Candy-Free Alternatives: 9 Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids: 9 Valentine's Day Ideas You'll LoveRHas your child’s school restricted what kinds of gifts and treats kids can bring to class? Whether your kids like it or not, a candy-less Valentine’s Day might be headed your way… but that’s no reason to fall out of love with the season of love! AllFreeKidsCrafts always believes that crafting is a great way to express the way you feel, and that’s especially true around Valentine’s Day. With our latest crafty collection of valentine ideas, you’ll be completely charmed by Valentine’s Day all over again.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always get quite as much fanfare as other holidays, but we think these festive Valentine’s Day crafts for kids might change that. The Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids: 9 Valentine’s Day Ideas You’ll Love free eBook is more than the perfect resource for kids to craft gifts for friends, teachers, and relatives. Kids will discover delightful new ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and families will find entertaining activities for spending time together.

Homemade Valentine Cards, DIY Jewelry, and more

Have you been struck by Cupid’s arrow of curiosity? Here’s a preview of the crafts inside Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids: 9 Valentine’s Day Ideas You’ll Love:

Conversation Heart Treat Baskets

If you can’t bring candy for your classmates, you can still whip up something sweet to give as a gift! Conversation Heart Treat Baskets look like the real deal, but you can throw in any sort of trinkets for your friends. Valentine’s Day crafts for these are so creative and fun, and there are plenty more to discover in this delightful eBook.

Hand Print on My Heart CardOne of the most heartwarming aspects of the Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids: 9 Valentine’s Day Ideas You’ll Love eBook is the sentimental homemade cards kids can make. Sure, it might be easier to buy a card or valentine from the store, but making something that came from your heart is a much more sincere way to show someone you love them.

Want to know the best thing about these cute Valentine’s Day craft ideas? No matter if you have tons of time or only a little, we’ve gathered some kid-friendly crafts that work for any schedule. This collection of Valentine’s Day craft ideas has a project that will help you make the most out of whatever family time you have.

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids: 9 Valentine's Day Ideas You'll Love

You can find all of these Valentine’s Day crafts for kids in our newest free eBook, Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids: 9 Valentine’s Day Ideas You’ll Love. Click here to download your copy, grab a few new ideas, and start celebrating the season of love with the people that matter most!


How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day when you were a child?

In Case You Missed It: “How to Make A Necklace: 8 Beaded DIY Necklace Ideas” eBook

Have you ever wondered how to make a necklace that would perfectly express your creativity and personality? We can show you how! There are so many DIY projects out there, but having several homemade necklace ideas in one place makes it much easier to find the right necklace pattern for you. That is why we at AllFreeJewelryMaking have compiled a list of stunning DIY beaded necklace patterns, all of which you can download and find in our wonderful new eBook,  How To Make a Necklace: 8 Beaded DIY Necklace Ideas. This amazing collection of DIY necklace ideas is full of fashionable and flattering necklaces for everyone.

How to Make a Necklace: 8 Beaded DIY Necklace Ideas

From statement necklaces to subtle outfit enhancers, we have DIY necklace patterns for every occasion. If you prefer bold colors, you could try a Valencia Necklace. Fans of fringe will adore our DIY Beaded Fringe Necklace. Now matter what your style is, if you are looking to make your own necklace, there is a gorgeous DIY necklace for you in this free eBook.


How to Make a Necklace: A Style for Everyone! Chunky Statement Necklace

The best thing about DIY beaded jewelry is that there are so many different options and ways to express your personal style. For a girl who wants to be glamorous on a budget, you can try this Chunky Statement Necklace. If you are looking for a less glam and more beach-inspired palette, a Sand and Surf Necklace would be a stellar choice. There is such a variety of choices in this spectacular collection that you will certainly find a necklace to fit with everyone’s style choices.



