Craft Tutorials and How Tos You Might Have Missed: Part 2

Best Yarn for Blankets

Hey guys! As you may remember, in part 1 of “Craft Tutorials and How Tos You Might Have Missed” we helped introduce you to some easy DIY craft ideas for the home. Well, good news-a similar list is back again! These free and simple crafting tips will help make your DIY adventures magical and are helpful to any and all skill-levels. Although you may think that you are doing crafting the easy way, these home craft tutorials will help you avoid common mistakes that every crafter makes.

Learn how to find multiple crafting uses with an old toothbrush with 17 Crafty Uses for an Old Toothbrush and discover which crafting materials are best for your specific project in Mod Podge vs. Glue. If you want to jazz up your wardrobe with tie-dyed t-shirts but don’t want to spend a lot of money then try this beginner-level craft technique Crumple Tie-Dye Technique.

Mod Podge vs. Glue

Any crafter loves a good DIY organizing project and with Pill Bottle Crafts: Reuse Pill Bottles with this Crafty Guide you can learn how to create DIY storage the affordable way! If knitting or crocheting is more your speed, find out what the best yarns are for that DIY afghan with Best Yarn for Blankets.

Pill Bottle Crafts

Even if you are an experienced crafter, having access to free crafting tutorials can never hurt! These simple craft how tos will teach you how to create unique, beautiful pieces for your home without the added stress and expense. Make crafting fun and relaxing again by using this helpful list as a crafting resource for you and your friends! The best way to learn about helpful crafting techniques is by sharing with those around us. So what are you waiting for? Start reading part 2 for priceless crafting insight!

Our Newest Craft Tutorials:

1. Mod Podge vs. Glue
2. Lessons Learned from My First Shibori Dyeing Experience
3. 17 Crafty Uses for an Old Toothbrush
4. Recycled Flower Pots: 29 Water Bottle Planters and More DIY Planter Pots
5. Crumple Tie-Dye Technique
6. Pill Bottle Crafts: Reuse Pill Bottles with this Crafty Guide
7. Best Yarn for Blankets
8. Upcycle Your Old Household Items into Crafts
9. What Is Shibori Tie Dye?
10. How to Choose the Best Craft Glue
11. What Are the Best Knitting Needles for Beginners?
12. How to Wash Craft Felt

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“What is your best advice for new crafters?”

12 DIY Kitchen Ideas to Craft Before Company Comes Over

We’re fast approaching that time of year where it feels like we have visitors over all of the time. Whether it’s family or friends, our homes are a hubbub of activity during the holidays, and while we frantically rush to clean up our homes before Cousin Teddy stops by with his family, we often feel at a loss. If you’re like me, you rush to dust, vacuum, and jam as many items into the closet as possible. No matter how many times you tell yourself that it’s going to be different, that last-minute dash to spruce up the joint is habitual. I don’t know about you, but when I’m racing against the clock to rid the house of dust mites, there’s one room I always forget to tackle: the kitchen. I’m usually good about cleaning the dishes and putting food away, but when company comes over, my kitchen isn’t much to look at. It’s dull. It’s boring. If I sweep the floor, the kitchen might look better, but it’s still a room in dire need of color. That’s why I’ve been compiling a list of DIY kitchen ideas.

I’ve spent many hours sprucing up the home decor for my living room. When cleaned, I’m proud to say that the living room looks great. It’s comfortable. It has a sense of atmosphere and style. People can see all of my cool DIY room decor and be amazed. My kitchen, as you now know, is another story, and I wanted to change that. What if Cousin Teddy and the family wanted to raid my fridge for snacks and sodas? In looking for DIY kitchen ideas, I put together crafts that either looked great, were practical, or could wear both hats. Some of these crafts, like the Coffee Pot Homemade Terrarium, were also a neat way to recycle spare items I no longer needed. Featured below is my personal to-do list. The next time those family members or friends want to check out my home, these crafts will make me feel like my kitchen is dressed up enough for company.

12 DIY Kitchen Ideas to Craft Before Company Comes Over

12 DIY Kitchen Ideas to Make You Feel Stylish

  1. Wooden Spoon Wall Art
  2. Coffee Pot Homemade Terrarium
  3. The Dreamiest Treat Jars
  4. Crochet Beer Cap Hot Pad
  5. Colorful Crochet Dishcloths
  6. Permanent Marker Art Bowls
  7. DIY Vintage Sign
  8. French Seed Packet Printable Art
  9. Brewtiful Coffee Printable Art
  10. DIY Laminated Placements
  11. Delectable Donut Coasters
  12. Recycled Milk Carton Organizers

If these 12 DIY kitchen ideas inspired you to track down some more neat projects, you should check out this 39 Low Cost Kitchen Crafts eBook.

