How to Arrange Flowers: Buy, Arrange, and Care for Flowers Like a Pro

The Flower School New York prepares florists and floral designers with classes in introductory, intermediate, advanced and intensive floral design, as well as advanced wedding floral design, master classes and workshops. Students learn principals and techniques of floral design, flower procurement, and flower conditioning to prepare for careers in floral design. But you don’t have to study floral design for years to use be able to arrange flowers like a pro.

Use the Right ToolsUse the Right Tools

To handle and prepare flowers for beautiful and creative arrangements, you need to use the right tools. Make sure you get a hold of the right tools before attaining the flowers and greens. Floral clay, foam, wire, and tape help to keep stems and leaves in place within the arrangement and keep flowers and greenery from moving or sticking out at odd angles. Use a water spray bottle to keep flowers and foliage fresh, plastic liter soda bottles with the tops cut off to hold plant materials as you work on arranging them, and chicken wire to hold stems and other materials in place. Sharp scissors and clippers are necessary for snipping leaves and cutting through tough stems and twigs, as Country Living explains. Rubber bands hold stems together and keep flower bunches upright. Cooking spray seals the pores of flowers like tulips and orchids to conserve moisture and make flowers last longer, and a tablespoon of bleach in the water prevents mold, mildew, and bacteria that attack flowers and greens and shorten their shelf life.


Incorporate Greenery

Flawless Flower ArrangementIn “Fresh Flower Arranging” by DL Publishing, the authors recommend using seasonal foliage whenever possible, especially when working with expensive flowers like specialty roses or exotics like bird of paradise. Greenery provides a contrasting backdrop to highlight flowers, as shown in the Flawless Flower Arrangement right, and even add fragrance. Evergreens like pines and arborvitae lend a fresh, clean scent to florals, and herbs like mint and rosemary add pleasant green fragrances. Branches clipped from shrubs with interesting foliage traits such as red bark or variegated leaves add color and texture to arrangements.


Flower Arranging Tips

Cut flowers and leaves can transpire or lose moisture into the air, quickly. If you’re ordering flowers from a delivery service, ensure your flowers will last longer by misting them with a water spray bottle and adding floral preservative to the water once they arrive. If you’re arranging flowers yourself for bouquets, like the gorgeous Exotically Vibrant Bouquet below, or centerpieces, there are various things you can do to make flowers look nicer and last longer.

  • Exotically Vibrant BouquetPlace arrangements out of direct sunlight and away from heating and air conditioning vents to slow moisture loss.
  • If using flowers of one color, use different shades of the same color or interesting textures with leaves, twigs, and other materials for contrast.
  • Remove all leaves from stems that will be below the water line in the container to prevent rotting and bacteria.
  • If you have tightly closed flower buds, put their stems in warm water to get them to open.
  • Whether using store-bought flowers or freshly cut flowers and foliage from the yard or garden, clip the ends of stems off and put them in water as soon as you get them inside to arrange. This helps them take up more water to stay fresh longer and prevent wilting.


What is your favorite type of flower?

Dress Up a Clay Pot & Add Some Color to Your Patio


This tutorial is brought to you by Latrice Murphy for Any Occasion.

There is still time to spruce up your outdoor space with fun handmade pieces like colorful DIY succulent pots. I’m lucky to have a landscape designer husband, but he’s not into decorating that space. I wanted to add pops of white and aqua to our patio, so I decided to make these fun little pots to put around our space.


  • 2 clay pots
  • Various succulents
  • Spray paint in the color you would like
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Various ribbons and gems
  • Box or drop cloth


First, you want to spray paint the pots and let them dry in between a few coats.

Next, choose your ribbons and create bows by bunching layers together in the center and tying it together. I finished my bows off with a giant gemstone.

After your pots have dried, it’s time to decorate them. I started with ribbon and simply hot glued it around the top portion of the pot.

Next, I took my bow and added it to the center. My bow matches my other handmade summer decor, so I love that it flows outside too.

Plant your pot or do as I did just simple keep your plant in the pot it came in and sit it inside. That way you can change the plants later is you would like to.


