25+ Flower Crafts To Brighten Your Day

Let me get something off my chest. I am so happy to see the return of spring. Winter in my area can be drab and dreary, especially as the sun sets long before dinnertime. As a result of this dismal weather, I’m ready to say goodbye to bare trees and sad patches of snow. I am counting down the days until I can say hello to clear skies and plenty of sunshine! This year, I’m doing something a bit different. I’m digging into the craft supply box to make flower crafts with my kids because I want to celebrate spring’s return. From crochet granny squares to coloring sheets, these cute flower craft activities are perfect for my family because they are kid-friendly, super colorful, and generally inexpensive. It’s win-win-win for everyone. In addition, we gain a sense of accomplishment and pride by completing a project. It doesn’t also hurt that we also get to brighten our home with flower craft patterns we’ve made by hand.

With the plethora of flower craft ideas available on FaveCrafts, you’re probably wondering where you can even start finding a project. What’s a crafter to do? I’ve curated a list of flower craft activities for you to explore. This list includes some paper flower crafts for younger kids that will be fun to work on together with adult supervision. In addition, I’ve selected a few flower craft projects for adults and teens that are more time-intensive, because who isn’t up for a challenge? This list of flower craft activities is also the perfect opportunity to try a type of craft that’s new to you. Ever wanted to learn how to crochet or spend the afternoon working on coloring sheets? All you need to do is round up your materials, then roll up your sleeves and get to work. Finally, just remember to have fun when crafting with your kids!

You’ll love adding some serious flower power to your kitchen table or work space with these amazing flower crafts. In addition, you and your kids can make duplicates of your favorite craft projects to share with family and neighbors. Most of all, who wouldn’t want their day brightened with colorful paper flowers or flower pots in bright designs?

25+ Flower Crafts To Brighten Your Day

Celebrate the start of spring with these flower crafts! Clockwise from top left: Junk Mail DIY Wall Art, DIY Pressed Flower Cards, Origami Spring Wreath Idea, Mini Q-Tip Flowers, Summer Bouquet Coloring Sheets.

25+ Flower Crafts

What are some of your favorite flower craft projects?

How to Watercolor Roses

Learning how to watercolor is one of the most requested crafting techniques when it comes to the FaveCrafts audience. This charming and trendy painting technique is a stunning way to add subtle color to your DIY projects and home. The tutorial below shows you how to paint watercolor roses for a paper craft project, but you could easily use the steps to create wall art, handmade cards and more.

How to Paint Watercolor Roses

Today’s project is brought to you by the upcoming collection of international projects, Around the World with 80 Artistss. This collection of projects is designed to highlight the diversity and ingenuity of crafters and artists across the word. Look out below for our interview with the author and project champion, Mahe Zehra Husain of the Creative Art Academy.

Click here to read out interview with the author of this collection.

How to Paint Watercolor Roses

I want to share a fun, quick Watercolor Technique with you on how to create cute, playful Roses in no time – even without any or very little watercolor skills. I love this Technique not only because it’s quick & easy, but also because those Roses are so versatile in using them – you can use it to create quick, fun Cards with your Watercolor Roses, but also use them to embellish your Scrapbook Layouts or to add some fun Accents to your Mixed Media Projects or Art journal Pages etc.

• Watercolors of your choice
• Round tip brush
• Heavyweight Watercolor Paper
• Scissors
• Glue / 3D Adhesive Pads
• Cardstock for the Card / a Paper Gift bag  (or something else you’d like to add your flowers to)
• Stamps to add sentiments


