How to Make a Cheetah Headband

Using purple, green, bright pink, or even cheetah duct tape, you can make your very own headband! Every girl needs at least one cute and fashionable headband to pull back her hair. In fact. they are one of the best accessories a girl could have. Simply purchase a plain colored plastic headband to start and grab some colorful duct tape. This tutorial shows you how exactly how to put on your duct tape properly to ensure that there are no air bubbles. Also, this tutorial will show you how to cut the duct tape the right way. You will soon have yourself a bright, shiny, colorful and cheap cheetah headband!

How to Make a Cheetah Headband

What’s your favorite hair accessory to wear?

The Top 100 Craft Ideas Featuring Free Crochet Afghan Patterns and Recycled Crafts

Modern Lovey Baby AfghanEach year, we at work hard to offer you thousands of the best projects ranging from free knit and crochet afghan patterns and knit and crochet scarves, gloves, and hats to craft organization and storage, holiday crafts, and the trendiest handmade jewelry patterns. Then, you, our beloved readers, give us back some love by browsing the site, trying out the projects, and reporting back about your favorites. The more time you spend on, the better we get to know you. So, a hearty thank you to our loyal readers for helping us determine the absolute best of the best from 2012.

Are you curious as to what those top 100 are; which projects are picked out by Mini Drawer Storage Systemyour contemporaries as must-makes? Wonder no more. We have got you covered with 100 Craft Ideas: Free Crochet Afghan Patterns, Craft Storage and Organization, Recycling Crafts, DIY Home Decor. Just because you haven’t made the most popular crafts yet does not mean that time is up. These crafts will stay trendy well into 2013 and beyond. FaveCrafts readers can sense which crafts have staying power, which crafts are worth crafting.


Free Knit and Crochet Afghan PatternsUnder 6 Hours Throw

In the coming year, expect to see more crafts in the same vein as your favorites. When it comes to knitting and crocheting, you will want for naught. We will load you up on free knit and crochet afghan patterns like the stunning Japanese Afternoon Quilt  and the world’s easiest Foolproof Afghan. Head on over to 100 Craft Ideas to see which other amazing patterns made it onto the elite list.


Upcycled CD Cupcake StandGreen Crafting Ideas and Recycled Crafts

You love recycling and so do we. Eight of the top-clicked projects this year are made from recycled materials keeping Mother Earth, your wallet, and you happy. If you happened to miss the trendiest ways to help the environment, simply hop on over and check out the great green crafting ideas and the recycled crafts like the undeniably innovative Upcycled CD Cupcake Stand.


Homemade Clothes 20 Minute Ruffle Dress

Our fashion-forward readers love keeping up on the trends in an affordable way with adorable, comfortable, and well-put-together handmade clothes. No need to be an expert tailor to whip up the darling 20 Minute Ruffle Dress, but if you are, there are gorgeous patterns, like the Fancy Retro Top, for you to show off your handiwork. Check out more of the best homemade clothing patterns for all skill sets.


The fun doesn’t stop there. There are plenty more of the best crafts for you to drool over. You’ll find do it yourself Christmas gifts and projects, easy home decor, craft organization and storage ideas, tons more knitting and crocheting, and the list keeps on going. Explore the best 100 craft projects of 2012 with FaveCrafts, and for the love of crafting, remember that you have plenty of time to complete all 100; these top crafts never go out of style.


Of all the amazing top 100 crafts, which is your number 1?

Cinema Saturdays: How to Bind a Quilt with the Quilter’s Boot

If you are simply anxious to learn a new way of binding the edges of your quilt, you can now learn the Quilter’s Boot technique with this video.This special and unique technique involves sewing the binding around the entire quilt and then mitering the corners rather than the more usual method of mitering corners as you go. This is a really fun, easy way of sewing your quilt binding, especially on a mini or doll quilt. Using your fancy tool, you simply sew, trim and pluck — it is really that simple! It is so helpful to watch this two-minute video and see exactly how you can make the magic happen by binding your quilt with the Quilter’s Boot method. And remember, you can use this method for kids’ quilts, quilted gifts and even holiday quilts!

