Summer Lovin’: How to Sew a Bag for the Beach

12 Beautiful Tote Purse Patterns eBook

Going to the beach is right up there with barbeques, outdoor concerts, and fireworks when it comes to the quintessential summer activities. If you are a total beach babe, you know that having the perfect beach bag can make or break your day at the beach. A bag that is too hefty or too small can mean a lot of inconvenience. That is why we have collected these tutorials that will show you exactly how to sew a bag that is perfect for some fun in the sun. Summer Lovin’: How to Sew a Bag for the Beach has everything you need to create a beach bag you will love and adore for many, many summers to come.

My favorite beach bag is a tote bag I purchased long ago. It is old enough to get sandy, sturdy enough to stand upright on my towel, and big enough to carry all of my essentials. I have a hard time finding the right size bag. If a bag is too big, I end up filling it with things I insist I might need at the beach. This means I’m lugging a heavy bag with a few too many books, some snorkeling equipment I won’t be using, and sometimes even my phone charger. All of these patterns show you how to sew a bag that is the perfect size for your essentials. So, sew one of these up, pack up your beach towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, favorite guilty pleasure reading material, and any other essentials, and get ready to get your tan on.

How to Sew a Bag for the Beach

1. Swimming Bag Tutorial Bottom-right
2. Hooded Towel Backpack Bottom-center
3. Canvas Beach Bag Top-left
4. Insulated Bag Tutorial
5. Beach Bag and Towel in One
6. Summer Fling Bag Tutorial Top-right
7. Super Shark Satchel
8. Shower Curtain Beach Bag
9. Hooded Beach Towel Backpack Bottom-left
10. Fab Flamingo DIY Tote Bag Top-center

If you adore these bags and want to learn how to sew a bag for any occasion, check out 27 Patterns to Sew Purses + 6 New Coin Purses and our Sewing Bags: Tutorial’s You’ll Love & 15 Free Purse Sewing Patterns eBook.

Are you an active beach-goer or a sleep in the sun beach-goer?

Citrus Sweet: Build Your Color Confidence

Summer Citrus CoastersFreshly cut grass, saltwater, and sunscreen are just a few of the scents of summer. Even better than the scents, though, are tastes. When I’m on the beach, I like to enjoy a tall glass of freshly squeezed lemonade. Even if you don’t have a chance to lounge around in the sun, you can get a taste of the season with a few citrus inspired crafts.

The Summer Citrus Coasters pictured at left are must-haves for your next picnic or pool party. This easy sewing pattern is fun and functional. Plus, the bold colors will help your guests remember which drink belongs to whom. Or, check out the Floral Ball, is an explosion of reds, greens, and yellows that makes a beautiful centerpiece, whether your gathering is indoors or out. If you have a hammock hanging in your backyard, the Citrus Burst Pillow will make those afternoon naps extra cozy.


Dazzling Orange Tiger LilyWhen folks think of the word “citrus,” the first fruit that pops into mind is the orange. This bold color lacks subtlety, so if you’re hoping to draw some attention, orange is the way to go.

Dazzling Orange Tiger Lily – It doesn’t get much easier than this DIY paper flower craft, because the cute freckled petals are printable.

Orange Crochet Tank for Tot – The best part about this cute crochet top is the black and white ribbon that ties at the slit in the back.

Rustic Orange Peel Garland – You’d be hard pressed to find a DIY garland that smells as sweet as this one.



Lovely Lemon WreathThere’s a reason I reach for lemonade during those hot summer afternoons. Lemons are so refreshing! These crafts smell as delightful as they look.

Lovely Lemon Wreath – This DIY wreath will greet all of your guests with a hint of lemony freshness.

Lemon Candles – You can make these quirky handmade candles and give them as favors at your next party.

Lemon Sugar Scrub – Keep hands soft and smooth with a yummy sugar scrub. Kids can help, too!


