Wedding Planning Tips: Kid-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Hot Air Balloon Sweets Table

Some brides make the decision to make their wedding a kid-free affair. This can eliminate some hassle. It can also mean some of your most beloved friends and family members will not be able to attend. If you don’t want to force your friends into getting a sitter, try these unique wedding ideas for keeping kids busy at your wedding. These Wedding Planning Tips: Kid-Friendly Wedding Ideas are sure to make it a stress-free experience for both parent and child. As long as you plan ahead and think about the kiddos along the way, you will have no problem having kids (no matter how rambunctious) attend your festivities.

Tip One: Keep Kids Busy and Occupied

DIY Wooden SwingKids act out and start to misbehave when they are bored. If they cannot keep their little brains happy, they start to get rambunctious. The best way to plan for this is to install kid-friendly wedding ideas into your wedding from the start. Surprisingly enough, plenty unique wedding ideas double as boredom-busters for kids.
1. Use free wedding printables like this I Do Printable Activities for Kids during the ceremony and dinner downtime.
2. Install fun little activities like this DIY Wooden Swing, so they have a place to play.
3. For older kids, you can get their brains working with a fun scavenger hunt and photo activity. Free wedding printables are perfect for this.

Tip Two: Involve Them in the Process

Adorable Kids TableKids will also act out when they feel like they are not getting enough attention. Since weddings are such an adult-centered event, you really need to plan for the little ones. If they feel like they’re involved, they won’t act out quite as much. Use these unique wedding ideas to keep adults and kids involved.
1. Give them their very own table at your DIY wedding. If they have their very own space and it is exciting enough, they won’t be running to mom and dad constantly.
2. Let them do some of the big kid stuff like hopping into your DIY photo booth and playing with props like these Goofball Photo Booth Props. Kids absolutely love taking silly photos.
3. Since kids will probably refuse to step out of that DIY photo booth, create a separate play area that is similar for them. This dress-up box is a brilliant kid-friendly wedding idea.

Tip Three: Think Like A Parent

Kid-Friendly FoodOne reason parents are so great at keeping kids busy is that they are fantastic at anticipating what a child will do. When you are planning your wedding, seek out unique wedding ideas that will make your wedding tables and reception kid-friendly and safe.
1. Use unique wedding ideas like these General Store Candy Jars or this Hot Air Balloon Sweets Table to provide sweet treats for the little ones as well as limiting access to it. If you have a candy table, parents can control how much the kids grab instead of your over-worked waitstaff who might have a hard time saying no.
2. Keep wedding tables clear of danger. If you have a beautiful DIY centerpieces at every table, skip it at the kids’ table. This is especially true for DIY centerpieces with glass or lit candles in them. Better yet, find a centerpiece that will be out of reach like these Sensational Sky DIY Centerpieces.
3. Serve kid-friendly food. This is probably one of the most important tips to take with you. Kids will probably refuse to eat your yummy salmon dish or fancy chicken. Be prepared to offer something like these Dinosaur Shaped Sandwiches to keep their bellies happy. Hungry kids are naughty kids.


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Did you love or loathe weddings as a kid?

10 Totally Tasty Patterns of Food-Inspired Quilts

If you’re familiar with basic quilting vocabulary, then you know I’m not talking about dessert when I say ‘jelly roll‘ or ‘layer cake’. However, if there’s one thing I’ve come to learn about deciding on a new pattern, it’s that fresh inspiration for a quilt project can come from anywhere–especially from common household places, like the kitchen.

Do cupcake patterns and other delicious designs sound yummy to you too? If so, you’ll love FaveQuilts‘ list of 10 tasty quilts inspired by everything from breakfast to dessert. From oven mitts featuring  patterns to quilted table runners with sugary sweet designs, every quilter can find a pattern that they find absolutely appetizing.


