9+ Winter Cross Stitch Patterns

The weather outside is frightful, so we’re staying in and working on some of our favorite cross stitch patterns! No matter your level of expertise, you’ll find a range of projects in our roundup of 9+ Winter Cross Stitch Patterns.

Winter Cross Stitch Patterns

Rose Dishcloth and Potholder

Rose Dishcloth and Potholder

This gorgeous tutorial includes a crocheted gingham dishcloth and a cross-stitched rose potholder. If you’re a lover of both crafts, this is the perfect pattern set for you!

Rose Chair Caddy

Rose Chair Caddy

Speaking of roses, this chair caddy is a gorgeous project that is both decorative and handy! Keep your essential craft supplies, especially those for needlecraft, in this caddy.

Freshwater Fish Cross Stitch Pattern

Freshwater Fish Cross Stitch Pattern

You may not have fish on the mind since it’s such a cold time of year, but if you want to have this cross stitch pattern done in time for summer, you’ll have to start this project now!

Night Sky Bookmark

Night Sky Bookmark

This bookmark is the absolute loveliest for reading before bed! Small projects like this one work up more quickly and make great gifts.

Hearts Plastic Canvas Tissue Box

Hearts Plastic Canvas Tissue Box

This tissue box is so precious. It’s a fun project to get in that Valentine’s Day spirit (already!), and it’s also very beautiful to add a cozy feel to any room.

Daisy Tissue Box Cover

Daisy Tissue Box Cover

Speaking of tissue boxes, this daisy cover is another lovely option, especially for spring! The little bow is a darling touch.

Cherries Cross Stitch Oven Pad

Cherries Cross Stitch Oven Pad

The cherries in this cross stitch oven pad pattern are so cheery and would fit right in any fruit-themed kitchen. This is a great quick project and would be great for that cherry-loving friend.

Easter Egg Cross Stitch Ornament

Easter Egg Cross Stitch Ornament

Over the course of winter, get a head start on those Easter projects! This cross stitched Easter egg is a lovely option, and the designs really lend themselves well to cross stitch.

Hedgehog Cross Stitch Pattern Keychain

Hedgehog Cross Stitch Pattern Keychain

This hedgehog keychain is the cutest pattern to round out our winter list. Anytime a loved one takes out their keys, they’ll think of you when you make them this keychain.


31 Free Cross Stitch Patterns

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What cross stitch patterns would you like to see on FaveCrafts?



Unique Cross Stitch Patterns for the Holidays

You wouldn’t think it, but cross stitch is a great project for the holidays. You can make an endless amount of unique craft projects with cross stitch — all you need is your creativity! From DIY ornaments to gift tags, you can easily incorporate cross stitch patterns into your holiday crafting. Just scroll through our list for some crafting inspiration and for some free cross stitch patterns!

Unique Cross Stitch Patterns for the Holidays

Cross Stitch Babushka Ornament: this cross stitch project is so adorable! We’d love to create a family of Babushka dolls to decorate our tree.

Cross Stitch Babushka Ornament

Cross-Stitch Holiday Towels: looking for a way to add some festive flair to your kitchen? Try this pretty cross stitch pattern. You can even add this gorgeous pattern to table napkins for an extra special detail to your table decorations.

Cross-Stitch Holiday Towels

Beautiful Christmas Angel Cross Stitch Pattern: an angel is such a classic cross stitch pattern, but we think this design is so unique – we absolutely can’t get enough of this colorful design!

Beautiful Christmas Angel Cross Stitch Pattern

A Child is Born Dish Towel: this is a wonderful dish towel idea. We love the idea of using a cross stitch pattern to put a classic Christmas saying on a DIY home decor project. It’s simply charming!

A Child is Born Dish Towel

Christmas Tree Cross Stitch Necklace: we love the idea of creating a unique piece of holiday DIY jewelry with cross stitch. We even think this craft idea would be great if you want to make a DIY ornament for your tree as well!

Christmas Tree Cross Stitch Necklace

Printable Cross Stitch Gift Tag: this gift tag is so simple and easy. It’s made even easier because it’s a printable design. What a fun and unique way to add some cross stitch into your holiday gift wrapping!

Printable Cross Stitch Gift Tag

Cross Stitch Holiday Card: if you aren’t into gift tags, then try making some handmade cards for Christmas. You can use this craft project idea to make a fun, cross stitch Holiday card.

Cross Stitch Holiday Card

Wooden Cross Stitch Ornament: this a such a unique and different ornament idea! Get creative and make different cross stitch designs for your tree. We even think these DIY ornaments would make great stocking stuffers.

Wooden Cross Stitch Ornament

Cross Stitch Gift Tag Idea: another great DIY gift tag idea! This cross stitch gift tag is truly a work of art.