  1. Decide a color for your Rose Blossom (I go with a shade of red here). Create a nice, watery mix of your color, load your round tip brush with it and you’re good to start.
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses
  2. We’re working our way outwards starting in the center of the blossom. Start with two little half-circle shapes.
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 2
  3. Then add two larger half-circle shapes around the center. That’s the way we’re going to build up our rose / the rose petals. Make sure to take advantage of the brush tip and vary the pressure of the brush to create variation in the thickness of the lines as you go – this creates a natural petal-look.
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 3
  4. The white space in between the individual brushstrokes / petals is very important, so make sure to keep this white space. Keep on adding those lines / brushstrokes working your way outwards.
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 4
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 4b
  5. Also, play with the amount of color pigment & water as you go to create variation in the color intensity. If you want to go a little fancy you can even use a second or third color and slightly add it to the still wet first color – let the colors blend into each other for a really cool look.
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 5
    How to Paint Watercolor Roses 5b
  6. Once you’re happy with the result, add some green leaves. I would suggest mixing some green from your watercolor palette with some yellow for a very natural looking shade of green with a little variation in the color.
    How to Paint the Leaves
  7. Keep those leaves very simple as well – just start right underneath the blossom with a very basic leaf-shape.
    How to Paint the Leaves 2
  8. Add a little stem if you like and a second leaf – that’s all it takes.
  9. Create several roses – play with different sizes, vary the brushstrokes, play with different colors. Also, paint some simple single green leaves. Then cut them out – leaving a small white border around the design.
    Cutting Out Accents 2
    Cutting Out Accents
  10. Stamp a sentiment with your favorite stamps (or create your own using Alphabet Stamps). Cut this out as well.
  11. Now you’re ready to apply your watercolor images to your project. I adhere them to a plain white card here and to a cute little paper gift bag. Be creative – you can embellish so many things and project with these flowers – your scrapbook pages, your Art Journal pages, some hand lettered projects, a cute little canvas or a picture frame!
    Multiple roses
  12. To add dimension and interest to your project use 3D foam pads / 3D gluedots. Layer the different blossoms and leaves to create cute little bouquets.
    Layer Roses
  13. You can give it a little more of an artistic look by adding some small paint splatters. Choose a black color or a dark brown for some contrast or just a color that is matching your blossoms. Load your brush with a watery mix of your watercolor and slightly tap the brush with your finger to add some small paint splatters to your project. (this takes a little bit of practice – so you might want to get used to it on a piece of scrap-paper first before using this technique on your finished project).
    Splatter Paint
    Splatter Paint 2
  14. And you’re done!
    Final Project


About the Artist
My name is Andrea Gomoll, I’m a fulltime Mixed Media Artist from Berlin, Germany.
Being creative with Paints, Inks, Pens, Markers etc. is essential for me – it helps me through the rough days and makes good days even better. That’s why I love Art journaling & Mixed Media Art so much – there are no rules and you can fully enjoy the process and see where it takes you. On my Website / Blog you can follow my creative journey, but you can also purchase prints of my artwork and stamps with my designs. I’m also teaching (online) classes for Mixed Media Art, Art Journaling, Whimsical Painting, Watercolor Sketchbooks etc. I just love to inspire and share my passion for Art with others – with YOU!

What is your favorite accent to add to handmade cards?

How to Make a DIY Flower: 7 Sunflower Craft Ideas

There’s nothing like a lovely sunflower craft to ensure your home will be bright and summery even on cloudy August days. The best things about DIY flowers? They never die, AND you can make them out of nearly any crafting material. Do you some lovely yellow felt sitting around, or sunny crepe paper? Then you’re going to love this list of sunflower crafts from a group of bloggers we’re sure you’ll love even more.




Summer Flower Craft Projects


1. Clothespin Sunflower from About Family Crafts

2. Sunflower Pops Snack Recipe from The Decorated Cookie

3. Crepe Paper Sunflower from eHow



4. Sunflower Photograph Bouquet from Simply Kelly Designs

5. Polymer Clay Sunflower Magnets from Polymer Clay Workshop

6. Felted Sunflower Pillow from Fab Your Bliss



7. Boho Chic Sunflower Headband from The Chic Country Girl



Which sunflower craft will YOU choose to brighten up your home with?

15 Paper Crafts Your Kids Have to Try

15 Paper Crafts Your Kids Have to Try Whoever thought paper could be so much fun? What’s so amazing about paper crafts is that you can go outside of the box, and make whatever your heart desires! My kids love making paper crafts, and right now, they’re into making paper flowers and paper animal crafts. I’m always eager for them to gain new interests like these because they get to express their creativity through something that they love to do. They went nuts over the Floating Butterflies when I showed them the craft idea. Right now, we have butterflies floating in almost every doorway in our home. My little girl loves running through them as she pretends to catch them.

Your kids will love all of these paper crafts because they’re super easy and loads of fun. I’ve even made a few of these crafts myself. The awesome thing about these crafts is that some of them involve other materials, such as paint and coloring tools. You can capture your kids’ attention for hours with these wonderful crafts.

