3 Ways to Get Ahead on Holiday Crafting

Wintery DIY Wall Decor

Gift giving stresses me out big time. I spend way too much time running around and deciding what to get people, feeling like my mind is a blank slate. I am awful at it. Small gifts is not my love language.

Occasionally I have pockets of inspiration, and I feel like queen of the world when I discover (or make!) a great gift that someone appreciates. Reading Marie Segares’ post last year on 7 Tips for Getting a Head Start on Holiday Crafting and DIY Gifts seriously helped me reframe how I view gift giving and holiday crafting. I highly recommend giving it a read!

Peering at this list and coming up with a few ideas of my own, I give you this year’s edition of:

3 Ways to Get Ahead on Holiday Crafting

1. Start Immediately

Snowflake DIY Candy Jar

One of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is to Be Proactive, and that applies to Christmas crafting. We have a matter of weeks before the holiday is upon us, and if handmade projects like knit and crochet patterns take 1-2 weeks to complete, well, you can do the math! Starting now allows time to pick your projects, take breaks, make mistakes, fix them, and finish your presents.

2. Plan

Classic Infinity Scarf

Marie Segares talks about deciding who will get handmade gifts, and then planning what to make for them. Getting organized and writing out a plan (or pinning the projects you’d like to make, or crafting your plan in any manner of your choosing) will help you visually see how much time you have and how much crafting there is in store! My norm is to sit down and make as many scarves as possible (like my absolute favorite infinity scarf pattern by Fiber Flux, linked on AllFreeCrochet) and choose recipients after I finish the scarves. This is not the best method. It is, in fact, a terrible method. Be intentional with your gift giving and plan out your gifts and your recipients!

3. Have a Backup Plan

Tropical Leaf Watercolor Printable

Maybe that crocheted afghan you wanted to give your best friend isn’t going to happen in time. Maybe you can’t knit 16 pairs of slippers before December 25. That’s okay! Be gentle with yourself, and consider an alternative like free printables for making wall art, quick knit or crochet projects, and any of the ideas below! If all else fails, a store bought item or gift card never hurts.

Quick Homemade Gift Ideas

Half Hour Jumbo Tote


What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

Paint-Stamped No-Sew Table Runner for Christmas

Learn how to make a table runner that’s both a no-sew and budget-friendly Christmas craft idea! Only a few simple steps are needed to know how to make this super fun and festive DIY table runner! Need a last minute table decoration or don’t want to spend too much time making a table runner? Then, try this easy craft tutorial that you can customize to your needs. Feel free to make your own designs or to use stamps that you already own.

Paint-Stamped No-Sew Table Runner for Christmas

This Christmas table runner combines two fun and easy craft techniques I really love – paint-stamping and mosaics from paper or fabric. And bonus…it’s no-sew, too! This runner is made with a special no-fray synthetic fabric that has a fun pinhole texture, but you could also make this holiday craft project with paper or stitch it up with your favorite fabrics.


  • Oly*Fun material – white, red, green
  • Paper-lined, double-sided adhesive tape
  • Craft paints
  • Foam stamps
  • Rotary cutter, ruler, cutting mat

Paint-Stamped No-Sew Table Runner for Christmas

Decide on the size of your runner and trim a long piece of Oly*Fun yardage to size for the base of your runner and set it aside.

Use your favorite foam stamps (and pencil erasers too!) to stamp a random, all-over pattern on 3 colors of the material and let dry. I worked with 12×12″ sheets of green, white, and red.

Paint-Stamped No-Sew Table Runner for Christmas

Cut the stamped material into 3″ strips and then into 3″ squares – cut some squares in half for a more varied look to your mosaic.

Paint-Stamped No-Sew Table Runner for Christmas

Arrange all the pieces on the runner however you like – I love how random paint-stamped patterns and symmetrical mosaic tiles collide!

Adhere two strips of paper-lined tape to the back of each tile, then remove the liners and press each tile into place on the runner. That’s it, you’re done! I sprinkled some pretty red and green acrylic gems in between small votive candles to accent the runner on my table. It’s super cute and festive by daylight or candlelight!

Paint-Stamped No-Sew Table Runner for Christmas



Comment below and let us know, how do you decorate your Christmas table?