Groovy Green T Shirt ToteNow we’ve come to my favorite shade of citrus: lime green. It’s hard to keep frowning when you come across a craft in this bright color.

Groovy Green T Shirt Tote – Designed with the environmentally-friendly in mind, this DIY bag is made from recycled and earth-safe materials.

Wicked Lime Green Backpack – There’s something sassy about this crochet backpack. I love the fringe at the bottom.

Scrappy Rag Wreath – Vary your fabric scraps to make this DIY wreath super cute.


What’s your must-have summer accessory?








Pac-Man DIY Tote Bag: National Craft Month Project & Giveaway

FaveCrafts Blog Celebrates National Craft Month

Today’s day nine in our month long National Craft Month Giveaway. Come visit our blog every day to enter to win a different prize of the day. Find the contest rules and enter below.

Pac-Man DIY Tote Bag

Pac-Man DIY Tote Bag

Today’s featured project is from iLoveToCreate. Inspired by the arcade classic, this Pac-Man DIY Tote Bag goes from plain to every arcade goer’s must-have accessory. With a little bit of fabric paint, you can recreate Mrs. Pac-Man and her neon ghosts to wind their way around your tote.

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This pattern is included in the 18 Projects Every Crafter Wants free eBook. Celebrate National Craft Month with us by crafting the great projects in this free downloadable eBook written just
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National Craft Month 2014: Day 4 Winner

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Congratulations to…

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We asked: Have you used chalkboard paint in your craft projects?

Congratulations Marlisa, who replied, “I have never tried it before but I think it would make scrapbooking look cool.” We’re glad you scrapbook and we are excited to send you your prize so you can create some amazing scrapbook pages with the Clever Lever Quick Borders Craft Punch®!

You can find yesterday’s Chalkboard DIY Tote Bag in our free eBook, 18 Projects Every Crafter Wants.

Happy National Craft Month!

mini_right Chalkboard DIY Tote Bag

New Edition! “Sewing Bags: Tutorial You’ll Love & 15 Free Purse Sewing Patterns” eBook

There’s no such thing as too many purses. Whether you need a laundry bag, a gym tote, or a gorgeous evening clutch, there are bags for all occasions. Sewing a bag is always a great way to spend an afternoon, since it’s a project that you’ll use over and over again. They make for wonderful gifts, especially around the holidays! In the spirit of Christmas sewing, we at AllFreeSewing have put together a revamped, better-than-ever, new edition of our eBook, Sewing Bags: Tutorials You’ll Love & 15 Free Purse Sewing Patterns.

Sewing Bags: Tutorials You'll Love

From over-the-shoulder sling bags to linen jewelry bags, this free eBook has a little taste of everything. It’s the perfect collection of bags and purses, full of variety. You’ll find tutorials for refashioned bags, vintage patterns, organizer projects, and bags for every age.

DIY Rug Clutch

Bags for the Fashionable Sewist

This bag is so stylish and pretty! The DIY Rug Clutch is a clever way to refashion an old rug. This bag is such a great addition to any outfit. Plus, it’s an easy project to sew. This tutorial will teach you how to insert a lining, button, and zipper to make a sturdy, life-proof clutch out of a discarded piece of home decor.

Bags for Dr. Mom, MD

Emergency Zippered Pouch

Everyone knows that being a Mom means that you’re also a teacher, artist, lawyer, chef, and of course, doctor. Never be without a Band Aid and some Neosporin, thanks to the adorable Emergency Zipper Pouch! This great little on-the-go bag is perfect for skinned knees and bruises. This zippered pouch is easy to sew and includes a little keychain so that you can keep it with you no matter where the emergency is.

Not Just Another Pretty Purse

Bags for the Overnighter

This project is Not Just Another Pretty Purse. This big bag is stylish and pretty, but more than that, it’s useful. The bag’s shape and size make it perfect for overnights. Whether you’re jet-setting off for a weekend vacation, attending a work conference, or just packing the kids up for a weekend at Grandma’s, this bag will hold all of the essentials.