I’ve opened up about my last-minute preparations for company. How do you prepare for guests?

12 Show-Stopping Succulent Crafts

There’s something to be said for bringing a little bit of the outdoors into your home. A little bit of greenery can easily brighten up any room. That’s why we are just in love with succulents right now! They are the most adorable little plants, and they can flourish just about anywhere. I’ve seen people keep succulents on their bookshelves, on their desk at work, even hanging from the ceiling!

There are a lot of reasons that succulents are so popular. A big reason is that they are a very low maintenance plant. As long as they are kept in sunny spots, they only need to be watered about once a week (depending on the week). Learn more about how to care for succulents here.

Show-Stopping Succulent Crafts

Remember, succulents can be more than just an adorable piece of home decor. Succulents can be given as gifts, make precious party favors, and have even been used at weddings! Succulents can be incorporated into corsages, bouquets, and even used as place cards at a reception. There’s no end to what these charming little plants can be used for.

Now that it is officially March, that means there is one thing on everyone’s mind: Spring is coming!! This means that it’s time to get creative and breathe new life into your home. And what better way to celebrate the approaching change in season than with these show-stopping succulent crafts?


Show-Stopping Succulent Crafts

How to Make a Succulent Fairy Garden (shown)

Elegant and Easy Succulent Centerpieces

How to Make a Succulent WreathHow to Make a Succulent Fairy Garden

DIY Vintage Vertical Succulent Garden

Succulent DIY Garden Projects

Decoupaged Succulent Planter

Punny Succulent Gifts

Shimmery Succulent Centerpiece

Smiling Succulent DIY Pincushion

Succulent Quilt Pattern

Mini Succulent Planters

Gorgeous Green Succulent DIY Earrings


Comment below and let us know, what is your favorite way to display your succulents?

18 Wood Pallet Projects: What to Make With Wood Pallets

Wood pallet projects are something that should be on the bucket lists of every crafter out there. Not only are wood pallets incredibly easy to work with, but they are also very cheap and easy to find. Add the fact that anything made of pallets looks extremely stunning, and you have the perfect craft. These pallet ideas can add a nice country charm to any home. If the rustic life is not your style, however, have no fear! Wood pallets are one of the most versatile materials to craft with, so you can tweak these wood pallet ideas however you want to get your desired style.

18 Wood Pallet Projects- What to Make With Wood Pallets

DIY Pallet Furniture

If you love the look of wooden pallets in your home decor, then why not try incorporating wood pallets into your furniture? These wood pallet furniture ideas will leave your home looking rustic and charming. You won’t believe how easy these DIY furniture ideas are, not to mention thrifty—for most of these projects, all you need are some old wood pallets and nails. You can’t beat that!

Pallet Swing Bed1.  Pallet Swing Bed
2.  DIY Wood Pallet Coffee Table
3.  DIY Toy Storage
4.  American Flag DIY Pallet Coffee Table
5.  DIY Strawberry Planter
6.  Rolling Pallet Planter
7.  Stackable Pallet Compost Bin
8.  DIY Storage Crate
9.  Charming Stepped Planter

Decorative Pallet Projects

If you’re not ready to incorporate wood pallets into your large pieces of furniture just yet, then it might be a good idea to start smaller. Try making some wood pallet decorations, and I promise you’ll get hooked. These wood pallet projects are perfect for any part of your home, from the kitchen to the garden.

Rustic Pallet Board World Map10. Rustic Pallet Board World Map
11. How to Make a Pallet Garden
12. Love Life Pallet
13. Vertical Pallet Garden
14. Rustic Pallet Wood Sign
15. DIY Hanging Pallet Wood Shelf
16. Pallet DIY Garden Projects
17. DIY Pallet Shelf
18. DIY Pallet Wine Rack

How have you incorporated wood pallets in your home?

10 Cutest Monogram Ideas

Newly Wed PlaqueIf you’re in love with the Lily Pulitzer, but don’t want to spend the money on cute monogrammed stuff, then you need to try these DIY monogram ideas. You can cheaply decorate your home with hand-painted monograms in your initials. The great thing about monogrammed items is that there is no question of who’s stuff it is. I live in a house with two other sisters and my mom. My sisters and I are about the same size, so my clothes mysteriously go missing from time to time. However, I noticed that the ones with my initials on it or my sorority letters are the items that get left behind. That’s why monogrammed stuff is becoming essential: a personalized touch makes greedy hands go away.