Cross Stitch Gift Tag Idea


Comment below and let us know, what’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

13 Cheerful Cross Stitch Patterns

Need a little pick-me-up or got a case of the blues? We all know that crafting is a great stress-reliever and cross stitch is one of our favorite crafting activities. These cross stitch patterns are so cheerful, they’re bound to put a smile on anyone’s face and they’re sure to be a joy to make. Pursue the list, and maybe you’ll find a cross stitch pattern you’ll want to make on your next rainy day!

13 Cheerful Cross Stitch Patterns


Oh Hi! Free Embroidery Pattern: this cross stitch pattern lets you display a cheerful greeting for all to see!

Oh Hi! Free Embroidery Pattern

No Statement Printable Embroidery Pattern: if you’re feeling the opposite of cheery (which we all sometimes do), then let people know with this fantastic design. Show off your personality!

No Statement Printable Embroidery Pattern

Watermelon Cross Stitch Pattern: this watermelon pattern is so wonderful, it reminds us of summer.

Watermelon Cross Stitch Pattern

Photo courtesy of storypiece.net


Ladybug Cross Stitch Pattern: ladybugs are so friendly! This cross stitch pattern also has instructions for those who are just learning the trade and need some good tips.

Ladybug Cross Stitch Pattern

Photo courtesy of sugaridoo.com


DIY or DIE Cross Stitch Pattern: display your love for DIY projects with this undeniably funny pattern. Put it in your craft room for the perfect DIY decor piece.

DIY or DIE Cross Stitch Pattern

Photo courtesy of wecanmakeanything.net


Sparkly Butterfly Pattern: this pretty butterfly is extra pretty because it sparkles! Make a bunch of different-colored butterflies to decorate your wall.

Sparkly Butterfly Pattern

Photo courtesy of sewfrenchembroidery.blogspot.com


French Rose Pattern: channel your inner Belle with this cross stitch pattern. How about a Prince Charming to go along with it?

French Rose Pattern

Photo courtesy of sewfrenchembroidery.blogspot.com


Happy When It Rains Cross Stitch Pattern: prove that the rain isn’t enough to dampen your good mood! This pattern instantly cheers us up.

Happy When It Rains Cross Stitch Pattern

Photo courtesy of hancockshouseofhappy.blogspot.co.uk


Hot Cross Stitch Buns: boy, those are some nice buns! If you’ve got a sense of humor, then this cross stitch pattern is definitely for you.

Hot Cross Stitch Buns

Photo courtesy of makerssociety.com.au


Thankful for Pie Cross Stitch Pie Card: we love pie! We think pie is great for many a fine occasion, so we can see ourselves using this card a lot.

Thankful for Pie Cross Stitch Pie Card

Photo courtesy of crafts.tutsplus.com


Embroidered Babushka Doll: this smiling doll is super pretty and really adorable. It’s such a fun cross stitch pattern!

Embroidered Babushka Doll

Photo courtesy of cupcakecutie1.blogspot.co.nz


Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice! Pattern: “Sugar, sugar, honey, honey” we want to put this up in our kitchen and dance all day long to one of our favorite songs! This is the perfect DIY decor for any baker or Archies fan.

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice! Pattern

Photo courtesy of hancockshouseofhappy.blogspot.co.uk

Together is a Wonderful Place Pattern: the sentiment on this cross stitch pattern is just so sweet (as sweet as sugar?) it’s simply bound to put a cheerful smile on anyone’s face.
Together is a Wonderful Place Pattern


Comment below and let us know, what’s something that always cheers you up?




AllFreeHolidayCrafts Giveaway: iPhone Cross-Stitch Case

iPhone Cross-Stitch CaseEmbroidery fans rejoice! Red Heart has created the perfect iPhone case for embroiderers, the iPhone Cross-Stitch Case. You will be able to show off your love  for crafting when you cover your iPhone in a case of your making. This creative case for your smart phone is made to fit either the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 4S, one more reason for apple users to smile. The iPhone Cross-Stitch Case comes with four different patterns for you to choose from, a silicone phone case, six colors of embroidery floss, and convenient instructions to follow for each of the four patterns.  The iPhone Cross-Stitch Case, from Red Heart Yarn, is the perfect way to protect your smart phone in style. Your phone will reflect your personality, style, and hobbies when you show off your crafty side with this great new product from Red Heart Yarn.

