10 Must-Make Summer Crafts for the Home and Garden

10 Summer Craft Ideas and Garden Crafts for Summer

The summer days can be long and hot if you have nothing to do but with our free eBook you’ll be a busy crafting bee. These 10 Summer Craft Ideas and Garden Crafts for Summer are the perfect way to soak up the spirit of summer and give a little life to your humble abode. In this printable eBook you’ll find projects for sprucing up your garden, crafts for your beach necessities, and lighting crafts for when the summer sun sets and the soothing summer nights begin. Don’t let the season pass you by – enjoy it to the fullest with these 10 Must-Make Summer Crafts for the Home and Garden. This collection of summer craft ideas has everything from beach bags and garden planters to summer string lights and lanterns. You’ll be prepared for any daily event that the summer has to offer when you have this list of summer craft ideas to choose from. Prepare yourself for some serious gardening and beach bumming with our favorite, fun crafts for summer.

Garden Crafts

10 Summer Craft Ideas and Garden Crafts for Summer

Your flowers and vegetables shouldn’t be the only beautiful element to your garden. With the garden crafts from this free eBook you can give your home some stunning outdoor decor. Make a bird house for a quaint and welcoming backyard atmosphere or a garden sign for a whimsical touch. Garden crafts are a wonderful way to spend time outdoors. The hot summer sun will help the paint dry faster and provide you with a constant source of light. Allow nature to assist you in your summer crafts while you fly through these 10 Summer Craft Ideas and Garden Crafts for Summer

Beach Crafts

10 Summer Craft Ideas and Garden Crafts for Summer

The summer can be cluttered with a lot of stuff – towels, swim suits, flip flops, sunscreen bottles, water bottles – you get the gist! A trip to and from the beach can be a bit of an ordeal. Use these beach crafts from 10 Summer Craft Ideas and Garden Crafts for Summer to help you stay equally organized and stylish. These DIY bags not only keep things contained, they can also be transformed into shopping bags for your post-beach trip to the market or the mall. It doesn’t get much more useful than that. Hate touching soggy, sandy towels? The towel basket gives you a hands-off way of transporting them to and from the beach. These beach crafts put the fun in functional!

Outdoor Lighting Crafts

10 Summer Craft Ideas and Garden Crafts for Summer

There’s nothing in this world more magical than a warm summer night. This season you can add to the magic with the lighting craft projects included in our free summer eBook. Recycled crafts like these Water Bottle Summer Lights are not only stunning and decorative, they’re good to the earth. You won’t believe how easy it is to make your own outdoor lighting solutions. Make paper lanterns for your Fourth of July BBQ or add a romantic touch to your backyard dinner party with recycled wine bottle lights. Whatever the occasion may be, you’ve got a craft that will make it shine.

Which summer craft will you do first?

Super Cute Tote and Purse Patterns To Sew

You have a tote and a purse for every occasion. You have your extra big tote for when you take your kids to the beach and you have a smaller one for your gym excursions. You also have a purse for when you’re going out on the town with your friends and you have another one for when you are going to your local pizza place with your family. If there was a pattern for one bag that you could take everywhere you went we would offer it to you immediately. Unfortunately, no such pattern exists. However, we have the next best thing for you: An amazing array of patterns for you to choose from for every circumstance you can think of. AllFreeSewing has a new eBook out entitled: 12 Beautiful Tote Purse Patterns eBook. This has many great and useful patterns that deal with all things that are hand bag related. Best of all, this is absolutely free to download.

We made this eBook with every type of woman in mind. From stay-at-home mothers to those women who work 80 hours a week, we have it all. If you can’t find something that interests you in this eBook then you aren’t looking hard enough. Within the pages of this amazing document are 12 incredible ideas from purses to totes to clutches to hand bag organizers. We have everything that you could need when it comes to making your own hand bag. If you don’t believe us then enjoy a sneak peak of some amazing patterns you can find in this 12 Beautiful Tote Purse Patterns eBook.

Decorative T-Shirt Tote Bag

Decorative T-Shirt Tote Bag

We know you have have a pile of old T-shirts laying around somewhere. All they are doing is collecting dust but you’re convinced you’ll have a use for them one day. Well, here is that “one day”. Turn an old (or new if you so choose) T-shirt you have into a fun and adorable tote bag that you bring around with you where ever you go.

DIY Fancy Lace Clutch

DIY Fancy Lace Clutch

This Fancy Lace Clutch is perfect for when you go out on a special occasion. It practically goes with everything (including that Little Black Dress you own) and it is extremely easy to make. We guarantee this will be your newest fashion accessory.

Basic Purse Organizer

Basic Purse Organizer

How many times have you went digging through your cluttered purse trying to find a check book that turns up at the very bottom of the bag? Or you hear your cell phone ringing but since you can’t find it in your bag, you just end up dumping the contents onto a table to find what your are looking for? It’s OK, you don’t have to admit it, but we know it’s happened to you. That is why we have the perfect solution for you. This Basic Purse Organizer is simple to make and will make your life a lot easier.

Download a copy of 12 Beautiful Tote Purse Patterns eBook right now!

What is your favorite type of handbag: tote, purse, clutch, or other?

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How to Turn a Placemat into a Bag

Placemat purses are some of my favorite thrifty crafts because just as placemats are versatile, the bags you make will also be. I don’t know about you, but I have quite a few placemats that I don’t use anymore because there’s not a complete set, or they just don’t make it to the dining room table anymore! There are great ways to reuse these pieces of fabric and repurpose for your daily life. So they won’t stay tucked away in the cabinets or drawers any longer.

I tend to go for more rustic looking decor and fabrics when I’m looking for kitchen items, so many of my leftover placemats have that sort of earthy feel to them. However, any kind of fabric will do – whether they’re your fanciest placemats or the ones your kids use everyday. Your bag will be lovely because it’s yours. Follow this tutorial from Beacon Adhesives to make your own Easy Placemat Bag.


  • 20” bamboo or fabric placemat of your choice.
  • 1” wide canvas webbing fabric for handle, 2 pieces each 30” long. Use any coordinating color to your placemat.
  • Medium size rickrack in a coordinating color.
  • ½” wide polka dot grosgrain ribbon, or other decorative ribbon.
  • Six fabric daisies or other embellishments of choice.
  • Clips or spring-type clothes pins


  1. Fold each 30” canvas handle in half. Glue handles to the inside of the placemat with the FABRI-TAC GLUE and hold in place with the clips until dry.
  2. Allow handles to dry for at least 12 hours. With FABRI-TAC, glue along the inside right and left edges of the placemat, fold over, and gentle press to form purse. Hold edges together with clips while drying.
  3. Cut lengths of polka dot ribbon and glue to front of purse as in photo. Repeat on the back if desired. Glue similar lengths of rickrack to purse, one above the ribbon and one below.
  4. Attach six fabric flowers between the ribbons. Let everything dry at least overnight before using.

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