Link Love: Macrame Crafts Are Knot Your Average Home Decor

I will be honest, I had never heard of macrame before. I didn’t even know how to use it in a sentence! So it came as a surprise when I typed it into Google and find that it’s just knots. (I’m sorry to those of you who already know what it is, but bear with me for a few lines.) Homemade macrame jewelry is what mostly comes up. Basically, it’s a series of knots assembled in a way to hold stuff of varying sizes. It normally uses cotton, linen, yarn, or rope—what you choose to use for macrame materials usually depends on what you’re doing with it. If you’re making macrame jewelry, then you can use a lighter string with beads. For right now, however, I wanted to explore what other options macrame crafting has to offer.

So what do I go to first? Home decor. Living in the city gives me an awesome urban background to try a hipster/urban-chic decorations. These DIY home decor ideas are a great way to bring a little Bohemian-chic into your home. They may remind you of those corner-hanging-lamps with the tassels and the psychedelic coloring, but the modern world has transformed the hipster decorating ideas. These designs call for basic knot-tying skills such as square knots and overhand knots and are an up-and-coming trend for home decor. Don’t both spending money, let alone attempting to find the exact color and fabric you want, at a store when you can use any fabric, in any color, for your own color scheme.


Macrame Crafts Are Knot Your Average Home Decor


Macrame Projects


Macrame Bottle Vases from Crafting Fingers

Easy DIY Plant Hanger from A Charming Project

Macrame Wheat Grass Eggs from The Merry Thought

Macrame Rope Wall-hanging from Miss Amy Phipps

Macrame Plant Holder from Classy Clutter

Macrame Yarn Garland from A Beautiful Mess

DIY Hanging Macrame Chair from Classy Clutter

Macrame Herb Hanger


Although most of the items that the macrame is holding are potted plants, you can use these to hold about anything. You can use a garden gazing globe and create beautiful colored light inside your home. It can be used as a hanging storage place for your child’s stuffed animals. This is a trending craft that will work for whatever setting you have in your home. Even try it outside to hang your hanging plants. Urban, Bohemian, country, rustic… These rope crafts are going to be the hottest thing to make!


Where and what will you use macrame for?

How to Make a Crocheted Garland

This guest post was written by David Leon Morgan.

Make a simple, crocheted garland to hang on your wall, decorate a party, or beautify a Christmas tree. If home decorations aren’t what you’re looking for, you could make a cool crocheted necklace with the steps below, too.

This tutorial reinforces the technique of crocheting in rounds, and can be made with virtually any type of yarn and any size crochet hook. For this tutorial, however, I used a 6mm hook and 4-ply yarn. The yarn was a bit tight around the hook, so if you are a beginner, I would suggest using a size hook and type of yarn that you are able to make stitches with comfortably and easily.

This tutorial requires a basic knowledge of crochet, including how to create a slip knot and chain stitch, and how to make a double crochet stitch.

Step 1: Chain 6

Step 2: Join your last stitch with the first one you made, then make a slip

Step 3: Instead of creating an increasing chain stitch, yarn over and crochet your first double crochet stitch directly in the two chain stitches you joined together.

Crochet 12 double crochet stitches within the row of stitches. I crocheted two doubled crochet stitches per one chain stitch, and crocheted within the top of the stitch.

Step 4: Once you have crocheted all 12 stitches, join the last stitch with the first stitch through a slip stitch.

Step 5: Chain 6, then repeat steps 2-4. Make as many as you like to achieve the length you need for your garland.

With these instructions, there should not be any spaces between your circle of stitches. However, feel free to add variation to the instructions by including extra chain stitches between your circles. You can also join two types of yarn together for a multicolored feel, or crochet large beads into your garland to add eclectic charm.

How else could you customize your garland, and where would it look great in a home? Let us know in the comments below!