Gumdrop Bead NecklaceHow to Make a Necklace: Fun and Easy Tutorials

The point of making DIY jewelry is that you enjoy the process of creating your magnificent jewelry pieces. A great way to guarantee a good time is to try out a fun and easy tutorial. Projects like this adorable Gumdrop Bead Necklace are both stylish and simple to create. Find this necklace pattern and other easy, tantalizing treats in this beaded necklace collection.



How to Make a Necklace: Subtle Outfit Enhancers Glam Daisy Chain Necklace

A DIY necklace is such an easy way to add a slight embellishment to any ensemble. Beaded necklaces like this Glam Daisy Chain Necklace can add a little spark and shine to any outfit without overpowering it. This trendy metallic necklace looks like it comes from a hip boutique, so with this DIY jewelry tutorial, you can be a show-stopper for much less.




Lady in Red NecklaceHow to Make a Necklace: Statement Pieces

Subtle outfit enhancers are lovely, but sometimes you just want to make a statement! Never fear, we also have some dazzling DIY necklaces just for you. For a really attention-commanding piece, you have to try this gorgeous Lady in Red Necklace. This eye-catching necklace is actually an easy tutorial with step-by-step instructions that help you to create this fabulous statement piece.





You can find all of the these stunning necklaces in our latest eBook. Download a copy of How to Make a Necklace: 8 Beaded DIY Necklace Ideas– It’s free!


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Make the Most of Snow: 11 Winter Crafts and Outdoor Activities for Kids

11 Winter Crafts for Kids + Outdoor ActivitiesDepending on where you live, you might experience an entire season of snowfall when winter comes, or you might consider yourself lucky to get even a few days of snow. No matter how much snow you get, it’s time to celebrate the season with some winter crafts for kids!

Sometimes it’s easy to forget all the reasons why we love winter, especially when we’re faced with holiday traffic or bitter cold temperatures. Luckily, the latest free eBook from AllFreeKidsCrafts is stuffed with new ideas for both indoor and outdoor fun, so on days when it’s just too chilly to go outside, you can still find a way to enjoy the weather without getting cold. And of course, playing outside on the more temperate winter days can actually benefit your kids’ cognitive development. So bundle up; this collection of 11 Winter Crafts and Outdoor Activities is going to blow you away!

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Ice Balloon LanternsWhen you think of outdoor activities for winter weather, you might think you’ve got it all figured out: snow angels, igloos, snowmen, and snowball fights, right? Well, those classic winter activities are tons of fun, but now there’s even more outdoor fun to be had! Winter becomes twice as fun with these outdoor activities for kids. You can decorate your house with ‘cool’ decorations made out of ice, or you can create special stacking blocks that are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. The best part of these winter crafts for kids is that you can still enjoy them even if there’s no snow on the ground—just make sure the air temperature is cold enough!

Preschool Winter Crafts

Teensy Weensy Snowman PalYou’re never too old to play in the snow, and you’re never too young to enjoy a good winter craft project! The winter craft ideas in this eBook are a great way to enjoy the snowy season on days when it’s too cold to go outside, or on school snow days. 11 Winter Crafts + Outdoor Activities for Kids has fantastically frosty projects that are perfect for preschoolers, from adorable snowman crafts to winter arts and crafts. Little ones will love displaying their handiwork all over the house, and you’ll love having handmade decorations for winter!


11 Winter Crafts for Kids + Outdoor Activities


What’s your favorite way to celebrate winter?

Have a Handmade Holiday with the 10 Dollar Store Crafts for Christmas free eBook!

10 Dollar Store Crafts for ChristmasHave you been looking for a way to celebrate Christmas without breaking your holiday budget? Then you’re in luck; try our latest, free eBook on for size! This hand-picked collection of our thriftiest Christmas ideas, 10 Dollar Store Crafts for Christmas is your key to a handmade holiday on a budget. These dollar store crafts will help you decorate your home and your Christmas tree without spending more than you can afford. Save the cash this season and resort to your creativity instead of your pocket book. We’ve also included a handful of handmade Christmas gifts, because it’s the giving time of year. At, we’re happy to share our favorite crafts for Christmas that aren’t only cost-efficient, but are gorgeous too! There’s no time like the present to get started on your handmade Christmas crafts!