The Ultimate List of Last-Minute Thanksgiving Crafts

As Thanksgiving seems to be rounding the corner, we’ve put together the ultimate list of last-minute Thanksgiving crafts. Why is it the ultimate list? It’s the best list because these are all easy and fast projects that all crafters will enjoy. All ages will find a new favorite and fun craft project among this list because we’ve included crafts for toddlers and crafts for adults. There’s something for everyone, and each and every project is perfectly festive.

The Ultimate List of Last-Minute Thanksgiving Crafts

Among this list, you’ll find jewelry projects, DIY home decor, and more! Of course, we had to include our favorite recycled craft projects like this Super Simple Coffee Filter Turkey Craft. This Turkey and Pumpkin Thanksgiving Garland isn’t half-bad either. The tutorial shows you how to use plastic bags to make a great DIY Thanksgiving decoration! If we can find a chance to use recycled materials, then you bet we’ll give it a go. Even these Repurposed Thanksgiving Blocks show you how to make use of those crafting supplies you thought you would just end up tossing out.

If you’re looking to add some quick, festive decor to your front door, then try this super affordable Easy Corn Husk DIY Wreath. If you’re looking to decorate you walls, just try this Precious Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Printable Wall Art and you’re done! So easy and simple! We love budget-friendly DIY decorations for the holidays, so if you haven’t made yourself some Thanksgiving crafts yet, then this is the perfect list for you to get started. The hardest part will be deciding which craft to make first!

Quick & Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Colorful Cupcake Liner Turkey Craft for KidsSuper Simple Coffee Filter Turkey Craft

Lil’ Turkey No-Sew Onesie

Recycled Cd Turkey Kid Craft

Pinecone Pilgrim Turkey With Handprints

Colorful Cupcake Liner Turkey Craft for Kids


DIY Home Decor for Thanksgiving

Easy Corn Husk DIY WreathTurkey and Pumpkin Thanksgiving Garland

Easy Corn Husk DIY Wreath

Feather and Corn Husk Table Settings

DIY Fall Branch Centerpiece

Precious Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Printable Wall Art


More Last-Minute Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving Menu Tote BagPom Pom DIY Necklace

Pumpkin Patch Memory Wire Bracelet

Thanksgiving Menu Tote Bag

Repurposed Thanksgiving Blocks

Charming Envelope Thanksgiving Banner

Precious Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Printable Wall Art

Autumn Memory Wire Bracelet

Fall Leaves Free Crochet Pattern


Comment below and let us know, what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

7 Tips for Getting a Head Start on Holiday Crafting and DIY Gifts

I’m Marie from Underground Crafter, and like many crafters, I love to make handmade gifts for the holidays. Not only do I get to express myself creatively, but also can often make higher quality DIY gifts than what I can usually afford to buy for my friends and family.

7 Tips for Getting a Head Start on Holiday Crafting and DIY Gifts

I’m also not the only crafter who has ever become overwhelmed by making gifts for the winter holidays or has lost sleep, gotten a repetitive stress injury, or just became annoyed with the demands of handmade gift giving.

To help make this year’s holiday crafting more pleasurable, I’m sharing 7 tips for getting a head start on holiday crafting.


7 Tips for Getting a Head Start on Holiday Crafting and DIY Gifts


Start Your Homemade Christmas Decorations & DIY Gifts Early

This one almost goes without saying, but start your holiday crafting as early in the year as possible. You will give yourself more time so you can work at a leisurely pace, or you can choose to make gifts for more people on your holiday list.

Decide Who Will Receive Homemade Gifts

Not everyone appreciates handmade gifts, and others may not be fans of your favorite craft. The holidays will be more fun for you (and for the recipient) if you focus your efforts on making gifts for those who will actually enjoy them. I call these people “handmade-worthy” recipients.

As you think about all the people (and pets) you may consider making gifts for, narrow your list down to those who would appreciate something handmade. These are usually the people who have had kind things to say about your crafting, who are makers themselves, or who have worn and used previous handmade gifts.

Make a Project List

Now that you’ve eliminated those who aren’t “handmade-worthy” and know everyone you’d like to make gifts for, make a list of the types of gifts you’d like to make for them. Some crafters make variations of the same project for everyone on the list (like a favorite knit scarf pattern in different yarns) while others like to make a completely unique gift for each recipient.