10 Cutest Monogram Ideas

Monogrammed House NumberI’ve been rooming with the same girl since my freshman year, so all ideas of “personal space” have gone out the door. Though starting out, we kept everything separate. We were the lucky ones who didn’t end up hating each other and didn’t have too many problems. Others, however, didn’t have as much luck. Labeling everything and getting stuff organized has become such a huge trend. Especially the DIY storage bins that can be used for literally everything. Monogramming initials has become such a cute way to personalize clothing and crafts.

Here are some direct quotes from our editors on their thoughts about monogramming:

“I love monogramming because it allows me to put a special touch on even the most generic accessories.”Monogrammed Stool

“Monogramming is a way to personalize gifts for friends and family in a way that regular store-bought, generic gifts don’t.”

“My name is incredible and I want to show it off, but really though it’s a personal touch on any accessory. Monogram necklaces are a great gift, tote bags, and travel.”

I can’t wait to get started on the Newly Wed Plaque. My sister just got married, and I want to use a variation of it. The fun part about my new brother-in-law and my sister? They have the same initials. Both start with “L,” middle “E,” and obviously the same last name. The best thing about these easy crafts are that they can be applied and followed. You can put them on practically anything. Take the technique of the Paper and Monogrammed Stool and use it for a DIY kid’s table or a wooden plaque. The idea of monogramming is simple and not too different, but the techniques of applying and creating it vary from crafter to crafter.


Paint and Paper Monogram Stool

Elegant Wood Wall Monograms

Monogrammed Newlywed Wall Plaque

Rhinestone Monogrammed Bouquet Wrap

Monogram House Number

Holiday Monogram Plate

Mod Podge Monogram

Stunning Monogrammed Candles

DIY Monogrammed Charms/Pendants

Custom Silhouette Monogram Fans

What is your favorite thing to monogram?

Link Love: Macrame Crafts Are Knot Your Average Home Decor

I will be honest, I had never heard of macrame before. I didn’t even know how to use it in a sentence! So it came as a surprise when I typed it into Google and find that it’s just knots. (I’m sorry to those of you who already know what it is, but bear with me for a few lines.) Homemade macrame jewelry is what mostly comes up. Basically, it’s a series of knots assembled in a way to hold stuff of varying sizes. It normally uses cotton, linen, yarn, or rope—what you choose to use for macrame materials usually depends on what you’re doing with it. If you’re making macrame jewelry, then you can use a lighter string with beads. For right now, however, I wanted to explore what other options macrame crafting has to offer.

So what do I go to first? Home decor. Living in the city gives me an awesome urban background to try a hipster/urban-chic decorations. These DIY home decor ideas are a great way to bring a little Bohemian-chic into your home. They may remind you of those corner-hanging-lamps with the tassels and the psychedelic coloring, but the modern world has transformed the hipster decorating ideas. These designs call for basic knot-tying skills such as square knots and overhand knots and are an up-and-coming trend for home decor. Don’t both spending money, let alone attempting to find the exact color and fabric you want, at a store when you can use any fabric, in any color, for your own color scheme.


Macrame Crafts Are Knot Your Average Home Decor


Macrame Projects


Macrame Bottle Vases from Crafting Fingers

Easy DIY Plant Hanger from A Charming Project

Macrame Wheat Grass Eggs from The Merry Thought

Macrame Rope Wall-hanging from Miss Amy Phipps

Macrame Plant Holder from Classy Clutter

Macrame Yarn Garland from A Beautiful Mess

DIY Hanging Macrame Chair from Classy Clutter

Macrame Herb Hanger


Although most of the items that the macrame is holding are potted plants, you can use these to hold about anything. You can use a garden gazing globe and create beautiful colored light inside your home. It can be used as a hanging storage place for your child’s stuffed animals. This is a trending craft that will work for whatever setting you have in your home. Even try it outside to hang your hanging plants. Urban, Bohemian, country, rustic… These rope crafts are going to be the hottest thing to make!


Where and what will you use macrame for?

Link Love: The DIY Dreamcatcher

Channel your inner bohemian because dreamcatchers are back. Or they never left. Either way, these whimsical and lovely pieces have taken the spotlight in home decor and now you can learn to make your own.

