Jewelry for Graduation: DIY Graduation Gift Ideas

It’s graduation season! Late spring is typically the time known for graduations, and with celebrations comes the process of gift giving. Finding the right gift for any occasion can be a daunting task, and it can be especially hard to find just the right gift to give to the graduates in your life. You want to find something practical, yet also unique. This is why you can never go wrong with a lovely piece of homemade jewelry as the perfect gift idea. In this collection of Jewelry for Graduation: 12 Graduation Gift Ideas, you will find stellar DIY jewelry gift ideas for graduations. From homemade necklaces to DIY bracelets, you are sure to find the right piece of jewelry to give to the graduate in your life.

Jewelry for Graduation: DIY Graduation Gift Ideas

DIY Necklaces for GraduationHow to Make a Custom Color Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklaces are a classic piece of jewelry, so they would be a great gift for any graduate. But what if you are bored with plain white pearls? Learn how to make necklaces in every color of the rainbow with this amazing tutorial for How to Make a Custom Color Pearl Necklace. Spice up the classic pearl necklace design with a little pop of color! If pearls are not your thing, check out these other fabulous DIY necklace ideas.


Parisian Charm BraceletHomemade Bracelets for Graduation

For adventurous graduates, consider this Parisian Charm Bracelet. Perfect for jet-setters at heart, you can customize this piece with photos of places you know the graduate will want to visit. This piece is a great reminder their journey is just beginning. Find more bracelet gift ideas for graduation in our collection.


Other DIY Gifts for GraduationDIY Love Knot Jewelry

Not satisfied with just a necklace or bracelet? Consider a DIY Love Knot Jewelry Set. Recipients will adore having a matching jewelry set, and you will love how easy this dainty wire-wrapped jewelry pieces are to make. Take a look at the rest of our collection for more DIY gift ideas.







Be sure to visit AllFreeJewelryMaking for even more gift giving ideas!

What DIY gifts have you made for the graduates in your life?




Late spring is typically the season for graduations, and with celebrations comes the process of gift giving. It can be hard to find just the right gift to give to the graduates in your life. Still, you can never go wrong with a lovely piece of homemade jewelry as the perfect gift idea. In this collection of Jewelry for Graduation: 12 Graduation Gift Ideas, you will find stellar DIY jewelry gift ideas. From homemade necklaces to DIY bracelets, you are sure to find the right piece of jewelry to give to the graduate in your life.

DIY Graduation Gifts They’ll Love: 15 Dorm Room Decorations

18 Graduation Gifts for HerFinding unique and thoughtful graduation gifts can be a difficult venture. It seems like just about everybody comes up with the same half a dozen ideas every year. If you want to give something extra special and practical, check out these DIY Graduation Gifts They’ll Love: 15 Dorm Room Decorations. For students just graduating high school, there is one thing and one thing only on their minds: heading off to college. Luckily for you, these fabulous gifts combine both of those important life events. Skip the funny cards with money in them, framed photos, or books giving sage advice and give your graduate something they will actually use in their dorm or classes.

My absolute favorite graduation gift I ever received was the quilt my grandmother handmade for me. It was so nice to be able to have a little bit of home and my family when I moved hours and hours away from my family. Plus, handcrafted dorm room decorations pretty much ensure that your graduate will have a unique and sassy dorm room. While everyone else is unpacking the same Bed, Bath & Beyond home décor, your grad will be singing your praises as they unpack their unique and lovely DIY graduation gifts.

DIY Dorm Room Decorations

All of these DIY dorm room decorations make awesome and unique graduation gift ideas. Any new grad would absolutely adore opening up one of these. Decorating your move away from home can be a big deal. It lets a student start crafting their new college identity as well as bringing a little bit of home with them. From convenient DIY organizers to adorable bath towels, these DIY dorm room decorations are sure to be a hit.

Vintage Button Kitchen CurtainsClassic Class Gift Quilt
Hanging Jewelry Holder
Denim Organizer
Darling DIY Duvet Cover
Vintage Button Kitchen Curtains
Lickety Split Laundry Bag
DIY T-Shirt Reconstruction Pillowcases
Owl Dry DIY Bath Towels
Fabric Storage Boxes

Other DIY Graduation Gifts

If you would prefer to give an accessory instead of decorations, these DIY projects are exactly what you are looking for. From a brand new wallet to a chic messenger bag, these DIY graduation gifts would delight just about any grad.

Big Books Library BagZippered Laptop Sleeve
Stylishly Sturdy DIY Laptop Case
DIY Wallet
Magical Messenger Bag Pattern
Totes Big and Small
Big Books Library Bag





If you love these DIY graduation gifts, check out these 18 Graduation Gifts for Her and these DIY home décor ideas.