Download your free copy of Sewing Bags: Tutorials You’ll Love & 15 Free Purse Sewing Patterns today!

What items do you always carry in your purse, no matter what?

AllFreeSewing Giveaway: Sewing Stylish Handbags & Totes

Sewing Stylish Handbags & TotesIf you’re anything like me, you love bags. It doesn’t take much; a purse, a tote, a drawstring bag, anything that can carry all of my goods and looks cute makes my day. Maybe one reason why they’re so attractive to me is that they satisfy the “stylish” portion of my outfit that I can’t always pull together. That’s probably why I was so thrilled to find Sewing Stylish Handbags & Totes by Choly Knight. AllFreeSewing and Design Originals are giving away one free copy of this book on how to sew a bag.

The numerous purse tutorials in Sewing Stylish Handbags & Totes range from casual, quirky, and practical. If it’s a laptop or tablet case you’re after, this book has it. Maybe you just need a simple weekend purse while you’re in the city; Sewing Stylish Handbags & Totes gives you several options. Learning how to sew a bag was never this relaxing or creatively stimulating.

What I love most about this book is the way it reads like a catalog. Knight’s piece mimics the enjoyment of shopping while reducing any stress you sometimes feel over price tags or sales associates. Thanks to these tutorials on how to make a bag, you’re immediately empowered with the choice of what kind of bag you want, how much you want to spend on it, and what color and print you’ll make it.

From easy sewing projects to tutorials for the intermediate sewer, any fan of either sewing or handbags won’t be at a loss for projects to make in this book.

Want to win Sewing Stylish Handbags & Totes?

You can easily! Enter our giveaway once a day, every day until September 2nd to maximize your chances of winning this delightful book. Find all of the details right here! If you’d like to hear more about this book, check out the full review!


On the Road Again: The Best Crafts to Sew for Traveling

With summer coming to a close, it’s time to squeeze in those last trips and vacations. As a college student, the summer before my senior year of high school was an important travel time for me because it was when I visited various universities. No matter where you’re traveling, it’s always good to be prepared. Check out these crafts to make your summer travel smooth sailing.

Crafts for the Car

Car Book Holder DIY

Car Book Holder DIYOn a long road trip, it’s important for you to concentrate while driving, which means your kids need to be entertained. This book holder is the perfect craft to sew for when you travel by car so you can store a collection of books. Easy sewing projects like this are perfect for families of avid readers — just make sure the driver keeps his or her eyes on the road. Safety first!



Car Caddy

Car CaddyJust because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to take a break from crafting. Check out this tutorial to learn how to sew a car caddy that will hold all of your crafting supplies on your next road trip. This is a great sewing project for any crafting enthusiast who doesn’t want to part ways with her sewing kit while traveling.




iPad Headrest Holder

iPad-Headrest-Holder-blogThis easy sewing project is the perfect travel craft for any family with young children. After you hang up your iPad Holder, insert your iPad and let your child watch a movie on a long car ride without straining his or her neck. The holder is also a great place to store an iPad while you travel if it’s not in use.





Simple Bags to Sew For Your Next Trip

Easy Duffle Bag Set

Easy Duffle Bag SetRetail luggage is difficult to identify on the airport carousel. Make your luggage stand out by sewing your own set of monogrammed duffel bags. Check out this sewing tutorial to learn how to sew these simple bags for your next vacation. You can make matching sets for your whole family.




Embroidered Reusable Snack Bag

Embroidered Reusable Snack BagNo one wants to go hungry when you are on the go. Sew this Embroidered Reusable Snack Bag to hold some goodies for your next trip. The bag secures with Velcro, so you don’t have to worry about any food spilling. This green craft is the perfect way to make sure your family never travels hungry.




