Cheverybody’s Favorite Chevron Quilt Patterns

Do you love the pattern chevron? We do! We’re chevron crazy over at FaveQuilts, and you’re sure to see why. These patterns are simply stunning, and they’re also simple to make! Follow any of these easy quilt patterns to create a beautiful new chevron quilt. Make small projects like accessories and baby blankets, or create gorgeous full-size bed quilts. You’re sure to fall in love with chevron once you see these incredible patterns!

Cheverybody's Favorite Chevron Quilt Patterns


Baby Quilt Tutorials

 Make a baby quilt with a modern edge! These baby quilt tutorials are totally adorable projects. Use various shades of pink and blue for these cute quilts. These projects are small, so you’ll finish them quickly. These quilts make amazing gifts for new parents. They’re sure to stay in the family for generations!


Striped Chevron Baby Quilt Tutorial

Super cute! This baby quilt pattern takes a step outside the traditional pink or blue and instead features a variety of bright sorbet colors.

Striped Chevrons Baby Quilt Tutorial

Chevron Cut Chenille Baby Quilt

Cozy and cute, this baby quilt is easy to make and would look great in any nursery.

Chevron Cut Chenille Baby Quilt

Electric Zig Zag Quilt

Pick three colors for your fabric and stagger your chevron zig-zag stripes with this quilt pattern.

Electric Zig Zag Quilt


Quilted Home Dec and Accessories

 From placemats to tote bags to book covers and more, these quilted home decor and accessories are great starting projects! Incorporate chevron into your favorite new accessory. Quilting projects are fabulous for around the home, and these projects are easy to make and totally chic.


Style with Chevrons Placemat

Add a chic chevron design to the edge of your placemat for a stunning table setting.

Style with Chevrons Placemat

Chic Chevron Tote

For a trip to the beach or everyday use, this quilted tote is a must.

Chic Chevron Tote

Chevron Fun Book Cover

Protect your books with an adorable quilting project that you are sure to cherish.

Chevron Fun Book Cover


Easy Quilt Patterns

For a brand new full-size quilt project, consider making it chevron! These beautiful quilts will add interest to your home with their eye-catching patterns.


Easy Peasy Chevron Quilt Pattern

If you have a stack of fat quarters handy, this coordinating chevron quilt is a perfect project!

Easy Peasy Chevron Quilt Pattern

The Easiest Chevron Quilt

Create a quilt reminiscent of spring with this beautiful chevron pattern. Use floral fabrics!

The Easiest Chevron Quilt

Chevron Duvet Cover

Create bold and beautiful chevron stripes with this stunning duvet cover.

Chevron Duvet Cover


Find more fantastic Chevron ideas in our collection of 20 Easy Chevron Quilt Patterns.

20 Easy Chevron Quilt Patterns


Also, find even more gorgeous chevron ideas here!

Chevron Quilt Patterns


What is your favorite pattern (stripes, argyle, plaid, chevron, etc)?




9 Quilt As You Go Patterns + Giveaway!

Learn how to quilt as you go! These beautiful quilt as you go patterns are popular for a reason! With the help of detailed step-by-step tutorials and a variety of patterns to choose from, these tutorials will charm you. Switch up your usual quilting style! These projects are great for the beginner and experienced quilter alike because they involve a different quilting technique that is easy to learn. Say hello to a gorgeous new project when you quilt as you go.

Small Quilt Projects

For a floral quilt as you go pattern that literally blossoms. . . .

Bloomin’ Quilt as You Go Block

Bloomin' Quilt as You Go Block

This pattern is just like the one your grandma used to make! Adorn a spring or summer table with floral blooms.

Grandmother’s Flower Garden Table Topper Pattern

Grandmother's Flower Garden Table Topper Pattern

For a rustic touch, try this log cabin block. Log cabin quilts are my personal favorites!

Quilt As You Go Log Cabin Block

Quilt As You Go Log Cabin Block

Speaking of rustic. . . .

Raggedy Quilt Table Runner

Raggedy Quilt Table Runner

These quilt as you go coasters are a great project for beginners! They’re so bright and cheery.

