
  6. Anthropologie-Inspired Bib Necklace
  7. DIY Anthropologie Purl One Bracelet
  8. Anthro Knockoff Earring Tutorial
  9. Anthropologie Knockoff Butterfly Necklace
  10. Anthro Lantana Brooch Bracelet Knockoff
  11. Anthropologie Inspired Vintage Bracelet
  12. Anthro-Inspired Vintage Brooch Necklace
  13. Dollar Store Anthro Spectacle Necklace
  14. Anthro Knockoff Ribbon Necklace
  15. Anthropologie Inspired Limitless Strands Necklace
  16. Into the Woods Anthropologie Necklace
  17. Anthropologie Knockoff Hardware and Bead Necklace
  18. Anthropologie Knockoff Wire Triangle Earrings
  19. Anthropologie Necklace Knock-off
  20. Anthro Power of 3 Knockoff

DIY Anthropologie Knock-Off Accessories

  1. Anthropologie Inspired Ruffle Scarf
  2. Love That Anthro Headband Braid
  3. Anthro-tastic Headband
  4. Anthropologie Inspired Beaded Headband
  5. Anthro Inspired Scarflet
  6. Anthropologie Inspired Headband
  7. Anthropologie Inspired Poppy Mallow Hair Pins
  8. Anthropologie Inspired Fringe Scarf
  9. Anthro Knockoff Elastic Hair Tie
  10. Anthro Inspired Hat
  11. Anthropologie Sweater Headband Tutorial

Are there any stores where you love the products and hate the prices?