Hook Ahead: 12 Crochet Cardigans You’ll Want This Fall

While it might seem like it is too early to start thinking about your fall wardrobe, every crocheter knows that a quality crochet cardigan pattern can take some time to crochet. Since cardigan patterns to crochet can be extra complicated and are much larger than smaller fall accessories like crochet scarves or mittens, you want to start them early. Plus, you can get some pretty awesome deals on thicker yarns right now. It is off-season! If you’re looking to add cardigans to your fall layers this year, consider these free crochet cardigan patterns from some of our favorite designs and companies! Check out Hook Ahead: 12 Crochet Cardigans You’re Going to Want This Fall for all your crochet pattern needs.

Crochet Cardigan Patterns

All of the crochet patterns below are totally free to download on either FaveCrafts.com or our sister site, AllFreeCrochet.com. Even if you do not want to start a project soon (we don’t blame you), you can easily pin or bookmark these pretty patterns for later!

Coldwater Creek Style Cardigan

1941 Crochet Shell Stitch Cardigan

Reading Room Crochet Sweater

Breezy Bamboo Crochet Cardigan Pattern

Do you prefer cuddling into cardigans or hoodies when the weather gets chilly?

The Short List: 7 How to Sew Shorts You’ll Love

How to Sew Shorts: 18 Free Shorts Patterns Read more at http://www.allfreesewing.com/Bottoms-to-Sew/How-to-Sew-Shorts-15-Free-Shorts-Patterns#OrADZVfkgDgiyvbJ.99

Wearing shorts is one of my top five favorite fashion choices for the summer. I love being able to feel the sun and the air on my legs without all the extra responsibility of a skirt. I don’t have to worry about wind or crossing my legs just right. I can just enjoy the summer sun comfortably. There’s nothing more freeing than sporting some shorts, flip-flops, and a tee for the day. Summer casual is the best kind of casual. That’s why learning how to sew shorts is such an exciting summer sewing endeavor.

The problem with buying shorts in the store, however, is they just keep getting shorter and shorter. Now I realize shorts should be, you know, short, but do they have to be that short? This is why I have started turning to how to sew shorts tutorials for my summer wardrobe options. When you make DIY shorts from a pattern, you can basically make them as long or as short as you would like. Learn how to jazz up your wardrobe with these amazing how to sew shorts tutorials. Use The Short List: 7 How to Sew Shorts Tutorials to spice up your summer duds.

How to Sew Shorts

Faux Crochet Doily Shorts: I’m loving the lace on these. They are so simple to make and so feminine! Plus, lace-trimmed shorts are huge this season.

DIY Pleated Shorts: Learn how to sew shorts with a classy twist with this tutorial. Wear these pleated DIY shorts with a button-up for a classy brunch or even to work if you make them long enough.

DIY Lace Shorts: Add some length to some cut-offs that are just a little too short with these DIY Lace Shorts.

How to Sew Shorts: Learn how to sew shorts from a pair of old pants with this upcycled sewing tutorial.

Fast and Lazy Linen Shorts: Have an hour to burn? If so, follow this tutorial and you will learn how to sew shorts in under an hour.

DIY Cut Off Jean Shorts: Make the perfect cut offs with this how to sew shorts tutorial.

Simple Shirred Waist Shorts: These are so comfy and so easy. You will not regret sewing them.

Pick one: shorts, capris, or a summer skirt.


The World is Your Oyster: 12 Precious Pearl Crafts

Just like lace and flowers, pearls add a dash of femininity to clothing, accessories, home decor, and more. But did you know that these delicate gemstones come from irritated mollusks? That’s right; if a parasite burrows its way into a mollusk, the mollusk grows a pearl around the affected area to prevent it from spreading. Pretty cool stuff! I wish humans had a defense mechanism like that. Unfortunately, we don’t (yet), and natural pearls are super expensive. Luckily, I can use pearl beads to give my wardrobe a ladylike look.

DIY Clothing Ideas for You and Baby

Decked Out Denim VestDecked Out Denim Vest – Have you heard about the denim on denim trend? People are mixing and matching colors and washes of denim for a casual yet polished look. This vest, pictured at left, adds a little glam to this fashion staple.

