14 BEST Last-Minute Halloween Craft Ideas

Are you like us and feel like the month of October has flown by? It’s gone by so fast and we’ve barely gotten enough Halloween crafting in! That’s when our best last-minute Halloween craft ideas come into play. Whether it’s an extra DIY Halloween decoration for the home or just some festive crafting fun, these are the quick craft ideas we love!

BEST Last-Minute Halloween Craft Ideas

Among our list of last-minute Halloween craft ideas are no-sew costume ideas, homemade Halloween decorations, and easy printables. Some of these Halloween craft ideas are great if you’re planning a last-minute party or get-together. Simply put together a few of these quick and budget-friendly decorations and presto! You’re home is party-ready, and you can say that you put all of your crafting skills to work in order to make it happen.

14 BEST Last-Minute Halloween Craft Ideas

Genius Homemade Halloween Costumes: make these no-sew Halloween costumes when you’re in need of that last-minute costume!

New Sew Repurposed Fabric Pumpkins: upcycle old fabric or scrap fabric from your stash to make these easy DIY Halloween decorations.

New Sew Repurposed Fabric Pumpkins

Candy Corn Polymer Clay Earrings: need to look festive on the last-minute? Make these beginner-friendly DIY earrings and you’ll easily look festive on the spot.

Candy Corn Polymer Clay Earrings

Little Crochet Pumpkin Garland: nothing makes your home look instantly festive more than an easy DIY garland.

Little Crochet Pumpkin Garland

Halloween Mason Jar Treats + Free Printable Labels: ditch the bags for mason jars and use these adorable free printables for a unique way to hand out your Halloween treats.

Halloween Mason Jar Treats + Free Printable Labels

Easy Skull Centerpiece: not only are candy skulls on-trend, but succulents are even trendier. Make a chic DIY home decor piece with this easy tutorial.

Easy Skull Centerpiece

Metallic Sharpie Treat Bags + Free Printable Label: need a quick treat bag? These free printables are so easy and quick, they’re a no-brainer!

Metallic Sharpie Treat Bags + Free Printable Label

Trashbag Spiderwebs: really! Learn how you can use trashbags for a super spooky last-minute and budget-friendly DIY Halloween decoration.

Trashbag Spiderwebs

DIY Pom Pom Flower Pumpkin: so pretty and simple. You’ll want to display this homemade Halloween decoration all year long!

DIY Pom Pom Flower Pumpkin

For more quick Halloween craft ideas, check out 25+ Halloween Crafts to Make at the Last Minute.

What’s your best last-minute holiday or hosting advice?

16 Honestly Easy Kids’ Craft Ideas

16 Honestly Easy Kids' Craft IdeasThe big thing about finding crafts for your kids is worrying if they will be able to do them by themselves. Younger kids always like to show their independence by creating things on their own. We all hate to see when this happens, but this is a great way for them to gain their footing in the world. So why not encourage their new-found independence with some fun and easy crafts that will blow their minds? They can get as independent as they want to with these easy crafts.

There will not be a chance for them to sigh with boredom when they play with their Giant Bubble Slime Recipe or with their Fun Exploding Paint Bags. There are even fun edible crafts that will get them excited about cooking and turning their tasty treats into little works of art. Every kid loves eating sweet treats, so why not make it even more fun for your kids by letting them make their treats themselves?





Amazingly Fun and Easy Crafts

Neon Glowing Water BeadsAll of these fun and easy crafts will have your little ones super excited about craft time. They will love the Lots o Dots Tie Dye T-Shirt because what kid doesn’t like to design his or her own T-shirt? Tie dye is definitely all the rage for kids right now, so add something to your list of fun crafts for kids that they won’t be able to say no to. There are also tons of other crafts for your kids if they would rather do something else. They can do anything from making their own Galaxy Goo to Rockin’ Melted Crayon Art.

Super Easy Edible Crafts

Sweet as Nectar Butterfly PizzaOf course kids are always after the sweet and the sugary, so be the best parent on the planet and introduce them to these fun and easy edible crafts. They will go nuts over the Edible Puzzle because they finally get to play with their food before they eat it! This  concept will definitely catch them by surprise. Now, there are other yummy edible crafts that won’t get your little ones all sugared up and bouncing off of the walls. They can try their little artistic hands at the Sweet as Nectar Butterfly Pizza, and make their yummy butterfly treat as cute and colorful as they can.

