Mason Mania: 22 Mason Jar Crafts


There’s something about those little, glass jars that sparks the crafting spirit in us all. The artsy world is at your fingertips when you hold a mason jar in your palm and begin to imagine what it can become. (Or perhaps you stare at those adorable containers and wonder how in the world people come up with such brilliant ideas.) No matter which camp you’re in, you’ll adore this collection of other people’s clever visions because it’s your chance to bring them to life and make them your own. Put a smile on someone’s face, transform ordinary into rustic extraordinary, and turn chaos into chic calm all with one recycled canister. WAIT! Before you throw away the lid to craft with the glorious bottom portion, set it aside because there are some equally awesome ideas for crafting with the tops. Nothing goes to waste with AllFreeKidsCrafts.

The coolest part about these mason jar crafts is that they’re swank enough to be displayed, but easy enough to be created by a kid. There’s no arguing the win-win in that!

Let’s get started, shall we? I like making people smile, and I’m certain you do too, so that seems like the perfect place to start.

Homemade Gifts

Printable Tulip Mason Jar CraftsKids, parents, teachers, pets…everyone loves receiving gifts, and most people love giving them as well. Since you love crafting with mason jars, make yourself and the special people in your life happy by crafting gifts for everyone! Here are some unique ideas to inspire you:

DIY Organization

And if you didn’t love mason jars enough, they can help turn any space into tidy town. They’re clear for easy viewing, cute enough to be displayed, and inexpensive for a simple storage solution. Is it obvious yet how much I love me some mason jar crafts?


Decorative Crafts

Mason Jar Desk Organizer

Honestly, you could just line up mason jars on your mantle and it would look adorable, but these mason jar ideas go above and beyond to give you exquisite home decor. Be sure to pay special attention to the Halloween mason jar crafts. For some reason, the spooky holiday and the vintage canisters go beautifully together, creating some of the most fun Halloween decorations I’ve ever seen.

Floating Fairies Glow JarCraft with the Lid

Don’t you dare let the lid go to waste! These fun mason jar ideas make sure that those tops serve as much purpose as their supposed better half. Help them prove themselves.

What is your favorite way to reuse mason jars?

Sports, Space, and Spooky Designs : 8 Super Quilting Patterns for Boys

Boy, oh boy! While quilts full of appliqued butterflies and flowers have always been popular quilting designs, these pretty patterns do not exactly impress toddler boys. The editors at FaveQuilts know that picking an appropriate quilt pattern for your favorite little guy can be tricky. To help you choose the perfect kid’s quilt pattern for your son, grandson, or another beloved child, check out these 8 projects featuring some of our favorite patterns for boy quilts.


Sport Quilt Patterns for Boys

Sporty Crib Bumper — Make a homemade crib bumper to protect your tiny sports fan. Follow this easy tutorial to learn how stitch together the ultra-soft fabric and applique quilted shapes of basketballs and footballs on this cute bumper.

Sporty Crib Bumper

Route 66 Quilt — If you want to make a quilt for a little race car fan, you will love this simple, yet professional-looking design for a Route 66 Quilt. Use the provided template to complete this piecework and appliqued pattern for a toddler boy’s bed spread.

Route 66 Quilt

Sporty Applique Throw Pillow — This Sporty Applique Throw pillow will be much appreciated after a long summer baseball game! Check out this tutorial to learn how to machine applique a pillow with this great brightly-colored quilting idea.

Sporty Applique Throw Pillow

Spooky Quilt Patterns for Boys

Wonky Bugs Baby Quilt — Check out this free baby quilt pattern to learn how to make a wonky quilt with creepy-crawly (but cute) bug prints. As a bonus, this full pattern is also a great opportunity to work on your free motion quilting technique.

Wonky Bugs Baby Quilt

Mr. Skeleton Bones Pirate Quilt — Boys will love the swashbuckling theme of this adorable fusible applique quilt. The Mr. Skeleton Bones Pirate Quilt is one awesome kid’s applique quilt patterns to add to the bedroom of any little boy with a taste for adventure.

Mr. Skeleton Bones Pirate Quilt

Space Quilt Patterns

Robot Love Quilt –For a boy who’s more into technology and gadgets, this Robot Love Quilt pattern is sure to impress. The silly easy charm pack design is constructed out of individually-stitched happily waving robots. Although the out-of-this-world design of this quilt makes the perfect size for a younger boy’s bed spread, it is easy to enlarge all the fabric measurement to construct a bed quilt for an older boy.