Gorgeous DIY Paper Flowers

Crepe Paper FlowersOur home has a gorgeous array of different DIY flowers, which I absolutely love, because there is just something about a homemade flower that adds a little character. My kids love making paper flowers, and everyone who steps through our front door most definitely notices. I’m always proud to say that my little ones made me those gorgeous little works of art. So naturally, I’m always looking for fun new flower crafts that they can get a hold of with their little hands. Their new favorite flower craft is the Tissue Paper Water Lilies. They’re so life-like and beautiful that everyone comments on them, which makes my kids burst with happiness.

Silly Animal Paper Crafts

Colorful Scales Rainbow FishEvery kid loves crafting when animal crafts are involved. Your kids will have a blast making animals like the Paper Plate Penguin and the Handprint Owls because there are different materials that they get to play around with. They’ll love having the opportunity to get their hands covered in paint to make their little owls.

More Paper Crafts

Unexpected Paper DollsThere’s nothing like enjoying a beautiful summer’s night outside with the romantic lighting from the Lovely Little LED Lanterns. These DIY lanterns are gorgeous little additions to my outdoor patio. My kids love that something they created is used for everyone to enjoy.


33 Kids' Paper Craft Projects


Discover more fun crafts in this collection of 33 Kids’ Paper Craft Projects. Your kids will excited at all of these new crafts you show them!



What kind of paper crafts do your little ones like to do?

21 Precious Paper Flowers

I don’t know about you, but I love the look that fresh cut flowers give to my home.  A bouquet of flowers can instantly liven up a living room or entryway, not to mention they smell beautiful…until they don’t.

The bad thing about fresh cut flowers is that they only last about a week…and there’s nothing quite like the smell of old flowers.  However, there’s a way to get the look you love and still have flowers that last for years…just make them yourself!

In a full bouquet, it would be hard to tell these precious paper flowers from the real deal.  These beautiful blooms look so real that you might even catch family and friends sniffing them just to double check!  For example, these gorgeous Incredibly Realistic Paper Hydrangeas look so real that you can easily use them for wedding centerpieces and spring and summer decorating.  The Faux Mulberry Paper Roses would also look beautiful as a Mother’s Day arrangement or placed in a lovely vase for a housewarming celebration.

Bonus!  We’re giving away an awesome kit to help you make your very own paper flowers.  Scroll on down to find out how to enter!

21 Precious Paper Flowers




BONUS!  We’re giving away this awesome Pretty n’ Easy Premium Flower Making Kit, complete with everything you need to make a beautiful bouquet of paper flowers.  You have until June 3rd to enter, and you can enter to win once a day…so the more you return, the greater your chances of winning this awesome flower kit.  Head on over to the giveaway page to enter today!

The Best Blogger Crafts: Seussian Flower Bouquet


This month we’re celebrating our bloggers and their creativity. In January 2014 at CHA, bloggers gathered at our CHA Networking Event to meet companies and to work more with us here FaveCrafts. After getting a bunch of crafty swag from the event, they set out to make projects out of the materials they were given. We’re featuring these projects all month with giveaways so you can make your own versions of their wonderful crafts.

Seussian Flower Bouquet


Seussian Flower BouquetMake a whimsical bouquet worthy of a children’s book when you follow this Seussian Flower Bouquet tutorial. This project is broken down into 12 separate flowers, so you can make one of each or a whole bunch of your favorite design. Each of these Dr. Seuss craft ideas is an exercise in imagination, which means that no craft supply is off limits. Ribbons, sequins, beads, and other embellishments make this bouquet totally unforgettable. Best of all, it stays in bloom all year.

You can find this project, as well as many other fabulous blogger projects, in our new eBook, The Best Blogger Craft Ideas 2014: Decoupage, Sewing, Jewelry Making, and More free eBook. Download your own free copy today!

Enter to win today’s prize


Today’s prize is a variety of Simplicity products. Included in the prize is:

  • The Bloom Loom from The Crochet Dude
  • Wrights Especially Baby Applique – Bee
  • EZ Quilting Sewing Kit
  • Wrights Bias Tape (colors may vary)
  • Simplicity Headband Décor
  • Bondex Outdoor Restore Duck Patches (colors may vary)
  • Naturally Chic Iron On Transfers
  • I Taught Myself Knitting
  • Home Decorating Book

Be sure to check out these other best blogger craft projects that use Simplicity products!