Scrappy Quilt As You Go Coasters

Scrappy Quilt As You Go Coasters

Big Quilt Projects

For a project that’s earthy and bright. . . .

A Magical Lands Strip Quilt

A Magical Lands Strip Quilt

This quilt as you go pattern is a personal favorite. I love the rag quilt look and this project is so easy to complete!

Fuss Free Rag Quilt

Fuss Free Rag Quilt

Create a harmony! This stunning project uses beautiful colors and a lovely pattern.

Playing the Scales Pattern

Playing the Scales Pattern

This is our top rag quilt pattern right now and it is so sweet! Perfect for picnics, this pattern is lovely for summer.

Quick and Cuddly Rag Quilt

Quick and Cuddly Rag Quilt



QuiltWoman Pattern Bundle


BONUS! Enter to win this gorgeous QuiltWoman Pattern Bundle! Find a wide variety of quilt styles when you enter to win. This contest lasts through 5/1/14.






Do you prefer traditional quilting (making the quilt top and then the quilt sandwich) or quilt as you go projects? Why?


Magician’s Corner: Nine Patch Quilt Patterns

There’s nothing like a nine-patch. These quilt patterns are incredibly easy, beautiful, and — best of all — perfect for quick quilting and scrap usage! These types of easy quilt tutorials are always a reader favorite on FaveQuilts, whether it’s full nine patch quilt patterns or nine patch quilt block patterns. So we’ve stocked up, just in time for you to use up the last of those winter fabric scraps and clear out your stash for spring!

Nine Patch Quilt Patterns

Groves of GardensThe best thing about a nine patch quilt is that every single one is unique. The Colleena Baby Quilt and the Groves of Gardens Nine Patch are based off the same technique, but have totally different aesthetics. Choose your favorite!

1. Comfort and Charm Irish Chain Quilt
2. Colleena Baby Quilt
3. White Space Nine Patch Quilt
4. Groves of Gardens Nine Patch

Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt Patterns

Springtime Disappearing Nine Patch Baby QuiltDisappearing nine patch quilt patterns are some of my favorites. These patterns have such a fun, energetic look to them — perfect for baby quilts or living room throws! Make the adorable Springtime Disappearing Nine Patch Baby Quilt for your next baby shower or for your own little ones.

1. Springtime Disappearing Nine Patch Baby Quilt
2. Magician’s Disappearing Nine Patch
3. I Spy Disappearing Nine Patch
4. Magic Baby Birdie Quilt

Nine Patch Quilt Block Patterns

Peek-a-Boo BlockWant a little more freedom than a full quilt tutorial can give you? Try one of these nine patch quilt block patterns, which will teach you how to make a single block that you can put to use however you choose — table runners, kitchen decor, a bed-size quilt … you name it!

1. Curved Nine Patch Quilt Block
2. Black and White Hourglass Block
3. Crazy Nine Patch
4.  Peek a Boo Block

BONUS! Nine Patch Quilt Video Tutorial


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Building Blocks: Free Quilt Block Patterns for Every Quilter

Everyone needs to start somewhere with any big project. If you’re working on a new drawing, you need to start with a sketch. If you’re building a cabinet, you need to start with a design. When you’re making a quilt, you have the option to piece it together with quilt blocks. I love a gorgeous quilt block patterns. My personal favorites are block of the month quilt patterns. In fact, if you’re looking for a great BOM or simply a new building block to inspire, check out any of these lovely free quilt block patterns.

Nine Patch Quilt Blocks

Brady Bunch Inspired Nine Patch Block

Keep it simple! Nine patch quilt block patterns are great for beginners. No curved pieces of fabric, no trouble.

 Brady Bunch Inspired Nine Patch Block

Magician’s Disappearing Nine Patch

Curved Nine Patch Quilt Block

Star Quilt Blocks

Bright Hopes Star Block

Star blocks are some of my favorites. I love the design and I especially love how they come together in the final quilt project. Create a beautiful new star block with any of these free quilt block patterns.