Robot Love Quilt

Rocket Ship Pillow: Learn how to sew pillows with a cool fusible appliqued rocket ship design for a little boy interested in outer space. This nifty quilt pattern depicts a whimsical scene of a ship and planets swirling into an ombre blue background. If you’re really feel creative, perhaps you can even applique friendly green aliens onto this fun quilted pillow for children.

Rocket Ship Pillow

No matter if they love baseball, aliens, or just getting messy, these kid’s quilt patterns are sure to delight any beloved boy in your life. Be on the look out for our upcoming post about fantastically free quilt patterns for your favorite little girl.


Which boy’s quilt pattern have you made in the past?



Trendy Quilted Gifts for Tech Geeks

Although there are quilt designs called Grandma’s Garden Flowers and Log Cabin Blocks, quilting is anything but outdated. Actually, I’ve found that quilting and technology go hand in hand. Not only is there a diverse collection of free quilt patterns and quilting tutorials on sites like FaveQuilts, there is also a growing interest in small handmade gift patterns for tech accessories.

You can choose to create a graduation gift for a college student with a laptop, a birthday gift for a dad that likes to read his Kindle on the train, or a quilted Christmas present for a photographer who wants a DIY camera strap. You are guaranteed to find a fantastic free quilted gift pattern for every tech geek on your list.


 Camera Accessory Quilt Gift

Digital Camera Case

Whether they are a photographer for National Geographic or a new parent who loves snapping pictures of their baby, anyone with a camera will love a personalized camera strap. I’ve noticed that avid photographers always need to keep their cameras close to them; which is why a Quilted Camera Strap Cover is such a fashionable idea for anyone in need of a DIY camera strap. Need a quilted gift design for someone who goes on a lot of fun family trips? This Digital Camera Case is an easy quilted gift pattern that does an excellent job of protecting a camera on the go. For an even quicker pattern for a personalized camera case, check out a contemporary Quilted Camera Case that would be a perfect quilted gift for a teenager.



Laptop and iPad Case Quilt Gifts

Vintage-looking Laptop Case

Nowadays, every college and high school student has a laptop. Any young adult is sure to appreciate your talent when you make them a cool laptop or iPad case quilt gift. Your daughter or granddaughter will be the chicest girl on campus when you quilt her this Vintage-Looking Laptop Case to carry her computer between lecture halls. For college-aged guys, check out an ironic pattern for a Retro iPad Case DIY that actually looks like a vintage transistor radio. Last but not least, make a DIY laptop case for dear old dad or a beloved husband with this Manly Man Laptop Case.



eReader Cover Quilt Gifts

Love of Literature Tablet Cover

One of the greatest features about gadgets like ereaders is that they help save trees by putting news articles and books online. I especially love this idea for the Love of Literature Tablet Cover because it protects a tablet  but also flaunts an appliqued vintage typewriter. You can also protect your electronic reader by making this Mexican-themed scrap quilt design for a Dia de los Muertos Kindle Sleeve. For an even quicker tutorial on constructing a Kindle or eReader cover, check out this pattern for a  Last Minute Gift Kindle Cover.


The free quilted gift patterns for new technologies don’t stop there. Check out 23 Geeky Gifts for Nerds for even dorkier gift ideas!


Tell us, what kind of handmade quilt gift will you make YOUR tech geek?



In Case You Missed It: “11 Christmas Gift Ideas: Handmade Scarves, Hats and More”

I am a huge fan of festive attire at any time of year. During the summer, I create wearable crafts with more color than in fall or winter. Around Halloween, I bust out the orange and black and go a little heavier on the eye makeup. At Easter, it’s pastels at all times, and pretty dresses.

The same trend holds true, of course, around Christmastime. Bring on the ugly sweaters, the handmade hats, the holiday earrings. You better believe I’ll find an excuse to wear my knee-high green and red striped socks, and I’ll roll up my skinny jeans to show them off, proudly. To me, nothing says “I’m getting in the holiday spirit” like dressing up in wearable crafts.

You can make great wearable crafts for the holidays when you download the 11 Christmas Gift Ideas: Handmade Scarves, Hats and More eBook! Christmas wearable crafts are perfect gifts for anyone on your Christmas list. Even if your friend, cousin, or child doesn’t love to wear handmade hats or homemade scarves, there’s always the argument of practicality. If it’s cold, you’ll need a hat. Why not make it an elf hat? If it’s brisk, you’ll need a scarf. Why not make it a Fleece Scarf with Pom Poms?