Preview of FaveCrafts Radio August 3, 2011

FaveCrafts Radio is a monthly radio show hosted by Pat Sloan. Pat interviews your favorite craft experts and celebrities and they offer tips about and discuss some of their favorite projects on FaveCrafts Radio airs live on BlogTalkRadio on the first Wednesday afternoon of each month from 3 – 4:00 pm (ET) (2 pm Central, 1 pm Mountain, noon Pacific). Archived podcasts can be streamed directly from the website or downloaded for free through iTunes. Visit

Tune in today at 3 pm Eastern time (2 pm Central, 1 pm Mountain, 12 noon Pacific) for FaveCrafts Radio.

This month’s guests include:

Candie Cooper – mixed media artist and television host focusing primarily on jewelry design

Suede – fashion designer, Project Runway veteran, and pattern designer with Simplicity

Janet Perry – needlepoint designer and instructor from Nuts about Needlepoint

Matthew Mead – Editor-in-Chief of Holiday with Matthew Mead

Linda Augsburg – Editorial Director for the craft websites at Prime Publishing LLC

Listen to FaveCrafts Radio to hear what these talented crafters have to share about their work!

FaveCrafts Radio
Host Pat Sloan is a frequent contributor to She also has a website, Blog –, Quilt Forum –, Facebook and twitter In 1998 Pat took her 6 quilt patterns to Houston to Quilt Market and had her first booth to share her designs. From there she’s been published in all the quilt magazines, has over 20 books with Leisure Arts, and many fabric lines with P&B. Over the years, she’s taught around the country, hosted quilters cruises, and generally spread her joy of quilting to as many people as she can. All in all, Pat loves to motivate people to create. Pat also hosts American Patchwork & Quilting Radio with Pat Sloan.

How to Plan a 4th of July Party

It’s hard to believe but it’s almost time for fireworks, sparklers and all of the other fun stuff that comes with Independence Day.

I don’t know about you but for me, the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday to get together with my family, friends, neighbors… basically everyone I know!  There’s nothing quite like throwing a bunch of burgers on the grill, playing some outdoor games, listening to good music and enjoying the company of friends in the warm weather.

I also love that, unlike other holidays, there aren’t a whole lot of rules for how to plan a 4th of July party.  To help get the ball rolling, here are a couple of suggestions:


How to Plan a 4th of July Party – Get Organized:

-Send out invitations as early as possible. This is one of the busiest times of the year and you want to give advance notice to your guests.

-Go grocery shopping. You’ll want to stock up on all of the essentials, including All-American favorites like hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, watermelon and a patriotic dessert or two. Also, don’t forget the drinks!

How to Plan a 4th of July Party – Have Activities Planned:

When you’re thinking about how to plan a 4th of July party, you’ll want to make sure your guests have something to do to keep busy, especially if kids will be coming. Here are some activity ideas:

-Organize a game of capture the flag, softball or kickball… something that everyone can participate in and enjoy.

-Have a craft table where kids can work on 4th of July art projects, like these fun pipe cleaner leis or this Stars and Stripes Game Box.

-Find a local fireworks show that you and your guests can go to afterwards, because it wouldn’t be the Fourth of July without fiery explosions in the sky!

How to Plan a 4th of July Party – Remember to Decorate:

From table toppers to party favors, and everything in between, there are plenty of ways to add patriotic décor to make your party as festive as possible. We all know that decorations can get expensive really quickly, so if you want to learn how to plan a 4th of July party without breaking the bank, try crafting your own centerpiece, festive garland or fun cupcake toppers.

-Don’t forget your wardrobe! Deck yourself out in red, white and blue… and make sure your guests do the same! Here are some fun patriotic accessories you can make yourself:

Patriotic Posy Pins

Americana Necklace

Star Spangled Bracelet

Fireworks Earrings

The Fourth of July is all about celebrating freedom, so don’t feel like you have to follow this plan to a T.  These are just some of our favorite ideas that we hope will inspire you in your planning.  There really is no limit to what a creative mind can dream up when brainstorming about how to plan a 4th of July Party!