Breakfast Quilt Patterns

Breakfast-Print-Oven-MittsEveryone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is why you should accessorize your morning coffee with adorable quilted decor. For example, the silly design of the Eggciting Mug Rug is the perfect pattern to protect your counter tops from hot cups. For those of you that are definitely not morning people, hanging up the Strawberry Fairy Panel Quilt on your kitchen wall is a wonderful way to pep yourself up on a dreary Monday morning. If you’re really looking for a sugary treat, check out these Breakfast-Print Oven Mitts (shown) for a useful and cheerful design that’s sure to get a smile out of any sweet tooth.


Afternoon Picnic Quilts Patterns

Farm-Fresh-Picnic-QuiltIf you’re looking for quilted fruit and vegetable designs, you’ll find no fat quarter here! (sorry, I was dying to make that pun…)

All joking aside, patterns inspired by healthy picnic food, like the Pineapple Applique Welcome Sign and the Apple Core Throw, are cute ideas for new picnic blanket patterns. In addition, the upbeat colors and fruit applique patterns on this Farm Fresh Picnic Quilt (shown) come together to create a splendid blanket for a family picnic.

While fruit applique patterns make refreshing summer quilt patterns, the winter months always give me a craving for sweet afternoon snacks. If you also prefer a sugary snack during the cold season, you’ll love the delectable design of the Sugar Almonds Jelly Roll Quilt.


Dessert Quilt Patterns

Cupcake-Mug-Rug-PatternNaturally, we’ve saved our most delicious dessert quilt patterns for last! Whether you want to make a yummy Christmas quilt pattern like the Candy Jar Quilted Table Runner or pastel-colored blanket like the  Piece O’ Cake Quilt Pattern, you’re sure to get a hankering for something frosted. If you’re reading this and can barely wait to make a dessert quilt pattern, you’ll love this super fast Cupcake Mug Rug Pattern (shown) that would make a scrumptious and thoughtful handmade quilted gift.


Is your mouth watering yet? Get your sugar fix by checking out these 30 Minute Recipes: 8 Fast Dessert Recipes from Recipe Lion.


What kind of food will inspire your next quilt pattern?



Hungry, Hungry Holiday: Recipes for Halloween

The autumn holidays will be here before you know it which is why is bringing you these recipes for Halloween. While every holiday looks festive, with costumes and decorations and all the cheer on TV, there’s nothing more important than the food. Make sure that this year’s Halloween is the most delicious yet. From savory, to sweet, to something to sip on, we’ve got a recipe that will have you smackin’ your lips.


Halloween Drink Recipes

Cran-Cherry Plasma Transfusion Gash Cocktail

If you have a thirst like that of a vampire these Halloween drink recipes are perfect for you. Not only are they delicious and refreshing, they celebrate the blood-sucking scariness of the holiday.

Cran Cherry Plasma Transfusion

Bloody Screwdriver Punch

Crimson Gash Cocktail


Savory Halloween Snacks

Simple, Slurpable Pumpkin SoupSpooky Brain Chicken SaladSwamp Soup with Mud Balls

Sink your teeth into something spooky with these savory Halloween snacks. Don’t be afraid to try these recipes. They taste good and they add an extra element to your Halloween decor.

Simple Slurpable Pumpkin Soup

Spooky Brain Chicken Salad

Swamp Soup with Mud Balls


Halloween Dessert Recipes

Carved Scary ApplesChocolate Covered Strawberry GhostsFrankenstein Marshmallow Pops

Halloween doesn’t always have to be scary. It can also be sweet! While you probably already have bags and bags of store-bought candy ready for the trick or treaters, these Halloween dessert recipes are a little more gourmet. With fruit and frosting and sprinkles, this Halloween may be the sweetest yet.

Carved Scary Apples

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ghosts

Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops




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National Sewing Month 2013 Sewing Social: Easy and Sweet Sewing Patterns

It’s Day Six of National Sewing Month! Too see the daily blog posts, projects of the day, and more National Sewing Month details, click here.