“What are dream catchers?” you ask? Well, according to Google, the dreamcatcher meaning is:

“a small hoop containing a horsehair mesh, or a similar construction of string or yarn, decorated with feathers and beads, believed to give its owner good dreams. Dreamcatchers were originally made by American Indians.”

When I was a kid, I always thought of dreamcatchers as catching the bad dreams. I suppose the would then be called “nightmare catchers” which doesn’t sound quite as happy. Oh well.  Today we’ve rounded up our fave diy dreamcatchers for your enjoyment. If you’ve ever wondered “How do you make a dreamcatcher?” and wanted to transform your room into a magical and dreamy land, these pictures of dream catchers will inspire you. Making a diy dream catcher doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. We found a variety of traditional and more modern dreamcatchers for you to try. Use yarn, twine, vintage doilies, thread, or anything you see fit to create the dreamcatcher of your dreams. I think I have some vintage doilies lying around that I think could use a new prupose in life. Plus, vintage doilies are always in antique shops just waiting for a new home. I know what I’m doing this summer in Michigan!

Part of what makes each dreamcatcher unique is the different feathers and beads you can use to complete the design. Learn how to make a simple dreamcatcher and keep dreaming my friends!


  1. DIY Peacock Dreamcatcher from Saving More Than Me
  2. DIY Dreamcatcher: Urban Outfitters Knock Off from Child at Heart
  3. DIY DREAM CATCHER from A Little Birdy
  4. DIY: Doily Dream Catcher from Fawn Over Baby
  5. DIY Mint Dream Catcher from Stardustsoul
  7. DIY DREAMCATCHER from This Fashion is Mine
  8. DIY Doily Dreamcatcher from Calico Skies
  9. DIY HULA HOOP DREAM CATCHER from Primitive and Proper

Have you ever made a dreamcatcher?

9 Easy Glass Etching Projects

glass-etchingDon’t let it intimidate you…glass etching is a fun and easy way to turn an old glass jar into something truly unique.  The fun design is made by using 2 main materials:  etching creme and a stencil.  Once you have your design ready to go, all you need to do is lay it down on your glass surface, cover it in etching creme and let the magic happen. 

I actually had the opportunity to play around with Etchall Etching Creme and I made this cute hummingbird coaster.  It was so beyond easy and I just love how it turned out!  You can create cute gifts and decorations like this by using etching creme and you’ll just love how easy and fun it is!

To help you learn more about glass etching and all the fun things you can do with this creme, we’ve gathered up 9 of our favorite glass etching tutorials.  From lovely fall and winter decor to projects you can make for a wedding favor or to give as a gift, this collection is perfect for anyone looking to get started in glass etching. 


  1. Falling Leaves Candle Jar
  2. Decorated Shot Glasses
  3. Elegant Leaf Plate
  4. Classic Christmas Hurricanes
  5. Initial Wine Glass
  6. Etched Coasters
  7. Tulip Centerpiece
  8. Etched Mirrors
  9. Etched Candle Display



BONUS!  We’re giving away a little Etchall Starter Kit, containing everything you need to create your very own etched glass art.  You have until October 7th to enter, and you can enter to win once a day…so the more you return, the greater your chances of winning this fabulous kit.  Head on over to the giveaway page and enter to win today!

19 Ways to Give New Life to Old Furniture

deco-art-coverIs your garage filled with your beloved thrift store finds?  If you’re like me, you may have an old cabinet in the corner just waiting to be used…or maybe some old chairs that you picked up at a garage sale or an old dresser in your bedroom that was passed on to you that is just begging for a makeover.  Well, it’s time to start giving that furniture the love it deserves!

Filled with 19 amazing suggestions for transforming old furniture into new pieces that will help beautify your home, How to Paint Furniture: 19 Upcycled Furniture Projects, is a must-have free eBook for DIY’ers of all kinds.  Brought to you by FaveCrafts and DecoArt, this eBook teaches readers how to use Chalky Paint to completely transform your furniture.  Add character to an old dresser or paint a cabinet to give it that well-worn look.  Complete with instructions, tutorials, how-to’s, and even an interactive shopping list, this eBook is all you need to help you start looking at your furniture in a whole new way.

How-to-Upcycle-Furniture-mini_leftDownload your own copy of How to Paint Furniture: 19 Upcycled Furniture Projects for free today!