What is one thing you wish you had in your dorm room?

Need a Quick Gift Idea? Make a Money Notebook


This project is brought to you by Latrice Murphy from Any Occasion.

As we head out of graduation season, I am excited to share with you what I created for my nephew. He’s getting ready to take on a big challenge called high school. To make it even tougher, he is on scholarship to play basketball at a local private school. I couldn’t be more proud to be his aunt. I try to give them crafty projects that have a cool twist, so I researched creating a notebook of some kind. Then I thought – MONEY! How awesome would that be? Here is what you’ll need to make the coolest gift giver ever that’s perfect for any occasion.


  • Leftover chipboard from packaging
  • Matte medium (or you can use rubber cement)
  • Patterned paper (I used basketball textured paper from DCWV)
  • Mini binder clips
  • Money (I used 25 crisp one dollar bills)


Adhere your chipboard to your patterned paper using the matte medium.

Next you need to create a stack in this order – cover, bills, back cover. Clip them around the top that will be connected as the notebook.  Add a line of glue and spread it with your finger. You’ll want to do this about 4-5 times and let each layer dry between coats. Wipe the cover and back clean with a dry cloth if you get glue on it.

Let the entire notebook dry for about 30 minutes and unclip it. You’re all set!


I can’t tell you how cool he thought this was. I left the cover and back blank so he could stick it in his pocket. The inside is perfect to write a short message to the recipient. I hope you give this a try when you’re thinking of a gift for a teenager or recent grad.

Make Homemade Gifts for the Graduate that He or She Will Love

It’s amazing how quickly graduation season rolls around each year. If your family members or friends are donning that black cap and gown, it may be time for you to think about homemade gift ideas for the graduate in your life. For my own part, I’ll admit that I’m still mourning the long-lost college life and that sweet season of graduation. As a way of coping with my graduation-less future, though, I find it best to indulge in some graduation crafts for those around me. A little self-indulgence now and then isn’t too bad, right? Check out what my most recent search for graduation stuff yielded.

Homemade Gifts for the Grad- Another Excuse to Craft!

"Finding My Way" Graduation GiftMake this “Finding My Way” Graduation Gift in time for the morning of his or her graduation. This adorable table decoration will psych them up before they have to make that walk towards their diploma.

Maybe you want to go more traditional. Totally fine. You can utilize the always-appropriate picture frame as a way of gifting to your graduate. The Graduation Frame is a quick and Graduation Frameeasy project that is entirely tailored for the special day. You can also check out our other famous frame projects to tailor a gift to your graduate’s taste.


Graduation Decor and More that You’ll Adore

DIY PinwheelsI was super psyched when I came across this DIY Pinwheel from Style Me Pretty. This project will add a whole lot of fun to whatever shindig you’re holding. Make this grade-A graduation decoration by fashioning these DIY pinwheels in your graduate’s school colors.

Maybe you’re a scrapbooking fiend. If you’re hosting a graduation party, take it as an opportunity to display a Graduation Scrapbook Page. You can include a photo of the graduate, their accomplishments and even a space for guests to sign. Browse through our scrapbook crafts to get more ideas for this party-pleaser. Graduation Scrapbook Page

Don’t forget about a banner! Make this Congrats Paper Banner to add some festive fun to your party. It’s so easy to make and will look gorgeous. String it up and let guests and the graduate celebrate underneath.

Congrats Paper BannerTime to get crafting on those homemade graduation gifts and decorations. You’re not only crafting gifts and decorations; you’re crafting memories!

Do you have a favorite graduation memory?

Link Love: Graduation Crafts

It’s that time of year – graduation season! The school year is winding down which means that young people are getting ready to move on to the next phase of their lives. This can be a scary time – the uncertainty of the job market and the prospect of starting over can cause anxiety and dread. Don’t let this happen to someone you love! Instead, create comforting and encouraging graduation gifts that can be saved for a lifetime.

There are so many ways to show you care when looking for meaningful graduation gifts. You don’t have to go all out or spend a fortune, either. Something as small as a handmade card can make a huge impression on a recent grad – just be sure to include a message that’s personal and thoughtful.

It’s important to create a one-of-a-kind graduation gift that can be saved as a keepsake. If you want to keep it simple (or give the recent grad a little cash), create a Celebrate the Graduate Card. Simple die cuts and patterned paper make this a quick and easy card craft for beginners. This time of year often inspires nostalgia, so consider creating a Graduation Frame or Tie-Dye Graduate Frame to give as a gift. Your present is sure to be displayed for a long time alongside other meaningful keepsakes.