In a Pinch Sewing Kit For the Love of Bling Zipper Bracelet


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What is your favorite flower to craft?



Thank you all for participating in yesterday’s giveaway! Congratulations to Louise M. who answered “I especially like to do roses, it seems you cannot miss!!! They are always nice to look at :)” Roses are beautiful Louise, we hope you use this prize to create some really amazing projects!

To see the current giveaway, please check our giveaway schedule.

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DIY Flowers to Combat March (Snow) Showers

This has been one of the longest winters ever! This season, we set new records for cold temperatures and snowfall across the country … and there’s really no end in sight. It’s time to start channeling spring and crossing our fingers for warmer weather. Since it’s too cold to get out and garden, why not create your own flower crafts? These handmade designs never wilt or die, making them a great alternative to the real thing! Say goodbye to winter blues and hello to summer sun with the free craft tutorials featured in FaveCrafts’ recent eBook, 17 Flower Craft Ideas: How to Make Paper Flowers, Easy Fabric Flowers and More!


This eBook is filled with projects for every kind of crafter. If you love paper, fabric, or yarn, you’ll find a project that fits your style. Also, there are a ton of crafts for beginners and kids. Basically, this is a one-stop-shop for all things flower crafts.


Fabric Flowers

Got scraps? We’ll we’ve got projects just for you! Don’t throw away those oddly shaped leftovers from your last craft project. Instead, save them and use them to create the flowers in this free eBook. You can make embellishments, accessories and so much more with only a few inexpensive supplies. Try out a project and see how easy these crafts are; before you know it, you’ll be hooked on these fabric craft ideas!

Strip Fabric Flowers

Sheer Spring Flowers

Ribbon Flower Pins

Coffee Stained Roses



Paper Flowers

It’s time to change the way you think of paper crafts. Be honest – do you imagine preschool crafts with glue, scissors and a piece of bright-colored construction paper? Well, leave those ideas behind, because these paper flower crafts are anything but juvenile. You can use everything from crepe paper to recycled newspaper for these fabulous florals. As with the fabric crafts, dig into your scraps and discover how much you can make with a few odds and ends. Give someone you love a paper bouquet or add a flower to something you already own – you’ll love the look of these inexpensive DIY designs?

Faux Calla Lily

Funny Flowers

Crepe Paper Rose Bouquet

Blooming Scrapbook Flowers




For all of these crafts and more, download a copy of 17 Flower Craft Ideas: How to Make Paper Flowers, Easy Fabric Flowers and More – it’s free!






What is one craft you plan to make this spring?

How to Arrange Flowers: Buy, Arrange, and Care for Flowers Like a Pro

The Flower School New York prepares florists and floral designers with classes in introductory, intermediate, advanced and intensive floral design, as well as advanced wedding floral design, master classes and workshops. Students learn principals and techniques of floral design, flower procurement, and flower conditioning to prepare for careers in floral design. But you don’t have to study floral design for years to use be able to arrange flowers like a pro.

Use the Right ToolsUse the Right Tools

To handle and prepare flowers for beautiful and creative arrangements, you need to use the right tools. Make sure you get a hold of the right tools before attaining the flowers and greens. Floral clay, foam, wire, and tape help to keep stems and leaves in place within the arrangement and keep flowers and greenery from moving or sticking out at odd angles. Use a water spray bottle to keep flowers and foliage fresh, plastic liter soda bottles with the tops cut off to hold plant materials as you work on arranging them, and chicken wire to hold stems and other materials in place. Sharp scissors and clippers are necessary for snipping leaves and cutting through tough stems and twigs, as Country Living explains. Rubber bands hold stems together and keep flower bunches upright. Cooking spray seals the pores of flowers like tulips and orchids to conserve moisture and make flowers last longer, and a tablespoon of bleach in the water prevents mold, mildew, and bacteria that attack flowers and greens and shorten their shelf life.


Incorporate Greenery

Flawless Flower ArrangementIn “Fresh Flower Arranging” by DL Publishing, the authors recommend using seasonal foliage whenever possible, especially when working with expensive flowers like specialty roses or exotics like bird of paradise. Greenery provides a contrasting backdrop to highlight flowers, as shown in the Flawless Flower Arrangement right, and even add fragrance. Evergreens like pines and arborvitae lend a fresh, clean scent to florals, and herbs like mint and rosemary add pleasant green fragrances. Branches clipped from shrubs with interesting foliage traits such as red bark or variegated leaves add color and texture to arrangements.


