10 Jar Gifts to Get You Through the Holidays

Whenever the holidays come around, I sometimes feel a sense of dread washing over me when I think about the many Christmas gifts I’ll need to get. People with big families know what I’m talking about. The thought of buying so many gifts can be slightly unnerving. That’s why I’m a big proponent of jar gifts. Gifts in a jar are the best strategy when you want to give something creative and special to everyone in your family (extended family included). Jar gifts are beautiful, easy to make, and very inexpensive. You can dress up each jar pretty easily, too. Add a ribbon here. Glue on some holly there. When you’re deep into decorating Christmas jar gifts, the task becomes mechanical at some point, and you can crank out a whole crate full of jar gifts in no time. I often turn on a favorite holiday movie in the background, too.

If I’m being honest, the hardest and most time-consuming part in coming up with the perfect jar gift is the idea. Great homemade gifts require thinking, and as Christmas gets closer and closer, time to think becomes less and less available. We all have so much to do! Whether we’re baking cookies or putting up Christmas decorations, there is never a dull moment in holiday preparation. This is why I LOVE lists. Did I make Christmas Cookie Gifts in a Jar last year? If so, then I’ll just gladly mosey on down to another item on the list. Making a list is quick. It’s convenient, and it lets you jump right in and tackle all of those gifts you still need to make.

10 Jar Gifts to Get You Through the Holidays

10 Jar Gift Ideas Your Family Will Love

  1. Christmas Cookie Gifts in a Jar
  2. DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser
  3. Tea Time DIY Gift Basket
  4. Udderly Amazing Gift in a Jar
  5. Citrus Bath Salts Gift in a Jar
  6. Wine Lover’s Gift in a Jar
  7. Spa Day Mason Jar Gift
  8. Jolly Gifts in a Jar
  9. Snowflake DIY Candy Jar
  10. Santa Candle Mason Jar Crafts

If you’re looking for EVEN MORE jar gifts to use this holiday, you really need to check out this 34 Holiday Ideas for Gifts in a Jar free eBook.

I’ve told you my secret. How do you prepare for the holidays?

3 Ways to Get Ahead on Holiday Crafting

Wintery DIY Wall Decor

Gift giving stresses me out big time. I spend way too much time running around and deciding what to get people, feeling like my mind is a blank slate. I am awful at it. Small gifts is not my love language.

Occasionally I have pockets of inspiration, and I feel like queen of the world when I discover (or make!) a great gift that someone appreciates. Reading Marie Segares’ post last year on 7 Tips for Getting a Head Start on Holiday Crafting and DIY Gifts seriously helped me reframe how I view gift giving and holiday crafting. I highly recommend giving it a read!

Peering at this list and coming up with a few ideas of my own, I give you this year’s edition of:

3 Ways to Get Ahead on Holiday Crafting

1. Start Immediately

Snowflake DIY Candy Jar

One of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is to Be Proactive, and that applies to Christmas crafting. We have a matter of weeks before the holiday is upon us, and if handmade projects like knit and crochet patterns take 1-2 weeks to complete, well, you can do the math! Starting now allows time to pick your projects, take breaks, make mistakes, fix them, and finish your presents.

2. Plan

Classic Infinity Scarf

Marie Segares talks about deciding who will get handmade gifts, and then planning what to make for them. Getting organized and writing out a plan (or pinning the projects you’d like to make, or crafting your plan in any manner of your choosing) will help you visually see how much time you have and how much crafting there is in store! My norm is to sit down and make as many scarves as possible (like my absolute favorite infinity scarf pattern by Fiber Flux, linked on AllFreeCrochet) and choose recipients after I finish the scarves. This is not the best method. It is, in fact, a terrible method. Be intentional with your gift giving and plan out your gifts and your recipients!