Dollar Store Decorations for Christmas

10 Dollar Store Crafts for Christmas

Perhaps the most memorable moments leading up to Christmas Day are those spent together decorating the house and the Christmas tree. Looking at old family ornaments and heirlooms is a sure-fire way to spread the holiday spirit and bring families together. Add some more memorable moments to the mix and spend a few days working on handmade Christmas decorations. Don’t just reminisce on old handmade pieces; add some new gems to your collection this year. We have a handful of dollar store crafts that will help you make handmade ornaments, DIY wreaths, and more. Grab your copy of 10 Dollar Store Crafts for Christmas and get started today!


Handmade Christmas Gifts

10 Dollar Store Crafts for Christmas

Prepping for the upcoming holiday doesn’t stop at decorating. There are many other things to consider, and handmade Christmas gifts are on the top of every list. Making your own holiday gifts isn’t just a creative way to save some cash; it’s the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care. From creative handmade gift wrap ideas (there’s even one including a mason jar!) to handmade soap and dinner favors, this collection has a gift idea for everyone! Why wait any longer? Grab your copy of 10 Dollar Store Crafts for Christmas and start prepping for one of the biggest handmade holidays of the year!



What’s your favorite go-to dollar store craft for Christmas?




Pretty in Patchwork: HolidaysBonus!

Enter to win a copy of Pretty in Patchwork and discover even more handmade ideas for Christmas! The deadline to enter is December 17, 2013 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time. Pretty in Patchwork: Holidays, by John Q. Adams, is a compilation of over 30 different patchwork sewing projects to carry you through all the holidays.

Trendspotting: 11 Ways to Step Back in Time

11 Free Vintage Sewing Patterns: How to Sew Retro-Inspired Clothing for LadiesIf you have eyes you may have noticed a shift in style. Women everywhere are ignoring cutting edge clothing and opting instead for thrifty finds from the twentieth-century. No longer confined exclusively to hipsters, ladies are wearing vintage. But, “How does this affect AllFreeSewing and its band of loyal followers?”, you may wonder. Editors of AllFreeSewing have not only spotted this retro trend on the streets; hours of scouring online have revealed that the sewing community is fully on board with creating vintage-inspired clothing.

After deliberating over how to best respond to this wildly popular clothing style, the editors of AllFreeSewing put together a brand new and free eBook, 11 Free Vintage Patterns: How to Sew Retro-Inspired Clothing for Ladies. In this roundup of gorgeous free vintage patterns, interested readers will find dresses, tops, and more to create with their sewing machine. No longer will you have to sift through thrift stores to find an appropriately fitting piece of clothing; instead, you can customize an item for your shape and still retain classic elements from yesteryear.

Sew Retro Clothing that Fits

In 11 Free Vintage Patterns: How to Sew Retro-Inspired Clothing for Ladies you’re sure to love every style included. Here’s a preview of what you’ll find.

J. Crew Inspired Classic SkirtClassic Skirt – You won’t have to grumble, “they don’t make them like they used to!” when you next slip on your go-to skirt. With this free vintage-inspired sewing pattern on how to sew a skirt, you’ll know the level of quality and time that went into your clothing.

Sweet and Simple Vintage Pillowcase DressSweet and Simple Vintage Pillowcase Dress – It can be a little hard for some of us to remember a time when fabric was virtually unavailable. Out of necessity women used to sew dresses out of feed sacks or linens. This pillowcase dress revives resourcefulness in that it uses its namesake as the body. Depending on the size of your dress, no extra fabric will be needed to create this design.

Versatile Little Black DressVersatile Little Black Dress – Ah, yes, the beloved LBD. Where would be without this wardrobe staple? Get invaluable tips for sewing your very own DIY dress that inevitably fits any occasion. Whether you’re at work, at home, or on a date, this dress fits.