How to Bind a Quilt with the Quilter’s Boot:

What’s your favorite binding technique?

Craft Wars: Interview with Angela Daniels!

Here at FaveCrafts we can’t get enough of TLC’s new show Craft Wars! Not only is it fun to watch but we’ve gotten a lot of great tips and inspiration for future craft projects. Tonight, crafter extraordinaire Angela Daniels is one of the contestants and we have the inside scoop! We interviewed Angela about her experience on the show, her crafting style and got some great tips that we are sharing with you. Be sure to watch tonight’s episode to see if Angela wins!

Who is your partner on the show? How did you decide?

I had an easy choice. Pattye Duffner and I have know each other ever since we met on the set of the first (only?) online reality scrapbook show “Scrapbook LifeStyle.” Not only is she a talented crafter, she is hilarious and my main goal was to have a good friend to go on Craft Wars with me so we could have fun with the experience. Plus, she sews like crazy and I knew this was my big weak spot in the competition. I loved knowing I had someone with her interior design background and sewing skills in my corner and she DID make us all laugh all day during filming. Her microphone was linked to a PA assigned to us so even when I wasn’t in the same area as Pattye, I knew she was getting in a good jab at me because the PA would burst out laughing.

Did you have any strategy going into the show?

My strategy was to try to relax, have  fun and try not to get to freaked out about winning. I can be extremely competitive with myself and I have a tendency to panic when I put too much pressure on myself. My secondary goal was to make sure Pattye and I walked away with our friendship intact. I hedged my bets on that one by taking her to a fancy restaurant on Rodeo Drive the night before we filmed as a thank you for being on the show with me. You know, just in case I lost my marbles during filming and started yelling at her or something (which, thankfully, I didn’t!).


What’s your go-to crafting tool that you couldn’t create without?

I love the simple tools. You won’t often see me buying the latest and greatest tools on the market. If I had to choose the most versatile tool that I keep in my craft bag at all times, it would probably be a bone folder. It’s invaluable for scoring things but it also helps with rub-on accents and a variety of other uses it wasn’t intended for.

What was your favorite moment of the show?

My favorite moment of the show was when I was able to look at a finished project (done JUST in the nick of time) for the briefest moment. It made me feel like Pattye and I had made something that we were proud of. That was a big goal of ours. We wanted to try and wow the judges, but mostly we just wanted to be able to watch the show with our kids back home and be proud of what we made together.

What did you learn from the show?

The best thing I learned from Craft Wars is that crafting is crafting. I was so worried about making something BIG. Like most crafters, everything I make is generally relatively small. I just didn’t know if I could do something large scale. As it turns out, and I should have known this, crafting big uses all the same skills and techniques as crafting small. All you need is more time and bigger supplies. I came home inspired to do some bigger home decorating projects with that confidence.

Was it hard to stay true to your crafting style under all that pressure?

If you asked me in the middle of a timed challenge, I probably would have said yes but now that I have had time to relax and reflect, the answer is no. No matter how hard I try to change up my style, it generally comes out the same. I like linear design. I like things that are relatively symetrical and clean. As much as I enjoy looking at shabby chic designs, my end project never comes close. My design aesthetic always veers in the same direction- linear and graphic.

The pop craft challenge looks so difficult! What’s running through your head during the pop craft? 

Pattye and I had done a few less structured and less serious time challenges for the online show we were on  years ago so I thought we would breeze through the stress of a timer. WRONG. At one point, I was struggling to thread a needle (I swear it had the smallest eye in the history of needles to make matters worse) and I was literally shaking with nerves. It felt like it took hours to thread that darned thing and I couldn’t believe I was on camera shaking as Pattye tried to lighten the mood by joking with me. I had to take a deep breath to keep it together!

What’s your best advice for all the crafters out there?

The most important piece of advice that I try to live by is to just DO it. I have a tendency to set an ideal of perfection so high that I don’t even want to start a project. And NOTHING I create ever comes close to looking like the ideal I had in my mind. This can either defeat me or I can realize that, hey, it’s just crafting. I’m not trying to save lives here. If I make a shoddy craft that ends up in the trash, I can live with that now. What I shoot for, always, is to embrace the process of creativity. The joy it brings me. To end on a bit of a bumper sticker-ism, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

Check out Angela Davis on Twitter as @GuiltyCrafter and find her crafting tutorial videos on  her Youtube channel.