Do you have any other suggestions for how to plan a 4th of July party?  What are you planning on making to celebrate the holiday?

Frill Seekers for Yarn-A-Holics

The New Frill Seeker Yarn

Have you seen this new Yarn out in stores? It’s called Frill Seeker by Estelle. This is the new cat’s meow and is selling up fast. Essentially you are thinking you are seeing  a shoe lace but when you don’t realize that it’s like a fish netting yarn material. For packaging it’s condensed but when you start to open up the yarn strand, you are seeing nearly 3″ of  netting opening up. This provides amazing frills that are so cool.

It’s 100% Acrylic Yarn and pretty artistic too!

Price point in Canadian Dollars is about $15.00 but the yarn is so amazing for making scarves or doing something great with accenting your project.

Check out for more information.

Blog Hop Recap March: My Favorite Crafts

Thank you for posting your wonderful crafts! All of them were so unique and amazing. It was hard to pick and choose which ones I liked the most. But I was able to narrow down my choices to five crafts I really liked.

The Eggshell Mosaic Bracelet by Tiffany Windsor caught my immediate attention.

I loved the texture and appearance of the bracelet. Being the jewelry lover that I am, I would definitely add it to my collection. It is easy to make and it looks great. Such a cool idea to include eggshells as decorative ornaments. Such a unique and elegant look. I definitely recommend you make it yourself!

What is a perfect outfit without the perfect necklace? This Shrinky Dink pendant necklace by Amy Anderson is the finest accessory to your style whether it is casual, elegant, business, etc. Its glass looking texture and bright colors give it a catchy dimensional look.

Amy describes in her blog how she enjoyed watching and eagerly waited for the Dink to bake in the oven. I guess most of us can relate to her, at least I can, since watching your craft bake is like watching your favorite dish cook in the oven. The result was stupendous Amy! Great job! Now all of you get to see how she did it and try it yourselves!

As I am on the jewelry fever right now, I can’t not mention another great invention that I saw on the Blog Hop for March. Who would have thought that paper can make a great material for a pretty necklace. At least, I haven’t. This St.Pat’s Day Necklace by Carol Heppner is so pleasing and so simple to make. I just adore it!

You cannot make jewelry without beads. I love the African Trade Beads by Marie Segal not just because I am a huge fan of African crafts but because they are so colorful and fun to wear. I got myself some earrings from South Africa a few years ago with the same style of beads so it is so pleasing to see a tutorial on how to make and use them yourself  in the comfort of your own home.

Follow Marie’s instructions and you will see how much fun it is! Great idea Marie! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

And last but not least, the diaper wreath. All of you moms would love that one. I know I do. All these diapers around the house can be used to create a fun wreath to decorate your loved one’s room or simply to surprise a friend at a baby shower. Either way, I thought this was very creative. I just wish I could see some instructions on how you made it TxMum2ThreeBoys so that everyone can be a part of your creative idea.

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated! Loved the projects, your blogs and work! Keep up the good work artists! It is not  easy to be one but definitely very rewarding. I know because I am one myself. Good luck to all!

National Craft Month: How to Make a Petal Pillow

As experts and enthusiasts of all things crafty, FaveCrafts decided to host a special National Craft Month blog series for all of our lovely readers. Check back for a new blog post every day featuring our favorite projects, new craft videos, how-to’s from the FaveCrafts editors, and a GIGANTIC, ENORMOUS, AMAZING craft giveaway at the end of the month. That’s right–we’re giving away the biggest prize ever, a gift basket chock full of crafting goodies from our craft closet. There’s something for everyone in this gift basket.

Leave a comment below, and on any blog post labeled “National Craft Month” in the headline, and your comment will count as an entry into the giveaway. You are free to comment as often as once per blog post (for a total of 31 chances to win!). At the end of the month, we’ll pool all of the comments together and pick one lucky winner.