Zippered Travel Tote

Zippered Travel ToteA dual-use tote bag is a great way to economize on space next time you travel. This Zippered Travel Tote can be used for packing and as a carry-on, and it also makes a stylish tote bag for everyday use. Check out this sewing tutorial to learn how to make a bag that slides onto your luggage handle so it can sit securely on top of your suit case as you roll it  through the airport.



Which travel craft will you make first?

Beach Ideas for the Sunny Summer

Nautical Navy Summer Wreath

Summer is here and we’re ready to get crafting at We’re bringing you our favorite Beach Crafts for the Sunny Summer!  Our beachy collection of Sizzlin’ Summer Crafts: 35 Beach Craft Ideas will help you get through every aspect of your summer day. Whether it’s your outfit, your home decor, your beach bag, or something for your kids, we’ve got a craft for you. Each of these beach craft ideas is inexpensive and easy to make. You won’t believe how fabulous each craft looks.

Summer only lasts so long, and when you work, days at the beach are limited. These Beach Crafts for the Sunny Summer take so little time, you don’t have to worry about missing the best hours of the day. Simply assemble this Easy Mesh Beach Bag and head down to the water with all your essentials on your arm. Sew up this Tic Tac Toe Beach Blanket and you have the perfect item for sitting on the sand.

After a long winter hibernation home, it’s time to transform your home and yourself for summer. These Decoupage Sunglasses Designs are classy and chic while these Simple Seashell Candles are delicate and calming. You decide which beach craft ideas will define your summer style.

From all the wearable beach crafts you could ever want to specials details for your home decor, there’s something in this list of Sizzlin’ Summer Crafts: 35 Beach Craft Ideas for you!

Wonderfully Wearable Beach Crafts

Sizzlin' Summer Crafts: 35 Beach Craft Ideas

Summer is a season in which fashion is at the forefront but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money to look absolutely fabulous. These Wonderfully Wearable Beach Crafts take so little time and cost so little money. These wearable beach craft ideas are simple and adorable- exactly as your summer style should be. Sunglasses and sandals in, sunburns and sandy butts out!



Beach Craft Ideas for Home Decor

Sizzlin' Summer Crafts: 35 Beach Craft IdeasThese Beach Craft Ideas for Home Decor will help you transform your home from bare to beach this summer. Set the mood with these Simple Seashell Candles or go sea creature chic with these Starfish Coffee Mugs. Add just a subtle something or make a big splash with any of these beach craft decor ideas.




Make Your Own Bag for the Beach 

Sizzlin' Summer Crafts: 35 Beach Craft IdeasIf your beach bag isn’t absolutely adorable, your entire beach fashion statement is thrown off. With these DIY beach bag ideas, you have tons of different options for the design of your tote. Each bag has a simple structure made perfectly for carrying your beach essentials.






Beach Craft Ideas for Kids

Sizzlin' Summer Crafts: 35 Beach Craft IdeasSummer days can be super long if your kids have nothing to do. These Beach Craft Ideas for Kids are sure to keep them busy and get their creative juices flowing. Throw a luau and have your kids make some Homemade Hawaiian Leis or set up this Tie Dye Beach Towel and let them go crazy with a classic crafting favorite. With these beach craft ideas, your kids will have an unforgettably fun summer.




Bonus: Beachy Treats

Beachy Pie Once you have prepared yourself, your home, and your kids for the summer it’s time to look towards fun ways to treat yourself. These summer recipe ideas are fresh and delicious and so easy to make. Quick summer recipes are the way to go. Maximum time in the sun, minimum time in the kitchen with sweet treats like a Beachy Pie.If you’re on a bikini bod diet, don’t fret we have some low-cal sweets for summer too. Sip on a Banana Blueberry Summer Smoothie and start a cycle of Apple Cinnamon Detox Drinks to help you retain a healthy summer glow and meet your weight loss goal!

Hold a seashell up to your ear and tell us…which craft is calling your name?

