Memorial Day Party Decoration Ideas

After the long drought of vacation days from work, I know I am gearing up for a fun Memorial Day party in a couple of weeks!  I love making one of a kind party decor that my guests can enjoy and the best part it is- it is so inexpensive!  I especially love Memorial Day decorations because I can use them again in a couple of months!

Here are a couple of my preferred Memorial Day items:

Flag Placemat

This is a great item to add around your backyard barbeque- whether it is for dining on or placing the appetizers on.  It is an inexpensive way to add some texture to the party.  It is also a great way to get the younger ones involved while you are cooking, prepping, etc.  They can easily piece this together with little to no supervision.

Pleated Flag Garland/Bunting

Add the extra spirit of the arrival of summer with this simple to make Pleated Flag Garland.  It allows you and your family to add your own unique touch to the home decor rather than just a generic banner from the store!  It is a great conversation starter and works perfect to string on decks and flower boxes!

Star Spangled Wreath

This wood project allows you to add some beautiful seasonally inspired decor for a fraction of the price of more traditional wreaths!

Star Table Toppers

This is a great project to tackle with the kids.  Cutting out the stars is easy for small hands and then they have the fun of decoarting them with a variety of different felt sticker shapes!

Guest Feature: Sewing Pocket Pillows

We received a great sewing project for Pocket Pillows from Tina of She writes,

Hello my name is Tina my friends call me T. I love to create! I love to give my creations as gifts. To learn more about my creations please visit my website My Pocket Pillows are the perfect gift. Small items will never be lost again! You can hide the pocket when you display the pillow (just looks like another pillow) or display the pocket proudly! I made my first pocket pillow for my Dad who always was loosing his TV remote behind the couch. The following year I made a set for my Aunt who loves to read and I put a paperback in the pocket as part of the gift. They both loved them! My Aunt even broke up the set so she could have one in her living room and one in her bedroom! You could even put one on your bench in your mud room and to keep your keys in. The possibilities are endless! The best thing is they don’t cost that much to make and they don’t take long to make.

Happy Sewing! T 🙂

Read the full project here.

A Truly Mismatched Fiber Exploration

I’ve been a fiber addict since, well my early years. It started somewhere between a hippie mom and her pottery wheel, and avid quilting grandmother. My happiest memories are of fabrics stores. Fabrics seen at knee level, I recall looking at pretty printed fabrics with amazement. The die was cast. There was no escaping that I’d later become a hardcore fabric obsessed artist. I have been making things professionally since 1991. My focus has been ladies hats and accessories. I began felting wool about six years ago. It was scary at first, then opened a profound door to all things wool.

I bought a wool carder last Fall, I wanted to card my own batts. What’s a batt? It’s a sheet of aligned wool fibers, used for felting and spinning yarn. Little did I know where that wool carder purchase would lead me! Batts are incredibly amazing things. Carding wool, especially wool and other fibers you’ve dyed yourself is an art. It seems everything I’d done fiber-wise had lead up to this moment. Call it destiny, as cheesy at is sounds. A carder in a wool addicts hands is very interesting. I find myself carding all the time! I card to relieve stress, for fun, or my Etsy shop. Yep, Etsy…..I didn’t know that the carder would lead me to being a batt pusher! It’s all together humorous how it came about. The carder was a gateway drug in a sense, I then found myself wanting to spin yarn too!

I’d been a yarn addict for a few years on Etsy. Using it in my winter hat collections, and more. It wasn’t enough to just buy amazing art yarns. I felt compelled to make it. So shortly after getting my carder, I bought a spinning wheel. Between Maggie Casey’s Start Spinning book, and Youtube I was spinning! My skills have greatly improved from those first primitive skeins I first made.

Anyway I’ve merged some fun stuff together for my first ever DIY project meant for you, the fiber adventurer. This project takes a few skeins of mismatched yarn. I’d say roughly about 130+ yards, maybe more! I didn’t keep track of my yardage, I just used what I had on hand. I’d just spun some great yarn from a Rachel-Marie aka knittydirtygirl batt. See, being a fiber pusher doesn’t mean you’re immune to other fabulous batts! I then did some freeform knitting, and freaked out when my beret was too big. Not to worry, I then decided to felt it, using my top loading washing machine. I was very bummed the beret was oversize, though the finished felted beret is fabulous! Some of the best “mistakes” become the best learning adventures.


Read the Mismatched Felted Beret Project here.

Stop by soon for a Felted Flower Project from Sayra.


Sayra Adams 37 years old, is a full time mom, and artist. She lives the good life with her family in rural Northern Idaho. She has two Etsy shops, Hatdiva which she sells her hats and accessories from. Her spin off shop, Atomicblue stocks arty fiber batts, and handspun art yarn supplies

Her blog:


Guest Sewing Tutorial: Sweatshirts into Chic Button Tunic

Have I expressed how much I love projects that reuse, recycle, repurpose? Too many times? Well, this sewing tutorial for old sweatshirts is just awesome! Carly J. Cais of Chic Steals turns 3 over-sized men’s sweatshirts into an amazing button tunic which converts into 2 different skirt styles. How fun! This is what she has to say about it:

It seems a huge waste of 3 sweatshirts, but if your SO has extra unworn ones or you score at the Goodwill, it gives them another great life.  Can you imagine this done in cream, with gold anchor-embossed buttons for a sailor look?  Or seafoam green, with pearl buttons?  Or two-toned: heather gray on top with black at the waist?  The options are endless…and only limited by your imagination!

Plus-don’t throw away the top parts of your sweatshirts..more tutorials on what to do with those are on the way!

Check out the project here.