Along with your silicone case you will be getting four different iPhone Cross-Stitch Case designs in this pack from Red Heart Yarn. These four different patterns include a cupcake template, an Eiffel Tower template, a plaid motif, and finally a paisley motif which can be seen in the image to the left. These four options are yours to choose from, so decorate your iPhone case most according to your personal style. Whether you are familiar with cross-stitching or not, the iPhone Cross-Stitch Case comes with instructions, making it easy to create for crafters of all skill-levels. In addition to these easy-to-follow instructions you will also receive 6 different colors of embroidery floss and an embroidery needle. With all of the supplies needed to make your own iPhone case, there is nothing stopping you from having a personalized case than the  iPhone Cross-Stitch Case pack from Red Heart Yarn.

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Geek Crafts: Geek Love Cross Stitch Pattern


Hello, Geek Crafters!

Hi, I’m Haley Pierson-Cox! If you follow my blog, The Zen of Making, then you already know that I’m a pretty geeky gal. (The TARDIS dress really gives it away, doesn’t it?) But, if you’re just meeting me for the first time today, consider this your warning: I’m about to talk nerdy to you. So, strap on that proton pack, pick up the gold bikini from the cleaners, and make sure your sonic screwdriver is fully charged, because, thanks to FaveCrafts, I’ll be taking you on a new adventure into the fabulous and freaky world of geek crafts every week!

Since this is the first column in my series, I’m kicking things off by sharing a little geek love. So, if you’ve ever painted a Warhammer army, stalked Adam Savage at the Emmys (that actually happened), or studied Klingon in your spare time, download a free copy of my cross-stitch pattern and let your geek flag fly!


  • Cross-stitch fabric, 5” x 5” square of 14-count
  • Embroidery floss, less than 1 skein each of navy blue, gray, light blue, red, green, yellow, and silver
  • Embroidery needle
  • Embroidery scissors or thread nippers
  • Pattern

Step 1
Cross-stitch patterns are worked in horizontal rows. To begin, work the first leg of each stitch across the full length of the row using 2-ply embroidery floss. Count each stitch carefully to ensure correct spacing.

Step 2
Once you’ve stitched all of the legs in one direction, cross each stitch in the opposite direction, working backwards toward the beginning of the row.

Step 3
Once you’ve completed the first row, finish each subsequent row following the instructions in steps 1 and 2.

Step 4
After you’ve completed all rows in the pattern, give your glasses a touch of personality by adding silver temples to the pairs in navy and yellow french knot “pearls” to the pairs in green.

Tips for successful stitching:

  • To avoid bumps, embroidery floss is not knotted on the back of cross-stitch pieces. To secure each color in place, leave a long tail on the back and stitch over the end as you work.
  • If you’re working a row that has more than one color, complete all of the stitches in one color before moving on to the next.
  • Get creative: mix up colors and glasses designs to make piece that’s perfect for you!

Are you ready to get your geek on? Leave a comment below and tell me about the shows, characters, movies, books, etc. that you’d like to see featured in my weekly geek crafts posts!

Frog Crafts for Leap Day Are Hoppin’

February 29th is considered Leap Day because the day doesn’t occur every year. It likes to leap every four years. If we didn’t have this one extra day every now and then, the seasonal calendar would eventually be thrown off. This means one extra day of crafting! So hop to it!

We’re pairing up Leap Day with frog crafts. And nothing is cuter than some froggy baby patterns! There are also a lot of patterns for stuffed toys that will get you leaping for joy. And I found plenty of other fun frog activities with our fine amphibian friends.

Baby Patterns for Little Tadpoles

What’s green and has buggy eyes? A baby in froggy accessories! Knit this adorable Froggy Hat and Socks or a Baby Cocoon with a hat and booties. These would be awesome frog crafts to make for any leap year baby. And I just have to share this free baby Frog Suit tutorial from Wacky Baby Knits that I found on Etsy.

Froggy Stuffed Toys

Make some cool frogs with these patterns for stuffed toys. (Get it? Cool frogs, cold-blooded.) Some Little Frogs are pocket-sized and will fit right in the palm of your hand. Others are a bit bigger like crocheted Freddy the Frog or Ribbit Knit Frog. Then there are the charming ones like this Frog Prince from Lil Blue Boo.

Creative Frog Activities

Make plenty of other frog crafts with different types of materials. Use any one of these froggy cross stitch kits to do some fun stitching. You can get the kids crafting, make some paper plate frogs with this tutorial from Mommyapolis. Or have them make an Eco Froggy Bank. It’s a green craft in more than one way. Kids will love feeding this frog their change and letting it save for them.

What are you making on this extra crafting day?

New Cross-Stitch Spring Wrap Pattern

This guest post is by Michelle Noble

I designed this cross-stitch shawl for my mother-in-law for Mother’s day recently. I crocheted with an E-hook using Bernat Aqua Sport weight yarn (3-ply).

Directions for Cross-stitch crochet: Skip the first DC and DC in the next DC. Go Back and DC in the skipped DC. Do this across the row. If you look, it creates a criss-cross free crochet pattern! It is very pretty and delicate with delicate yarns and fine patterns.

