22 Beach Wedding Jewelry Ideas

The summer season is fast approaching! Where do your thoughts go when you are day-dreaming about summer? Mine go straight to the beach. There a very few sights that are as breathtaking and calming as an ocean view.  With gorgeous scenery, light weight fabrics, tan skin, and sand between your feet, there is only one more thing you could possibly need, and that is a stunning piece of beach-worthy jewelry. Since wedding season is in full swing, we here at AllFreeJewelryMaking have designed a collection just for you of some fabulous beach-worthy wedding jewelry projects. Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, or a simply a wedding guest at a beach wedding, there is something for everyone in the collection of beach jewelry ideas.


22 Beach Wedding Jewelry Ideas


Seashells, nautical knots, and sea glass pieces are all fabulous elements to incorporate into a wedding them in creative ways. From braided bracelets to colorful bauble rings, everyone will be able to find the piece needed to complete their beach wedding look in this collection.


Seashell Jewelry PiecesSeashell Wire Necklace

There is no way to better represent a beach wedding then to include elements in your ensemble that are actually from the ocean. Stunning seashell projects like this Seashell Wire Necklace are prefect for a beach wedding theme. Find more seashell jewelry projects amongst these beach wedding jewelry ideas.








Finger Knitted Nautical Necklace

Super Easy Sea Glass Stretch BraceletOcean-Inspired Jewelry

Whether you are looking for your something blue, or are simply inspired by ocean hues, these ocean-inspired projects are for you. This Super Easy Sea Glass Stretch Bracelet is the ideal beading project both for beginners and for veteran beaders looking for an easy, stress-free DIY jewelry design. Find more alluring sea glass jewelry pieces and more in the Ocean-Inspired section of our beach wedding jewelry ideas collection page.





Under the Sea Bauble RingEven More Beachy Jewelry Ideas

Are you looking for more cute beach-inspired patterns? Try this lovely ring pattern. The beads on the Under the Sea Bauble Ring resemble seas urchins, making it the perfect accessory for a summer beach wedding getaway. Still haven’t found the right beach wedding jewelry piece for you? There are even more beachy jewelry ideas for you to choose from on this fun collection page. Also, be sure to visit AllFreeJewelryMaking.com for the latest summer DIY projects and wedding jewelry designs.



What is your favorite piece of beach jewelry?

DIY Jewelry: Upgrade Your Jewelry Collection This Year

It’s a brand new year, and that means it’s time for a brand new look. Whether your style tends toward bold and daring or is more subtle and sweet, it’s always a good time to upgrade your look. In honor of the New Year, we thought we’d gather up our favorite new pieces for you to enjoy! We have earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces that are perfect for helping you to welcome in the new year with style and grace.


Upgrade Your Jewelry Collection


If you’re as excited for this new year as we are, then I’m sure you can’t wait to get your hands on these new trends for the season. Wire made jewelry, for example, is definitely making a comeback. We’ve got some adorable Wire Flower Earrings and a Wire Wrapped Bow Ring that we know you’re going to love. Beads are also a fabulous trend that you’ll want to get a jump on this year. We’ve got adorable beaded bracelets that will be super easy for you to throw together. And finally, we have one of the bolder trends of the season: brass. We’ve got several pieces featuring brass that will look absolutely stunning and provide a bold fashion statement to anyone who wears them.

We’ve given you all the tools. Now it’s up to you! Go forth and celebrate the New Year in style 🙂


DIY Earrings

Easy Wire Flower Earrings

Edgy Geometric Earrings

Gorgeous Golden Chandelier Earrings

Beautiful Backdrop Pearl Earrings

Easy Wire Flower Earrings

Fantastic Fringe Brass DIY Earrings



DIY Rings

Glammed Up Clay Rings

Precious Crystal DIY Ring

Glammed Up Clay Rings

Cord DIY Ring

5-Minute DIY Ring

Wire Wrapped Bow Ring


DIY Bracelets

Bitty Beads DIY Bracelet

Chic Knotted Twist DIY Bracelet

Bitty Beads DIY Bracelet

Dangly DIY Charm Bracelet

Beaded Tribal Boho Bracelet

Marvelous Memory Wire Bracelet


DIY Necklaces

Paper Arrow Jewelry Set

Brass Repurposed DIY Necklace

Paper Arrow Jewelry Set

Crocheted Doily DIY Necklace

Brassy Broad Recycled Necklace

Wonderful Waterwheel Seed Bead Necklace


How are you going to upgrade your jewelry for 2016?