3. Have a Backup Plan

Tropical Leaf Watercolor Printable

Maybe that crocheted afghan you wanted to give your best friend isn’t going to happen in time. Maybe you can’t knit 16 pairs of slippers before December 25. That’s okay! Be gentle with yourself, and consider an alternative like free printables for making wall art, quick knit or crochet projects, and any of the ideas below! If all else fails, a store bought item or gift card never hurts.

Quick Homemade Gift Ideas

Half Hour Jumbo Tote


What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

The Latest Trend in DIY Christmas Gifts You HAVE to See

Are you familiar with the fun and quirky ugly Christmas sweaters that have been all the rage the last couple years? Well, there’s a new trend in DIY Christmas gifts you HAVE to see: Ugly Christmas Socks! This DIY gift idea is just as fun and unique as that homemade ugly Christmas sweater. What’s more, the trend has manifested itself in a “Sock Exchange” rather than the traditional Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange. It’s such a hilarious idea for the family or for a bunch of coworkers to participate in — especially those who love to craft! Plus, socks are awesome gifts for the holidays because they’re easy and quick DIY gifts that are super affordable. They’re even better last-minute gifts or they’re great for when you’re just not sure what to get someone. Scroll down for our best free sock patterns.

The Latest Trend in DIY Christmas Gifts You HAVE to See

You can see ugly Christmas socks all over the internet:

A photo posted by Ndasgirl (@ndasgirl) on

[break] You can even see the sock exchanges in action on social media. The best part of the sock exchange is when everyone adorns their fabulous, new ugly Christmas socks for the best photo-op ever!

A photo posted by JB (@justcallmeturtle) on


Our favorite ugly Christmas socks are the DIY versions. You can easily decorate your own with leftover crafting supplies such as beads, pom poms, or even googly eyes! If you want to make your own socks, then try any of these free patterns listed below. You can knit, crochet, or even sew your own socks and then decorate with your favorite crafting materials. Take your decoration inspiration from ugly Christmas sweaters and remember, the uglier your socks — the better! For inspiration, check out these ugly Christmas sweater tutorials!

To make your own socks, try any of these free patterns:

The Easiest Slipper Booties You Will Ever Make

The Easiest Slipper Booties You Will Ever Make

Chunky Knee High Socks

Chunky Knee High Socks

DIY Toe Socks

DIY Toe Socks

Toe Up Raggi Socks

Toe Up Raggi Socks

Basic Crocheted Socks

Basic Crocheted Socks

Wintermint Sock Trio

Wintermint Sock Trio

Fun Multicolor Crochet Sock Pattern

Fun Multicolor Crochet Sock Pattern



Comment below and let us know, what’s your favorite type of gift exchange?



7 Tips for Getting a Head Start on Holiday Crafting and DIY Gifts

I’m Marie from Underground Crafter, and like many crafters, I love to make handmade gifts for the holidays. Not only do I get to express myself creatively, but also can often make higher quality DIY gifts than what I can usually afford to buy for my friends and family.

7 Tips for Getting a Head Start on Holiday Crafting and DIY Gifts

I’m also not the only crafter who has ever become overwhelmed by making gifts for the winter holidays or has lost sleep, gotten a repetitive stress injury, or just became annoyed with the demands of handmade gift giving.

To help make this year’s holiday crafting more pleasurable, I’m sharing 7 tips for getting a head start on holiday crafting.


7 Tips for Getting a Head Start on Holiday Crafting and DIY Gifts


Start Your Homemade Christmas Decorations & DIY Gifts Early

This one almost goes without saying, but start your holiday crafting as early in the year as possible. You will give yourself more time so you can work at a leisurely pace, or you can choose to make gifts for more people on your holiday list.

Decide Who Will Receive Homemade Gifts

Not everyone appreciates handmade gifts, and others may not be fans of your favorite craft. The holidays will be more fun for you (and for the recipient) if you focus your efforts on making gifts for those who will actually enjoy them. I call these people “handmade-worthy” recipients.