It may be more than six months until Christmas, but making great handmade Christmas gifts takes time . . . especially if you’re going to try making all eleven wearable crafts in this great AllFreeChristmasCrafts eBook!

What you’ll find in this eBook:

Loom Knitted Santa Hats: Talk about getting in the Christmas spirit. Nothing says “Merry Christmas!” like these great Loom Knitted Santa Hats. They’re festive, sure, but they’re also practical: if you live in a seasonal climate, you need to keep that head warm. Put those knitting skills to the test when you knit this great handmade Christmas gift found in the 11 Christmas Gift Ideas: Handmade Scarves, Hats and More eBook.

Santa Scarf: Now this homemade scarf is just so precious, I had to share. The scarf project has you make Santa’s face and beard on one end, and the entire length of the scarf is his hat! The scarf tapers to a point, then you attach a puff ball for the pom-pom, and you have the finished product. Best of all, you don’t need to sew to make this adorable scarf because this blogger gives directions for a no-sew version as well. Find this incredibly endearing scarf in the 11 Christmas Gift Ideas: Handmade Scarves, Hats and More eBook.



Download a copy of 11 Christmas Gift Ideas: Handmade Scarves, Hats and More; like all of our great eBooks, it’s free!







If you like this eBook, you might also enjoy:

6 Adorable Homemade Christmas Crafts for Summer

10 Quick and Easy Christmas Gifts to Make

What is your favorite wearable Christmas craft that you’ve made?

Need a Quick Gift Idea? Make a Money Notebook


This project is brought to you by Latrice Murphy from Any Occasion.

As we head out of graduation season, I am excited to share with you what I created for my nephew. He’s getting ready to take on a big challenge called high school. To make it even tougher, he is on scholarship to play basketball at a local private school. I couldn’t be more proud to be his aunt. I try to give them crafty projects that have a cool twist, so I researched creating a notebook of some kind. Then I thought – MONEY! How awesome would that be? Here is what you’ll need to make the coolest gift giver ever that’s perfect for any occasion.


  • Leftover chipboard from packaging
  • Matte medium (or you can use rubber cement)
  • Patterned paper (I used basketball textured paper from DCWV)
  • Mini binder clips
  • Money (I used 25 crisp one dollar bills)


Adhere your chipboard to your patterned paper using the matte medium.

Next you need to create a stack in this order – cover, bills, back cover. Clip them around the top that will be connected as the notebook.  Add a line of glue and spread it with your finger. You’ll want to do this about 4-5 times and let each layer dry between coats. Wipe the cover and back clean with a dry cloth if you get glue on it.

Let the entire notebook dry for about 30 minutes and unclip it. You’re all set!


I can’t tell you how cool he thought this was. I left the cover and back blank so he could stick it in his pocket. The inside is perfect to write a short message to the recipient. I hope you give this a try when you’re thinking of a gift for a teenager or recent grad.

Crafts for Kids: How to Say Happy Birthday

Birthday Hat BonanzaAs you get older, birthdays seem to get less and less exciting. So, in honor of my what-will-be-an-almost nonexistent birthday on Wednesday, I will reminisce on the days of yore when birthdays were thrilling. When you’re young, everyone’s birthday is exhilarating: your own, your Mom’s, your friends’, even a stranger’s. Let’s keep that spirit alive with fun birthday ideas, homemade birthday gifts, birthday craft ideas, and more.

Heck, let’s even bring the fun back to adult birthday celebrations. Craft with your kids on your birthday, and you’ll see the magic of celebration settle right back in. Throw on a party hat, eat some cake, and smile at the memories you’re making.

Ya know, after browsing through this list, my birthday may not be so lame after all. Instead of partying like it’s 1999, on our birthdays let’s party like we’re 10!

Fun Birthday IdeasDIY Cakes

For a fun birthday, fun decorations, invitations, and food are a must. Make the cake as original as can be with fun cake and cupcake ideas that reflect your personality and passions. If you’re a big camper, make Campfire Cupcakes, and if you can’t get enough of yummy burgers, shock your guests with an amazing Cheeseburger Cake.


Homemade Birthday Gifts You've Got Mail Pinata

You can spend $30 every time your little one has to go to a birthday party or you can start making homemade birthday gifts that will wow the recipients. Personalize the gifts you’re giving by crafting something to go with your store-bought toy. Because you’ll now have more than one aspect to your gift, your purchased present can be less expensive. If you have an out-of-town relative or close friend, craft a You’ve Got Mail Pinata  with your kiddos and send it on over to make someone’s day.