Succulents have swept the nation all of a sudden. They are such fun and unique plants and I feel like they needed a unique pot. I hope you try this soon since summer’s almost to its end. Have fun creating before it’s over!

5 Unexpected Uses for Glass Beads

This post is brought to you by Andre Smith.

Glass beads are so versatile. Not only are there several sizes, shapes, and types of glass beads, but you can use them in a wide variety of craft projects. Most of the time when people think of beads, the first craft that comes to mind is jewelry making, which is a very viable creative outlet for the use of beads. However, knitting, mixed media art, cross stitch, and home decor projects are also great areas in which you can use glass beads. Below are five great craft ideas and how you can incorporate the use of beads into them.

Mixed Media Art


Mixed media art has always been around, but lately the framed pictures with all manner of material used to create unique and eye-catching artwork has really expanded and become more a part of the art world. A canvas does not have to be a home simply for paint. Instead, you can use charms, pendants, pipe cleaner, pieces of magazines, scrapbook components, and virtually anything else you can think of to create art that is framed (without glass) and literally pops off the page. Glass beads are a great addition to this type of work, as well. A great example of this kind of craft is a Blank Board Book Flourish Cover, in which you can use a variety of craft materials to create a one-of-a-kind piece,


Scrapbooking is another area of crafting in which glass beads can become very helpful. Use some glass seed beads to add definition or use beads and ribbon to create a page edging or border. You can also take some glass beads and wire and create your own addition to the page, like a wire letter with beading or a wedding bell shape with a few crystal-like glass beads. The possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating beads into your scrap-booking projects, and glass is a great option, particularly since glass beads come in so many different shapes so as to accommodate a wide variety of themes.

Knitting and Crochet


Knitting and crochet are two yarn crafts that are becoming increasingly popular. Adding a bit of beading to your knitting or crochet project can bring some extra elegance, charm, and class. One crafty example is the Silk Lace Bag. This looks like a simple crochet bag pattern, but the beads give it an unexpected look and texture. The tricky part about using glass beads in knitting and crochet is that you’ll need to know exactly how many beads you need before you start, as you’ll have to string them first. Then, let them rest down by the ball or skein of yarn until you need them, at which point you can just slide them up and use them in your knitting or crochet. [break]

Silk Floral Arrangements

One area of home decor crafting in which you can incorporate glass beads is the creation of silk floral arrangements. You may have seen sand and river rock used in a vase with silk flowers to create an interesting and unique look. However, what you might not know is that you can also use glass beads to create the same effect. Whether you want to use chilli pepper shaped beads with red silk roses to create a kitchen accent or simple round beads mixed in with other mediums, using glass beads in the vase or base of your silk floral projects is a great way to add creativity and personality. [break] [break] [break]

Wreath Making

Wreath Fit For a Goddess Another area of home decor crafting that benefits from the addition of glass beads is wreath making. Floral additions, birds, bird nests, butterflies, and a wide array of other items are available for those who craft wreathes. However, adding glass beads to the mix can add some sparkle and shine to your creation. Try using the wire from a bird or butterfly embellishment to string on some beads in beautiful colors, curling the end of the wire with pliers, then wrapping the beaded wire around some of the wicker or wreath. Instead of having an ugly wire you have to hide somewhere in the back, you now have a beautiful addition to the wreath, and it is less likely to poke or injure people who may arrange various aspects of the wreath, as well.


Glass beads provide the crafter with a wide variety of opportunities in nearly every area of crafting. From beaded lampshades to scrapbooks, mixed media art to wreaths, and even jewellery making, there are endless opportunities for you to express your creativity using glass beads.

Some of the information for this article was found on Just Fabulous Glass Beads.

25 DIY Garden Projects + Vibrant String Art

Hand Painted Flower PotGoing green by growing your own garden is a great activity to get the kids off of the couch and out into the backyard. When the sun in shining, there’s no use sitting inside all day, so pick up a spade, some seeds, and a flower pot, and head outside to exercise your green thumb! If you’re out of ideas for what to do with all of the free time you have, then these garden crafts for kids are perfect for you.When the flowers start to bloom in spring and summer you’ll want to get in on the action. AllFreeKidsCrafts has gathered 25 DIY Garden Projects that you are sure to love. With each project you can make something to spruce up your garden, whether that is a rainbow flower pot, birdie stakes or a tin can robot.