 Bright Hopes Star Block

Star Flower Quilt Block

Wonky Star Quilt Block

Scrappy Rainbow Star Quilt Block

Hourglass Quilt Blocks

Sands of Time Quilt Block

Measure time with fabric strips! Hourglass quilt blocks are absolutely beautiful. Hourglasses in general are gorgeous pieces of home decor, so incorporate a similar pattern in your next quilt block.

Sands of Time Quilt Block

Magic Double Hourglass Block

Matching Hourglass Blocks

Log Cabin Quilt Blocks

Easy Log Cabin Quilt Block

Around and around we go! These log cabin quilt blocks will teach you the log cabin quilting style. Go traditional and rustic with your color choices or experiment with pinks and brights.

Easy Log Cabin Quilt Block

Pink Log Cabin Quilt Block

Rainbow Log Cabin Quilt Block

Pinwheel Quilt Blocks

Candy Pinwheel Quilt Blocks

These patterns will guide your eyes around any given quilt project. Easy quilt blocks like these are perfect for the beginning quilter, and the finished quilt tops are so gorgeous.

 Candy Pinwheel Quilt Blocks

Flying Geese Pinwheel Block Pattern

Dutch Pinwheel

Beautiful Quilt Patterns from Lunden Designs


Bonus: You can win Beautiful Quilt Patterns from Lunden Designs! There are six stylish quilt patterns included in this bundle. Find everything from modern baby quilt patterns to nautical designs and more! For a fabulous opportunity, you must enter this giveaway here. Contest ends 3/18/2014.



What type of quilt block is your absolute favorite?



Charity Quilts: Sew a Little Love

Making a quilt for a family member or a friend is one of the most thoughtful gifts that you can give. So much care, thought, skill and love goes into every stitch. Not to mention all the planning and calculations required. (Luckily, FaveQuilts has tons of techniques and video tutorials to help you make those processes a snap! Whether you’re a beginner looking for insider secrets or an old pro who just needs help getting that fabric stash organized, we have you covered.)

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have someone who can make them that sort of long-lasting gift, and when the weather gets rough, those people are often left out in the cold. With a long spring and summer coming up, consider putting aside a little time to make a quilt for those in need. Don’t know where to start? FaveQuilts has put together a list of amazing quilting charities that can help you get those blankets where they’ll do the most good. These are just some of the hundreds of great organizations out there, so be sure to take a look around your local community and see what people are doing in your own backyard!

Styled and Sashed Modern Garden Quilt

1. The AIDS Memorial Quilt Memorial & the NAMES Project Foundation

From their website: Established in 1987, The NAMES Project Foundation is the international NGO (non-governmental organization) that is the custodian of The AIDS Memorial Quilt, an official American treasure.

The mission of The NAMES Project Foundation is to preserve, care for and use The AIDS Memorial Quilt to foster healing, heighten awareness, and inspire action in the age of AIDS. Specifically, The NAMES Project works to display The Quilt in nearly 1,000 venues each year, to conserve and care for the aging 54-ton tapestry and it’s half a million piece archive, and to encourage and support the creation of new Quilt panels for this ever-evolving handmade memorial.

Log Cabin Baby Quilt2. Quilts for Kids

From their website: Our goal is simple: to provide comfort to children in need through the gift of a handmade patchwork quilt. With the help of volunteer quilters we are distributing our quilts to children’s hospitals and shelters across North America. Quilts for Kids, Inc. has now spread to over 100 chapters throughout North America. If we can lessen the suffering of children by showing them that they are loved, then we have reached our goal.

3. Project Linus

From their website: Our mission is to provide love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need through the gifts of new, handmade blankets and afghans, lovingly created by volunteer “blanketeers.” We also seek to provide a rewarding and fun service opportunity for interested individuals and groups in local communities, for the benefit of children.

Fuss Free Rag Quilt4. Binky Patrol

From their website: We are an all volunteer, national, non-profit organization making and distributing homemade blankets to children born HIV+, drug-addicted, infected with AIDS or other chronic & terminal illnesses, those who are abused, in foster care or experiencing trauma of any kind. Our recipients are from 0-18.