Trendy Arrow DIY Jewelry

I know for those of you who have never attempted to make homemade jewelry, don’t be scared off just yet! I just started about six months ago and I’m already making chain maille jewelry; it sounds scary, but wire wrapping tutorials become your best friend. The intricate statement necklaces that I’ve made with thick wire bracelets make me feel like a female knight from The Canterbury Tales. Anyways, jewelry making is such an awesome hobby because instead of catering to what you see at the store, you can just make exactly what you’re looking for.

Arrow Jewelry

When this Aztec jewelry and tribal clothes started becoming a trend, I was definitely not the first to jump on the bandwagon. I love geometric patterns as much as the next Art Deco buff, but the miss-matched colors and bold designs were just too much for me at the time. And, they were difficult to mimic because I didn’t have a steady hand at painting, nor a keen eye for sewing. I’m more of a floral pattern person—flowers are much softer and more feminine. So, it’s only just recently that I’m jumping on the Aztec and tribal pattern bandwagon. I’ve become more of a Boho-chic hipster. I’ve embraced the tribal patterns with arrows and geometric themes. Since it is such a huge trend, though, that means finding the exact arrow jewelry to go with all of my tribal outfits is fairly difficult, not to mention expensive. That’s why DIY arrow jewelry is my next big project.

Considering I’ve only made jewelry a handful of times in my life, these are super easy jewelry making projects. All you need are the materials.


Trendy Arrow DIY Jewelry


Paper Arrow Jewelry SetPaper Arrow Jewelry Set

Using paper materials in your own pattern choice, you can make this easy paper jewelry craft in less than an hour. These make great gifts if you’re trying to stay within budget.



Pamela Love RingPamela Arrowhead Knockoff Ring

This Pamela Love ring dupe looks so much like the original, you’ll have a difficult time trying to figure it out which one is the real one.



Easy Arrowhead NecklaceEasy Arrowhead Necklace

This is an awesome tutorial about how to turn a rock into an arrowhead, and make a necklace from it! You will love this easy arrowhead necklace that gives you the freedom to decorate your necklace however you want.



Trendy Turquoise Leather NecklaceTrendy Turquoise Leather Necklace

This is what I call a successful mixed media. This leather craft is cut out in the shape of an arrow. So if you don’t like the feeling or the texture of heavy rocks weighing down your neck, this is the arrow necklace for you.



Stitched ArrowsStitched Arrows Pendant Necklace

If you’re wanting something in a jiffy, you can make this stitched necklace. It would be a great gift for a Hunger Games fan if you added a bird pendant and made a cluster.



Arrowhead EarringsArrowhead Earrings

These earrings are a great way to give a splash of color to your tribal outfit. Their simple triangular design fits right in with any pattern.



Clay PendantsAztec Clay Pendants

Clay is the easiest medium to work with when it comes to jewelry making. You’re just molding it to the shape you want and connect it to the chain.


How do you like to wear tribal and Aztec patterns?