As you think about all the people (and pets) you may consider making gifts for, narrow your list down to those who would appreciate something handmade. These are usually the people who have had kind things to say about your crafting, who are makers themselves, or who have worn and used previous handmade gifts.

Make a Project List

Now that you’ve eliminated those who aren’t “handmade-worthy” and know everyone you’d like to make gifts for, make a list of the types of gifts you’d like to make for them. Some crafters make variations of the same project for everyone on the list (like a favorite knit scarf pattern in different yarns) while others like to make a completely unique gift for each recipient.

Survey Your Supplies and Budget

Survey Your Supplies and Budget

Most of us crafters already have a stash of supplies. Look through your existing stash and compare it with the items on your project list. Now take a look at your budget to decide when and if you need to purchase any additional materials.

Be Realistic About Your Time Frame

In my experience, overestimating the availability of time is the most common struggle crafters face when working on handmade holiday gifts. While we could all make unlimited gifts if we had unlimited time, the reality is that as each week moves by, our holiday gift deadlines become narrower. So, be realistic about how long each project will take, and consider revising your list based on the amount of time available.

Take Frequent Breaks

Take Frequent Breaks

Even when you are working towards crafting deadlines, be sure to take care of yourself. Take frequent breaks (every 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your craft and the intensity of your work) to stretch and rest your eyes/hands. This will help you avoid repetitive stress injuries.

Have a Backup Plan

Sometimes, even the best plans go awry. Have a backup in case you can’t finish your projects on time. This might mean putting aside money to purchase gifts later.


You may find virtually working alongside other crafters on holiday gifts makes the entire process more fun. Look for holiday make-a-longs on your favorite social networks. If you crochet, join the Holiday Stashdown Crochet-a-Long which includes 15 free crochet patterns by 15 designers.

The BEST DIY Gift Ideas: Knit and Crochet Baby Patterns

Looking for the best DIY gift ideas? The holidays will soon be upon us, so it’s time to start making all of your handmade gifts. These knit and crochet baby patterns are the perfect gift for the little one in your life. There’s love and care put into every stitch, so these baby patterns are bound to be treasured!

The BEST DIY Gift Ideas: Knit and Crochet Baby Patterns

Making knit and crochet baby patterns as gifts for either the holidays or for baby showers is a great idea for so many reasons. They’re often much more inexpensive than buying the same item at a baby store or boutique. They’re also a great way to use up your stash of yarn. For instance, baby bootie patterns are super stashbusters – you’ll get through your stash in no time!

We also love baby blanket patterns because they’re so snuggly and soft. Every little babe deserves a beautiful and cozy blanket for nap time. These gorgeous baby blanket patterns will make the perfect addition to any nursery or child’s room. Simply customize to the colors to your preference and get stiching!

The BEST DIY Gift Ideas: Knit and Crochet Baby Patterns


How to Make Baby Booties

Any of these crochet baby booties or free knitting patterns will help you make the best booties! From fun designs to the basics that every baby needs, these free bootie patterns are a must-have.

Cutie Newborn Baby BootiesSuper Easy Knit Baby Booties

Basic Baby Booties

Moccasin Style Baby Booties Pattern

Bitty Baby Uggs

Owl Crochet Baby Booties

Cowboy Booties

Cutie Newborn Baby Booties

Free Baby Blanket Patterns

Knit or crochet up something warm and snuggly for the perfect handmade gift that will last for years to come!

Fun & Free Baby Patterns 

These free crochet and knitting patterns are extra fun for that lovable little one in your life. They’re one-of-a-kind gifts that are too adorable to resist!

Which of these free knitting and crochet patterns would you make as a gift?

