12 DIY Kitchen Ideas to Craft Before Company Comes Over

We’re fast approaching that time of year where it feels like we have visitors over all of the time. Whether it’s family or friends, our homes are a hubbub of activity during the holidays, and while we frantically rush to clean up our homes before Cousin Teddy stops by with his family, we often feel at a loss. If you’re like me, you rush to dust, vacuum, and jam as many items into the closet as possible. No matter how many times you tell yourself that it’s going to be different, that last-minute dash to spruce up the joint is habitual. I don’t know about you, but when I’m racing against the clock to rid the house of dust mites, there’s one room I always forget to tackle: the kitchen. I’m usually good about cleaning the dishes and putting food away, but when company comes over, my kitchen isn’t much to look at. It’s dull. It’s boring. If I sweep the floor, the kitchen might look better, but it’s still a room in dire need of color. That’s why I’ve been compiling a list of DIY kitchen ideas.

I’ve spent many hours sprucing up the home decor for my living room. When cleaned, I’m proud to say that the living room looks great. It’s comfortable. It has a sense of atmosphere and style. People can see all of my cool DIY room decor and be amazed. My kitchen, as you now know, is another story, and I wanted to change that. What if Cousin Teddy and the family wanted to raid my fridge for snacks and sodas? In looking for DIY kitchen ideas, I put together crafts that either looked great, were practical, or could wear both hats. Some of these crafts, like the Coffee Pot Homemade Terrarium, were also a neat way to recycle spare items I no longer needed. Featured below is my personal to-do list. The next time those family members or friends want to check out my home, these crafts will make me feel like my kitchen is dressed up enough for company.

12 DIY Kitchen Ideas to Craft Before Company Comes Over

12 DIY Kitchen Ideas to Make You Feel Stylish

  1. Wooden Spoon Wall Art
  2. Coffee Pot Homemade Terrarium
  3. The Dreamiest Treat Jars
  4. Crochet Beer Cap Hot Pad
  5. Colorful Crochet Dishcloths
  6. Permanent Marker Art Bowls
  7. DIY Vintage Sign
  8. French Seed Packet Printable Art
  9. Brewtiful Coffee Printable Art
  10. DIY Laminated Placements
  11. Delectable Donut Coasters
  12. Recycled Milk Carton Organizers

If these 12 DIY kitchen ideas inspired you to track down some more neat projects, you should check out this 39 Low Cost Kitchen Crafts eBook.

I’ve opened up about my last-minute preparations for company. How do you prepare for guests?

Be a Hero! Superhero Crafts for Free Comic Book Day

This Saturday, May 3rd, is Free Comic Book Day. On this day, generous comic book shops throughout the country give away comics, completely for free! Since we love superheroes and all things free at AllFreeHolidayCrafts.com, we’re celebrating this super-holiday with superhero crafts inspired by everyone’s favorite comics.

Superhero Crafts

Just because Comic Book Day is once a year doesn’t mean that these DIY projects have a deadline. Celebrate your inner-hero on the daily with decorating ideas, creative recipes, and amazing costumes, masks, and capes! Don’t forget to head out to your local comic book store this Saturday to grab your free comic, perhaps dressed in one of the handmade costumes below.


Costumes and Capes

Comic Book Hero CapesBe the hero on Free Comic Book Day with our favorite superhero costumes and capes. No matter what your favorite comic book is, there’s a simple superhero craft you’ll enjoy below. Put your sewing skills to the test and create a cool cape or mask.

  1. Fantastic Felt Superhero Masks
  2. Captain America’s Vibranium Shield
  3. Superhero Mask
  4. Spider-Man Costume DIY
  5. Superhero Cape Pattern
  6. Dark Knight Bathman Towel
  7. Comic Book Hero Capes
  8. Super Fun Capes [break] [break] [break] [break]

Comic Book Decorations

Superhero Comic Book BannerGet your home ready for Free Comic Book Day with a few handmade decorations that you’re sure to love. Invite all of your comic-obsessed friends over so you can read your free comics together! A party isn’t a party without decorations, and the ones below are super, man!

  1. Superhero Comic Book Banner
  2. Superhero Storage Jars
  3. Spider-Man Throw Pillow[break] [break] [break] [break]




Spider-Man Birthday Cake After your decorations are in place, you’ll need some super-snacks to replenish yourself. From Spider-man to The Avengers, the cute treats below perfectly demonstrate your comic book craze.