If you are loving Craft Wars or just need some crafty questions answered be sure to tune in to FaveCrafts Radio starting at 11am EST. We’ll be talking to Craft Wars vets Lisa FulmerAndrea CurrieMargot Potter, and Angela Daniels! You can hear them talk about their experiences on the show, the pressures of crafting with limited materials and time, and how life has been for them after the show. The best part? You can call in and ask all your Craft Wars questions live! Just call 646-200-4435 if you have a question for these crafty ladies.

Be sure to watch as Angela goes head to head with two other crafters in tonight’s episode of Craft Wars on TLC at 8/7c!

Have you been inspired by any of the crafts on Craft Wars? Which has been your favorite?



Craft Wars: Interview with Margot Potter!

Last week’s episode of Craft Wars was a Christmas extravaganza! Aptly named “A Christmas Craft-tastrophe” this episode had contestants scrambled to create festive wreaths, with ugly sweaters, and Christmas trees with shipping materials. Somehow they still managed to create some wonderful crafts.

Here at FaveCrafts we got the scoop from crafter extraordinaire Margot Potter and got a chance to talk to her about the show and her experience.

Why do you call yourself “the impatient crafter”?

I am an incredibly impatient person, it’s my biggest weakness. About eight years ago, I had an epiphany and realized that my impatient approach to creativity was actually my gift. That ability to find the path of least resistance is the key to my most innovative ideas. Plus, we’re all time challenged these days, so the brand seemed to have a lot of viability and resonance. Once I thought of it, I knew I was on to something big!

Do you think that helped you in the pop craft challenge? Have you ever been in a similar time constraint before?

Yes! I can edit my ideas quickly, that was a big help. KISS! I am a professional designer and author in the craft industry, so I work to incredibly fast deadlines on a regular basis. It definitely helped, but honestly one hour is just not enough time! Still I’m proud of what we accomplished. I would hang that wreath on my door.

How did your crafting background prepare you for this competition?

I think my theater background was a bigger boost, because I’ve worked on a lot of sets and I have a sense of what would look good on stage or camera. I knew bold and vibrant would read better. The crafty part came in the decorations, paper flowers, notched and glittered ornaments, and rolled rosettes. Knowing how to do things that have impact and are simple to execute was a big boost!


You chose Mr. Potter as your assistant, was he a crafter before he met you? Was it hard working under pressure with him?

I met my husband years back when I went into his bead store/gallery in Pittsburgh to buy crimp beads. We owned a bead store and gallery later together, so we’ve been in the creative biz since we met. He is a crafty guy and has a great eye for design, but he hates people knowing that. He’s more of a behind the scenes person, I had to drag him into this. He’s used to that though, I’ve dragged him into all sorts of wacky things over the years. I’m kind of like Lucy Ricardo. Thankfully he is not like Desi, he’s calm and collected. It was great working with him, because he stays cool when I get flustered. We make a great team.

I loved how you used lots of color and sparkle in both your crafts. How would you describe your design style? Was it hard to stay true to that through the challenges?

I like to say that my style is eclectifunky and retrofabulous. I don’t have a single guiding aesthetic, because like fashion and trend it’s ever shifting. I love all things vintage, so that’s always a part of my work. I am easily bored, so my body of work reflects that restless creativity. I think more like a high fashion designer, thematically. One season it’s glitter and pop art colors, the next it might be understated elegance. I will say, it may be funky sometimes, but it is rarely boring! I think that definitely came out in the show!

What tool was your lifesaver during the competition?

I have to say that without hot glue, this show would be impossible. I really don’t use it much in my normal life, because I’m craftastrophe proned. I even have a regular Today’s Craft Casualty update on my Facebook page! Somehow, I did not get burned during the show! Huzzah!

I loved how you made those easy fabric rosettes for your wreath. Any more awesome crafting tips you would like to share?

