April is Stress Awareness Month! Unwind with Knitting and Crochet

Unwind with Knitting and CrochetI am a huge proponent of knitting and crocheting to destress. I learned how to crochet about three years ago, and I’ve been knitting for two years. While I still consider myself a beginner in both of these crafts, I do love to unwind with knitting and crochet.

Doing a generative activity like writing, drawing, or even reading can be overwhelming when stressed. The idea of coming up with something new to write or journal about does not seem relaxing if stress levels are already high! Same goes with deciding on an image to draw, and even taking in information from something as light as a novel can go right over my head if I’m distracted and panicked. I’ve found that my favorite things to do when stressed include crocheting, knitting, and playing piano. Not learning a new pattern or song—that is too generative when stressed—but working on an easy pattern or playing a song I’m already familiar with. It’s a beautiful distraction and, in the case of knitting and crochet, I am still making something!

April is stress awareness month, and our friends at the Craft Yarn Council have a lineup of wonderful opportunities and learning experiences to help you destress. Share your story and learn more about what April has to offer when you want to unwind with knitting and crochet.

Craft Yarn Council

Next month, during April Stress Awareness Month, Craft Yarn Council (CYC) is encouraging knitters and crocheters to UNWIND and Stitch Away Stress. CYC will use social media to create a space where followers can breath easy and to facilitate conversation about trending topics within the wellness community. Each week we will center conversations around the following themes and how knitters and crocheters use yarn crafting to heal within each of the categories.

Trending Topics

Week One: SELF

We will focus on self care and self love. Many wellness platforms have taken up the cause to encourage women specifically to start taking better care of themselves: mind, body and spirit.

Week Two: THE MIND

We will focus on using knit and crochet to both exercise the mind and using it to rest your mind during stressful periods.


This week will focus on how knitters and crocheters come together to build communities both in their own cities and online.


The last week we will talk about how inspiration has the ability to heal, where to find it, and how to be an inspiration within the yarn community

How to Get Involved

  • Use your social platforms to encourage your audience to join the discussion by sharing their own photos and stories using #StitchAwayStress.
  • Download and share CYC’s graphics, animations and the Unwind press release.
  • Host your own Unwind contests and giveaways.
  • On your blog, share your story of why you knit or crochet and how it has benefitted you.

Assets: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BwRV-Rzs6k5BeFdocHB2bHFkbVE?usp=sharing

CYC’s UNWIND Giveaways

Invite your followers to join the Craft Yarn Council all month long for April Stress Awareness month giveaways!

Contest Details:

  • Share any of CYC’s Stress Awareness Month posts or images on Facebook or Instagram and tell your story to your friends as it relates to the topic of that post. You must use the #stitchawaystress for a chance to win one of four UNWIND prizes. Each prize is valued at $50. Contest runs April 1-30. Winners will be chosen at random and will be announced week of May 8th.

If you are planning to participate in our Unwind Campaign, please shoot us an email at info@craftyarncouncil.com. We would love to hear from you! Thank you and with your help we will make this April Stress Awareness Month the best one yet!


What is your favorite way to relieve stress?

Best Yarn for Baby Patterns: 3 Tips for Your Next Project

Has this ever happened to you? Your sister or best friend has announced that she’s expecting, so one of your first thoughts is that you should knit or crochet an adorable baby blanket. If you’re a crafter, it’s only natural that you want to welcome the newest addition to your family by giving a handmade item. From baby blankets to wee little booties, the possibilities for making handmade items are almost endless. Need a little helping finding the best yarn for baby patterns? Then you’re in the right place.

Machine-Washable Yarn? Yes, Please!

Types of Yarn for Knitting or Crochet

What is the best type of yarn to use in your next project?

You’ve selected the perfect baby pattern to knit or crochet, so now it’s time to think yarn! When selecting the best yarn for baby patterns, some types of yarn would be better choices than others for your project than others. Because let’s be honest. While babies are cute and cuddly, they can also be messy. Really messy. And for many bleary-eyed new parents, trying to figure out the best way to launder a beautiful knit blanket or hat is low on the to-do list. With that in mind, consider acrylic yarn for your project. This type of yarn is typically machine-washable and easy to clean. If you’d like, you can also print care instructions on pretty paper, then attach the paper to your handmade item. The new parents will appreciate having instructions on how to clean the beautiful baby blanket you made right at their fingertips.