Birthday Craft IdeasPoppin' Balloon Snacks

Whether it’s your birthday or someone else’s, make sure it’s extra special by creating some of these birthday craft ideas. Nothing means more than a heartfelt card made with effort and love, and that’s an important lesson to instill in kids. To ensure that your kiddo’s birthday is the best one yet, hand him a can of shaving cream to decorate his very own cake or help him make adorable Poppin’ Balloon Snacks.

Which birthday was your most memorable?



Relaxation Secrets: Spa Day at Home

Charm Stamped SoapSchool is almost over, which means that the kids will be home for much longer periods of time. This can get stressful, unless you think of a brilliant idea (or AllFreeKidsCrafts does)…

Relax with the kids at home by designating it spa day. I know that it’s rare to see “relax” and “kids” in the same sentence, but it’s there, and it’s real. While it might be hard to get away and have a true spa day, involve the kids, and it’ll be just as fun and relaxing. Plus, if you teach them to enjoy the art of relaxation in the process, you’re that much better off.

The mini Madonnas will get a kick out of applying face masks, making their own body scrubs, and softening up their lips with homemade products. Don’t be afraid to involve the boys (young and old); they’ll enjoy a day of crafting and relaxing just as much!

…And if you have a birthday coming up, slip this list of relaxing crafts to your kids and kindly suggest that they would make a nice present.

Homemade Beauty Secrets

Kool Aid Lip Gloss

There’s no reason to spend thousands of dollars on spa treatments when you can spice up your natural beauty at home. Kids will have a blast mixing ingredients together to create a completely different product. Homemade beauty secrets are hard to come by, but when you find a solid list, like this, you won’t let it go. You’ll hear plenty of requests for a repeat after the first spa day has come to a close.

Lemon Sugar ScrubHomemade Sugar Scrubs

Nothing is more relaxing than applying a scrub made from sweet-smelling sugar. Kids will absolutely adore these fun scrubs, and this is one time where you don’t have to worry about using too much sugar. Instead of its usual hyperactive effect, these homemade sugar scrubs will have a calming effect on you and your spamates.


Relax at HomeBath Salt Pouches

When your home is filled with screaming children, it’s hard to ever imagine that that very same space can be relaxing. Those doubts will be dispelled with the first stir of calming ingredients. Your house will smell like heaven, and your children will be acting like little angels, proving that your home can be a safe haven of relaxation.


What is your go-to method for relaxing the kids?

# 1 Dad! Father’s Day Crafts Kids Can Make

kids-fathers-day-cover-smallLet’s raise our juice boxes to the men who fix our bikes, the leaking faucet, and scraped knees. Their generosity extends much further than the handyman status, and for that, we thank them. And while a toast would satisfy those grateful guys just fine, they deserve more. Treat your favorite fellas to a day that is dedicated to them. Yup; a 24-hour period that is all about appreciation, love, and admiration aimed at the gentlemen who make your family whole.

To show your handsome Hercules just how much he is adored, spend time making homemade gifts for Father’s Day with your kids. This process should be fun and exciting, so to alleviate any stress, AllFreeKidsCrafts has gathered the 16 best Father’s Day crafts for kids to make and bound them neatly in a free eBook for your viewing pleasure. The challenge of finding the perfect craft to create has been eliminated, and all that’s left for you to do is to get artsy. That doesn’t sound like a bad job, now does it?

The 16 crafts presented in this free eBook are varied enough that you are sure to find the perfect crafts for the men in your life no matter their interests. We have covered every type of guy from the sporty dad to the sentimental father. There are cards, gifts, and decorations included to make sure that the third Sunday in June is a full celebration this year.

Homemade Card Ideas for Father’s Daytoddler-art-for-daddy

Nothing will mean more to Dad or Grandpa than a heartfelt note expressing how he makes you feel. Whether those strong dudes show their sensitive side or not, it’s there, and it’s just waiting to make its appearance. Since your meaningful note will be tailored specifically to the recipient, your homemade card ideas for Father’s Day should be too. That’s an easy task to complete thanks to the diverse projects presented in this free eBook of Father’s Day crafts for kids to make. Watch Dad’s heart melt as you hand him your handmade card that you made all by yourself. Even if you’re just a toddler, there is a darling card that you can make.