The DIY Discotheque TopThe DIY Discotheque Top – Sew a top that fits your flair. Even if you no longer fit into your 70’s club shirts, you can still learn how to sew one that fits your fab bod. Thanks to gorgeous photographs and step-by-step instructions, you’ll be ready for the discotheque faster than you imagined.

11 Free Vintage Patterns: How to Sew Retro-Inspired Clothing for LadiesWant them all in one place? As we said before, you can find all of these vintage-inspired patterns and more in the new and free eBook from AllFreeSewing, 11 Free Vintage Patterns: How to Sew Retro-Inspired Clothing for Ladies.

What was your favorite item of clothing “back in the day”?

Plan the Perfect Thanksgiving with the New AllFreeHolidayCrafts eBook

"8 Thanksgiving Crafts for the Home" free eBookAre you having Thanksgiving dinner this year? Plan the perfect holiday party this November with our latest free eBook! When you grab your free copy of our latest holiday eBook, 8 Thanksgiving Crafts for the Home  you’ll find a collection of kids’ crafts, decorating ideas, and turkey crafts perfect for the holiday.  From Thanksgiving party décor to fun and easy crafts for kids, this go-to holiday guide will show you how to plan the perfect bash without breaking your budget! Learn how to make turkey crafts that are so simple and fun, the kids will be sure to love them. No matter what type of activity you’re sharing with your family, these fun Thanksgiving crafts will be an instant hit. You can add a rustic feel to your party with the nature-inspired decorating ideas included in 8 Thanksgiving Crafts for the Home. No matter what you need for your Thanksgiving party, this eBook will have you covered!

"8 Thanksgiving Crafts for the Home" free eBook

From table decorations to turkeys, these handmade Thanksgiving crafts will have your house looking seriously spectacular. With the help of our free, printable Halloween eBook, you’ll be able to start on your Thanksgiving home décor without the stress of searching for ideas. Free up some of your spare time to start making Thanksgiving décor, it’s a sure fire way to make your house the warmest one on the block. Ensure that your family feels warm and cozy this year and download your copy of 8 Thanksgiving Crafts for the Home. Decorate your table, door, and entertain the kids with one handy craft guide for the holiday!


Grab your favorite ideas out of our free eBook, 8 Thanksgiving Crafts for the Home and get started on some of these holiday treats. These delightful and decorative ideas will set the mood of your holiday home. Whether you are searching for fun activities and crafts for the kids, handmade table decorations, or turkey crafts, the cute selection of Thanksgiving crafts included in this eBook will have something to complete your holiday. Plan the perfect Thanksgiving dinner yet with some of the cutest, and most clever, Thanksgiving crafts ideas that you can find. We’re sure you won’t regret making any one of these fun tutorials.

How do you plan to decorate for Thanksgiving this year?


BONUS: Fa La La La Felt giveaway!

Win a copy of Fa La La La Felt: 45 Handmade Holiday Decorations! The deadline to enter is November 19, 2013 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time. With your own copy of Fa La La La Felt: 45 Handmade Holiday Decorations, you’ll be able to make all the handmade ornaments, stockings, and Christmas decor that your heart desires. You can enter once daily, so return often to improve your chances!


18 Must-Make Homemade Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Christmas Crafts for Kids: 18 Homemade Christmas Ornaments free eBook

It doesn’t matter how old you are; decorating the Christmas tree with your family is always a memorable night. In my family, we start with the homemade Christmas ornaments from my parents’ childhoods and work our way through time, finishing our tree with the most recent ornament in our collection. It’s a great way to reminisce about how our family has grown while we spend some quality time together. After all, isn’t family the essential piece of the holiday puzzle?

Spending time with the people you love is the epitome of Christmas, and one of the best ways to bond with your family is to craft your own Christmas projects! Not only is crafting a great way to relieve some holiday stress, but it’s also a way to immortalize your creativity on your Christmas tree.