5. Wrap Them in Love

From their website: Our mission is to collect donated quilts and distribute them to children around the world, so they can be wrapped in love and comfort. As we all know, a quilt is a very special thing. It isn’t just a blanket; it has been lovingly created by a real person. A quilter leaves a part of themselves in every quilt they make. The child who receives it will be able to snuggle up in all the love that comes in that quilt.

Easy Quilts for Beginners and Beyond: 14 Quilt Patterns from Quiltmaker MagazineWhile you’re at it…Sew a little love with Easy Quilts for Beginners and Beyond: 17 Quilt Patterns from Quiltmaker Magazine!

Need a pattern to make for that charity quilt? The best way to improve one’s quilting skills is by trying new techniques and ways to use the basics in creative ways the patterns in Easy Quilts for Beginners and Beyond: 14 Quilt Patterns from Quiltmaker Magazine can show you just how easy this is. Beginners and experienced quilters are in for a treat with this series of easy quilt patterns that the simple cuts and shapes quilters are familiar with, and skillfully turn them into impressive designs that are sure to impress with their intricate looks.

We are giving away this book absolutely free until February 25, 2014! Enter to win and get started on your next project, be it for charity or for yourself!

The Circus Is In Town! Animal Prints and More

Who doesn’t love the circus? I know, I know–some of us have trouble with clowns. But doesn’t everybody have at least one great memory of the circus? Maybe it was the huge elephants, or the acrobats, or the lion trainer putting his head in the lion’s mouth. Or maybe you liked watching the trick horses. Whatever it was, there was that one, magical moment.

Well, now you can capture those memories in an easy quilt pattern! Recreate the magic for your kids in one of our gorgeous baby quilt patterns or snuggle up underneath a warm memory with one of these modern quilt blocks. And if neither of those tickles your fancy, why not try out one of our small quilt projects? There’s something for every animal lover!

Baby Quilt Patterns

Circus is in Town QuiltYou can lose with an animal pattern for easy baby quilts. Try out the Circus is in Town Quilt or the Off to the Zoo Baby Quilt for a fun adventure that will keep your little one warm and their imagination active.

1. Circus is in Town Quilt
2. Circus Baby Quilt Patterns using Hawaiian Applique
3. Off to the Zoo Baby Quilt
4. Zoo Racers Baby Quilt
5. Zoology Bubbles Baby Quilt

Modern Quilt Blocks

Giraffe Quilt BlockThese gorgeous, modern quilt blocks are great to mix and match! Use a combination of the Giraffe Quilt Block and the Swimming Sea Turtle Block to together a whole zoo or stick with just one herd. Either way, you’ll have a fun, festive quilt that will look good in every room.

1. Giraffe Quilt Block
2. Swimming Sea Turtle Block
3. Tiny Tabby Block
4. Grumpy Cat Block
5. Birds on a Wire Block

Small Quilted Projects

Jungle Safari Medallion QuiltPillows, wall quilts, and plushies, oh my! These adorable small quilted projects are perfect bits of home decor flair for your kitchen, living room, or bed room. Make the beautiful Stuffed Turtles for a nice twist on your guest room decor or hang the Jungle Safari Medallion Quilt on your living room wall.

1. Stuffed Turtles
2. Jungle Safari Medallion Quilt
3. Safari Applique Pillows
4. Patchwork Bunny Buddies
5. Elephant Applique Cushion

Want more adorable animal quilt patterns?

300X250 Baby Mine, Don’t You Cry: 20 Precious Baby QuiltsSpeaking of adorable animal quilts, win the Leo the Lion Applique Cuddle Kit, the Sweet Dreams Boy Wee One Cuddle Kit, or the Scottie Girl Ziggy Cuddle Kit from Shannon Fabrics! These kits will help you make the warmest, coziest, cuddliest baby and young child blankets you can imagine. What’s more, they’re absolutely adorable. The Shannon Fabrics Cuddle Kits combine cute patterns and designs with comfort to keep whoever’s nestled in them happy and warm, no matter how cold winter gets!