Homemade Gifts for Father’s Day


Though a gift is not necessary if you give Dad the perfect card, it would still be very much appreciated, no doubt. Homemade gifts for Father’s Day are worlds more meaningful than a store-bought present, even if it’s exactly what he asked for. When you pour thought, effort, and love into a gift, it shines more brightly than any brand-new car or straight-out-of-the-box electronic. Make Dad a gift that he will treasure forever, like the Daddy’s Day Alphabet Kids Picture. There is no question that this sweet gift will have a permanent place on Dad’s desk and in his heart.

What was the most meaningful Father’s Day gift you have ever made?

Give a Gift a Hostess or Host Will Love

With so many parties to attend, finding time to go shopping for thank you gifts can be expensive. If you want to show your appreciation to the host or hostess of your next Christmas party, why not make them a special DIY Christmas gift? At, we have a huge selection of ways to give thanks while being thrifty and resourceful. Think of what kind of gifts this special someone likes and take a look at some of the options below:

DIY Holiday Shimmer Candles – These DIY candles look just like something from a home decor store. Find a candle that you know your recipient would love, and in minutes, you can add a sparkling effect that will dazzle anyone who sees it.

Snowflake Soaps – Another popular DIY gift is soap because of how useful it is throughout the year. This valuable tutorial will show you how you can make your own holiday-inspired soaps that will easily complement your host or hostess’s decor no matter what room they use it in.

Candy Cane Bedroom Socks – It can be a bit tricky to find wearable crafts suitable for both genders, but this yarn pattern is something everyone will want. They’re perfect for cold winter days, and are very comfy to wear around the house, so you’re guaranteed to be giving a gift that will be used right away.

Special Date Ornament – This ornament was originally inspired by weddings, but it’s also a perfect way to commemorate a special date for your host or hostess. You can make strips of paper from your invitation and create a handmade Christmas ornament that can be used every Christmas.

Cocktail Ring – This one is just for the ladies. If your hostess loves jewelry, make this gorgeous ring to give to her. Choose a design that you think she’ll like and make a one of a kind piece of jewelry that any fashionista will want to show off to everyone.

Sophisticated Gentleman’s Decoration – We can’t forget about the hosts! This elegant project can be an ornament, gift tag, or a decoration for any room in the house. This suits any style and is a very special craft dedicated to men, so it’s a great way to make your host feel special.

Christmas Wine Bottle Cover – A favorite gift that’s perfect for a party setting is a homemade wine bottle cozy. It’s stylish enough to be part of their other Christmas table decorations, but it’s also functional and usable for parties during the rest of the year.

Monogrammed Coasters – Another craft that will serve your host or hostess throughout the year is a set of coasters especially designed for them. The look is clean and elegant, while also simple enough to go with any kind of decor.

If you’re looking for more gift ideas before attending your next party, our site has a whole section dedicated to DIY Christmas gifts that you can choose from.

What thank you gifts do you give during the holidays?

Wrap It Up on Christmas with 18 Handmade Gift Wrapping Ideas

Whether you need to wrap an entire Christmas gift or just add the perfect finishing touch, there are so many ways to bring a  professional and very chic look to your finished projects.

The first step to dressing up your gift is to choose how you’d like to wrap it. If you aren’t a fan of regular wrapping paper or you just want to try something new, try one of these unique ways to wrap a gift. Many of these easy and quick crafts involve upcycling, so you can reuse other Christmas craft materials in a whole new way. Think of all the money you’ll save!

If you’re looking for a more special way to say your gift is from you, try taking a more personal approach to your Christmas gift tags. There are crafts for handmade gift tags, as well as gift tags you can print out in minutes. They all look like they were store-bought, but with much more original designs.

Gift cards have become a much more popular gift, but the packaging they come in isn’t usually very noteworthy. Fortunately for crafters, our list includes some simple ways to wrap a gift card. Like the other projects in this collection, these gift wrapping ideas are all about recycling what you already have at home. There are some neat tricks to learn in these tutorials, and you may even pick up a technique that you can use for your other Christmas crafts.

One of the most quintessential parts of the gift wrapping experience is the bow. They can be cute, elegant, and totally out of the box (literally). It seems that a lot of bows sold in stores look the same, so we’ve made sure that our list includes tutorials on how to make bows that are suitable for any gift. You can go for something classic, or try a contemporary look; each of these Christmas bows can be made with so few materials that you’ll want to try them all!

Wrapping your gifts on Christmas should be just as special as giving them. If these projects have your attention, then be sure to take a look at the whole collection Wrap It Up: 18 Ways to Wrap a Gift This Christmas. These tutorials will guide you every step of the way to ensure your Christmas gift tags, bows, and wrappings stand out under the Christmas tree this year.

Do you make your own gift wrap or buy it?