DIY Christmas Gifts: The Christmas Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for gift giving! Christmas shopping seems to start earlier and earlier every year with people trying to get the best deals. However, there is no need to compete with other holiday shoppers if you make your own homemade Christmas gifts. Don’t know where to get started? There is no need to fret because AllFreeChristmasCrafts has compiled a spectacular list of DIY gift ideas for you this Christmas. We’ve compiled all of our best collections into one big gift guide that is full of homemade Christmas gift ideas for all of your friends and family. Save yourself time, money, and stress this year, and check out The Ultimate Gift Guide: 255 Homemade Christmas Gifts and Ideas this holiday season.The Ultimate Gift Guide

The Ultimate Gift Guide: 255 Homemade Christmas Gifts and Ideas


DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Nothing is better than a personalized gift, and we have some awesome gift collections for everyone in your life. From homemade gifts for teachers to Christmas gift ideas for your mom, you are sure to find the right gifts for all of the people in your life amongst these collections.

Homemade Gift Wrap Ideas

Sometimes the presentation of a gift can be just a stunning as the gift itself. If you are looking for an abundance of fantastic gift wrapping ideas, we have some collections for you. You will be amazed how easy gift bows are to make and how you can make a creative gift box, bow, and handmade card and give the completed package to your loved one this Christmas.


Still need more gift giving ideas? Be sure to check out AllFreeChristmasCrafts.com for all of the latest homemade gifts and DIY gift wrapping ideas.


 Who are you making homemade gifts for this Christmas?


How to Give the Perfect Present: Gifts by Personality

gifts-by-personalityGift giving is an art, and when you’re good, you’re good. But if you’re not, we’re here with some marvelous suggestions that will get your wheels turning. Nothing means more than a well-chosen gift: a present that was clearly thought out. Consider your recipient’s personality to give a gift that she’ll love. These ideas work perfectly for Christmas, birthdays, graduation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or as thank yous to your ever-devoted bridal party. While many brides give all of their bridesmaids the same gift, personalizing your presents will really show your deep appreciation. Your bridal party puts a lot of time and money into your event, so thank them with presents they’ll love.

The best part about these perfect presents is that they pair a DIY project with a complementary suggestion, saving you money and putting even more love into the gift. These ideas are guaranteed to garner many thanks and smiles.

The Spa Lover: Aromatic Bath Salts

Give this with a gift certificate for a manicure, pedicure, or massage.


The Jewelry Junkie:  Antique Cameo Jewelry Box

This is great to pair with earrings or a small necklace with each recipient’s initial.

The Sports Fan: Jersey Insulated Beverage Holders

Surprise the sports lover in your life with this adorable DIY and tickets to his favorite team’s game. If you want to spend less than that, get him a glass etched with the logo or special-edition apparel.


The Stylish Homeowner: Chic Wooden Coasters

Wrap these up with a bottle of wine.


The Avid Cook: Gorgeous Gold Dipped Utensils

Together with a new cookbook, this gift will blow your food-loving friend out of the water.

The Game Guru: Scrabble Coasters

Give the coasters with a newly released game he hasn’t got his hands on yet.


The Coffee Drinker: Doodled Mugs

Pair this with a jar of her favorite coffee or even a coffee maker.

The Dapper Gentleman: Manly Mustache Handkerchief

Alongside this fancy handkerchief, give your best man an old-fashioned shaving kit. He’ll love you forever.

The Shopper: Dip-Dyed Canvas Tote

Inside the bag, place a gift card for her favorite store.

Click here for more DIY inspiration and gift ideas.

Which of these gift sets would you love to receive?

Gift Guide: 26 Quick Gift Ideas for Kids to Make

WIU No-Sew Fleece BlanketThroughout this week, I embarked on a crafting adventure  that continued daily the instant I returned from work. It began as a mere idea on Monday, and by Friday it had transformed into the finished product. My friend is going to be a freshman at Western Illinois University, and I decided to make her a no-sew fleece tie blanket using WIU’s school colors, purple and gold. It’s an easy process that didn’t take long at all, so I was finished by Wednesday, but I felt that something was missing. That’s when I came up the idea to cut out a ‘W’ in purple felt and sew it on with a fancy applique stitch. That’s how I turned a simple, new-sew blanket into a sewing craft. Go figure! If you’re interested in making a blanket like this one and want to learn how, my craft is based on the No Sew Fleece Blanket from AllFreeKidsCrafts.com.