Craft with your heart, color outside of the lines, try new things and don’t be afraid! Look for vintage craft magazines every chance you get, the BEST tips are in those pages. You can’t believe how much cooler the crafts were back in the 1940s-60s. I bow down to the greatness of crafters past!

How can Craft Wars benefit for the crafting community and could this show transform crafting?

A few years ago the networks shifted gears and decided that crafting was dullsville. Even using the word ‘craft’ was taboo for production companies pitching shows. But the winds of change are always blowing and if this show does well, new shows will have a chance of being produced. It’s exciting stuff. I have been waiting to pitch my show ideas and so for me, personally, it’s a harbinger of possibility. No one show is going to appeal to everyone, but if this gets people crafting like Cake Boss got people making cakes, well hello and hallelujah! I’m a Pied Piper of Creativity, I love seeing people give themselves permission to be creative and more than that, to embrace the idea of “Live Handmade.” Viva los crafts!

Be sure to check out these some of our favorite jewelry projects by Margot Potter on FaveCrafts and AllFreeJewelryMaking:

Tune in tonight at 8/7c for a brand new episode of  TLC’s Craft Wars!


Have you started making Christmas crafts yet?

Say Cheese! 15 Camera Crafts and Photography Tips

It was there when your sister got married. It was there when your grandson was born. It was there when you took a roadtrip to see the world’s biggest ear of corn.Your camera has accompanied you to the major (and not so major) events in your life. So show this clever little invention some love and celebrate National Camera Day!

Here are some cute and useful projects you can make to keep your camera safe on all your adventures:


It  seems only right that I feature some awesome photo crafts for the occasion as well. I’ll admit, I’m not a professional photographer by any means but I still love to take pictures. A lot of pictures! Whether I’m using my digital camera or just the point and shoot on my phone, I’ve documented everything from my family vacations to the daily lives of my pets (my dog is very photogenic).

If you are a shutter bug like me  and want to learn how to take better pictures you should take a look at these photography tips from our friends at CreativeIncomeBlog:

It’s so much fun to go back and look at pictures because they bring back so many memories. I can almost taste that gelato I posed with in Florence or hear the sound of my sister laughing as I hugged her at graduation. Right now all my pictures are stuffed in an overflowing hat box in my closet. It’s a shame that my precious memories have been pushed into the back of the closet. If you are in a similar situation and wondering what to do with photos, then you should check out these creative photo crafts. It’s time to think outside the frame (and scrapbook)!


What is your most treasured photograph and the story behind it?


Charity Blanket Drive to Benefit Project Linus!

Our friends at AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns have a big announcement! They have teamed up with Red Heart Yarns to sponsor a Charity Blanket Drive to benefit Project Linus!

Crocheting for charity is a great way to put your talents to good use. Project Linus is a nationwide organization whose goal is to comfort children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need. Just like Charles Schulz’s Linus character from the PEANUTS® comic strip was comforted by his blanket, the idea behind Project Linus is that children who receive donated blankets will be provided with love, a sense of security, warmth, and comfort.

The afghan drive will run from June 1, 2012-July 15, 2012. Once you have completed your blanket, please ship it to us at the address below. We will then hand-deliver your blankets to the Chicagoland chapter of Project Linus. Before doing so, however, we will randomly select one (1) winner to be the recipient of Red Heart Yarns prize package! The details of the prize will be revealed at a later date, but we can promise you that it will be a prize package worth winning!


Enter to win this amazing prize package from Red Heart Yarn by donating a blanket to AllFreeCrochetAfghan’s Charity Blanket Drive!

Included in this prize package is:

  • One (1) large red and black canvas tote bag with the Red Heart Yarn logo.
  • Ten (10) skeins of Red Heart Plush Baby yarn in Kiwi, along with one corresponding crochet baby blanket pattern
  • One (1) package of Susan Bates plastic yarn needles
  • One (1) Susan Bates aluminum crochet hook (size I-9)
  • Six (6) crochet magazines and brochures (including Crochet Today!) full of free tutorials and color photos

Enter to win this amazing gift, compliments of Red Heart Yarn, by making a blanket for Project Linus! Once your blanket is completed, simply send it to us and we will take care of the rest!