Easy Crafts for Outdoor Fun

Easy Homemade Bubble SolutionKids hate being cooped up inside all day, especially when it’s bright and sunny outside. Now they can be even more excited about running outside and into the warm sunshine with their Easy Homemade Bubble Solution. Now they can blow tons of bubbles and run to pop them. These fun easy crafts are definitely what your kids will need to have the best time of their lives outside.


Eye-catching Marbled Fish ArtThe great thing about easy crafts is that your kids can make them all by themselves and then surprise you with what they created! 27 Easy Kids’ Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers has even more fun ideas that will have your kids super excited about craft time.







What kind of easy crafts do your little ones like to do?

Simple Sewing Projects: 16 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

Simple Sewing ProjectsMy first sewing project was a fabric plush doll similar to the Soccer Sister Doll. Of course, mine wore a dress styled after Little House on the Prairie and was as nonathletic as her maker. But I’ve kept her all these years, and now she sits in a place of honor in my sewing room.

Soccer Sister Doll

Whether you have a child just learning to sew or are a beginner yourself, those first projects will always have a special place in your crafting heart. To that end, AllFreeSewing has your back with our new eBook, Simple Sewing Projects: 16 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners! This eBook is chock-full of tutorials and how-tos to improve your sewing technique while making gorgeous, stress-free projectsSimple Sewing Projects: 16 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners includes everything from market purses to scrapbusting coasters — and all on a budget!

Here are just a few of the awesome projects you’ll find in Simple Sewing Projects:

Bib with BiasBib with Bias

There are so many practical uses for this easy DIY bib. The Bib with Bias makes a great gift for baby showers, for one thing; for another, this pattern is incredibly easy to alter to be made doll-size. So if you’re teaching your little one to sew, this is a great place to start.

If you’re a novice sewist unused to working with bias tape, this is definitely the project for you. The shape and design of the bib is super easy to work with, so you’ll get great practice sewing on the bias.

And, of course, it’s adorable. Make a few grownup-sized bibs for the next time you serve lobster!

Big Books Library Bag

Big Books Library BagI love this cheeky DIY tote. And it’s shockingly easy to make! Not only does this tutorial teach you how to make a bag, but how to create the graphic as well. That’s a trick that you’ll use over and over on your sewing journey. From applique to embroidery, adding an overlay makes any pattern uniquely yours.

The Big Books Library Bag is also great for its sheer usefulness. You’ll make a bag that is incredibly sturdy and roomy, the perfect size for almost anything. Need to make a trip to the library to pick up books for a research project? No problem. Need to run to the grocery to cook for your in-laws? No problem. Need to lug around a holiday season’s worth of half-finished crafts to work on at the doctor’s office?

No problem.

Braided Scrap Coasters

Braided Scrap CoastersIf you’ve ever sewn before, you know that every project has leftovers. Don’t throw them out! There are tons of great ideas for scrap fabrics out there, like these Braided Scrap Coasters.

These coasters are super easy to make, use up a bunch of those scraps, protect your counters and tabletops, and they’re absolutely free! It doesn’t get better than that in a DIY home decor craft.

There are so many great projects just waiting for you in Simple Sewing Projects: 16 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners. Whether you’re teaching or learning, this is the perfect eBook to get ideas for easy sewing projects.


Who taught you to sew?

Day of the Dead Crafts: 5 Ways to Celebrate

Dia de Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a Mexican holiday celebrated October 31st through November 2nd. The Day of the Dead is a special time to remember those who have passed and to celebrate their mortal and immortal lives. The memories of the dead are honored by building altars called ofrendas. These ofrendas are adorned with traditional Dia de Muertos items such as sugar skulls and marigolds. Altars are also decorated with the favorite foods and drinks of the deceased. These personal shrines are both intricate and ornate – personal belongings as well as religious symbols are beautifully arranged to commemorate loved ones who have left this world.