Tell A Story: How To Make a Quirky DIY Pendant

You must have all heard of the rather poetic concept of sending messages in glass bottles. The first recorded use of messages in bottles is said to be around 310 BC, when Greek philosopher Theophrastus used it for his experiment. It is said that Contemplating on this subject I was also reminded of ancient scroll type cylindrical bars that were used for conveying stories or news in the past. Finding this to be an interesting concept for wearable art, I then decided to upcycle medicine glass bottles into quirky necklaces that could be used to narrate interesting stories. These “Story in a bottle” necklaces are quirky, kitschy, can be customized easily and are a hit whenever I make them

 Story in a Bottle Necklace

Materials Required

  • Mini bottle 2.5″ long (with a plastic screw on cap)
  • Image – Printout
  • Decoupage medium (mod podge gloss)
  • Ice Resin (A&B), cup, stirring stick, old brush
  • Hemp cord
  • Rhinestone chain
  • Suede cord – 18-20″
  • Eyepins
  • Assorted beads
  • Scissors
  • Nose pliers
  • Wire cutter


1. Clean your bottle with soap and water (particulary if you are recycling them) and let dry. The mini glass bottles that I have used  were homeopathy medicine bottles in their previous life

2. Poke a hole on the plastic cap with a pin (heat it before poking if required) and let it cool

3. Put an eyepin through the cap, make a loop and wrap the extra wire. Apply a little decoupage glue on the cap and screw it back on the bottle

4. Print and cut out an image to fit the bottle’s dimensions. Applying mod podge liberally on the back of the image, glue it to the bottle. Smooth the image.

5. Cover the bottle cap by gluing hemp cord and rhinestone cup chain on it. Distress with paint if required

6. Cover the bottle and cap with Modpodge to seal it. Let dry for a few hours.

7. Mix equal parts of Part A and B of iceresin as per the instructions on the bottle. Coat the entire bottle with resin (including bottle but excluding the cap). Let it cure for 48-72 hours

8. Loop together assorted beads and link to connectors on either side

9. Wrap suede cord to the connectors with wire so that it is long enough for a over the head necklace. You could add a clasp if you wish to make the necklace shorter

In this design I have used a restored vintage Indian miniature painting of an Ambari (Royal procession on an elephant) and chose some interesting beads to go with the colors in the image. But any image could be used to create this design. Also you could use cord, ribbon, yarn or chain instead of the suede cord. Here are some variations of the necklaces I created using music inspired artwork.

This is a fun necklace that can be worn with casuals or as a statement piece with ethnic outfits. However you wear it, it is bound to be a definite conversation starter. I hope that you enjoy it!

What’s the most unique piece of jewelry that you have made?


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18 Fabric Flower Crafts To Brighten Winter Days

When the weather is just barely above freezing, it’s hard to think about flowers. In fact, it’s during this time of year that  you begin to forget what warm weather feels like and pretty flowers look like. It’s easy to let the cold and dreary temperatures bring you down, but what you might not know is that there are so many crafty ways to channel spring no matter the time of year.

With a little fabric (this is a great way to use up scraps!), you can create posies to wear, display and show off.

18 Fabric Flower Crafts To Brighten Winter Days


How to Make Fabric Flowers

Scrap Fabric Rosette Barrette – If you want to add DIY fabric flowers to your look, create these homemade barrettes. This is a quick and easy project that’s perfect for beginners and young crafters.

Ribbon Flower Pins – Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and rock one of these delicious flower accessories.

Upcycled Vintage Fabric Flowers – When you have an old t-shirt on hand, there’s no need to invest in fabric. In fact, that’s all you need to get started on this pretty project.

Coffee Stained Roses – The next time you spill coffee on a white shirt, make one of these flowers. In just minutes, you can turn stained fabric into DIY fabric flowers.

Mitzi’s Fabric Flowers – Chose assorted fabric scraps to make your flowers really stand out. Find ow to make fabric flowers that work on their own or as part of a bouquet.

Strip Fabric Flower – In just eight simple steps, you can learn how to make a fabric flower that looks unlike anything else. All you need is muslin to get started on this project.

Charming Hair Flower – Little girls will love sporting this delightful flower in her hair. DIY fabric flowers are always in season, so have her wear one when the weather is freezing.

No Sew Fabric Flower Bouquet – No needle? No problem! Use hot glue to construct your own fabric flowers.