When making your blanket (knit, crochet, or otherwise), please keep in mind these important guidelines:

  • Keep fabric designs age appropriate. For example, yellow ducks would be perfect for a baby blanket while a college sports theme design would be appropriate for an older child.
  • The blankets must be washable and can be knitted, crocheted, quilted or crafted from fleece.
  • There is always a need for large and unisex blankets. Please consider making a blanket that is appropriate for a girl or a boy.

Recommended Sizes:

  • Mended Little Heart (Receiving Blankets) -36″ x 36″
  • Baby/Toddler-36″ X 36″/36″x43″
  • Preteen-40″ X 60″
  • Teen-50″ X 72″

Please ship your completed blankets to:

Prime Publishing
Charity Blanket Drive
3400 Dundee Rd #220
Northbrook, IL 60062

Have any questions? Please visit the Chicagoland Project Linus homepage, or read their Frequently Asked Questions. Please help spread the word about this amazing opportunity to craft a homemade blanket for a great cause.

Will you be making a blanket for our Charity Blanket Drive? If so, leave a comment below and tell us about it!

Ask Maria: Candy Crafts = Bugs?

Question:  Crafting with candy seems very popular lately. What keeps the candy from attracting bugs?

Answer: I think you are right that crafting with candy is very popular right now. Many “candy crafts” incorporate candy that remains in its original packaging, so that would not create a pest problem. But other crafts use candy out of its packaging, which could cause a problem. If the unpackaged candy is being used in a way where the candy is edible, it’s best to make it close to the time it will be used and wrap up or throw out any leftovers.

That brings us to the non-edible candy to be used in crafts that have a “life.” I use Kyrlon Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating spray found in art or painting supplies. I either spray several light coats on the finished project or will individually spray the candy pieces before I create the projects. I like using a spray over brushing on a sealer mainly because candy dyes aren’t color-fast and if you brush on sealer, often the colors will run.

You can find Krylon Crystal Clear spray on

Some fun candy projects on

How do you make sure you don’t end up with bugs eating your candy crafts? Please share your ideas in comments!

Ask Maria: Bye-Bye Printed Books, Hello Digital?

Question:  Just recently, Encyclopedia Britannica announced it will no longer publish books, but go digital. Do you think art and craft books are headed in the same direction?

Answer:  Radio was supposed to die when television was introduced and yet we still have plenty of radio stations broadcasting. Radio adapted, found niches, but like most publishing/broadcasting companies has to struggle to continue to grow and bring in profits. We have seen many crafting magazines disappear off the newsstands over the last few years again; I’d make a bet that advertising revenue just didn’t make the magazines profitable. All that said, I think that those who crave more knowledge about art and craft are very tactile people who probably enjoy holding a book while they read and learn. I think the publishers will be like the radio folks–adapt, find their niches, and continue to publish books. Those who live green, like taking books on the go, and enjoy not having to give up craft supply space will enjoy digitally available titles. My only fear with digital is that those who don’t want to invest (pay for books) will use the digital format to pirate said books.

Check out some digital books on!

Or maybe you’d like a traditional book?

What do you think? Please share your insight and opinions and leave a comment!

Ask Maria Ruffled Scarf Crazy

Reader Question: I’ve seen some beautiful ruffled scarves lately and would love to make one, but not sure what kind of yarn is being used. Any help?

Answer: I have seen these scarves too and you are right–the scarves are fabulous, and amazingly easy to make. You’ll need what most are calling ruffling (also called frilly or twisty) yarn. There are many brands to choose from and at first look the yarn looks like flat ribbon, but when you loosen it up it folds out to look a lot like netting. I’ve listed below a pattern plus several how-to’s for knitting with this new and exciting yarn. My friends are raving about this fashion look and you’ll find the scarf a very quick project!

Try your hand at making a ruffled scarf with this wonderful project, Ruffelina Frilly Scarf by Michael Sellick from The Crochet Crowd.

Here are some step-by-step knitting instructions using Ruffelina yarn from Bernat.

Check out this great video showing how to create the ruffle style using the ruffling yarns.


Maria Nerius is the Craft Expert at She’s worked and crafted for over 30 years and loves to answer questions about any craft technique. Send us your question today!