For the best Christmas tree decorating ideas that you can make with your family, explore the latest AllFreeKidsCrafts eBook! Christmas Crafts for Kids: 18 Homemade Christmas Ornaments is stuffed with wonderful Christmas ornament craft ideas for kids of all ages, so even the littlest member of your family can experience a little dose of holiday cheer. The homemade Christmas ornaments in this eBook will quickly become some of your favorites in your entire ornament collection, and the memories you make when you create these kids’ Christmas crafts with your family will last a lifetime.



Recycled Christmas Ornaments

Shattered CD Ornament

You probably know from experience that the holiday season is packed with hustle and bustle. You’ve got tons of things to do, like cooking your favorite holiday recipes or stringing Christmas lights along your rooftop. With Christmas Crafts for Kids: 18 Homemade Christmas Ornaments, you can save yourself a trip to the store and relax at home instead. The recycled Christmas ornaments in this eBook are cute, charming, and easy to make. You’ll find unique ornament craft ideas that use buttons, toilet paper rolls, and even old CDs in this awesome collection of Christmas crafts for kids. All you have to do is choose the homemade Christmas ornament you want to make, search the house for your craft materials, and get ready to create!



Easy Christmas Ornaments

Speedy 'n Simple Santa Ornament

Enjoy the simple things this holiday season…like easy Christmas ornaments! Making your own ornaments doesn’t have to be tricky; in fact, some of the best projects in this eBook are the simplest to make. From an easy icicle ornament to a simple Santa, you’ll find tons of projects that will make your holidays merry and bright. You can pick any one of the ornaments in this kids’ Christmas crafts eBook, and the end result is sure to be stunning. These easy Christmas ornaments would make even Scrooge himself crack a smile!






What’s your favorite ornament on your Christmas tree?


Free Printable Collection: 19 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving-Crafts-for-KidsThanksgiving may be my favorite American holiday. It’s got some tough competition with the heat of the 4th of July, the pride of Memorial Day, the love of Valentine’s Day, and the spook of Halloween, but there’s something about the family time associated with Turkey Day that brings it to the top. Between the football, food, and family, I’m a happy camper. Though there’s one thing missing from that list, though, that will bring your Thanksgiving from fabulous to one to remember forever. Weave Thanksgiving crafts for kids into your celebration, and the quality of your family time will increase tenfold. The inherent cooperation, creative charge, and excitement associated with crafting will bond the family like no other activity.

Keep the free eBook 19 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids by your side this November for a festive, family-oriented, and FUN autumn season. There are craft projects for all ages, which means that the entire family can participate in this road to thankfulness. That’s right; these projects aren’t only a blast, but they’re also the perfect vehicles for opening up a conversation about the history of the holiday and the importance of showing gratitude.

As an added bonus, when you spend time crafting with the “fam,” you’re focused less on eating and more on bonding, leading to a holiday season sans the tight pants!

Burlap Toilet Roll TurkeyTurkey Crafts

There’s argument over whether there was actually a turkey at the first Thanksgiving, but despite its presence or lack thereof, the turkey has become the symbol of Thanksgiving. To open up discussion about the meal that started this all and to fill your home with festive fowls, craft some of the adorable turkey crafts found in this free eBook. Between handprint feathers, rustic versions, and environmentally-friendly birds, everyone will find his perfect project within these pages.

Educational Thanksgiving Crafts

Thrifty Thanksgiving Table Boat Race

Nothing is better than a fun activity that kids don’t even realize is educational. While they’re creating, discussing, and playing with these 19 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids, they’ll also be learning about history, hardships, and gratitude. Start with the boat races to learn about the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, and then craft realistic corn to learn about what life was like in the 16th Century. Learning is infused in each and every one of the crafts presented in this free eBook, so you can’t go wrong with whichever you choose.


What is your favorite aspect of the Thanksgiving holiday?