Fabric Flower Bouquet – When it comes to this bouquet, the more fabric scraps you have, the better! If you’re making fabric flowers, why stop with one?


Even More DIY Fabric Flowers

Dyed Ribbon Flower – Use white ribbon to design your own one-of-a-kind flower. While you’re at it, make a whole bouquet!

Ric Rac Rose Rings – A little bit of ric rac can make a huge difference with this innovative jewelry project.

Multiple Use Fabric Flowers – The name says it all – you can do so much with these DIY fabric flowers!

Outstanding Organza Flowers – If you have a needle and thread, you can create your own version of this elegant project. Learn how to make a fabric flower that’s both delicate and dainty.

Stamped Fabric Flower Garden – The button embellishment take these free DIY fabric flowers to a whole other level. Make a bunch and use them as a display on your table.

Quilt Scrap Flowers – Don’t throw out that old quilt! Instead, use the fabric to create personalized flowers.

Roses, Ribbon & Chain Bib Necklace – Forget about wearing your heart on your sleeve – it’s all about flowers on your neck. Once you find out how to make fabric roses, you’ll never want the real thing again.

Burst of Color Fabric Flowers – No-sew fabric flowers are perfect for non-sewers. Pick colorful fabric so your posies stand out.

Radiant Ruffled Blossom Bouquet – Start with basic white cotton fabric and use dye to turn each flower into a unique piece of art.


What’s your favorite flower?



16 DIY Jewelry Ideas in Tempting Turquoise

Turquoise might just be the most beautiful shade of blue that there is. It is reminiscent of mermaids with pretty blue eyes and the entire sea for them to roam. The ocean’s greatest treasure is the lovely greens and blues that inspire us so much. These DIY jewelry ideas are all little mixtures of aquas and sea greens. In other words, we have turquoise jewelry for all tastes here. You can learn how to make pendants that capture the beauty of the ocean and you can find DIY beaded jewelry for nearly any occasion. Don’t be afraid to open this treasure chest of tempting turquoise jewelry. All the riches of the sea can be yours with these easy tutorials and jewelry inspirations. Dive in to the big blue world of turquoise accessories and discover why we love this cool shade of blue so much.


When I was younger, my favorite color was blue. Now that I’m getting older, I am beginning to love green more and more. Turquoise is the perfect way to reconcile my old and new color preferences. I hope you enjoy these lovely pieces of jewelry as much as I do.


How to Make Bracelets

Chunky Turquoise Bracelet

Learn how to make beautiful blue bracelets to slide upon your wrist with these two cute DIY bracelet ideas.

Turquoise Potato Bead Bracelet

Chunky Turquoise Bracelet


How to Make Earrings

Teal and Turquoise Earrings

Pull up your hair and adorn your ears with these beautiful earring ideas. Your friends will surely turn turquoise with envy once they see your new DIY accessories. My personal favorite? The Teal and Turquoise Earrings that look like adorable birds! If only I had my ears pierced, I would create them in a heartbeat.

Turquoise Breeze Earrings

Teal and Turquoise Earrings

Easy Turquoise Earrings

Contempo Turquoise Earrings

Southwest Spirit Turquoise Earrings


DIY Beaded Jewelry Sets

tickle me turqouise

If one turquoise accessory just isn’t enough, try creating an entire jewelry set for you to enjoy. These blue beaded beauties will ensure that you look like the belle of the ball. Dress up any outfit with some homemade turquoise jewelry, and all eyes will be on you. Don’t forget to show the world those pearly blues!

Tickle Me Turquoise Jewelry Set

Faux Turquoise Jewelry

Blue and Turquoise Spiral Rope


How to Make a Necklace

His eyes will be on you the whole night with these lovely DIY necklaces and pendants

Faux Turquoise Necklace

Oriental Turquoise Necklace

Turquoise Medallion Choker

Super Easy Turquoise Bead Necklace

Turquoise Triangle Necklace

Earthy Wood and Turquoise Necklace

With these extra 145 Jewelry Making Ideas, you will find everything from friendship bracelets patterns to DIY hair accessories to hemp bracelet patterns.