Graduation season means new beginnings and fresh starts. Celebrate this exciting accomplishment with some DIY gifts – it’s a great way to say “I’m so proud of you.”

  1. Congrats Banner Card from Crafts Unleashed
  2. 3D Greeting Cards from Creme de la Craft
  3. Graduation Owl from Homemade Zen Shop
  4. Graduation Teddy from All About Ami
  5. DIY Money Holder Card from Studio DIY
  6. Money (or Message) Soap Gift from {Every}nothing Wonderful
  7. Fabric Button Magnets from Three Years of Death
  8. Simple, Stitched Vinyl Wallet from How About Orange
  9. DIY T-Shirt Quilt from Stars for Streetlights

Celebrate the Graduate CardCelebrate a great milestone with these free projects too!

Guest Post: 7 Homemade Gift Ideas for Grads

Special thanks to Kira at Tip Hero for this guest blog post.

College graduations are going on all around the country and high school graduations are right around the corner. Do you know how you’ll congratulate the grads in your life? Check out some helpful, frugal gift ideas for your grads:

For High School Grads

  1. Homemade “Life Hurts” First Aid Basket: think of the items that a typical college student would need when they get hurt or aren’t feeling well, i.e. ibuprofen, band-aids, Neosporin, etc. You could even make your own frugal remedies for their benefit. Put together a basket that your college student will really appreciate when life gets them down.
  2. A Gift from the Heart: fill a journal with advice that you wish you had been given when you went to college. You could also create a personalized scrap book so that they can chronicle their own college experience.
  3. Bathroom Kit: fill an inexpensive tote with shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, shaving cream, etc. This will save the grad a great deal of money to start off with.

For Any Grad

  1. Fabric Gift and Edible Gifts: try some of these ideas from Tip Junkie. Every grad would love something sweet to snack on or a case to hold their latest electronics, for example.
  2. Gift in a Jar: these gifts travel extremely well and make great gifts for any occasion.
  3. Pamper Them: grads of all ages are most likely stressed out by their recent, excruciating final exams and papers. Make them some homemade spa and pampering gifts to help them chill out and reset.
  4. Fabric Scrap Gifts: are you an avid crafter? Chances are you have a box (or 5) of leftover fabric scraps just hanging around. Try out some of these easy gift ideas that will utilize your scraps, courtesy of the Frugal Living Blog.

For some additional ideas from, check out 10 Inspiring Graduation Cards and 18 Graduation Crafts eBook.

Additional source: BeingFrugal.Net

Photo credit: Tulane Public Relations

FaveCrafts 365 Hail the Graduate!

June is just around the corner and so is the celebration of many folks graduating from high school and college.  I found some awesome crafts that celebrate the graduate and even one amazing collection of graduation crafts! Time to get started and party hearty! Congrats to all who are earning a diploma this year!

  1. Graduation Collection
  2. 10 Inspiring Graduation Cards
  3. Congrats Banner

Graduation Gift Idea

It can be tough to find a personalized gift for a graduate, especially when you know that all he or she really wants is cold hard cash. When I graduated high school, one of my longtime friends gave me a journal. In it she had written a beautiful message. Of all the graduation gifts I’ve received since, for high school and college, I still have that journal and I still periodically go back through it to read what my friend wrote. Journals are easy to embellish inside and out, and make great gifts for grads. You can buy a handmade journal, like my friend did, or you can craft your own. If you choose to purchase, take a look at Subu Inc., which sells journals and recycled notepads. (I also have a soft spot for this site because the crafter is stationed in my hometown of Pittsburgh). Check out FaveCrafts for great ideas on making your own journal (including the ones below)

Dragonfly Journal

Creative Diary Cover

Graduation Gift Ideas

It’s graduation time once again. I’m pretty sure everyone knows someone who is graduating from something and there are always graduation parties this time of year whether you like it or not. My problem is that there are only so many things you can buy people before they start getting duplicate gifts. In my hometown, there is this one great store that personalizes its hand-made gifts, which sounds great except that these unique gifts aren’t so unique when everyone else has them too. I have a lot of friends who are graduating college this weekend and no idea what to get them (not to mention no money to get them presents with).

I really like this “Finding My Way” Graduation Doll from FaveCrafts. You might need to be a little artsy to make them, but it will definitely pay off. I’m thinking you could add any type of clip to the top of it to use the doll to hold a few pictures or post-it notes as reminders. You can even add the year to the bottom of the graduation gown. For the full step by step directions click here.

Does anyone have any quick and inexpensive graduation gift ideas? I don’t think I can make more than one or two of these since they’re fairly complicated so I need some other suggestions.

For more graduation gift ideas, click here for our 18 Graduation Crafts eBook.