25 DIY Garden Projects

Flower Pot Crafts

Simple Scrappy PotsOf course you’ll want the roses you just planted to grow in something just as beautiful as they are, so try decorating a boring flower pot as a great craft for kids. One of my favorite crafts is the Simple Scrappy Pots craft because you can use any old denim scraps that you have, making this a budget-friendly craft. DIY garden projects like these are great because you can decorate your backyard or windowsill with colorful pots filled with flowers.

Click here for more Flower Pot Crafts


Recycled Crafts for Kids

Reduce Your Footprint PlanterGreen is the name of the game, so why not save money while you’re helping out the environment? By making recycled crafts for kids you can have a blast, and you don’t have to worry about spending a dime. Look around your house for a Kleenex box to make a Reduce Your Footprint Planter, and you can get started on a garden in no time. Garden crafts for kids like these provide hours of entertainment as you tend to each of your own little plants. There’s nothing better than planting something green while being green and using recycled materials.

Click here for more Recycled Crafts for Kids



Garden Crafts for Kids

Darling Paint Can DaisiesThis summer’s theme: green gardens. Who doesn’t love waking up in the morning and looking outside to see a green garden full of beautiful flowers and delicious veggies? Garden crafts for kids are a great way to learn about responsibility and nature. Don’t sit inside all day and watch cartoons when you could be making some Darling Paint Can Daisies. This adorable craft is a great Mother’s Day gift, and it will help you mark where daisies are in your garden.

Other Garden Crafts for Kids


 Bonus! Learn how to make Vibrant String Art. It’s a great decor craft that will change the look of your space.

Vibrant String Art


What is your favorite flower or veggie to plant in the garden?



Spring-ify Your Space with Silk Flowers

This tutorial is brought to you by Latrice Murphy from Any Occasion.


It’s finally spring here in Illinois and I’m excited to share the seasonal projects with you. My first craft idea was to dress up some lampshades that I’ve had for about six years. They were originally meant to be displayed in my daughter’s room, but we went in a different direction. Since IKEA has great prices, we decided to hold on to them until inspiration struck.

My daughter and I get to visit American Girl a couple times a year and have either tea or lunch there. Well, our first time in the cafe, I was totally floored by the decor. They had these giant lampshades covered in hot pink and black flowers. STUNNING, I tell you. I turned to her and said “We’re going to make something like this.” So here we go!


  • Plain lampshades
  • Hot glue gun
  • Silk flowers



First off wipe down your lampshades with a damp cloth. Mine were a little dusty from being stored for a few years.

Next, move on to prepping your flowers. Pull each flower off the stem and snip the flower as flat as possible. This will make it easier when gluing them to the shade. You’ll end up with a giant pile of flowers.

All you do next is take your time adding about a quarter size of hot glue on the back of one flower at a time and holding it in place on the lampshade until it’s cooled enough to stay on its own. I did both shades this way and it took about an hour since you have to hold them for a few seconds. I ended up with a fun finished project.

These will finally get hung in her room. I haven’t decided whether to light them or not since the flower and glue would get hot. We may go with an LED bulb so the heat wouldn’t be an issue.

Happy spring wherever you are!

AllFreeHolidayCrafts Giveaway: Paper Blooms

Paper BloomsPaper Blooms, by Jeffery Rudell, demonstrates 25 different ways to create simply extraordinary paper flowers. These fabulous flowers would make the perfect addition to a handmade card, gift wrap, a seasonal table setting, or even a wedding centerpiece. Each of the 25 different paper flower tutorials that are included in this book are accompanied by step-by-step directions and full color images. These instructions and detailed images make crafting paper flowers simple for paper crafters of all ability levels. Paper flowers add a touch of class and grace to almost any occasion and they make for wonderful DIY wedding decorations, making Paper Blooms perfect for seasonal crafters like you!