There is no need to worry about gauge for this project. If you wish to use different yarn, go ahead and try different hooks and do swatches to see which you like best before you start. Make this project your own.
FC: SC 60. Turn:
Row1: SC in 2nd ch from hook and across. Turn:
Row2: Ch2. CS(Cross-stitch) across to end. Turn.
Row3: Ch2. CS across to end. Turn.
Row4-? Repeat pattern in Row 3 until you get desired length. After you finish the last row, and reach the desired length, DO NOT FINISH OFF! Turn. Ch2.

(Shell Pattern) DC 5 times in the first DC. Then sc in the next stitch. Then repeat by DC 5 times in the next DC and sc in the next DC. Do this across to the end. This will create a shell pattern on the end of the wrap. When you reach the end, finish off. Go to the other side with the wrong side facing you and repeat the above instructions for the shell pattern. You now have a completed Spring Wrap!

If you like this shawl then you’ll just love the shawls we have here!

Help A Reader: Motorcycles and Teddy Bears

Every now and then, everyone could use a helping hand.  Ready to lend your assistance?   Below you’ll find a few readers in need.  If you feel you can help or have any suggestions, please post your answer in the comments. Please try to supply instructions and/or links. Have fun! =)

P. Collingwood asks,
I am hoping you can help me locate something I need. I need fingerless or 1/2 finger support gloves with a leather shield for the area between the fourth finger and the thumb. The need is to protect an extremely sensitive inner surface on a partially amputated thumb in order to be able to tolerate using knitting needles.  If you do not have such an item, do you have any ideas on where I could look to try to find one? So far my craft store, craft catalog, and internet searches have not turned up anything except the possibility of bicycle gloves. they look too stiff to do handwork.  Thanks for any help you can give.

Gale asks,
I am trying to find a pattern for cross-stitch on gingham. I found a website that has free charts in this but they are not in English.   I was wondering if anyone else could help me out?  I am also trying to find a pattern for a Teddy Bear vacuum cleaner cover or any vacuum cleaner cover pattern.

Eva asks,
I am looking for a motorbike pattern either filet or afghan, preferably not a Harley Davidson pattern. Can you please help me?

New Pattern Monday: Give Thanks for Crafts!

Now that it’s officially November, it’s time to start thinking about Thanksgiving! You’ll need to start working early if you’re going to make decorations, centerpieces, place cards…and not to mention the actual meal! Here’s what we’ve got for you this week:

Large Cornucopia: Create an impressive, large scale cornucopia with minimal cost and time required. This Thanksgiving craft project would be perfect for a hotel lobby, buffet table or a spectacular front porch.

Friendly Straw Scarecrow: Make your own miniature scarecrow for autumn decorating with this fun scarecrow craft project. Use natural materials like burlap, jute and straw to create this fun and friendly scarecrow.

Traditional Thanksgiving Cross Stitch Pattern: This Traditional Thanksgiving Stitch Pattern is a great way to brighten up a space for the holidays. Everyone can enjoy this free cross stitch pattern! Give it as a gift or keep it for yourself.

How to Convert Cross Stitch to Needlepoint

When first asked if it was possible to use a cross-stitch chart as a needlepoint chart I thought the process would be so easy that there was no need for explanation at all, however, I always do my research and never assume anything! Although it is not a difficult switch, it is one you do need to think about before just jumping in.

Cross stitch is made of basically of a right angled half stitch and a left angled half stitch used together to create that X stitch. Needlepoint and plastic canvas these same stitches as the Continental and Alternating Continental (when crossed these two stitches create the Cross Stitch) along with Scotch Stitch, Slanting Gobelin, and Long Stitch. Many cross stitch charts can be used as is, you decide if you want to use only the slanting stitches or a full cross stitch.

Experts say to check all diagonal lines within the pattern or design. Diagonal lines slanted up and to the right translate well when converting from cross-stitch to needlepoint.

If you want to convert a cross-stitch pattern to a needlepoint pattern, it’s best if there are not a lot of back or decorative stitches to be done, unless you can complete the pattern without using these stitches. So take a good look at any photos of the finished pattern or any symbol charts.

You should also keep in mind that a majority of cross stitch patterns or designs use the material or fabric used as the background whereas in needlepoint the entire pattern or design is stitched. If converting a cross-stitch pattern into a needlepoint design you’ll need to decide if you are going to want to stitch the background. Any filling needlepoint stitch can be used. Most experts agree that it’s best to start at the center of a design and work out.

Stitch Guides

Cross Stitch Stitch Guide 1
Cross Stitch Stitch Guide 2

Needlepoint Stitch Guide 1
Needlepoint Stitch Guide 2