This craft project took a few hours to make, but if you don’t have that kind of time to spare then try these 30 Homemade Gifts for Kids to Make. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Christmas, or your BFF’s birthday, it seems like you’re always in need of a great gift. There’s no use in spending money on a store-bought gift when you can create one that’s even better at home.


Homemade Cards

Hand Print on My Heart CardThere’s nothing better than watching someone’s face light up as they open up a gift from you. If you start off your gift with a homemade card, things can only get better. Easy homemade gifts that come from the heart like the Hand Print on My Heart Card are the best kind to give to your loved ones. All of the crafts in this gift guide are kid-tested and guaranteed to be a blast. Whether you’re using fabric, tissue paper, or sparkles, these homemade gifts for kids to make will make card making so much fun.

Other Homemade Cards

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Priceless Cangle HoldersGet in the the ho-ho-holiday spirit with these great homemade Christmas gift ideas. You won’t be spending big bucks on any of these gifts. Instead you can spend the time you save with your friends and family this holiday season. Use materials you find at your home to be a thrifty crafter. The Priceless Candle Holders are a great gift to keep someone warm. This easy homemade gift looks like a million bucks but it won’t cost a dime. Christmas is the time of giving, so make sure all of your presents are homemade gifts for kids to make.

Other Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Homemade Gifts for Mom

Printed With Love Apron You know your mom is the best, so why not give her a gift that’s as cool as she is? Use this gift guide to find the perfect craft to make with dad so you can surprise mom on Mother’s Day or her birthday. The Printed With Love Apron craft is so cute and something that she will love to wear around the kitchen or in the garden. Mom does so much for you, and there’s no better time like the present to give her a present! Say thank you with an easy homemade gift from your heart to hers. It’s a great feeling to see momma smiling and knowing that it’s because of you.

Other Homemade Gifts for Mom

Homemade Birthday Gifts

You've Got Mail PinataBirthdays are the best days out of the whole year. You get presents, cake, and a pinata; what’s not to love? You love getting gifts on your birthday, so make a friend’s birthday just as fun. Use this gift guide to craft a wonderful gift like the You’ve Got Mail Pinata, which is a pinata that can be mailed all over the world.

Other Homemade Birthday Gifts


What is your favorite gift that you’ve ever received?



14 DIY Gift Ideas

Save money this holiday season by making all your gifts by hand.  From lovely home accents to beautiful accessories, the projects in 14 Gift Ideas and DIY Home Decor are all great for the holiday gift-giving season.

Jingle-All-the-Way-BraceletGirls of all ages are sure to love this Jingle All the Way Bracelet.  Adorned with the characters and symbols of the season, this Jingle All the Way Bracelet is sure to be a conversation starter at family gatherings and holiday parties. The soft muted tones of the beads also make this DIY bracelet easy to wear with everything from jeans and a sweater to a formal evening dress.

Scrappy-Fabric-BookmarkIf you know someone who loves nothing more than to sit by the fire and spend a snowy day deep in a good book, this Scrappy Fabric Bookmark is sure to be a well-loved stocking stuffer!  Made from a variety of fabric scraps, this bookmark makes a great last-minute gift idea and is a great way to clean out your own craft stash!

4-Season-CowlThe great thing about the DIY gifts in this collection is that they’re great for all kinds of gift-giving occasions.  This 4-Season Cowl, for example, is not only great for Christmas, but it makes a wonderful birthday gift as well.  It’s a fun and easy pattern for beginning knitters and is sure to be appreciated by men and women of all ages.



Here are a few more gift ideas featured in this awesome collection:

You can find these, and several more DIY gift ideas, in our new collection, 14 Gift Ideas and DIY Home DecorDownload your own FREE printable version today!