Included within this compilation of 25 paper flowers are tutorials on how to make daisies, mums,  English roses, black eyed Susan’s, carnations, and more. There are also a few creative paper creations included within the tutorial section of this book, like how to craft paper pumpkins, gourds, and cattails. Jeffery Rudell’s craft book begins with an informative and well-written introduction, giving the reader a clear idea of the basics required to craft flowers from paper. Combined with these effortless guides, this introduction allows the reader to not only feel at ease with the included tutorials, but confident in their creative process as well. Making paper flowers will come easily to any crafter with the help of this intricate, gorgeous, and educational paper crafting book.

Paper BloomsThe three sections that are broken down in Paper Blooms include how to make paper flowers from strips of paper, paper punches, and hand-cut shapes. With so many options, the reader is able to better assess their paper crafting specialty and create the paper flowers included in this book that they find to be easiest. Get ready for the spring wedding season while you learn how to craft gorgeous flowers as decorations. is giving away one copy of Paper Blooms to one lucky winner. You could win!

Learn more and enter to win here.

Contest ends April 30, 2013. You can enter once daily, return often to improve your chances of winning!


Link Love: Pom Poms

Spring is in the air – can you feel it? To celebrate this glorious season, I’ve been searching for pretty, uncomplicated projects to decorate my space. One thing I’ve noticed – pom poms are all the rage right now. They’re used for banners, wall art and even keychains, plus they come in all shapes and sizes. Pom poms help you use up yarn or paper that you might have leftover from another project. Plus, they look like pretty florals and will inevitably put a smile on your face. Does it get any better than that?

Until now, I always assumed they pom poms were could only be created with yarn and were used as an accent on a winter hat. Upon further research, I realized I was completely wrong. There are so many crafty ways to work with pom poms and you can make your own in a snap! If you are looking for a quick and easy stashbuster, start with a Fabric Scrap Pom Pom. Sure, this is a great idea for a Christmas ornament, but you can certainly make one and hang it up at any time of year. I also love the look of Lacy Eyelet Pom Poms because they’re girly and delicate.  Don’t let the name of this project fool you – you need tissue paper, not fabric, to complete this project.

If you want to make your own pom poms but aren’t sure how to get started, you’re in luck. Find out how to make a pom pom, gather up your materials and get to work!

  1. DIY Pom Pom Keychain from Plan B
  2. Pom Pom Necklace from Design Improved
  3. Paint Chip and Pom Pom Bookmarks from Make and Takes
  4. Pom Pom Accent Rug from Pippa Patchwork
  5. Mini Tissue Pom Garland from Make Home Base
  6. Exotic Flower and Pom Pom Straws from Clones n’ Clowns
  7. Crepe Paper Pom Pom Garland from Honestly Yum
  8. Pom Pom Monster Wands from Sew and the City
  9. Fuzzy Heart Art from Writing Chapter Three

Start Spring with Flower Power Floral Crafts

You can bring a breath of fresh air into your home even before the snow has melted away by creating your own craft flowers. Real flowers are beautiful, but arrangements can be expensive, and they don’t last forever. The editors at AllFreeChristmasCrafts want to help you find inexpensive, but beautiful alternatives that you can create and display in your home as long as you want. Learn how to create a variety of flower craft projects with these ideas below:

Chenille Button Flower Ornaments – Start off simple with this ornament craft that can help you get rid of some of your craft drawer clutter. These fun little decorations don’t require much outside of pipe cleaners and buttons, meaning there’s plenty of ways for you to add your own touches. Their size not only allows them to be homemade Christmas ornaments that the whole family can make, but also wearables and embellishments for bigger projects.

Fabric Rosette Cuff – Your home isn’t the only thing that can have a spring-themed upgrade; think about your wardrobe too. Pick out your fabric fabric and see how you can make DIY bracelets with a 3D design that’s going to grab a lot of attention.

DIY Flower Pillow – Another simple way to spruce up your home decor is felt. Any plain pillow can be turned into a spring-inspired flower craft that adds just the right pop of color to any setup. Non-sewists will be happy to know that the tutorial has options for both stitching and gluing, so you can learn how to make a pillow decoration too.