What is your very favorite shade of blue?


8 Enchanting and Magical DIY Jewelry Projects

The summer months can be long, hot, and busy. With a million places to be, it is hard to spend time focusing on what pieces of jewelry to wear that day. As a result, we end up either wearing no jewelry or putting on plain pieces. What we all need this summer are some fun, exciting, and easy-to-make jewelry ideas that will make our busy selves look brighter.  With these eight enchanting DIY jewelry projects AllFreeJewelryMaking has selected for you, you will not only glow with charm, but you will also be adding a little magic to your lives.  Inspired from our favorite fairy-tales, myths, and fantasy stories, these eight DIY jewelry pieces will have you believing in fairies once more.

Glinda The Good Witch’s DIY Jewelry Ideas

These two dazzling DIY jewelry pieces, the Bewitching Wire Wrapped Bracelet and the Magical Crystal Shard Bracelets, would have the Wicked Witch of the West chasing them with more zeal than she did those ruby red slippers! Watch out, Dorothy!


The Bewitching Wire Wrapped Bracelet

The Bewitching Wire Wrapped Bracelet

Magic Crystal Shard Bracelets

Magic Crystal Shard Bracelets

Tinker Bell’s Marvelous DIY Jewelry Ideas

With the Magical Recycled Glass Pendant and Fairy Circle Necklace, you will have two extraordinary DIY jewelry pieces that even Tinker Bell would have approved of. But, with these on, you won’t need any fairy dust to make some magic for you; they will do all the work for you once they are on.

Fairy Circle Necklace

Fairy Circle Necklace

Magical Recycled Glass Pendant

Magical Recycled Glass Pendant


Sleeping Beauty’s Entrancing DIY Jewelry Ideas

We can see Princess Aurora wearing the charming Crown Seed Bead Ring, and the evil Maleficent wearing the dangerously fashionable Faux Druzy Bead Ring. Your prince is destined to find you with these rings on. After all, even Maleficent deserves a chance, right?

Faux Druzy Bead Ring

Faux Druzy Bead Ring

Crown Seed Bead Ring

Crown Seed Bead Ring


Hermione’s Spellbinding DIY Jewelry Ideas

Smart and brave, we can see Hermione wearing either of these earrings. She would wear the Mystical Galaxy Earrings to work at the Ministry of Magic and the Magic Pixie Dust Earrings when she is spending time with her two pals, Ron Weasley  and Harry Potter.

Mystical Galaxy Earrings

Mystical Galaxy Earrings

Magic Pixie Dust Earrings

Magic Pixie Dust Earrings


 Who is your favorite magical character?


23 Summer Jewelry Patterns + Awesome Giveaway!

Who’s excited for summer?  I cannot wait for warm weather!  I don’t know about you, but I spent the majority of the freezing cold winter cooped up making brand new jewelry…and I’m so excited to be able to show it off once the weather gets nicer!

From necklaces to rings, I powered through my bead stash and made some awesome accessories that are super sunny and bright…and since I’m so excited to accessorize with color again, I just had to share a few of my favorite summer-themed jewelry DIY’s with you!  And since I’m feeling extra generous, I have an awesome giveaway in store for you as well…

But first, let’s get down to business.  I’ve compiled a list of my favorite summery, beachy, nautical designs that are just perfect for wearing in the summertime.  One of my favorites is the Nautical Knot Necklace, which I love pairing with my new summer sundress.  I also loved making the Bright and Sunny Button Earrings, which I can easily wear year round for fun color accessorizing!