The Petal Pillow is a very popular project on  I’ve shared this project on Facebook and loved seeing such a positive response there as well. Some Facebook readers even shared photos of their own petal pillows!

As a gift to all of you wonderful blog readers, Allison Harris from Cluck. Cluck. Sew has allowed me to share the entire tutorial right here on the blog! Learn how to make your own petal pillow with these instructions. It’s a great project for spring. Enjoy!

First you’ll need:

-a little over a 1/2 yard of fabric….19 inches to be exact. You can get away with a half yard if you already have it, just cut your pieces to 18″ instead of 19″. I used home weight fabric from Joann’s.

– 1/4 yard felt. Buy the good stuff on the bolt and not the cheap sheets in the kids crafts section. The stuff I used is made from recycled plastic bottles and is really stiff and thick. This felt came on a 60″ bolt, but if the bolt is smaller you might want to buy a half yard just to be safe.

– a large and small cup (or other circles) for tracing, a large bowl for tracing, a pen, scissors, and cardstock to make your template.

Trace the rims of your cups onto your cardstock and cut out.

Pin the templates to your felt and cut out circles. I was able to cut 3-4 circles at a time by folding the felt.

Cut out roughly 30 large circles, and 20 small circles. You can always use more or less….but more the merrier I always say.

Now cut your circles in half.

Now your going to cut your fabric into three pieces.

1 large square 19 inches x 19 in. , 1 rectangle 19 in. x 15 in. , and 1 rectangle 19 in. x 12 in.

On the right side of the 19 in. by 19 in. square, trace a bowl or large plate marking a large circle in the middle. Leave 4-5 inches or so around the edges. (my circle is hard to see in the next pic…squint real hard and you’ll see it!)

Line up the edge of a large petal along the line you just traced. As you sew the petals on, overlap the petals about a 1/4 inch. Continue sewing around the circle, adding petals.

When you get near where you started, put a petal in between the previous petals, so they overlap. Then you can start putting petals underneath the previous set. I lined up the straight edges of my petals only 1/4 in. or so underneath the previous petals because I liked them packed in there. Again…the more the merrier and the closer they are the better it will look.

If you want extra volume in your petals, you can curve them and fold the edges as you sew to make the petals stand up a little bit. I started curving and bunching them a little bit on the third or fourth row.

If you want extra volume in your petals, you can curve them and fold the edges as you sew to make the petals stand up a little bit. I started curving and bunching them a little bit on the third or fourth row.

After you’ve done four or five rows of large petals and you’re getting close to the center, you can switch to your small petals. Again, as you get closer to the center you can curve and bunch the straight edge of the petals so they stand up a little and look like real petals. When you get to the center add a couple petals that are good and bunched at the bottom for extra volume.

Cut a small circle out of felt about 1 inch, or large enough to cover your edges. Sew down with a few stitches in the center of the flower.

Your done with the hard part…now lets make your pillow.

Finish the short edges (12 inch and 15 inch) of your two back rectangles by folding one side under 1/2″ twice and sewing.

Place your pillow front and back pieces right sides together, lining up edges. Put the larger rectangle down first against the flower right sides together, then put your smaller rectangle on top if it, right sides together. Pin well.

Sew around the edges with a 1/2″ inch inseam. Because home decor fabric frays easily, serge or do a quick zig zag stitch around the edges. Trim your corners and turn inside out.

Stuff with an 18 inch pillow form and your done! Yay!

What’s next on your spring ‘To Make’ List?

National Craft Month: Home Decor Link Love

As experts and enthusiasts of all things crafty, FaveCrafts decided to host a special National Craft Month blog series for all of our lovely readers. Check back for a new blog post every day featuring our favorite projects, new craft videos, how-to’s from the FaveCrafts editors, and a GIGANTIC, ENORMOUS, AMAZING craft giveaway at the end of the month. That’s right–we’re giving away the biggest prize ever, a gift basket chock full of crafting goodies from our craft closet. There’s something for everyone in this gift basket.