Survey Your Supplies and Budget

Survey Your Supplies and Budget

Most of us crafters already have a stash of supplies. Look through your existing stash and compare it with the items on your project list. Now take a look at your budget to decide when and if you need to purchase any additional materials.

Be Realistic About Your Time Frame

In my experience, overestimating the availability of time is the most common struggle crafters face when working on handmade holiday gifts. While we could all make unlimited gifts if we had unlimited time, the reality is that as each week moves by, our holiday gift deadlines become narrower. So, be realistic about how long each project will take, and consider revising your list based on the amount of time available.

Take Frequent Breaks

Take Frequent Breaks

Even when you are working towards crafting deadlines, be sure to take care of yourself. Take frequent breaks (every 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your craft and the intensity of your work) to stretch and rest your eyes/hands. This will help you avoid repetitive stress injuries.

Have a Backup Plan

Sometimes, even the best plans go awry. Have a backup in case you can’t finish your projects on time. This might mean putting aside money to purchase gifts later.


You may find virtually working alongside other crafters on holiday gifts makes the entire process more fun. Look for holiday make-a-longs on your favorite social networks. If you crochet, join the Holiday Stashdown Crochet-a-Long which includes 15 free crochet patterns by 15 designers.

“Liberty and Jewelry For All”

The Fourth of July holiday revolves around outdoor barbeques, fireworks, parades, picnics, and craft fairs.  To celebrate, people dress in red, white, and blue. This year, add to your patriotic outfit with these festive and original DIY jewelry ideas AllFreeJewelryMaking has put together for you. Just like the 13 original colonies of our nation, there are 13 original DIY jewelry pieces here for you to create. Each project relates to one of our brave founding colonies who fought for our independence in 1776.  So, show your patriotic and festive side on our country’s 238th birthday with these 13 original DIY jewelry ideas!

Liberty and Jewelry For All

Erupting Massachusetts Bay Bracelet

Paul Revere started his long ride from Massachusetts, so make make this Crackling Firework DIY Bracelet to commemorate his heroic ride.


Ever Ready Rhode Island and New Hampshire

Bordering Massachusetts Bay colony on each end, Rhode Island and New Hampshire saw a lot of action during our fight for Independence. Celebrate Rhode Island’s part with these playful Patriotic Filigree Earrings, and New Hampshire’s role with this nationalistic Nautical Braided Bracelet.


It’s a Yankee Doodle Bracelet

If you lived in New York or New Jersey in 1776, you were without a doubt a “Yankee.” Well, honor all the American Yankees with these two beautiful bracelets, the Star Beaded Bracelet and the Red, White, and Blue Wrap Bracelet.

Star Beaded Bracelet

Star Beaded Bracelet


Loyal and Brave Maryland

Celebrating Independence Day with jewelry does not have to be expensive. Dress up your ears festively this holiday with these Plastic Cup Earrings.


Crackling Connecticut DIY Ring

Do not forget to bedazzle your ears for your Fourth of July celebration with some DIY Jewelry. To do, make our festively beaded Happy 4th Earrings and think of Connecticut, the colony originally known as the “River Colony.”

Happy 4th Earrings

Happy 4th Earrings


Delaware’s Daughters of the Revolution

Celebrate all that the Daughters of the American Revolution did for our independence by making this Sweet Liberty Beaded Crochet Bracelet for your daughters.

The Liberty Bell Rings

Make and wear this fun Fourth of July Fireworks Ring to commemorate the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania, one of our nation’s most cherished symbols.


Very Virginia Ribbon DIY Jewelry

The Fourth of July is known not only for its fun celebrations, but also its heat. Cool off with these two pieces of Easy Patriotic Ribbon Jewelry and honor colony that gave us our first president.

Easy Patriotic Ribbon Jewelry

Easy Patriotic Ribbon Jewelry

Sweet Land of Carolina

Nothing says patriotic like some stunning star DIY Jewelry pieces. With the Falling Stars and Star-Shaped Wire Hoop Earrings, you will be rocking some stars for the brave colonies of South and North Carolina.


You’re a Grand Ol’Necklace

Need a simple yet grand necklace for a party? Then, make this Cobalt Blueberries Necklace for a democratic Georgian colony.



 What jewelry do you wear for the Fourth of July?