  1. Spider Man Birthday Cake
  2. Supercookies
  3. Superhero Cupcakes
  4. Earth’s Mightiest Avengers Cake Pops [break] [break] [break] [break] [break]


What is your favorite comic book?

This Week on Cool2Craft TV – Redecorate, Redo, Repurpose!

Join host Tiffany Windsor for a new episode of Cool2Craft TV. This week’s show theme is redecorate. EcoHeidi Borchers transforms glass jars and clear vases with fancy yarn, Candace Jedrowicz goes kitschy with her clock redo and Tiffany crafts thrift store frames into beautiful floral art in a reverse painting technique.

It’s easy to watch the Cool2Craft TV Channel right from your computer. Monday September 5, 2011 at 9 am Pacific/ 10 am Mountain/ 11 am Central/ noon Eastern. Watch craft demos and join in the live chat at showtime at Cool2Craft.com. See you Monday!

Cool2Craft TV - September 5, 2011 - Redecorate

Watch live streaming video from cool2craft at livestream.com

Confessions of a Mod Podge Addict Part 5: Bathroom Wall Art

Today’s Guest Post was written by Nichole Nelson.

My husband doesn’t understand the need for decorating in the bathroom. He’s a man. When we got married and I moved in, he said “Everyone can tell I’m officially married now.” I wasn’t completely sure what he meant by that. He finished by saying “There are foofy pillows on the couch and towels I can’t touch.”

Yeah. It’s true. Towels are the easiest way to decorate a bathroom. Just tie them up cute on a towel rack, use some ribbons or flowers to keep them in place. It’s WAY cute. Only the husband doesn’t understand that. So, I’ve been banned from decorative towels in the bathroom.

Which is why I created this masterpiece. I needed something black and white to hang in my bathroom and this was just what it needed. It’s actually hanging above the toilet and it looks great in there. (The bathroom is a mess right now or I would have posted a better picture. Anyone else hate bathroom cleaning day?)


  • Mod Podge
  • Wood Scraps
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun

Total Cost: $5

I just took a big piece of scrap wood I found in the garage and cut it into 7×11 squares (I guess technically that’s a rectangle). I painted the sides and back black and then Mod Podged my paper on top. Then I hooked it all together with ribbon and voila! A bathroom masterpiece!

If you don’t have wood scraps you could use canvas (or maybe even that cool foam poster board stuff. That’s WAY cheaper than canvas.)

Looking for a way to keep your closet organized? I’ve got just the project. And yes…it uses Mod Podge!

Nichole Nelson admits she’s a Mod Podge addict and craftaholic. She’s a self-proclaimed word nerd and writer for TopTenREVIEWS by day and an avid crafter by night. In her spare time, she enjoys crafting (obviously), reading and trying to help her sweet husband understand her love for all things crafty.

Confessions of a Mod Podge Addict Part 4: Salt and Pepper Bathroom Organizers

Today’s Guest Post was written by Nichole Nelson.

I might have an obsession with hair supplies. I am constantly making new hair clips and needed a good way to keep things organized. Mostly I needed to be able to ‘hide’ them from the husband. He just doesn’t understand my need for hair clips and accessories.

So, this was my brilliant way to keep my clips and brushes organized (and hidden). We don’t have much cabinet space at my new place, so I needed something cute to put my supplies in so that I can leave them out on the counter. I just bought some metal containers (the little ones are actually salt and pepper shakers) and used Mod Podge to help me create labels.


  • Mod Podge
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Canister
  • Embellishments

Total Cost: $60

This was one of my more expensive projects. I had to buy all the canisters. I wanted something with lids or I would have re-used cans of soup or something. So, if you aren’t attached to lids, that’s a cheaper option for you. Or, you can check the thrift store because they always have cool jars you could decorate.

This was super easy – just dig through your scrapbook paper scraps and ribbons and create cute labels for your accessories. I also have some for headbands and flower clips and other odds and ends and I love them.

And speaking of sprucing up things in the bathroom…my next project does just that. You’ll have to check it out.

Nichole Nelson admits she’s a Mod Podge addict and craftaholic. She’s a self-proclaimed word nerd and writer for TopTenREVIEWS by day and an avid crafter by night. In her spare time, she enjoys crafting (obviously), reading and trying to help her sweet husband understand her love for all things crafty.

Get In the Spirit with AllFreeChristmasCrafts

Tis the season to get crafty!  FaveCrafts has a variety of great projects for all seasons.  But if you’re looking for even more great holiday projects of all shapes and sizes, head over to AllFreeChristmasCrafts.com.