National Sewing Month 2013

While sewing can afford you an invaluable solitary haven, it’s still fun to sew socially. At AllFreeSewing we started thinking about what makes a sewing party great. If you’ve never been to one, it’s essentially a bunch of people getting together and sewing. The formula for throwing a hit, we found, is simple. All you need are people you love to chat with, a fun but simple sewing project, and food.

Some of you advanced sewists may object to our recipe for success, but let us at least defend ourselves. You may not have any beef with our assertion that good friends make great sewing buddies (after all, who wants to sew with someone they profoundly dislike?),  but you perhaps find that one should take advantage of company to tackle tricky projects. This is entirely legitimate; especially if you’re sewing for a cause or a deadline, you want to take advantage of your fellow sewists’ expertise. However, we’re strictly speaking of sewing for fun. If you’re planning a party, pick something simple to tackle.

We got to thinking about our sewing and food mishaps. One minute your ruffled linen shorts are spotless, the next they’re stained with the piece of chocolate cake you tried to eat while simultaneously threading your serger. It can be a deadly combination. We took two of the necessary elements for a successful sewing social, easy patterns and food, and created a quick list of sweet sewing patterns for you to make at your next get-together. Of course, we couldn’t resist tacking on a treat for the after-party when all of your fabric is put away. Enjoy these patterns from AllFreeSewing and others, plus brand new recipes for our sister site, TheBestDessertRecipes. Try not to get too hungry.

Easy and Sweet Sewing Patterns

1. Cupcake Wrist Cushion –  We love this pattern. It’s a great sewing social project because it’s so simple and easy to make, not to mention functional. Once you and your guests have the body of your cupcakes made, get really creative and decorate them with embroidered sprinkles and candies. This project can be completed in the duration of the party, so these cupcakes will double as a party favor.

Cupcake Wrist Cushion

Afterwards serve Lovely Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes. Why wouldn’t you want to enjoy these angel food treats after sewing something that looks so tasty?

 Lovely Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes

2. Macaroon Coin Purse Pattern – The zipper included in this pattern is perfect for the sewing party that wants a little variation. Create this easy coin purse in one sitting with sewers of all levels. This is a cookie for the rookie. Don’t be swayed by the sophisticated end product, this design can be easily accomplished by a novice.

Macaroon Coin Purse Pattern

When you’re through enjoy English Coconut Macaroons. Since your party decided to sew something totally unique, eat something with just as wild a flavor. The coconut accents that abound in this cookie put a twist on a traditional treat.

English Coconut Macaroons

3. Ice Cream Gift Box, Card Holder and Present Topper – Learn how to sew gift wrapping like never before with this creative treat from Ever Kelly. We are wild about these delicious looking goodies. No doubt there is ample material here to fill your social hour (or hours) with sewing fun. Try these simple sewing project with your friends when the weather is particularly warm and enjoy a cool treat afterwards!

Ice Cream Gift Box, Card Holder and Present TopperYour cool treat could be Oreo Cheesecake Ice Cream. Dish out personal portions to every guest and taste the edible translation of your sewing projects!

Oreo Cheesecake Ice Cream

4. Strawberry Pincushion – Sew a naturally sweet treat with this simple sewing tutorial. These teeny pincushions can be easily tied to your favorite pair of fabric scissors for easy transportation. Totally adorable, these easy-to-make pincushions will be a total success.

Strawberry Pincushion

Afterwards enjoy Strawberry Banana Mousse. This unassuming dessert will take your guests by storm. Plus, it’s low-fat, so if your party is in the middle of the day everyone will enjoy this guilt-free treat.

Strawberry Banana Mousse

5. Felt Food Muffins – This is a purely playful project from Pieces by Polly. Consider making this fun felt food if you have some youngsters attending the party. Easy to make and fun to play with afterwards, this simple sewing project will be a healthy reminder that sewing for the sake of fun is always worth a try.