Ball Drop Bash: New Year’s Party Ideas

You’ve bought the gifts, finalized the menu, and picked out your outfit for your annual Christmas party. Great job! Make sure that the next big holiday doesn’t catch you off guard. Plan to ring in 2014 with some stellar New Year’s party ideas.

If your resolution is to be the most popular hostess in town, all you have to do is throw the best New Year’s Eve bash your friends have ever attended. It may sound like a tall order, but don’t fret; at AllFreeHolidayCrafts, we’ve got tons of suggestions for every party detail. With our large selection of New Year’s party ideas, you’ll be able to make dazzling decorations, delicious food, and delightful favors without spending a ton of money. Plus, your guests will have such a splendid time that they may never want the night to end.

Style: New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas

When hosting a holiday party, a hostess must be fashionable and festive. If you don’t want to break the bank to look fabulous this New Year’s Eve, try some of our free DIY jewelry patterns. You can complete your look with an elegant handbag that’s easy to make.

Handmade Holiday Handbag

Setting: DIY Party Decor

Our budget-friendly crafts may look store-bought, but these projects are a snap to make. The best part about these DIY New Year’s decorations is that you can customize them to match your color scheme and personal style. Don’t forget to dress up the bathroom, too. It’s the one room that your guests are sure to visit, and they’ll be delighted to see that you kept it as festive as the rest of your home.

Colorful Mini Disco Ball

Sweets: New Year’s Cookies

There’s no sweeter way to celebrate the start of a new year than with a selection of cookies. Try a New Year’s cookie recipe to see how you can make treats that are as adorable as they are delectable.

Happy New Year Cookies

Sendoff: Easy DIY Party Favors

Your guests have watched the ball drop in Times Square, kissed their sweethearts at midnight, and sung “Auld Lang Syne.” Send them home with these DIY New Year’s party favors to keep their spirits up when they venture out into the cold.

DIY Confetti Packets

Are you making any New Year’s resolutions this year?


Quilling Made Easy Online Class

Enter to win a Quilling Made Easy Online Class! from Annie’s Crafts! The deadline to enter is December 31, 2013 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time. Paper quilling is acknowledged as a fun and beautiful method of paper crafting. It is a unique technique to turn to when making holiday cards, ornaments, and even handmade decorations or jewelry. Start quilling today!

Gift Guide: 26 Quick Gift Ideas for Kids to Make

WIU No-Sew Fleece BlanketThroughout this week, I embarked on a crafting adventure  that continued daily the instant I returned from work. It began as a mere idea on Monday, and by Friday it had transformed into the finished product. My friend is going to be a freshman at Western Illinois University, and I decided to make her a no-sew fleece tie blanket using WIU’s school colors, purple and gold. It’s an easy process that didn’t take long at all, so I was finished by Wednesday, but I felt that something was missing. That’s when I came up the idea to cut out a ‘W’ in purple felt and sew it on with a fancy applique stitch. That’s how I turned a simple, new-sew blanket into a sewing craft. Go figure! If you’re interested in making a blanket like this one and want to learn how, my craft is based on the No Sew Fleece Blanket from AllFreeKidsCrafts.com.

This craft project took a few hours to make, but if you don’t have that kind of time to spare then try these 30 Homemade Gifts for Kids to Make. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Christmas, or your BFF’s birthday, it seems like you’re always in need of a great gift. There’s no use in spending money on a store-bought gift when you can create one that’s even better at home.


Homemade Cards

Hand Print on My Heart CardThere’s nothing better than watching someone’s face light up as they open up a gift from you. If you start off your gift with a homemade card, things can only get better. Easy homemade gifts that come from the heart like the Hand Print on My Heart Card are the best kind to give to your loved ones. All of the crafts in this gift guide are kid-tested and guaranteed to be a blast. Whether you’re using fabric, tissue paper, or sparkles, these homemade gifts for kids to make will make card making so much fun.

Other Homemade Cards

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Priceless Cangle HoldersGet in the the ho-ho-holiday spirit with these great homemade Christmas gift ideas. You won’t be spending big bucks on any of these gifts. Instead you can spend the time you save with your friends and family this holiday season. Use materials you find at your home to be a thrifty crafter. The Priceless Candle Holders are a great gift to keep someone warm. This easy homemade gift looks like a million bucks but it won’t cost a dime. Christmas is the time of giving, so make sure all of your presents are homemade gifts for kids to make.