Select Yarn That Is As Soft As Can Be

For many people, the thought of wearing a wool sweater right against the skin sounds, to put it politely, uncomfortable. Babies will feel the same way. Their skin is sensitive, so putting a baby in an itchy wool blanket or sweater will make them feel annoyed. And an uncomfortable baby is a baby who will probably cry a lot. What’s a knitter or crocheter to do? Use yarn that feels soft to you for use in your pattern. If that yarn feels itchy, then The Spruce suggests putting it back and selecting another type of yarn. If you’re purchasing your yarn online, then consider opting for yarn that is specifically for use in baby patterns. For example, Red Heart Baby Hugs Yarn is warm, soft, and colorful. It is also free from harmful levels of substances (you can check out a review of this time via AllFreeCrochet.com). Other brands, including Lion Brand and Bernat, offer a selection of yarns that are just for babies, too.

Bulky Yarn Is Your Friend For Last-Minute Gifts

Let’s face it: Babies are born on their own schedules, and they’re almost never on time. If you’re looking for a baby item that can be made in a tight time frame due to a little one’s early arrival, then turn your attention to beautiful bulky yarn patterns. These baby patterns are typically quick and easy to make. This type of yarn is best for baby patterns that are no-frills, but are still beautiful and warm and will make a wonderful keepsake. You’ll love how quick and easy it is to crochet or knit a baby blanket with this yarn if time is of the essence.

Best Yarn for Baby Patterns: 3 Tips for Your Next Project

Do you know the best yarn to use for a baby pattern? Let this guide help you! Clockwise from top left: Baby Crochet Monkey Hat, Franny Crochet Baby Blanket, Easy Top-Down Sweater Free Crochet Pattern, Beehive Baby Crocheted Beanie Hat, Yellow Bow Easy Crochet Baby Booties, Little Prince Afghan, Quick and Easy Preemie Hat, and One Piece Baby Sweater.

Super Easy Knit Baby Booties

These Super Easy Knit Baby Booties are easy to make and super cute!

Now it’s time to grab your knitting needles or crochet hooks and get to work on a baby pattern found on FaveCrafts! You’ll feel inspired when you see this list of baby patterns.

  1. The Coziest Crocheted Baby Blanket Ever — The name says it all!
  2. Beehive Baby Crocheted Beanie Hat
  3. Baby Pullover Sweater
  4. Little Prince Afghan
  5. Quick and Easy Preemie Hat — Perfect for a last-minute gift idea!
  6. One Piece Baby Sweater
  7. Easy Top-Down Sweater Free Crochet Pattern
  8. Franny Crochet Baby Blanket
  9. Easy to Knit Sweet Baby Hat —This hat is as adorable as can be!
  10. Baby Crochet Monkey Hat
  11. Yellow Bow Easy Crochet Baby Booties — So unbelievably cute!
  12. Mary Jane Baby Bootie Crochet Pattern
  13. Precious Pink Baby Afghan
  14. Baby Pea Pod Snuggly
  15. Super Easy Knit Baby Booties
  16. Day of the Week Bibs and Booties — Take coordination to the next level with this adorable pattern!
  17. BONUS: Types of Yarn for Knitting or Crochet — Check out this guide before you start your next project!

What is your favorite yarn to use for baby patterns?

Babypalooza! 13 Pastel Baby Blankets

Spring is fast approaching, which means one big thing in the world of crochet: it’s time to start making your baby gifts! Spring is a really popular time of year for baby showers, baby birthday parties, and other celebrations (such as Easter) where giving a gift could be appropriate. There’s no better gift for this time of year than pastel baby blankets – new parents could always use a high-quality baby blanket, and this time of year there’s usually still a bit of a chill in the air that makes it a little too cold for a new baby unless they’re bundled up in a soft baby blanket!

To get inspired, I’ve rounded up 13 of our cutest pastel afghan patterns just for you! Pastels are always a big trend for spring (just think of the colors that come to mind when you think about Easter!) and whether it’s a gift for a boy or a girl, you can’t go wrong with working up one of these adorable crochet afghan patterns in a baby-friendly pastel hue. We’re ga-ga for some of these incredible color combinations, and whether you prefer a granny square afghan pattern or something a little larger, these unique designs are sure to please! (And remember that the Pantone colors of the year are Rose Quartz and Serenity, a pastel pink and blue respectively, so you don’t have to feel guilty about working up a pretty pastel afghan for yourself, as well – it’s totally on trend for 2016!)