It’s All In the Bag: The Best DIY Purses and Bags to Sew this Summer

With all the places you’ll go and the things you’ll see this summer, you will need something cute to carry your belongings. There’s no better way to keep your wallet, keys, cell phone, lip balm, tissues, pen and notepad, umbrella, and banana (maybe some of these are just me) nearby than with a homemade bag. DIY purses and bags are perfect for anyone who loves to stay high fashion but wants to keep the cost low. Check out the free patterns below to learn how you can sew a bag you can’t wait to show off.

Refashioned Bags

Stylish Upcycled Pocket Purse

Stylish Upcycled Pocket PurseAdding a new purse to your collection is as thrifty as can be with this refashioning project. Grab anything with a pocket you no longer wear and transform it into this adorable purse. Check out this sewing tutorial to see how you can sew this DIY purse that will grab everyone’s attention.





Upcycled Denim Tote

Upcycled Denim ToteIf you have an outgrown pair of jeans, you’re all set to sew this fashionable denim bag. This free tote bag pattern will show you how to make a green craft will thrill any young girl as a gift. When you’re done sewing, embellish the bag with any ribbons and decorations you like.






 Messenger Bags

Two Pocket Messenger Bag

Two Pocket Messenger BagIf you’re in need of a good messenger bag, look no further than this sewing project. Learn how to make a messenger bag that you will love to show off using this free messenger bag pattern. This stylish bag is perfect for any student who has lots of books and folders to carry. The bag is sturdy and has plenty of pockets for organization.





Basic Messenger Bag

Basic Messenger BagSewing a messenger bag doesn’t get easier than this. Check out this messenger bag tutorial to learn how to make a simple bag that is perfect for carrying books to class. After you sew the basic bag, decorate the flap with any design you like. Don’t spend money at the store when you can easily sew a messenger bag all by yourself.





 Everyday Purses

Pleated Madeleine Purse

Pleated Madeleine PurseYou don’t have to sort through retail merchandise to find that perfect, trendy bag. Check out this sewing tutorial to learn how to make a DIY purse that will make everyone’s head turn. Grab your favorite patterned fabric and give this project a whirl. You’ll love how spacious and strong your new purse is, and you’ll love how budget-friendly it is too.





Leather Belt Purse

Leather Belt PurseThis DIY purse will be a load off your shoulders — literally. This free purse pattern will show you how to remove the shoulder strap from a leather purse and convert the purse into one that threads through your belt loops. Nix the annoyance of a purse bouncing off your leg as you walk around by comfortably wearing it right on your hip.





Which thrifty DIY purse do you want to make first?

Be a Bookworm & Customize a Library Bag


This project is brought to you by Latrice Murphy from Any Occasion.

It’s summer break here and I’ve got all kinds of activities planned out for my kids. One thing we do every week (sometime twice) is to go to the library. This keeps them busy and they can get in some reading time. We do the summer reading program and they even get prizes from the library. Fun, right? Since they’re older and they get more books now, I decided to created them individual library bags. It was much easier than I thought it would be.


  • Canvas bag- I found mine at my local craft store in a three-pack
  • Fabric
  • Iron
  • Fabric interfacing
  • Silhouette or cutting template


Following the fabric cutting instructions on the Silhouette and fabric interfacing, you want to iron your fabric to the interfacing for about 2 seconds.

Next trim your fabric to match after that. Choose your settings and remove the white paper backing before feeding the fabric into the die cutting machine. You will use your mat for this as well. Using the correct settings (I also use the double cut) cut your design and remove it from the machine. Now you just have to iron it on to your bag for about 10 seconds.

I kept both my image choice and name font simple. Nice chunky letters looked best, I thought. You can get lots more creative with this as well. Here are a couple photos of the finished bags for two of my kids. Boy just love dinosaurs… at least mine do!


Your kids will love these personalized bags. You can also get sew-able fabric interfacing and add some stitching for an even more finished look and more stability.