Other Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Homemade Gifts for Mom

Printed With Love Apron You know your mom is the best, so why not give her a gift that’s as cool as she is? Use this gift guide to find the perfect craft to make with dad so you can surprise mom on Mother’s Day or her birthday. The Printed With Love Apron craft is so cute and something that she will love to wear around the kitchen or in the garden. Mom does so much for you, and there’s no better time like the present to give her a present! Say thank you with an easy homemade gift from your heart to hers. It’s a great feeling to see momma smiling and knowing that it’s because of you.

Other Homemade Gifts for Mom

Homemade Birthday Gifts

You've Got Mail PinataBirthdays are the best days out of the whole year. You get presents, cake, and a pinata; what’s not to love? You love getting gifts on your birthday, so make a friend’s birthday just as fun. Use this gift guide to craft a wonderful gift like the You’ve Got Mail Pinata, which is a pinata that can be mailed all over the world.

Other Homemade Birthday Gifts


What is your favorite gift that you’ve ever received?



AllFreeHolidayCrafts.com Giveaway: Cross-Stitched Cards

Cross Stitched Cards

If you love sending cards for special occasions and you love cross stitch, these two craft books are perfect for you. With Cross-Stitch Cards for Special Occasions, you can make personalized birthday cards, holiday cards, and more. Christmas is an occasion that calls for card creativity and With Cross-Stitched Cards for the Holidays, you can make as many holiday cards as you need. Every occasion should be celebrated with one of these free cross stitch patterns.

Cross-Stitch Cards for Special Occasions has step-by-step directions to help you make the perfect card, whether it’s for telling someone how much you love them, or sending a special thank you. With simple instructions and impressive results, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make your own cards,

Don’t get sucked into the shelves upon shelves of Christmas cards at the grocery store. With Cross-Stitched Cards for the Holidays, your Christmas cards will be very original and super sentimental. These handmade cards are perfect for those cold winter days when you’re stuck inside the house. With these cross stitched cards, you’ll be hoping for a blizzard. You’ll find as much joy in making these cards as your loved ones find in receiving them. With cards that feature angels, penguins, cakes, mittens and more, these Cross-Stitch Cards really spread warm cheer. These two craft books are a must for this upcoming holiday season. If you enter to win Cross-Stitch Cards, you’ll be the star of sending cards!


AllFreeHolidayCrafts.com is giving away two copies of  Cross-Stitch Cards to one lucky winner. You could win!

Learn more and enter to win here.

Contest ends September 3, 2013. You can enter once daily, return often to improve your chances of winning!


Download New AllFreeSewing eBook and Save Stress on Homemade Gifts

How to Sew a Gift for Any Occasion: 12 Easy Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas Free eBookWe know it’s early, and we’re trying to say this as gently as possible: it’s time to start thinking about gifts. Even if you’re through with birthdays, baby showers, or graduations for a few months, you know the year’s biggest holidays are just around the corner. Before you click to another post out of panic, stick with us. AllFreeSewing has compiled a group of projects to help reduce any present-induced stress this holiday season with our collection of easy homemade gifts. That’s right, breathe a sigh of relief, because fresh off the shelves of AllFreeSewing is How to Sew a Gift for Any Occasion: 12 Easy Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas. It’s free for you to download at your convenience and is, faithful to our name, totally free.

The noble designers who made How to Sew a Gift for Any Occasion: 12 Easy Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas possible knew what they were doing. Easy and fast to make, these dozen designs are perfect gifts for situations when you’ve lost motivation, inspiration, or time. From the beautiful photographs to the accessible instructions, this roundup of homemade gift tutorials will give you everything you need to create lasting, functional, and gorgeous gifts. Make something for everyone from your tech-savvy niece to your baking-addict great aunt. These lovely gift ideas certainly range in style, but all maintain a level of high quality.

  Linen NapkinsHomemade Gifts for the Kitchen

Quilted dish cloths, linen napkins, and aprons. These everyday kitchen accessories are always on demand. Because everyone always needs an extra napkin to sweep or freshen up their kitchen, they make perfect presents. Learn how to sew a napkin, dish mat, apron and more from these 12 Easy Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas. You’ll be so grateful to the creative minds behind these simple sewing projects for both dreaming up the gift idea and tutorial.