Babypalooza! 13 Pastel Baby Blankets


Sweet Pastel Waves Baby Blanket

Popcorn Pastel Crochet Baby Blanket

Pastel Wind Chime Lace Afghan

Rockabye Baby Granny Square

Pastel Ripple Baby Afghan

Pastel Shell Blanket


Pastel Granny Afghan

Crocheted Pastel Baby Blanket

Pastel Rainbow Baby Blanket

Pastel Roses Baby Blanket


Heavenly Pastel Baby Blanket

Rainbow of Pastels Baby Blanket

Lacy Shells Afghan

Find more fantastic crochet afghan patterns and craft ideas in the FaveCrafts Quick and Crafty newsletter.

What is your favorite spring color?

19 Ingenious Uses for DIY Doilies

I love learning how to crochet charming and stunning crochet doily patterns. They easily add texture to surfaces all over your home and can really protect your more expensive wooden surfaces from the bumps and bruises of glass tchotchkes or knick knacks. The problem is too many doilies on too many surfaces starts too look a bit like you’re living in an antique store. Now don’t get me wrong, I love some good doily on doily action, but there are even more exciting ways to use your crochet doily patterns and projects once you have finished them! For some ideas, the editors of FaveCrafts turned to our active Facebook audience for their suggestions. Check out what our friends had to say!

19 Ingenious Uses

19 Ingenious  Uses for Doilies

  1. Use doilies on mixed media projects like these stunning journals. –Johana Laskso

    Mixed Media Doily Idea

    Image courtesy of Nooti

  2. Frame them with a contrasting background and hang as art. –Deborah C. Harding
  3. Rugs in doll’s houses. – Melanie Rayner
  4. Transform your finished crochet and lace doily patterns into delicate and decorative bowls. – Tiffany from Cool2CraftLovely Lace Doily Dowls
  5. Put a doily at the center of a ring and hang it with feathers and beads to make a dream catcher. – Pamela Heath
  6. Use them on purses, towels, hats, and t-shirt! –Marie Rust
  7. I’ll put a doily half in and hanging out of a drawer. It’s a really pretty accent! Especially on dresser drawers. – Gloria Belanger Baker
  8. Attached to a piece of velvet and framed in an embroidery hoop makes a lovely wall hanging. – Waneta Snyder Miles
  9. String smaller crochet doily patterns onto a necklace for a soft and lacy accent for your wardrobe. – Maya Kuzman from thelittletreasures.blogspot.com
    Crocheted Doily DIY Necklace
  10. Add them to lampshades by sewing them onto singlets and tops. – Myshelle Cole
  11. Attach to the bottom of a skirt as trim.– Myshelle Cole
  12. Hang them as wallhangings. – Myshelle Cole
  13. Combine doilies to make curtains. – Myshelle Cole
  14. Molded with fabric stiffener to make a doily bowl or made into a cake plate cover. – Gloria Belanger Baker
  15. Use them to add interest while quilting.-Judy Lunsford
  16. Combine multiple doily patterns to make a table runner. – Bernat YarnsSea Glass Table Runner
  17. Use smaller doily patterns as coasters for your home! – Morgan (our newsletter editor!)
  18. Use crochet doily projects as bunting. – Dawn Gardner
  19. Wrap them around your wrist to make a lovely DIY bracelet! – Debby from Arty CraftyDoily Cuff Bracelet

Crochet Doily Patterns We Love

If you are dying to try out one of the ideas above, check out these free crochet doily patterns over on FaveCrafts and AllFreeCrochet for inspiration.

  1. Lacy Doily T-Shirt Yarn Rug
  2. Pretty Doily Crochet Pattern
  3. Tulip Mandala Crochet Pattern
  4. Elegant Crochet Doily
  5. Pansy Doily
  6. Crown of Pineapples Doily
  7. Pinwheel Doily Pattern

How do you like to display your crochet doily projects ?
(We’all add it to the list!)

Hook Ahead: 12 Crochet Cardigans You’ll Want This Fall

While it might seem like it is too early to start thinking about your fall wardrobe, every crocheter knows that a quality crochet cardigan pattern can take some time to crochet. Since cardigan patterns to crochet can be extra complicated and are much larger than smaller fall accessories like crochet scarves or mittens, you want to start them early. Plus, you can get some pretty awesome deals on thicker yarns right now. It is off-season! If you’re looking to add cardigans to your fall layers this year, consider these free crochet cardigan patterns from some of our favorite designs and companies! Check out Hook Ahead: 12 Crochet Cardigans You’re Going to Want This Fall for all your crochet pattern needs.