Find 9 Fabulous Fall Decorating Ideas in New AllFreeHolidayCrafts eBook

9 Fall Crafts and Fall Decorating IdeasIf fall is your favorite time of year, we have a treat for you! Our latest eBook is dedicated to all things autumn. We can’t think of a better way to transform your home into a harvest haven than with the help of this convenient collection of fall craft ideas. Our latest eBook, 9 Fall Crafts and Fall Decorating Ideas is the perfect way to get ready for the new season and decorate your home accordingly. Full of fun fall ideas, this eBook is the best way to celebrate all of autumn’s transformations. Start decorating your home with these lovely fall décor ideas to prepare for Halloween and Thanksgiving; fall crafts are a great way to decorate for the holidays all season long. The best part is, 9 Fall Crafts and Fall Decorating Ideas is a totally free collection, and it’s printable too! So what are you waiting for? Grab your free copy of 9 Fall Crafts and Fall Decorating Ideas today!

Table Decorations for Fall

When it comes to autumn, table décor is always a necessity. Our fall crafts eBook, 9 Fall Crafts and Fall Decorating Ideas has an entire section dedicated to adding a fresh fall palate to your table. From nature-inspired table runners to cute leaf motif napkin rings, these fall decorating ideas will have your family table ready for the season and all of the festive holidays that it offers.

Home Decor for Fall

When you have finished preparing your family table for the new season and all of it’s holidays, move right along to the rest of the house with some of our handmade home décor ideas. You’ll find an assortment of fall crafts for the home within your free copy of the 9 Fall Crafts and Fall Decorating Ideas free eBook. From pretty harvest candles to simple decorations for the season, you’ll find just what you need to make your home decor count this fall!

Pumpkin Patterns

When you ask yourself what the signature motif of fall is, most people stop immediately at one image; the pumpkin, of course! The pumpkin patterns that we have complied for you in 9 Fall Crafts and Fall Decorating Ideas give you great ways to decorate with artificial and real pumpkins that will last the entire season. Using pretty, glittery paint to dress up mini pumpkins and adding a few personalized touches to a grapevine pumpkin, are just a couple of the options available to you in this collection of fall crafts. These decorating ideas will be sure to leave you with the prettiest and most festive home on the block.

How do you plan to decorate for Fall?

14 Holiday Gift Ideas + Grand Prize Giveaway!

FaveCrafts has teamed up with our crafty friends, including Fiskars, Lion Brand Yarn, Leisure Arts, Design Master, American Quilting Society, Martingale Publishing, Swarovski, Red Heart Yarn, Jimmy Beans Wool, Spellbinders, Sizzix, Brother, Xyron, and Oliso, to bring you a brand new printable eBook, Homemade Christmas Gifts: 14 Gift Ideas & DIY Home Decor!  Filled with great gift ideas and DIY holiday decorations, this eBook is all you need to have a happy handmade holiday!


To help celebrate the launch of this eBook, we’re joining forces with these companies to bring you a new giveaway every day throughout the month of October!  In addition to our daily giveaways, you can also enter to win our Extreme Craft-tacular Grand Prize Giveaway, a massive craft supply collection valued at more than $1,500.00!  You can enter to win this giveaway once a day, and the more you return, the greater your chances of winning!  So be sure to visit this page once a day and get your entry in to win this epic craft supply collection!

Once you’ve downloaded your FREE copy of Homemade Christmas Gifts: 14 Gift Ideas & DIY Home Decor, you’ll be ready to start working your way through your holiday gift list.  With great gift ideas for family and friends of all ages, this eBook will make your holiday gift-giving season easy on your budget and stress-free!  No need to brave long lines…no need to wait for hours at the customer service desk…just put some hot cocoa on the stove and get to making these meaningful and sweet handmade gifts and decorations.

As a little gift to you, here’s a sneak preview of some of the projects you’ll find in Homemade Christmas Gifts: 14 Gift Ideas & DIY Home Decor:

Don’t forget to check out what we’re giving away today…and be sure to get your name in to win our Extreme Craft-tacular Grand Prize giveaway to help celebrate the launch of Homemade Christmas Gifts: 14 Gift Ideas & DIY Home Decor.


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