15 Minute Wrist RestCreative Homemade Gifts

One of our favorite parts of the How to Sew a Gift for Any Occasion: 12 Easy Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas free eBook is the unexpected gifts. You have to see them to believe them. Projects like the 15 Minute Wrist Rest tackle utility and fun in one homemade gift. Most likely you (like us) never thought about defeating that arthritic pain that accompanies keyboard usage with a simple sewing project, and that’s exactly why this gift succeeds in creativity. Find this tutorial and more in the pages of AllFreeSewing’s latest creation.


No-Sew Glasses Case

No-Sew Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas

Yes, we did account for the fact that on a last-minute basis, there’s not always time to sew. Either your machine gives out or you literally have no time to run your fabric through it. The no-sew do-it-yourself gift ideas in this eBook maintain a polished look that will make even you question whether or not you did indeed make them without sewing. Best of all, these patterns allow you to opt for the sewing machine if you have more time and don’t want to use adhesive. They’re easy for a reason!



How to Sew a Gift for Any Occasion: 12 Easy Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas Free eBookBetter to be safe than sorry and download How to Sew a Gift for Any Occasion: 12 Easy Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas to have on hand. The editors at AllFreeSewing have copies saved to our desktops at home and at work in the likely circumstance that we forget to pick up a bottle of wine for that next dinner. Make gift-giving fun again with these dozen delightful tutorials!



Be honest, have you started your holiday sewing?


Get Crafting in a Hurry with 15 American Craft Ideas for 4th of July

4th of July crafts are more popular than ever, and it’s no wonder why! With just a couple short weeks until the patriotic festivities ensue, now is the time to get your 4th of July crafts completed. Whether you’re looking for patriotic kitchen crafts, decorating ideas, July 4th clothing accessories, or all-American dessert recipes, these 15 American Craft Ideas for 4th of July are sure to provide the inspiration you’re looking for.

Patriotic Cuttlery Cans

Patriotic Kitchen Crafts

If you’re hosting a 4th of July gathering this year, you’ll probably need some festive table decorations. Keep your table clean but still patriotic when you adorn it with American Flag Placemats. Maybe you’re eating outside, so you don’t necessarily need to keep your patio table clean. No worries! We have several other 4th of July crafts for your table. Say you’ve already hit the party store and bought red plastic knives, white plastic forks, and blue plastic spoons. Create Patriotic Cutlery Cans! There is no better way to display your patriotic silverware.



Fourth of July Fabric Wreath

Decorating Ideas

Do you still need a patriotic decoration for your front door? Now’s the time to make a Fourth of July Fabric Wreath. Have you ever seen or made tie blankets before? A similar technique is applied to this fabulous 4th of July craft. Maybe your front door is already covered, but you need a little patriotism inside your home. Try making the Burlap Americana Bunting! Your mantel will be full of Independence Day cheer.




Yankee Doodle Dress

July 4th Clothing Accessories

Everyone knows that come 4th of July, you are expected to dress in the appropriate colors. However, you probably get tired of wearing the same fireworks T-shirt or American flag polo every year. Dress up your traditional outfits with a Patriotic Pinwheel Brooch. This 4th of July craft is easy, quick to complete, and will surely win you complements during the Independence Day celebrations. If you’re all set for your patriotic ensemble, but you don’t know what to put your daughters in, try making a Yankee Doodle Dress. This craft is just as quick as the brooch and will endear everyone who sees the little girls dressed up for the holiday.


No-Bake Flag Dessert RecipeAll-American Dessert Recipes

It’s July 3rd, and you just remembered you promised to bring dessert to tomorrow’s 4th of July party. Never fear! These All-American Dessert Recipes will save the day. Try making Delicious Patriotic Cake Balls. Cake balls are an extremely popular dessert, and are generally enjoyed by all. I dare you to find someone who doesn’t like this sweet dessert. If you need to make a dessert in even less time, try the No-Bake Flag Dessert Recipe. This dessert is insanely easy to make and takes under an hour of your time.



How to make July 4th Decorations: 8 Patriotic Craft TutorialsFor more fabulous 4th of July crafts, check out the free eBook How to make July 4th Decorations: 8 Patriotic Craft Tutorials.






What is your favorite patriotic craft?