Tables and Chairs

An old end table can be transformed into a nursery room staple with the help of this Gorgeous Starry Side Table tutorial.  Great for holding all of baby’s essentials, this cute table is easy to make and would look great in any baby’s room.  Sometimes it’s hard to find a table that’s unique to your nursery theme or that really stands out, but with the helpful tutorials and lessons you’ll find in How to Paint Furniture: 19 Upcycled Furniture Projects, you’ll be able to make a table that best suits your needs!


How-to-Upcycle-Furniture-mini_leftDownload your own copy of How to Paint Furniture: 19 Upcycled Furniture Projects for free today!


Bookcases and Dressers

Give your old bookshelf an instant makeover with the tutorials and projects you’ll find in this section of How to Paint Furniture: 19 Upcycled Furniture Projects.  By simply adding color to the backing of your bookshelf, you can create an awesome design element that would look striking in any room.  Take this Thrifty Chevron Bookcase, for example.  The simple chevron pattern on the back of the bookshelf really makes this furniture piece pop with color and style…and you can create this look with any color combination you’d like!  Storage doesn’t have to be boring.  Store books, pictures, and other nick knacks in plain sight by decorating the furniture piece that holds them.




Download your own copy of How to Paint Furniture: 19 Upcycled Furniture Projects for free today!


You can find these projects and so many more in our new free eBook, How to Paint Furniture: 19 Upcycled Furniture Projects.  Download your own free copy today, and start looking at your furniture in a whole new way!


BONUS!  As an added bonus, we’re giving away $280 worth of DecoArt supplies, including 29 jars of Crafty Finish paint!  You have until August 24th to enter, and you can enter to win once a day…so the more you return, the greater your chances of winning this awesome giveaway!  Head on over to the giveaway page and register to win today!



What DIY tips do you have to share when it comes to working with thrift store finds?  What do you look for?  What is your favorite product to buy?   Share your crafty wisdom with us!



Seeing Spots? Polka Dot Projects Are the Cure!

Polka-Dot-Wine-GlassesI hate to break it to you, but it’s spot season again. I know you just got over that spell of spring fever, but it seems that the next seasonal illness is upon us. If you’ve been seeing spots, don’t fret – Dr. FaveCrafts is on call! She suggests two remedies: get plenty of exercise and excitement by planning a polka dot party, or remain restful and unwind with a few polka dot stitching patterns.

These Polka Dot Wine Glasses that you see on the left might be just the thing to get you inspired this season and chase those summertime blues (a far worse ailment) away for good. If you’re ready to bring your spotted friends into the home, perhaps you would like to try some cute polka dot décor. DIY Dot Pots are an adorable place to put your growing flowers, and they look great indoors or outdoors! If you’re the artsy type (which I know you are), then maybe Polka Dot Wall Art is more your style. It adds a lot of brightness and cheer to a home that’s not quite summer-ready.


Polka-Dot-Penant-BannerReady for some company? A Polka Dot Patterns Party is just what you need to celebrate the cheeriness of summer. These decorations will create a fun atmosphere, but don’t be surprised if your guests all go home with a little polka dot fever of their own (it’s contagious)!

Polka Dot Pennant Banner – Save a few bucks on your next party and create this exciting, eye-catching banner.

Polka Dot Tissue Lantern – Paper lanterns create a warm and inviting glow after the sun sets, so make sure your guests are entertained from dawn ’til dusk with this cheery light craft.

Polka Dot Pinwheels – These decorative “toys” are great for parties because they add just the right amount of whimsy, but don’t be surprised if you see your guests plucking them out of the ground to keep for themselves!

How to Make a Polka Dot Crown – Lastly, show your guests who the real polka dot princess is with this fun, easy-to-follow tutorial.


aqua-polka-dots-baby-blanketDon’t worry if you’re still not feeling up to a party. Choose a polka dot pattern to knit that will keep you cozy and rested in the comfort of your own home. Settle back with some iced tea, get out your knitting needles, and be thankful it’s not the Chicken Pox.

Polka Dot Frenzy Afghan – Try not to fall in love too quickly with this afghan pattern (it’s addicting!).

Aqua Dots Baby Blanket – If you’re feeling particularly giving, this pattern comes in sizes for all ages!

Yellow Dots Summer Scarf –  This scarf is surprisingly perfect for those cool summer days when you don’t want to catch a chill.

Pretty in Polka Dots Cowl – Add some adorableness to your outfit with this fun polka dot knitting pattern.

Felted Polka Dot Purse – Carry your summer essentials in this lively purse with matching cosmetic bag!


Which of these polka dot patterns is your favorite and why?