Take a look through my fave’s and let me know which one you like the best!  If you’re feeling extra generous, we’d love to see a picture of your creations!  Share them with us on Facebook so we all can admire your hard work!

jewelry-giveawayAs an added bonus, we’re giving away an entire collection of jewelry books and beads to help you get started with your summer jewelry makeover!  Create tons of bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more with the awesome books in this collection!  Here’s a little sneak peek of what you’ll find in this giveaway:

  • Simple Soldering:  A Beginner’s Guide to Jewelry Making includes a bonus DVD!
  • Metal Clay for Jewelry Makers: The Complete Technique Guide
  • Beading Across America:  Jewelry Inspirations from Coast to Coast
  • The Complete Photo Guide to Making Metal Jewelry
  • Paracord Crafts
  • 20 to Make Necklaces
  • Mixed Media Jewelry Techniques
  • Tila Beads:  Bracelets and Necklaces with 2-Hole Tile-Shaped Beads
  • The Art of Jewelry Design
  • PLUS lots of beads and hemp cord to help you on your jewelry making adventures!

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment answering the question at the bottom of this post and you’ll be automatically entered to win!  You have until May 9th to enter!

Now, let’s get to accessorizing!

23 Summer Jewelry Patterns


Bright-Nautical-Knot-Necklace - CopyNautical Jewelry


BrightAndTasseledBeginnerBracelet - CopyBright and Bold Jewelry


BeachReadyBracelet - CopyBeach Wear


Don’t forget, we’re giving away an awesome set of jewelry books and beads!  Want to win?  Answer this question below…


What are your favorite colors to match when it comes to making your own jewelry? 

I LOVE turquoise and coral…but I need more suggestions!



  • There is a maximum of one entry per person. The entry will be based upon a comment left on this blog post. Duplicate comments will be deleted and are not tallied.
  • Winner will be selected at random from the comments on this blog post below.
  • Winner will be contacted by the email address provided.
  • You have until May 9, 2014 at 11:59p EST to leave your comment on this post. Comments posted after that will not be counted.
  • Contest open to anyone 18+ in US and/or Canada (Void in Puerto Rico, the Province of Quebec and where prohibited).

18 Jewelry Making Designs for Valentine’s Day

It is a month until Valentine’s Day. Are you excited? I know I am! Now, it is not because Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday; in fact, it is far from it. I am chocolate lover and a fan of those sweet little candy heart with messages; but, even those things have not turned me into a Valentine’s Day fan. So why the excitement this year?

Well, I cannot help being enthusiastic about this amazing collection of jewelry patterns for Valentine’s Day. From cute crystal hearts to lacy heart earrings, there is so much to love in this collection of 18 Jewelry Making Designs for Valentine’s Day. AllFreeJewelryMaking has compiled a list of some spectacular necklaces designs and bracelet patterns for this festive occasion. So even if you are not a fan of the holiday, you can be excited about this group of stunning jewelry pieces. Whether they are for your friend, your love, or simply a gift to yourself, when you see these fabulous DIY jewelry projects, you are going to be a fan of this Valentine’s Day jewelry collection.

18 Jewelry Making Designs for Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day Necklace Designs

Salt Dough Heart PendantsWith these DIY necklace patterns, you will find a Valentine’s Day jewelry piece to suit your needs. If you are single and searching, grab someone’s attention with a homemade pendant. If your heart is taken, we have a sweetheart necklace piece for you. Not matter what your needs, these free jewelry patterns are sure to be great jewelry ideas for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Dreamcatcher Heart Pendant
  2. Red Sweetheart Necklace
  3. Salt Dough Heart Pendants
  4. Paper Hearts and Buttons Necklace
  5. Faux Metal Heart Necklace


Valentine’s Day Bracelet Patterns

Live, Love, Laugh Charm BraceletIf you want to go for a subtle, yet charming DIY jewelry piece for Valentine’s Day, then you cannot go wrong with a homemade bracelet. Complement your Valentine’s Day outfit with one of these gorgeous DIY projects.