Baby Couture Onesie – Now Baby can look as fashionable as Mom! The string of pseudo pearls on this onesie is so cute.

Beaded Poncho – Gold-plated pearl beads set off the earth tones in this knit poncho very nicely.

Crochet Pearl Belt – This silvery belt is the perfect addition to a vintage outfit. If you’re looking for a challenge, you can make a matching pair of gloves.


Earrings, Bracelets, and More: DIY Jewelry

Crochet Ribbon EarringsCrochet Ribbon Earrings – Go vintage with these pastel beauties.

Tee Shirt Beaded Necklace – Believe it or not, an old white tee makes the perfect necklace chain.

Circles and Pearls Bracelet – Modern and sleek, this bracelet would make a great gift for a teenager.

Ladylike Ribbon Necklace – This beautifully-crafted necklace is sure to get some attention the next time you go out.


 DIY Home Decor: Indoors and Out

Elegant Garden TopiaryElegant Garden Topiaries – You can make these sophisticated topiaries for an Easter brunch, bridal shower, or tea party.

Pearls on Wood Bird – Birds tend to flit away whenever you get too close, but this little guy will stay by your side and brighten up your living room.

Crystal and Pearl Decor – This versatile craft looks great on trees, mantels, and more.

Floral Candleholders – For centerpieces, you can’t go wrong with these chic DIY decorations.



How do you use pearls in your crafting?

Game of Thrones Crafts Are Coming…

Since the first episode of Game of Thrones aired,  I quickly became obsessed with the show. As many of my fellow GOT-enthusiasts can understand, I have suffered through massive losses at the hands of the (genius) writers, yet still keep coming back for more. Like every other Game of Thrones fan, I have a hard time choosing a favorite character, for fear of losing them. That’s why I have decided that commemorating each House is the only way to deal with the inevitable loss we will see this season. Over at AllFreeHolidayCrafts.com we’ve rustled up some pretty amazing ideas.


Take your time, choose your house, and get started on a few of these handmade ideas that will have you either screaming, “Dracarys!”, warning that winter is coming, or lying through your teeth (Cough, cough, Lannisters, ahem).


House Targaryen

Dragon Eggs Dragons are perhaps the most exciting part of Game of Thrones, making Daenerys Targaryen a popular favorite. The crafts below are inspired by House Targaryen, in many different ways. Embrace Khaleesi’s fashion sense, and make your very own set of Dragon Eggs – what could be cooler than that?

  1. Dany’s Dragon Eggs
  2. Drogon the Dragon Hat
  3. Dragon Skin Scarf
  4. Khaleesi’s Beaded Headdress
  5. Map of Westeros


House Stark
   “Winter is Coming.”

Mystic Forest Shawl The Stark family is known for their unyielding honor, which some would say has cost them over the past 3 seasons. Celebrate the most honorable House from Westeros with the tutorials below. Inspired by Winterfell fashion and the Stark dire wolves, these crafts are for winter warriors only.

  1. Red Wedding Veil
  2. Fuzzy Wolf Bonnet
  3. Style Your Hair Like Sansa
  4. Enchanted Godswood Fashion Cape
  5. Winter is Coming Banner
  6. Mystic Forest Shawl


House Lannister
    “A Lannister always pays his debts.”

Golden Goddess GownA Lannister may always pay his debts, but we wouldn’t mind saving ourselves from any interaction with them at all. This deceitful House of Westeros may be on top for now, but hopeful fans like myself are ready for revenge. (The North Remembers!) We do have to hand it to the capitol dwellers when it comes to fashion; Cersei’s attire is always enviable.

  1. Cersei’s Knit Cape
  2. Lion Baby Booties
  3. Merlot Hooded Cape
  4. DIY Body Chain
  5. Golden Goddess Gown



Which House would you align yourself with?

What Would Lady Mary Do? Sewing Patterns for Downton Abbey Ladies

At AllFreeSewing, we know you’re just as fond of Masterpiece’s Downton Abbey as we are. From the start of Season 1 to the much anticipated US release of Season 4, we’ve followed the triumphs and tragedies of the Crawleys and all those associated with the great estate.