Crochet Cardigan Patterns

All of the crochet patterns below are totally free to download on either FaveCrafts.com or our sister site, AllFreeCrochet.com. Even if you do not want to start a project soon (we don’t blame you), you can easily pin or bookmark these pretty patterns for later!

Coldwater Creek Style Cardigan

1941 Crochet Shell Stitch Cardigan

Reading Room Crochet Sweater

Breezy Bamboo Crochet Cardigan Pattern

Do you prefer cuddling into cardigans or hoodies when the weather gets chilly?

6 Knitting and Crochet Techniques for Aging Hands

As you age, your body changes. This is especially true for your vision, hands, and overall coordination, some of the most essential parts of knitting and crocheting. While you may have learned how to crochet years ago, the truth is that sometimes with age you have to relearn how to crochet or how to knit in a more convenient and comfortable way. Aging does not mean you have to give up your favorite hobbies, but making some adjustments to your techniques can make the whole process much more enjoyable. Check out the 6 Knitting and Crochet Techniques for Aging Hands below to learn about some adjustments you can make to your crochet patterns and knitting projects to make them easier and more enjoyable.

One of the biggest gripes we hear from our audience when it comes to aging and crochet and knitting projects is that hand and wrist fatigue increasingly becomes an issue. Sore wrists and cramped hands can turn the cutest crochet project into a painful process. Look out below for our surprisingly simple solutions.

6 Knitting and Crochet Techniques for Aging Hands SAU(2)

6 Knitting and Crochet Techniques for Aging Hands

  1. Add light and a magnifier to your space.

    Adjust your crochet space to add more light and invest in a magnifier. While it may not seem like sore eyes are directly connected to wrist paint while crocheting, this extra issue can really affect your whole process. Crocheters and knitters who squint may be inadvertently adding tension to their hands as the struggle to see what they are doing. Plus, pausing in uncomfortable and unnatural positions due to poor lighting can easily cause over-exertion.

  2. Stretch, Stretch, Stretch

    Make sure to stretch your hands before, during, and after you work on your projects. No crochet technique in the world will make the project easier if you do not take care of yourself. Give your muscles a fighting chance by warming them up each time you crochet or knit. Stretching amidst a hooking or purling session can help too. Consider learning some new stretches or trying yoga for your wrists and hands if you are especially sore.

  3. Give Yourself More Time

    The reality is that the more wear and tear your hands receive, the more time they are going to need to recover. This means giving yourself more time to finish projects. Don’t plan on sitting down and crocheting that 2 Hour Pot Holders pattern all the way through in an afternoon. Break up the time you spend crocheting or knitting into smaller segments.

  4. Get (or Make) Hand-Friendly Hooks

    Basic and simple crochet hooks can be too small to grip for an extended period of time. Make sure you spend the money on crochet hooks and knitting needles that add some comfort to your crocheting. We recommend buying or making your own knitting needle or crochet hook polymer clay crafts. Adding a softer, bulkier handle to your tools can work wonders.Funky Polymer Clay Crochet Hook Handles

  5. Skip the super intricate projects.

    We all know that crochet patterns with thinner yarn and tinier needles are much harder to make. You should avoid these more intricate projects or, at least, work on them a lot less frequently. Bulky and chunky knitting patterns and crochet projects can be created a lot more quickly and require much less intricate, hand-hurting work.

  6. Be Kind to Yourself

    Aging can be a tricky process. It can be really hard to admit that sometimes you are just not capable of doing things as quickly or as precisely as you used to. Above all else, remember to be kind to yourself. While it might be a bummer to crochet a little less or work on easy knitting patterns instead of impressive intermediate endeavors, remember why you started creating in the first place. You can find as much joy in an hour of crocheting than you used two in three hours of hooking.

Easy Crochet Patterns and Beginner Knitting Patterns to Try

Check out these easy crochet patterns that make you crochet experience easy peasy and beginner knitting patterns that are gentle on your hands. Use the knitting and crochet techniques above with these free project patterns we love.

Did you learn to crochet when you were younger or later in life?