Recycled Book Rosette Wreath – A popular technique when it comes to craft flowers is making rosettes. In this case, you can make a paper craft, recycling craft, and a new homemade wreath all at the same time. It can be a bit time consuming, but the results will be worth the effort.

White Flowers – While many of these projects are meant to be large scale decorations, you can also make flower crafts more suited for a windowsill or mantel. These white flowers are made with easy-to-find materials and add a certain modern elegance that can brighten up any room.

Rose Card – A lot of major holidays have passed, but there are many more coming up (including plenty of birthdays and anniversaries), so make this next occasion all the more special for a loved one by sending them a handmade card with a floral theme. The tutorial has a thorough step-by-step guide for how to create a professional design that will be cherished by anyone.

Cherry Blossom Chandelier – Anyone interested in creating new home decor crafts needs to see this standout decoration. Store-bought chandeliers are very expensive and not suitable for every household. Luckily, there’s this impressive project that is a cascade of flowers and crystals that you can hang in any room with a ceiling. It’s hard to believe this gorgeous DIY craft project is made out of an old embroidery hoop!

What do you make craft flowers for?

Geek Crafts: Test Tube Craft Roundup

I’m Haley Pierson-Cox from The Zen of Making, and this is your weekly dose of geeky goodness.

It might sound a bit strange to the uninitiated, but there’s something about lab glass that always sparks my creativity and gets my crafty brain cranking. Do test tubes and beakers have you seeing projects and tutorials too? Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

1. DIY: Test Tube Spice Rack from Jenny Linquist

2. diy | hanging test tube flowers from A Daily Something

3. Easy Halloween Crafts—Homemade Slime from The Idea Room

4. How to Make a Book Vase from Fresh Home Ideas

5. Give the Gift of Green With a Terrarium Necklace (DIY Tutorial) from ecouterre

6. Test Tube Spice Rack from Dream Book Design

Looking for more projects from the lab? Head on over to my Robot Craft Roundup right here on FaveCrafts!

7 Rosy Crafts to Celebrate National Rose Month!

Now that spring is winding down and summer is right around the corner, I’ve noticed that the roses in my garden are finally blooming! They are one of my favorite flowers and they just so happen to have the pretty impressive title of our National Floral Emblem. So of course, I was excited to find out that June is National Rose Month. That’s right, it’s officially the time to stop and smell the roses! In order to celebrate the rose, long a symbol of beauty and love (even Shakespeare was a fan!), I’ve rounded up some of the best rose crafts I could find.

Rose Jewelry Projects

Carry around a rose wherever you go with these cute jewelry projects. You’ll never have to worry about these flowers wilting!

This elegant necklace is a wonderful way to showcase your love of roses.  Follow this Beaded Rose Necklace Tutorial from our friends at AllFreeJewelryMaking to add some floral flair to a chic pearl chain necklace.

If crocheting is more your style than you have to check out this adorable Crochet Rose Ring.  It’s a quick project so make a bouquet of all different colors and give as gifts to your friends!  I know I wouldn’t mind getting one of these cute little flowers.

You’ll be turning heads with these Awesome Neon Rose Earrings.  They’re very trendy right now and this easy video tutorial will show you how to make them out of bread dough.  Who knew you would be baking your roses?!

Rose Decor for the Home

Welcome guests to your home with this classy Rose E’er Blooming Wreath. You can hang this beautiful wreath on your front door for the month of June or all year long.  You won’t want to take it down!

This Rosebud Afghan from AllFreeKnitting is absolutely gorgeous and is made from a vintage knitting pattern.   Wrap yourself up in this pretty rosebud pattern, it’s sure to be your new favorite blanket.

Rose Bag Patterns

You’ll fall in love with this red rose adorned Rose Tote Bag. There’s room for everything you need and it looks so pretty! Who said practical can’t be stylish?

There’s nothing thorny about this Rose Cosmetics Bag. Carry all your makeup or toiletries in this adorable crochet project!

How are you celebrating National Rose Month?