  1. Clay Heart Bracelet
  2. Chocolate Covered Cherry Hearts Bracelet
  3. Valentine’s Brick Stitch Pattern
  4. Live, Love, Laugh Charm Bracelet


Valentine’s Day Earring Patterns

Lacy Heart EarringsWhether your heart is already taken, or you are looking to snag a suitor, you’ll be enamored with these DIY earring sets. Homemade earrings are the easiest way to add a little bit of Valentine’s Day charm to any ensemble!

  1. Easy Lace Earring Tutorial
  2. Swarovski Crystal Sweetheart Earrings
  3. Lacy Heart Earrings





Entwined Hearts Necklace and Bracelet


BONUS: Be sure to view the rest of the collection, and check out six of our new jewelry ideas for Valentine’s Day! For more holiday jewelry and other stunning patterns, remember to visit AllFreeJewelryMaking.com.




In the spirit of the season, we’ve gathered 33 Homemade Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day, including gifts for boyfriends, romantic Valentine’s Day gifts to make for your husband, and cute handmade gifts for friends and family members. Show how much you care by making unique and personalized Valentine’s Day gifts for the special people in your life.




Win Big!!! Do you love the DIY jewelry projects you see here, but don’t know where to start getting the supplies to make these fantastic pieces? We’ve got you covered. Enter the Prima Bead Beader’s Delight Box Giveaway! Two lucky winners will win these awesome beading boxes that contain supplies to fit your beading needs! The deadline to enter is January 21, 2014, at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time.


What is your favorite thing about Valentine’s Day?

Trends for 2014: 7 DIY Jewelry Projects to Make

One of the best things about the end of the calendar year is waiting in anticipation for what the new year will bring. Wishes and goals are common this time of year, but learning about and seeing new trends is always the most exciting experience of the season, especially when it comes to trending jewelry styles. As most jewelry fans know, accessories can be expensive. Just a simple necklace, a couple of cute bracelets, a bold ring or two, or a few pairs of earrings can easily add anywhere from $25 to $50 at a minimum to your shopping expenses. It’s always better when you can find knockoff designs for less. You should never have to choose between staying on trend or spending all the money you have, and now you don’t have to.

AllFreeJewelryMaking has compiled a list of Trends for 2014: 7 DIY Jewelry Projects that will allow you to be on point with your style, but spend much less than you would in stores. These DIY jewelry ideas are easy, budget-friendly, and stylish. Whether you are new to making your own accessories or a seasoned homemade jewelry creator, make it your goal this coming year to make these trendy DIY projects.


Want to know a secret you don’t have to keep? Lock and key necklaces and bracelets, and even earrings, are definitely in style. You can go for bold metallic pieces like the Rodarte look, or stick with a subtler touch, and create your own Braided Padlock Bracelet.


Though it may seem like spring is far away, the fashion world from Miori to Mathon is already abuzz about pieces featuring birds, bees, and butterflies. If you want a noteworthy piece that follows this trend, this Buzzworthy Bee Cuff is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

5 Minute Gold Chain Necklace

Link yourself up with this fun chain necklace trend. With this 5 Minute Gold Necklace, you can create a shimmering necklace in a flash, and save a fortune compared to splurging for a Valentino chain design.


Be on the lookout for seed bead fringe or delicate metal chains on earrings or necklaces. Make a stunning homemade necklace like this DIY Beaded Fringe Necklace or a Jazz Age Torque Necklace, or create gorgeous DIY earrings like these Seed Bead Tassel Earrings.


Nature-inspired jewelry like this Oscar de la Renta piece has an elegant feel; but you can get this lovely look for less by crafting your own Good as Gold 3-Level Necklace or an Autumn Leaves Necklace.


Pins and brooches are a great way to add color and dimension to any ensemble. Add them to your wardrobe this season by starting with this stunning Beaded Satin Flower Brooch.


Still looking for the right jewelry piece for your collection? Be sure to visit AllFreeJewelryMaking for more trendy DIY jewelry projects throughout the year!


Which trend are you looking forward to seeing in 2014?