Seashore Solutions: 23 Crochet Tote Bag Patterns

So, summer is almost officially here, but you have at least a month before it is actually beach season. The weather isn’t quite as warm as you need it to be to truly enjoy a warm and wonderful day in the sun, sand, and surf. At least, that’s the case for us here in Chicago. If you’re a Florida or California crafter, I am crazy jealous. Either way, one of the best ways to learn how to make a beach bag is to create crochet bag patterns. Crochet tote bag patterns make fantastic beach accessories because they are sturdy without being too heavy. Plus, if you make them lacy enough, the sand can fall right through or you can easily line these light crochet patterns to make clean-up simple.

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right crochet patterns to hook up in the summer. Bulky projects like an afghan can’t travel, and you won’t wear a new crochet scarf pattern for months! Make something you can bring along on road trips and actually use the next day when you make the sunshine-approved crochet bag patterns in Seashore Solutions 23 Crochet Tote Bag Patterns.

Crochet Bag Patterns for Summer

Seashore Solutions: 23 Crochet Tote Bag Patterns

Beach Bag Free Crochet Patterns

These free crochet patterns are beach day essentials. Simply stunning and perfect for carting your sunscreen and beach reads, these crochet projects will surely find a home atop your beach towel.

Coastal Beach Bag

Desert Sunset Tote Bag

Summer Tote Bag Patterns

In the summer, you’re exploring all sorts of places. Whether you’re flip flopping your way to the Farmer’s Market or sipping an iced coffee out on the town, these crochet tote bag patterns have your summer purse needs covered!

Jane Austen Book Club Tote

Eco-Friendly Crochet Tote Bag Pattern


Describe the best beach bag you’ve ever had.

Your Top 10 Favorite Crochet Patterns of All Time

Do you want the best of the best crochet patterns?  We thought so!  We looked back at ALL our crochet patterns from the beginning of FaveCrafts and assembled our list of The Top 10 Crochet Patterns of All Time!  With a little something for everyone, this collection gives you the most well-loved patterns all in one convenient place.

We don’t want to give away any secrets before you have time to review the list yourself, but let’s just say there are some fantastic projects in this list.  From wearables to home decor, this list contains shawls, afghans, baby patterns, and so much more.

As an added bonus, we’re giving you the chance to win a subscription to I Like Crochet, our brand new online digital magazine.  Filled with brand-new, never-before-featured patterns, this magazine is a must-have for those who are crazy about crochet!  Scroll on down to see how you can win!

Now, without further adieu…

The Top Ten Crochet Patterns of All Time!


10Adorable Crocheted Baby Dress:  Great for little girls of all ages, this crocheted baby dress is easy to make and makes a wonderful gift idea for a new baby! 

Simple One Skein Wrap9:  This wrap only takes one skein of yarn to make, and you can make one in all your favorite colors so you always have something fun and stylish to wear as you head out the door!

Coldwater Creek Style Cardigan8:  The store may have gone out of business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create clothes inspired by Coldwater Creek!  This lacy cardigan is great for seasonal transitions and can be worn by women of all ages.

7Infinity Rug:  One of my personal favorites, this rug is perfect for adding color to your bathroom or kitchen.  Worked up in a continuous round, this rug is a great project for beginners.

6Baby Blue Hat:  Simple and adorable, this crocheted hat is great for babies of all ages.  You can even make one for a little girl by using pink yarn.  Also good for charity donations, this crocheted hat pattern has been a well-loved staple for years!

5Seashells Scarf:  This stunning crocheted scarf can be worn day or night, and is the perfect accessory for a summer evening out on the town.  The lovely summer colors make this scarf a must-have for summer lovers.

Easy One Ball Baby Blanket and Hat Set4:  One one skein of yarn, you can crochet this baby hat AND a baby afghan!  Perfect for moms with a little one on the way, this pattern is great because it’s like 2 projects in 1!  Best of all, there’s no yarn scraps left over! 

3Arrow Stitch Crocheted Afghan:  Coming in at number three, this afghan would make a lovely addition to any home.  Perfect for the beginning crocheter, this afghan works up using a simple stitch, and it’s great practice for changing colors.

2Under 6 Hours Throw:  We’re all always on the run, so it’s no surprise that this Under 6 Hours Throw claimed the number two spot.  Great for crocheters who are looking for a quick weekend project, this afghan is the perfect solution.

Foolproof Afghan1:  There’s no screwing up this pattern!  Easy, quick, and fun, the Foolproof Afghan is your favorite crochet pattern on FaveCrafts! 


Did your favorite make the cut?  Leave a comment and let us know!