Dia de Muertos is not supposed to be a scary holiday associated with death and sadness. Instead, it is seen as a time of joy and celebration. I remember celebrating the Day of the Dead in my grade school Spanish class by taking a field trip to a local Spanish-speaking neighborhood. Every year, we would visit the National Museum of Mexican Art and see beautiful Mexican folk art, pieces by local artists, and gorgeous hand-made sugar skulls on display. Each skull was an intricate, sugary masterpiece complete with sequins, gold plating, and frosting. We would then walk down the block to the local Mexican bakery where tons of freshly baked sugary treats were waiting to be eaten.

The Day of the Dead has always been one of my favorite holidays – My roommate and I even dressed as a sugar skulls last year for Halloween!


Even though we weren’t smiling, Dia de Muertos is a happy, joyful celebration. It’s a jubilant and fascinating holiday that is celebrated all over the world, so here are a few easy craft projects for you to host a Day of the Dead celebration in your own home!


Day of the Dead Sugar SkullsDay of the Dead Sugar Skulls

These tasty treats are more than a sugar rush – they’re a work of art! These beautiful, frosting-covered morsels are as much a decoration as they are a party favor. Display them on your table as a centerpiece or have them lined along a desert tray. Either way, it won’t be long before you can resist eating these traditional Mexican skulls.



Spooky Stitched SkullsSpooky Stitched Skulls

These Spooky Stitched Skulls are an easy sewing project and a great way to decorate a plain t-shirt or bag. Attach them to fabric bunting to create a festive backdrop for your Day of the Dead fiesta.



Dia De Los Muertos VotiveDia De Los Muertos Votive

The Dia de Los Muertos Votive is both spirited and charming. These little candles make a festive centerpiece and a great way to light up  your Mexican feast. Line up a few along the window or scatter them about a dining room table. Either way, the Dia De Los Muertos Votives are too cute not to make.


Unique Glass Skull Beads

Unique Glass Skull Beads

Can you say party favors? These little glass beads are a unique way to make Day of the Dead your own creative holiday. String skulls upon skulls of these fun little beads for some festive Day of the Dead jewelry or attach them to wire loops for drink tags!


Dia De Los Muertos Card


Dia De Los Muertos Card

Set the tone for your celebration with these festive greeting cards. These cute little invitations are a fun paper craft for kids and adults alike. Send them out to all your guests for your Dia de Los Muertos fiesta and let the games begin!



How are you celebrating the Day of the Dead?



Link Love: Delicate Doily Crafts

When I think of doilies, I immediately imagine lace gloves, tea and corsets. I have to admit, I don’t invest in doilies that often – they have always seemed a little too Downton Abbey for my day-to-day life. That said, as I  begin to host more gatherings with friends and family, I’m realizing I don’t want to lay out mismatched plates and plastic cutlery. In my opinion a quick and easy way to add a mature, elegant air is by investing in doilies made from yarn, paper or something else entirely.

If you’re a beginner, consider investing in a pack of the paper doilie. You can find them at an party supply or home goods store and are often pretty inexpensive. Also, paper doilies are often sold in large packs which can be saved for later crafting efforts. If you want to add a little elegance and class to your table any time of year, create a Silver Doily Centerpiece. Use spray paint and other embellishments to bring this piece to life. Doilies are also a great material to use for Christmas crafts. A Doily Angel can be used to decorate a mantel or tabletop. You can even add string and hang it on your tree – it will look great among a sea of traditional ornaments. You can also crochet your own Pretty Crochet Doily or use vintage pieces to decorate a pumpkin for Halloween. Vintage Doily Pumpkins offer a fun and simple alternative to traditional pumpkin carving crafts.

Don’t be afraid to class it up and add a delicate look to even the most average crafts. Whether you’re working with wine bottles or pumpkins, it’s always fun to add a delightful and delicate doily.

  1. Candle Holder from Glass Jar and Doilies from Katrinshine
  2. Doily Pumpkins from Allyson Baker Designs
  3. Lace Doily Bib Necklace from Stars for Streetlights
  4. Ring Bearer Pillow from Wholly Koa
  5. Paper Doily Decoupaged Bottle from Craftiments
  6. Doily Envelope from The Girls Room Online
  7. Burlap Doily Bunting from Lolly Jane
  8. Foldover Doily Clutch from Skirt a Stop
  9. Paper Doily Bowls from This Is Knockout

Lovable, Easy Crafts: Miniature Heart Bunting

Miniature Heart Bunting

This post brought to you by Lady Lucas



Cute little buntings are everywhere these days, and I have been wanting to make one that is both simple and small enough to add to my everyday decor. This little heart bunting fits the bill and is a great project for little ones as well!