After an evening on the edge of our seats watching some favorite episodes, the editors couldn’t get the characters of Downton Abbey out of their heads the next day at work. Every sewing project we stumbled across reminded us of one of our favorite (or not so favorite) players in the heart-wrenching drama. What would Lady Edith choose to sew given the chance today? Would Mrs. Patmore like these apron patterns or scoff them? The possibilities are infinite and indeterminable, but we gave these puzzling questions our best shot and chose patterns we thought some of our favorite characters would sew and sport today.

Lady Mary’s Picks

Brooklyn DIY Tulle SkirtAlways on the cutting edge of fashion, Lady Mary would most likely opt for the trendiest pieces when it came time to settle on a sewing pattern today. The amount of time to create these pieces would be of little consequence for the future duchess, since she’d hardly stoop to picking up a needle.


Unexpectedly Stylish Designs for Lady Edith

Simple Dress with TankOn the back burner of the Crawley girls, Lady Edith’s style is often overlooked. If you take a closer look, however, you’ll notice a dynamic character reflected in both her wardrobe and actions. Because of her insatiable desire for recognition, the character of Edith begs for our attention. Whether this is through hooking a man (or not), or getting noticed through the written word, the editors at AllFreeSewing feel that sister #2 would gravitate towards these patterns.

Lady Sybil’s Sewing Patterns

DIY Little Black DressSomething that differentiates Lady Sybil from her two stately sisters is her progressive independence. Given the choice of patterns today, Sybil would likely go for eco-friendly, artistic, and functional pieces.

Anna’s Sewing Projects of Choice

Downton DIY HeadbandAs Mary’s lady’s maid, Anna is notably below Mary in social standing. While her selection of sewing patterns would probably be less extravagant than any of the Crawley sisters, Anna is still towards the top of the totem pole as far as servants are concerned. Her close position with a central member of the family would entitle her to some extra coinage, and therefore some goodies that someone like Daisy couldn’t afford. Here are the sewing projects we think Anna would use her sewing skills on.


Mrs. Patmore’s Ingredients for Style

Sew Retro Lace ShirtAs the head cook, Mrs. Patmore is of a position and age of superiority for a servant. Earning a livable salary, she’s been around the block enough to know when and what to spend her hard earned cash on. As such, we believe Mrs. Patmore would go for these types of projects; cheap fixes but completely functional.

O’Brien’s Mischievous Homemade Goods

Necklace TherapyIf O’Brien were to choose her types of patterns, she’d probably go for those that involved pockets and compartments to match her menacingly mysterious air. It’s always handy to have a place to hide a secret. See if you agree with these diabolical designs for the most two-sided lady’s maid.

Daisy’s DIYs

A Handibag from a Pillowcase The runt of the long list of players at Downton Abbey, Daisy basically has next to nothing to spend on fabric. While she might be skilled when it comes to sewing, she’d be the most money conscious of the bunch selected here. As such completely refashioned and upcycled projects like the ones below would be near and dear to the scullery maid.

What do you think? Did we hit it on the head or get it completely wrong? Let us know if you agree or disagree by telling us,

What do you think the characters of Downton Abbey would sew today?




Sew Trendy: New Sewing Trends and Projects

I don’t know about you but I love trying out new trends. Blame it on the day job but sewing trends are no exception. That’s why I often seek what’s “trendy” in the sewing world. From spending hours (8 a day, 5 days a week to be exact) absorbing all things sewing, I see a lot of what’s out there. Here, I’ll share my findings with you!

I found this helpful round-up on Sew Mama Sew and was off to add more trendy projects to our site.

Check out what’s in this season and give them a try with projects found on AllFreeSewing.com

Mug Rugs: Somewhere in between a place mat and a coaster, the mug rug has taken over

Scrappy Stack Mug Rug Tutorial
Under the Umbrella Mug Rug
Stripey Egg Mug Rug

For Women: Seems like everyone is going for the pretty, effortless look. Try longer, flowing skirts this spring.

The Domesticated Skirt
Coral Dress
The Lemonade Dress

For Boys: Hoodies are huge right now

Yo Peace Hoodie
Dinosaur Hoodie

For Girls: Floral prints are popular on skirts and dresses

A Real Pillowcase Dress
Girl’s Dress
A 15 Minute Girly Skirt


What do you think is trendy this season?