Flower Arranging Tips

Cut flowers and leaves can transpire or lose moisture into the air, quickly. If you’re ordering flowers from a delivery service, ensure your flowers will last longer by misting them with a water spray bottle and adding floral preservative to the water once they arrive. If you’re arranging flowers yourself for bouquets, like the gorgeous Exotically Vibrant Bouquet below, or centerpieces, there are various things you can do to make flowers look nicer and last longer.

  • Exotically Vibrant BouquetPlace arrangements out of direct sunlight and away from heating and air conditioning vents to slow moisture loss.
  • If using flowers of one color, use different shades of the same color or interesting textures with leaves, twigs, and other materials for contrast.
  • Remove all leaves from stems that will be below the water line in the container to prevent rotting and bacteria.
  • If you have tightly closed flower buds, put their stems in warm water to get them to open.
  • Whether using store-bought flowers or freshly cut flowers and foliage from the yard or garden, clip the ends of stems off and put them in water as soon as you get them inside to arrange. This helps them take up more water to stay fresh longer and prevent wilting.


What is your favorite type of flower?

Flower Power: 25 Flower Crafts

I think it’s safe to say that flower crafts are the most popular way to decorate for spring. And while the ground may still be covered with snow, you can create your own flowers with the help of a few of these stunning tutorials. From paper flowers to fabric flowers, there are so many options. You could go small, like this Rustic Paper Flower Ornament, or big like this Breathtaking Poinsettia Wreath. Not only are these crafts beautiful, but the best part about creating them with fabric or paper is that they’re guaranteed to stay fresh all year round. It’s your turn to become Mother Nature and make your own beautiful blossoms.
flower-craftsWho knew that with just a single piece of paper you could create something so exquisite? These paper flowers are the perfect way to get ready for spring!


Simple Paper Flower Ornaments
Recycled Book Rosette Wreath
Handmade Crepe Paper Rose Centerpieces
Sheet Music Magnolia Ornament





Impressive Tissue Paper Flowers
Perfect Punch Paper Flower Pin
Blushing Folded Paper Rose
Flower Bustle Ornament



If you’re not a paper crafting fan, then check out these beautiful fabric flowers! They’re the perfect addition to any wreath!

Festive Sweater Rose Wreath

DIY Flower Pillow
Flower Brooch
Vintage Handmade Flower
Fabric and Felt Wreath
Fabric Rosette Hair Accessories




Cheerful Fabric Flowers
Spring Roses Wreath
Felt So Good Daisies
Holiday Felt Flower Wreath
Elegant Fabric Flower Wreath
White Winter Flowers



Get ready for spring  with a few more flower crafts! cherry-blossom

Adorable Button Flowers
Cherry Blossom Chandelier
Chenille Button Flower Ornaments
Toilet Roll Flower Ornament
Crochet Violets Pin




How do you make craft flowers?


Burst Into Spring: 16 Flower Crafts

We wrote a special poem just for you. Are you ready?









Was it a little too much? Well, I just can’t help it! Here at AllFreeHolidayCrafts, we obviously love winter and the holidays associated with it, but given the long and treacherous Chicago winter we’ve been having, let’s just say that I’m a little excited to begin crafting for spring (understatement of the year). Instead of looking out my window to find grey from sky to ground, I have a hankering for a pop of color and the smell of freshly cut flowers. Don’t you? With spring just a month away (thank heavens), it’s time to get crafting. And let me say, what could possibly scream spring more than flower crafts?



While it still might be too cold (and covered in snow) for me to have some freshly cut flowers, at least I can create some of my own! Not to toot my own horn, but I think these might even make Mother Nature envious. It’s hard to believe that they’re made from paper or fabric. Not only do they look beautiful, but they’re also guaranteed to stay fresh all year round. So what are we waiting for, let’s get crafting!

Fabric Flowers:

Learn how to make fabric flowers with these beautiful tutorials! These are great ways to do a little spring cleaning to your scrap pile, too.



Paper Flowers: Paper-Flowers

Learn how to make paper flowers that will leave everyone thinking you splurged on a bouquet at the super market with these fabulous tutorials! Choose nice bright colors to brighten up your home.