  • Assorted colors of card stock or thick construction paper
  • Small heart punch
  • Embroidery floss in purple or pink
  • 2 bamboo skewers
  • Artificial moss rounds or clay for mounting
  • Clear craft glue or glue dots
  • Thin black and pink marker


1. Using a small heart punch, punch six or seven heart shapes out of colored card stock.


2. Arrange your heart shapes in a line and place a string of embroidery floss on top that extends a few inches over either side. Squeeze a dot of glue in the center of each heart and let dry thoroughly. {If you happen to have glue dots on hand, you can use that as an alternative.}


3. Using a thin-tipped black marker, add little faces to the front of your bunting. A pink marker can be used to add rosy cheeks.


4. Tie your string of hearts around two bamboo skewers tightly to create a bunting. Add your bunting into the soil to decorate your favorite plant or add to a freshly baked cake for a great birthday decoration!


5. To use your bunting during play time or for display at home, stick the pointy end of both skewers into balls of clay or weighted artificial moss rounds to stabilize your creation. Add a few adorable miniature toys below your string of hearts or set up a miniature tea party for hours of fun!


Check out Lady Lucas’ Etsy shop here!

What’s your favorite use for a bunting?

Create Simple Felt Hair Bows For A Mini Fashionista


This project is brought to you by Latrice Murphy for Any Occasion.

Today I’m  making something any little girl would love – mini felt bow hair clips!


  • Felt
  • Die or a cutting template to cut by hand
  • Die cutting machine
  • E6000 glue
  • Silver clips
  • Buttons


First off, you want to start off with your felt and die. You’ll need to trim your felt down to fit in whatever machine your cutting on. No need to do that if you’re using a template and hand cutting. Run it through using the correct plate sandwich for thin dies.

Next up gather your other materials and get ready to assemble.

Using the tiniest drops of glue, fold your bow into its shape. Tacking it in the center and then adding the tail and wrapping the center.

Lastly add your button to the center and add the bow to your clip. I always sandwich the clip with a small rectangle piece of felt to hold it tight.


Today on Memory Lane: Beginner Sewing Projects

AllFreeSewing asked you on Facebook what your first sewing project was and the responses were incredible. From funny to sentimental, your first cracks at sewing clearly made a lasting impression. We were thrilled to see how much our sewing community had in common. Isn’t it amazing that so many of us started sewing by making cool, custom clothes for of our best friends – our dolls?

For others the journey began in an electives class where the requirement to pass was to sew together a sampler quilt.

Whatever you made, whatever age you started, we all began somewhere. To thank you for sharing all of your thoughts, we’ve rounded up some beginner sewing patterns for you to explore, try out, and share with your novice sewist friends. Enjoy this celebratory roundup of beginner patterns!

Barbie Ball Gown

Beginner Doll’s Clothes Patterns

It’s already been mentioned, but dolls clothes are an enormous hit for beginner sewers. Usually this is due to the young age of the seamstress; naturally they want to share their talent with their loyal friend (in my case it was my American Girl doll, Molly). However, I’ve known older folks who decided to dive into sewing by undertaking doll’s clothes as their first project. This is a great idea. Why? Because you’re guaranteed not to waste a lot of fabric (unless your doll is unusually large) and you’re practicing a real pattern.

Piecing and Binding a QuiltEasy Quilt Designs for the Beginner

Beginner quilts are another great pattern to start with, because they require repetitive stitching. True, the brand new seamstress may hate the sight of those pinwheel blocks after a few hours in, but creating quilts is a great way to nail down those essential sewing techniques. Think back to how good it felt when you finally finished that first quilt. 10 to 1 you still have it in your bedroom. I have all of mine!

Trendy Tote for Beginners

Tried and True Tote Bag Patterns

My mother’s first sewing project was a quilted purse that all of the girls in our family have used. From her teens to ours that purse was proudly toted around town. There’s something so appealing to a beginner sewist about creating a project entirely to their taste that’s also functional. Did you create a bag as a beginner seamstress? Maybe it was actually a small pouch, but you were undoubtedly proud of your undertaking. Check out these beginner purse and bag patterns and see if any of them match your first attempt.