Felt Food Muffins

When you’re finished serve Blueberry Muffin Tops. This spin on the classic muffin is a great party treat.

Blueberry Muffin Tops

And there you have it! Some options to host a great sewing social. Our compliments to TheBestDessertRecipes for providing the real counterparts to our sewn treats.


Do you snack while you sew?


Cinema Saturdays: How to Make a Robot Candy Cake

It seems these days that everyone has a birthday, so make yours special by serving an amazingly unique birthday cake. Don’t just buy it though; make it! It doesn’t matter how crafty you think you are or don’t think you are, anyone can make this awesome kids’ treat with the help of this wonderfully clear tutorial. If you’re having trouble thinking of other crafty treats to accompany the great cake, over at AllFreeKidsCrafts we have plenty of ideas for you!

There won’t be any malfunctions during your birthday party when you make a robot candy cake– that is, as long as you don’t press your robot’s buttons. This cake is perfect for a mixed crowd because it involves both cake and candy, which means it’s been programmed to please everyone. If you’re a little “rusty” on the trends, listen up: robots are all the rage (see below). Make your birthday party trendy and tech-savvy with an intelligent sweet.

Robot Frame

Follow the video tutorial, and you and your kids can easily make this amazing cake. Twist Twizzlers, program M n Ms, and roll chocolate wafers into this incredibly soft, delicious cake to design the perfect robot pal (whom you’ll soon eat, so don’t get too attached). Kids and adults alike will be in awe over this adorably creative cake. Once you’ve mastered the robot candy cake and seen the extremely favorable response, perhaps you’ll be able to create a cake on your own. Follow the tips from the tutorial, and you should be a cake making master in no time!

Watch and learn the nuts and bolts of making a robot cake.

How to Make a Robot Candy Cake

Overload your party with robots with these robot crafts!

What is your favorite birthday party theme?

FREE Thanksgiving Dinner and Decorations eBook: Let Me See Your Turkey Trot!

Thanksgiving is all about celebrating everything we have, from the bounty of the harvest to the support and love of friends and family. Gather everyone you care about this year for a marvelous feast to commemorate this momentous occasion. But don’t stress—FaveCrafts and RecipeLion are here to help. With our latest FREE eBook, you can create the perfect autumnal atmosphere for your Thanksgiving celebration. 24 Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes and Fall Craft Projects will help you host a picture-perfect evening, complete with all of the recipes and decorations you’ll ever need.

From home décor projects to kids’ crafts, this all-inclusive guide is the best tool for a flawless Thanksgiving feast. A list of traditional roast turkey recipes, stuffing recipes, side dishes and desserts precedes the ultimate guide for the holiday crafter. Gifts, centerpieces, wall decorations and more make this an irreplaceable tool for the thankful soul.

Set the table with Colorful Fall Leaves Dinnerware and Pretty Pumpkin Napkin Rings before you complete it with recipes like Brined Wild Turkey and Apple Pie A La Zing. Plus, the kids will love making Candy and Cookie Turkeys and other edible crafts! But be careful; if you use this guide, everyone will beg you to host Thanksgiving every year!


Click here to download 24 Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes and Fall Craft Projects eBook!





Do You Eat Your Crafts?

I’ve had food on the brain lately. I sent out a newsletter issue on edible crafts last week (subscribe here so you never have to miss out again!), and then I featured edible crafts in a Link Love post. Now I’ve written an article on 24 Edible Food Crafts, featuring crafts you can eat, crafts made of food, and other food-inspired projects. I definitely worked up quite an appetite while thinking about all that delicious crafting!

One of my favorite crafts from the article is the Amazing and Edible Chocolate Body Scrub. I love so many things about this project: First of all, it involves chocolate, which is enough to get me on board! Second of all, it doubles as a dessert and a body scrub, which is quite impressive. And third of all, I’m a sucker for gifts in a jar, especially homemade ones, and especially edible ones!