Leave a comment below, and on any blog post labeled “National Craft Month” in the headline, and your comment will count as an entry into the giveaway. You are free to comment as often as once per blog post (for a total of 31 chances to win!). At the end of the month, we’ll pool all of the comments together and pick one lucky winner.

This week’s theme is homemade home decor, so I scoured the blogosphere to find the best home DIY projects around! A very perceptive reader commented a while ago that I must love ruffles a lot, to which I respond “see below.”

  1. Ruffled Chiffon Fairy Light Box from Heart Handmade UK.
  2. Anthropologie Shower Curtain from Elle Apparel.
  3. Drop Cloth Pillow from Ink Blots and Polka Dots.
  4. Bold Striped DIY Drapes from The Yellow Cape Cod.
  5. Lampshade Transformation from Two Girls…Being Crafty.
  6. Arm Chair Makeover from Funky Time.
  7. Ruffle Fabric Lamp from A Girl and a Glue Gun.
  8. Beaded Chandelier from Dollar Store Crafts.
  9. Buttons Specimen Art from Living with Punks.

Which project is the prettiest? Most inventive? Most likely to end up in your home?

Coming To An Inbox Near You: “Laying It All Out”

Are you familiar with  This site is home to all the afghan patterns you would ever need!  Love granny squares?  We’ve got them.  Looking for a vintage afghan?  We’ve got them.  Want to make a baby blanket?  You guessed it – we’ve got those, too.

AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns (also known as AFCAP) has over 500 links to free patterns from all over the web.  And now, we are so excited to announce the debut of our own newsletter, “Laying It All Out.”  This newsletter will feature new patterns as well as old favorites.

Our first issue is coming soon.  Here’s a preview of what you’ll find:

Hexagon Gem Afghan – This is a motif afghan pattern.  It’s fun and pretty but still has a creative edge to it.  The pattern is completely unique and super colorful.

Brite Nights Throw – The colors in this granny square afghan is what makes it so special.  Throws are a great way to decorate your home and brighten up any space.  Plus they’re warm and toasty!

Simple Ripple Crochet Baby Blanket – Stumped about what to get a loved one who is about to welcome a little one?  Why not make them a baby blanket?  This is a great project because it can easily become a keepsake for generations to come.

So what are you waiting for?  This is an exciting opportunity to get new, free patterns delivered right to your inbox every single week!  Sign up now.

What’s your favorite kind of crochet afghan pattern?

It’s Not Too Late: Check out “12 Fun & Fabulous Mod Podge Projects” eBook

It’s crunch time.  I have less than two weeks to find presents for my friends, two brothers and dad.  How did this happen?

The Christmas season should be filled with family, friends and fun.  It shouldn’t be about stressing over money or finding the perfect gift at an over-crowded store.  Take some time to create fun gifts this year. Best of all, you don’t have to be a world-class crafter!

Don’t know where to start?  Look no further than the latest collaboration from FaveCrafts and Plaid- “12 Fun & Fabulous Mod Podge Projects” eBook.  From wall hangings to jewelry, this free eBook is full of fun and easy ideas.

If you’re like me, you don’t have a great deal of experience with Mod Podge.  The great thing about this eBook is that there is a beginner’s guide to Mod Podge that’s perfect for anyone willing to learn.  Plus, there’s large color photos that accompany all project instructions.

I can’t get over the Stenciled Embroidery Hoop Art.  This project is great for a college dorm room, an apartment or a bedroom.  I love the bright colors and unexpected designs.  You could venture out into the cold and buy wall art, or you could stay inside and create something completely unique and full of character.

I also really love the Fit for a Little Princess Footstool.  If I were a little girl, I would die for this cute gift.  It remind me of something a Disney princess would have in her room.  What little girl doesn’t want to be a princess?

These are only a few of the great gifts in FaveCrafts and Plaid’s “12 Fun & Fabulous Mod Podge Projects” eBook.  Check it out today and get started on those fabulous Christmas gifts!