I love this site because all of the projects are cheap and easy!  I just moved into my first apartment, so I’ve been spending like crazy on everything from bills to kitchen appliances.  This season, I need to save.  That’s why AllFreeChristmasCrafts.com is so perfect.  We can all stand to save some money this holiday season.  Why not take a little extra time and make your holiday gifts or decorations?  Plus, I always appreciate when someone puts thought into a gift.

It’s not too late to get started on fantastic Christmas projects!  On AllFreeChristmasCrafts.com, you’ll find ideas for gifts, home decor and even wearable Christmas crafts.  Basically, it’s a one stop shop for all your favorite free Christmas projects.  With over 100 projects and counting, this site is stacked with great ideas.

Here are some great projects to get you started –

  1. Knitted Mini Christmas Stocking – How cute is this adorable ornament?  If you love to knit, this is the perfect project for you!  Make a bunch of these – they’re perfect decoration for a tree that needs that little extra sparkle.
  2. Santa Scarf – It doesn’t get much cuter than this scarf.  It’s perfect for the holiday season and it makes a great gift.  Sewing enthusiasts, this is your project!
  3. Felt Tree Skirt – A tree skirt is great for brightening up your holiday decor.  Some tree skirts can be pretty expensive, but this one is cheap and easy to make.  You don’t have to be a world-class crafter to make this project.

  1. Magnetic Nativity Scene – This project is reusable, which is fantastic if you’re trying to be frugal this season.  More importantly, it’s an education and fun for kids of all ages.  Stick these magnets anywhere!
  2. Baby Jesus Ornament – It doesn’t get much easier than this ornament.  Seriously, it’s so easy and fun to make – it’s perfect for beginners.  Plus, it’s a great religious craft.
  3. Candy Cane Bedroom Socks – I love cozy socks.  During the winter months, I love to keep my toes warm at night.  That’s why I’m obsessed with this project.  Avid knitters, you’ll love this pattern.

This is just a fraction of the awesome projects on AllFreeChristmasCrafts.com. Check out the site for many more great projects and ideas to get you started.

My favorite project on the site is the Christmas Treat Jar.  I gave a similar gift last year as part of a Secret Santa exchange.  I filled up a plain glass jar with candy and decorated it with paint pens.  I found that this was an inexpensive way to personalize a present.

So go craft-crazy this holiday season!  You won’t regret it.

Book Review and Giveaway: Fabric Vases

Have you ever thought of making your own vases from fabric? This unique book shows you how to create six different vase shapes with your favorite fabrics. You can create vases to match just about any decor. This book also gives you the skills and motivation to come up with your own unique designs. We are giving a copy to one lucky winner. Read the full review of Fast Fun Easy Fabric Vases and enter to win here.

Fast Fun Easy Fabric Vases
By Linda Johansen
Publisher: C&T Publishing
ISBN: 1-57120-317-6

Contest ends November 30, 2010. You can enter once daily, so return often to improve your chances of winning!

30 Days of Sewing: Twisted Lycra Lamp

In honor of National Sewing Month, FaveCraftsBlog will feature one free sewing pattern every day this September. To follow along, visit the blog daily or sign up for the RSS feed.

Here is today’s free sewing pattern: Twisted Lycra Lamp

Designer: Mark Montano

Difficulty: Easy


Use stretchy fabric and 3 wire hangers to create a hip and modern hanging lamp for your home. The cutting and sewing are super-simple. No two lamps will look the same!

30 Days of Sewing: Simply Reversible Window Valence

In honor of National Sewing Month, FaveCraftsBlog will feature one free sewing pattern every day this September. To follow along, visit the blog daily or sign up for the RSS feed.

Here is today’s free sewing pattern: Simply Reversible Window Valence

Designer: Jennifer Neill

Time to Create: 1-2 Hours

Difficulty: Easy


Create a reversible valance for your living room window or any other room with this easy sewing tutorial. Make your own pattern to perfectly fit the window with these instructions.

30 Days of Sewing: Phone Book or Album Cover

In honor of National Sewing Month, FaveCraftsBlog will feature one free sewing pattern every day this September. To follow along, visit the blog daily or sign up for the RSS feed.

Here is today’s free sewing pattern: Phone Book or Album Cover

Designer: Beverly Johnson for Sulky

Difficulty: Experienced


Sew a cute cover for a phone book or photo album featuring a house scene. This cover makes a great house-warming gift or accent for your own home. The batting or fusible fleece adds depth and hides the color of the phone book.