I also really like the Ice Cream Cone Party Hat. You can’t actually eat it, but it’s so darn pretty! This is a great craft to use up stale ice cream cones, and I bet it would be a big hit at adult birthday parties too. It reminds me of fun childhood parties that always had to include conical party hats.

The Candy Flowers project caught my attention because it seemed like it could be a cute wedding or wedding shower centerpiece as well. I love crafts that serve multiple purposes, and these paper flowers are both a candy receptacle and a whimsical centerpiece.

One of my favorite craft websites, Craft Gossip, has an entire section devoted to edible crafts. I love poring over the adorable cupcakes, edible party favors, and other food crafts they feature. Here are some that I particularly enjoyed drooling over:

This rainbow cake in a jar is basically perfection. Cake–yes, please. Jars–you already know my opinion of those. Rainbows–sign me up!

When I saw this ruffle cake, I literally gasped. I’m definitely planning on becoming a cake decorating enthusiast now, just so that I can learn how to make this.

And how clever are these graduation push pops? Craft Gossip first tipped me off to the push pop trend, and I can’t get over how adorable and wonderful they are.

Don’t forget to check out my article on 24 Edible Food Crafts to see the rest of the delicious ideas I found on FaveCrafts. And tell me: Are you a fan of the edible craft?

Link Love: Fun with Food

I love edible crafts! Maybe it’s because it combines my 2 favorite things–food and crafting! If you missed our recent edible crafts themed newsletter, hopefully these foodie projects will satiate your appetite (and while you’re at it, subscribe to the free FaveCrafts email newsletter so you won’t miss another issue!).

  1. Cookie Palm Trees from Random Thoughts of a SuperMom
  2. Graduation Party Sandwiches from Sweetology
  3. Owl Pancake Dippers from Jenni Price Pancake Art
  4. Fruity Rainbow Wraps from Babble
  5. Peeps Sushi from Serious Eats
  6. Cake Push Ups from My Cake School
  7. Turtle Icebox Cookies from Diamonds for Dessert
  8. Edible Teacups from Disney
  9. Checkerboard Cake from Amanda’s Cookin

Link Love: Glee Gum

FaveCrafts was contacted recently by a company called Verve, which makes all-natural Glee Gum and Make Your Own Candy Kits. These kits include Make Your Own Chocolate, Make Your Own Chewing Gum and Make Your Own Gummies. Now while we certainly love the DIY focus here at FaveCrafts, I took a moment to check out the website because of the company’s eco-friendly, global focus.

To make their products, Verve purchases natural chicle from communities in Northern Guatemala. These communities have been economically depressed since the rise of synthetic resins for making chewing gum. By purchasing natural chicle, Verve supports a sustainable industry and provides income for these communities. In addition, Verve’s green focus also means that their products come packaged in 100% biodegradable cardboard.

I was happy to see that the website provides Lesson Plans to go along with their Make Your Own Candy Kits. These kits are a fun activity for kids and also teach valuable lessons about the environment and our global community.

Summer is Just Around the Corner

I love summer-time. The warm sun beating on my face and the bright blue sky just make me smile and think there’s not a care in the world. Summer is also the time kids are off from school and playing with their friends. My nieces live right down the street from me so it’s fun to hang out. Usually during summer-time everyone likes to wear sandals and flip flops, but shoes with laces are still in. This cute flower shoe clip is sure to spruce up your shoe. You can make it according to your mood. If you want to decorate your shoe for the Fourth of July you can use red and blue beads. If you’re just going for a summer bike ride or for a picnic maybe you’ll want a bright color bead like yellow or orange. Either way it’s a nice craft for the kids to help you with and they can walk all over it (figuratively speaking). Another fun summer craft is bbq skewers.


Everyone loves to bbq during the warm weather and what a fun way to do it with decorative skewers.


Along with bbq’d food you can use it for fresh fruit. These fun crafts are the perfect way to start your summer. Enjoy! And if you have any summer crafts you’d like to share let us know!