20 Baby Blanket Patterns

You never know when it will happen: that time in your life when it seems like all of your friends are having babies. And while it may seem like that’s crazy and time is just flying, you can’t even focus on how scary it all is because you have to get your gifts ready for their baby showers. If you want to give your friends unique, personalized gifts, why not make them homemade baby blankets? You can easily make a different blanket for each friend, and it’s a gift that they will not only love, but also get a lot of use out of! There are all sorts of ways you can make a baby blanket, but we especially love crochet baby blankets and baby quilt patterns.

20 Baby Blanket Patterns

Crochet Baby Blankets

For an easy crochet baby blanket, check out these simple crochet blanket patterns. Easy enough to work up in a night if you needed to, these blankets are warm enough for any baby. They’re also super cute and cuddly, so they stand out from any other baby blanket you could buy in a store.

Circus Elephant Crochet Lovey

1.  Circus Elephant Crochet Lovey
2.  Monochromatic Crochet Baby Blanket
3.  Dewdrops Baby Blanket
4.  Quick Corner to Corner Crochet baby Blanket
5.  Peppy Pink Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern
6.  Bundle in Blue Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern
7.  Precious Pearls Lace Baby Blanket
8.  Darling Daisy Crochet Baby Blanket
9.  Sea Shell Stitch Crochet Baby Blanket
10. Snow Baby Blanket
11. Irish Wave Crochet Baby Blanket

Quilted Baby Blankets

Baby quilts are also one of our favorite things to give at a baby shower. Thanks to the way these quilts are pieced, you can really create any shape you want, which is ideal for a baby blanket (we especially love the baby quilts with butterflies and elephants). If you’re looking for a gift your friend and their baby will treasure forever, baby quilts are definitely the way to go.

Butterflies Baby Quilt

12.  Butterflies Baby Quilt
13.  Supersonic Triangle Baby Quilt
14.  Elephant Parade Baby Quilt Pattern
15.  Abundance Quilt Pattern
16.  Butterflies a Flutter Baby Quilt Pattern
17.  Princess Kate Diamond Quilt Pattern
18.  A Hundred Hugs Baby Quilt
19.  Super Fast and Easy Baby Blanket
20.  Animal Pens Baby Quilt

What’s your favorite craft to make for babies?

The Latest Trend in DIY Christmas Gifts You HAVE to See

Are you familiar with the fun and quirky ugly Christmas sweaters that have been all the rage the last couple years? Well, there’s a new trend in DIY Christmas gifts you HAVE to see: Ugly Christmas Socks! This DIY gift idea is just as fun and unique as that homemade ugly Christmas sweater. What’s more, the trend has manifested itself in a “Sock Exchange” rather than the traditional Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange. It’s such a hilarious idea for the family or for a bunch of coworkers to participate in — especially those who love to craft! Plus, socks are awesome gifts for the holidays because they’re easy and quick DIY gifts that are super affordable. They’re even better last-minute gifts or they’re great for when you’re just not sure what to get someone. Scroll down for our best free sock patterns.

The Latest Trend in DIY Christmas Gifts You HAVE to See

You can see ugly Christmas socks all over the internet:

A photo posted by Ndasgirl (@ndasgirl) on

[break] You can even see the sock exchanges in action on social media. The best part of the sock exchange is when everyone adorns their fabulous, new ugly Christmas socks for the best photo-op ever!

A photo posted by JB (@justcallmeturtle) on


Our favorite ugly Christmas socks are the DIY versions. You can easily decorate your own with leftover crafting supplies such as beads, pom poms, or even googly eyes! If you want to make your own socks, then try any of these free patterns listed below. You can knit, crochet, or even sew your own socks and then decorate with your favorite crafting materials. Take your decoration inspiration from ugly Christmas sweaters and remember, the uglier your socks — the better! For inspiration, check out these ugly Christmas sweater tutorials!

To make your own socks, try any of these free patterns:

The Easiest Slipper Booties You Will Ever Make

The Easiest Slipper Booties You Will Ever Make

Chunky Knee High Socks

Chunky Knee High Socks

DIY Toe Socks

DIY Toe Socks

Toe Up Raggi Socks

Toe Up Raggi Socks

Basic Crocheted Socks

Basic Crocheted Socks

Wintermint Sock Trio

Wintermint Sock Trio

Fun Multicolor Crochet Sock Pattern

Fun Multicolor Crochet Sock Pattern



Comment below and let us know, what’s your favorite type of gift exchange?