What was your first sewing project?

Green Craft With Kids of All Ages in the Cheap and Easy Crafts for Kids: 9 Recycled Crafts eBook

Cheap and Easy Crafts for Kids: 9 Reycled CraftsHave a blast, paint, glue, and cut, and keep young minds creative without seeing any more of a dent in your finances. Occupying the kids in a fun way does not have to be expensive with AllFreeKidsCrafts by your side. In fact, with the Cheap and Easy Crafts for Kids: 9 Recycled Crafts eBook, it can be nearly free. The kids will be begging to return to this free eBook for more imaginative and totally cool crafts that they can make. Whether your resident artists are two or 12, this amazingly diverse eBook has the perfect affordable craft that will bring smiles to their faces and giggles to their bellies.

Rocket Blaster Jet PackThis money-saving craft guide won’t just reduce the cash spent, but it will also reduce your family’s carbon footprint drastically. These wonderful projects are the perfect opportunities to introduce your mini citizens of the world to recycling. Start them young to not only create a habit, but also to get their minds used to finding ways to reuse objects. Encourage their creative thinking to stick around and remind you that a bottle cap is not trash once its bottle is empty.

Glitter BugsYour copy of this free eBook is awaiting your click to unlock the nine magnificent tutorials which will lead you from an ordinary object to a spectacular, transformed toy. Watch water bottles change into rocket blaster jet packs and egg cartons morph into funny monster friends. Each project will wow the kids and you as you attempt to remember what the materials once were.

Big Bird and FriendsDon’t throw away those toilet paper rolls just because the last square has been flushed. There are endless possibilities for what that tube of cardboard can become. In the recycled crafts eBook, find out how to transform the cylindrical paper into a feathery bird or beautiful blossoms that no longer resemble that all-too-familiar roll. The kids will love playing gardeners and farmers raising flowers and birdies.

Cheap and Easy Crafts for Kids: 9 Reycled CraftsInstead of kicking your recycling to the curb, crack open the secrets of crafting and turn trash into treasure with Cheap and Easy Crafts for Kids: 9 Recycled Crafts. Your kids will find an irreplaceable pleasure in finding new uses for old toys, and it won’t turn out too badly for you either as you save green while crafting green.

What is your favorite recycled material to craft with?

Link Love: Decorated Mugs

I have a secret that I must confess: I’m not a great crafter. I certainly try, but I’ve never been very artistic. In fact, most of my handmade projects could be categorized as “cute” or “a great first try”. During the holiday season, I often come up with handmade gift ideas for my friends and family members but never quite get around to them. I have the time but not the confidence. However, when I started noticing decorated mugs popping up across the web, I was so excited. These projects are so simple! All you need is a plain ceramic mug and some sort of decorating tool like a Sharpie or paint. From there, you can add polka dots, initials, phrases and so much more.

If you’re looking for a quick gift for a host or hostess, you can’t go wrong with a decorated mug. A quick personal touches like monograms or silhouettes can make a gift so much more meaningful and fun. This is also a great gift idea for a teacher (you know they need their coffee in the morning) or friend.

Decorated mugs are great for the holiday season due to the proliferation of seasonal warm drinks.  A DIY Painted Mug Set is sure to stand out on your table and only requires a few different glazes. Also, consider using chalkboard paint for your mug decorations. This is a trendy medium is perfect for a party – you can write each guests name on their mug! Make your own Crafty Chalkboard Mugs and you’ll never have a coffee mix-up again.

If you’re in need of a quick and easy project, a decorated mug is a way the way to go. This minimalist gift is will leave you with a little boost of crafty confidence during the most wonderful time of the year!

  1. DIY Anthropologie Painted Mug from Delighted Momma
  2. DIY Stenciled Gothic Raven Mug from The Stitcherati
  3. Monogram Mugs from Design Mom
  4. Gold Monogram Mugs from Le Zoe Musings
  5. The Big Bang Theory Mugs from The Cheekiest Monkey of All
  6. DIY Chalkboard Mug & Plate from Oh! You Pretty Things
  7. Daddy’s Coffee Mug from Hubby Made Me
  8. Tape Painted Coffee Mugs from Crafting & Cooking
  9. Mr. & Mrs. Coffee Mugs from Craft, Sew, Love, Grow