Get a closer look at the prizes

Leo the Lion Applique Cuddle Kit
Sweet Dreams Boy Wee One Cuddle Kit
Scottie Girl Ziggy Cuddle Kit

What’s your favorite memory of the circus?

Baby Mine, Don’t You Cry: 20 Precious Baby Quilts

Baby Quilt Patterns for Boys and GirlsEverybody loves making baby quilts. They’re the perfect gift for new parents: pretty, practical, and not too overwhelming for the quilter. Plus, baby quilts have the added bonus of being incredibly versatile in terms of style, difficulty level, size, and materials. You really can’t go wrong.

So whether you’re in the mood to make a full bed-size quilt or something small and snuggly, baby quilt patterns are the way to go. If you have any baby showers, birthdays, or announcements coming up, why not sew a baby quilt as a homemade gift idea? Anyone can buy a baby quilt from Target or Crate & Barrel. Make yours with a little love and see it last a lifetime!


free-baby-quilt-patterns20 Precious Baby Quilts

  1. One Color Scrappy Baby Quilt
  2. Priscilla’s Pink Pinwheel Quilt
  3. Borders Baby Rag Quilt
  4. Bullseye Baby Quilt
  5. Baby Bricks Quilt
  6. Baby Bear Paw
  7. Sixteen Patch Baby Quilt
  8. Peter’s Pinwheels Baby Quilt
  9. Simple Stripes Beginner Quilt
  10. Easy Flannel Baby Quilt
  11. Classic Pink Hourglass Quilt
  12. Pinwheel Pizzazz Baby Quilt
  13. Magical Flannel Rag Baby Quilt
  14. A Hundred Hugs Baby Quilt Tutorial
  15. Quick Triangles Baby Quilt
  16. Floating Squares Baby Quilt
  17. Tetris Baby Quilt
  18. Dresden Burst Baby Quilt
  19. Jungle Path Baby Quilt
  20. Butterflies a Flutter Baby Quilt

And don’t forget to download your copy of our FREE eBook, 14 Easy Baby Quilt Patterns for Boys & Girls! Plus, check out our Pinterest board that’s full of lovely baby quilt patterns!
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Leo the Lion Applique Cuddle Kit
Sweet Dreams Boy Wee One Cuddle Kit
Scottie Girl Ziggy Cuddle Kit

14 Free Modern Quilt Patterns for the 21st Century Quilter

Feeling a little stuck in the past? It’s easy to gravitate towards traditional quilt patterns that are tried and true, but these designs don’t exactly free up your quilting creativity. Instead of making an old-fashioned pattern, try something new! Let these free modern quilt patterns from FaveQuilts inspire you.

Free Modern Quilt Patterns

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular modern quilt patterns on FaveQuilts for your crafty consumption. Whether you prefer to make full quilts or start with quilt blocks, we have a variety of designs for the modern quilter to choose from.

Modern Quilt Blocks

Whirling Star Quilt Block

We may be looking at innovative quilt patterns, but we don’t need to stray from the tradition of piecing blocks together. Start with the basics and make a modern quilt with modern quilt blocks. These innovative designs will inspire you to design your own 21st century quilt.

1. Whirling Star Quilt Block
2. Flying Geese Pinwheel Block Pattern
3. Ultra Modern Dresden Block
4. Wonky Quarter Log Cabin Block
5. Candy Pinwheel Quilt Blocks

Modern Quilt Patterns

Styled and Sashed Modern Garden Quilt

Maybe you thought you knew all there was to know about quilting, but have you seen patterns like these? Add a modern edge to your next bed quilt or throw with any of these modern quilt patterns. Whether you use two different techniques in one quilt or choose wild fabrics to add a modern or even futuristic touch, these quilts will ignite your creativity.

1. Ah-mazing Improv Quilt
2. Two by Two Stripe Quilt Pattern
3. Starburst Quilt
4. Wonky Log Cabin Throw
5. Styled and Sashed Modern Garden Quilt
6. Blueberry Hill Embroidered Quilt Throw
7. Color Power Folded Star
8. Concentric Diamonds Patchwork Quilt
9. Simply Authentic Quilt

Think Positive Quilt Pattern



BONUS! Enter to win the Think Positive Quilt Pattern from Esch House Quilts! This pattern as designed by Debbie Grifka is a modern take on a timeless craft. Contest runs 2/12/2014 – 2/25/2014.