Time is running out!  Hurry up and get your entry in for our Extreme Craft-tacular Grand Prize Giveaway!  We’re giving away $1,5000.00 in crafting supplies to ONE lucky winner!  Head on over to the giveaway page and register to win today!  You have until October 31st to enter, and you can enter to win once a day…so the more you return, the greater your chances of winning!  Good luck!

Holiday Home Decor Giveaway

Woodland Christmas from Ric Rac: National Sewing Month 2013

It’s Day Thirteen of National Sewing Month! Too see the daily blog posts, projects of the day, and more National Sewing Month details, click here.


National Sewing Month 2013

Woodland-Christmas-1Hi, my name is Jodie and I blog at vintagericrac.blogspot.com. I am excited to be part of National Sewing Month, although I might need a National Sewing Year to finish off all the WIPs in my sewing room. I am foremost a toymaker but I dabble in all kinds of sewing and have been known to turn out the odd quilt or garment or practical item on occasion.

I have created this cute little holiday DIY ornament that you can make up in traditional colors, or mix it up with some earthy colors to create a little woodsman. It’s such a cute Christmas craft idea and they make even more adorable DIY gifts! Have fun!

If you have a Google Account (you can make one for free), here is the link to a Google Doc to download the whole tutorial including the pattern pieces: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B3POraACAxjpUEtmRUpFb0hmNEE/edit

This little Santa and his tree have been designed to be hand sewn. All embroidery is done with two strands of stranded embroidery thread.

DIY Ornament



Cut for Santa:

  • 1 Base
  • 1 Body
  • 1 Hat
  • 1 Hat Brim
  • 1 Face
  • 1 Beard
  • 1 Mustache
  • 1 Belt to be cut on fold

Santa Construction:

Using the pattern placement guide, pin the beard in place .

Sew small seed or rice grain stitches at random over the beard .Woodland-Christmas-3

Place the face on top of the beard and pin in place.

Thread your teeny buckle onto belt and slide to the middle. Pin belt in place on Santa.


Backstitch face in place – I cheated and didn’t sew the very top as it will be hidden under the hat.

Pin mustache in place on top of face and seed stitch the moustache.

Add two single wrap French knot cheeks and two double wrap French knot eyes to your face.


Fold Santa along fold line right sides out and blanket stitch the center back seam, catching the belt ends as you sew.


Pin base in place and blanket stitch ¾ of the way around. Stuff Santa and blanket stitch the base closed, adding more stuffing as needed.


Hat Construction:

Pin hat brim to hat and sew small seed or rice grain stitches to secure it to hat.


Fold hat in half right sides out and blanket stitch center back seam.


Place hat on Santa’s head.

Pop your hat on.

Cut for Tree:

  • 1 base
  • 1 tree bottom
  • 1 tree middle
  • 1 tree top

Tree Construction:

Fold tree bottom in half along dotted line and blanket stitch the center back seam. Stuff and blanket stitch base in place.

Fold tree middle in half along dotted line and blanket stitch center back seam

Fold tree top in half along dotted line and blanket stitch center back seam.

Stack your tree pieces onto each other

Decorate with French knots, chain stitch – in fact, anything you fancy!

Requirements for Santa:

  • 7 ½ inch square of red felt
  • 4 ½ inch of white felt
  • 2 ½ x 7 ½ inch strip of brown felt
  • 2 inch square of skin coloured felt
  • 1 teeny buckle
  • Black, red and white embroidery thread
  • Hobbyfill

Requirements for Tree:

  • 6 ½ inch square of dark green felt
  • 5 x 3 ½ inches light Green felt
  • Red embroidery threads
  • Hobbyfill

Finished size approx: 5 inches high

For more sewing inspiration, visit Jodie’s blog, Ric Rac!

Have you started your Christmas sewing yet?