Are you a modern quilter or do you prefer traditional styles?




Let Me See That Jelly Roll! 10 Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

 I absolutely love jelly roll fabric. They’re so versatile and fun. You can make almost any project with a jelly roll, from home decor to clothes and accessories to full bed quilts. They’re great for any season and any skill level. Are you a beginner just learning piecework? A jelly roll race quilt is the pattern for you. Are you an experienced sewist looking for your next project? Jelly roll quilts are a great way to mix and match, use up scraps, and even create your own designs.

My favorite thing about a jelly roll is how much variation there is. From race quilts to patchwork to chevron, no two jelly roll quilts look the same. You can use jelly rolls to make improv quilts that challenge your skill level or stick with something simple that you can make quickly. Add free-motion or applique to make a simple quilt just a little more personal or detailed. There’s really no limit to what you can do with a jelly roll, which is why I’ve put together some of my favorite patterns—so what are you waiting for? Your next quilt is waiting in the wings!

10 Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

10 Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns for Your Next Quilt

  1. Etchy Floral Bed Quilt
  2. Granny Square Quilt
  3. Hello Spring Strippy Pillow Cover
  4. Umbrella Friendly Patio Table Topper
  5. Race to the Finish Jelly Roll Quilt
  6. Chevron Strip Tube Block
  7. Twists and Turns Improv Quilt
  8. Circus is in Town Quilt
  9. Rolling Rail Fence Quilt
  10. Jelly Roll Race Quilt

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Henry Glass & Co Fabric Bundle

We’re giving away the Honey Bee Mine fabric bundle from Henry Glass & Co.! It may not be a jelly roll, but this adorable fabric bundle will be perfect for your spring quilts. Whether you use them all together for a cute baby quilt or spread them out across a couple of throws or lap quilts, these will be the perfect new addition to your stash.

Star Light, Star Bright: 17 Star Quilt Patterns to Light Up a Room

Star Quilts

When it comes to sewing a quilt, you don’t get any more classic than star quilt patterns. These are a staple design, perfect both for beginning and advanced quilters. Star quilt patterns are enormously variable and fun to sew; whether you stick to a traditional design or go for a more modern look, there is certainly a pattern out there for you. Star quilts are prefect for any season, shape, size, and type of quilt. Probably my favorite thing about the star block design is the range of emotions it can evoke–from cheery and carefree to the kind of quiet comfort you get from looking at the night sky. Humans have always had the impulse to reach up and touch the stars, and star quilts allow us to get just that much closer.

Tiny Wonky Star BlockTo Begin … Simple Star Quilt Blocks

Star blocks like the Tiny Wonky Star are easy to piece and quick to make! Perfect for a quick throw quilt or a gift you started late on.
1. Wonky Star
2. Tiny Wonky Star
3. Starflower Quilt Block
4. Aunt Eliza’s Star
5. Scrappy Rainbow Star Quilt Block

Whirling Star Quilt BlockPatchwork Constellations

These star quilt patterns, like the Whirling Star Block, draw heavily on the patchwork design, so that the form as well as fabric draws the eye.
1. Giant Vintage Starflower Quilt
2. Whirling Star
3. Arkansas Traveler
4. Bright Hopes Star
5.  Golden Hunter’s Star Quilt

Briar Rose Star QuiltFull Star Quilt Patterns

From six-pointed star designs to complicated masterpieces like the Briar Rose Star Quilt, these patterns will get you from your first stitch to your last.

1. Briar Rose Star Quilt
2. Adaptable Star Quilt
3. Bright Stretched Stars Throw
4. Smoky Mountain Stars Throw
5. Blazing Stars Quilt
6. Catch a Spinning Star
7. Adaptable Star Quilt


Do you have a favorite block design? Tell us what it is below!