20 Last-Minute Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Love

My family and I finally finished putting up our Christmas decorations this past weekend, and as I looked at one of the advent calendars we made for our little one, I realized that Christmas was only a few weeks away. It feels like Thanksgiving was just yesterday and that there was so much time to knock out every item on that Christmas to-do list. With the holiday right around the corner, I’ve barely made a dent in my to-do list. There are still so many projects to make, meals to plan, and gifts to put together. Pair that list with a busy work schedule and taking care of children, and this holiday season is hectic enough to make anyone feel stressed. That’s how the holidays always feel though, right?

We’re always scrambling in those final few weeks to make each year better than the last. In our dash to the finish line, however, something always slips through the cracks. Whether we forgot the cranberry sauce or suddenly realized that we didn’t make Uncle Charlie a gift, there’s always something we’re whipping together in those final moments before Christmas. For me, it’s usually a gift for a relative or a family friend. That’s why I decided to get ahead of the game and make a handy list of last-minute gift ideas.

There is something for everyone with these last-minute gift ideas. These gifts are quick and easy to put together, and they require only a handful of materials to make. The best part is, most of these crafts can be made in an hour or less, which is fantastic if you’re in a serious time crunch.


20 Last-Minute Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Love

20 Last-Minute Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Love

You’ve got your last-minute gift idea ready to go, but how do you wrap it? Check out 10 Gift Wrapping Ideas for a Budget-Friendly Christmas!

I’ve shared my list of ideas. What are some of your favorite last-minute gift ideas?


Best Ornament Contest 2016 Winners + Ornament Tutorials!

Best Ornament Contest 2016 Winners

You came. You submitted your ornaments. You conquered. And now we’re announcing the winners of the Best Ornament Contest 2016!

To recap: these are the projects that earned the most page views during the voting period (November 17-November 27). The most people saw these projects on FaveCrafts, clicked, and viewed! These top ten ornaments truly won the popularity contest, and we’re so excited to share them with you. And, if you love these winning projects, definitely scroll down for more awesome ornament tutorials.

Best Ornament Contest 2016 Winners

#10: Windchime Wonder Christmas Ornament

Windchime Wonder Christmas Ornament

“The Ornaments are Wine Bottles with Whimsy Christmas Ornaments as the Chimes or just Eye Candy.” – Marilyn Kristine Fiddelke

View the Tutorial

#9: Santa’s Christmas Cowboy Boot

Santa's Christmas Cowboy Boot

“A crocheted applique that can be used as an ornament, decorative present tag or even a piece of holiday jewelry.” – Cecilia Lira

View the Tutorial

#8: Gorgeous Vintage Jewelry Ornament

Gorgeous Vintage Jewelry Ornament

“My Mom has so much jewelry that after she passed on I took her pins, earrings, and anything else I thought would work and turned them into a Christmas ornament.” – Debb Hines

View the Tutorial

#7: Ribbon Angel Ornament

Ribbon Angel Ornament

“This lovely ribbon angel ornament is quick and easy to make and it’s so versatile that you can make it in any size using different types of ribbon including mesh by adjusting the measurements!” – Gail Griffin from plumperfectandme.com

View the Tutorial

#6: Mini Tree Stocking Ornaments

Mini Tree Stocking Ornaments


“These are miniature Christmas stockings made from 4 ply yarns. I make larger ones to use as treat gift bags too. The ornaments make the tree look so festive!” – Teri Kuffler

View the Tutorial

#5: Breast Cancer Awareness Ornament

Breast Cancer Awareness Ornament

“I have this breath taking ornament hanging up in my living room as a heart felt emblem I created in loving memory of all woman past present as well as in the future of finding a cure to end Breast Cancer!” – Christine Harper

View the Tutorial

#4: Snowman Treat Ornament

Snowman Treat Ornament

“I have been creating snowman gift bags and thought a snowman treat holder ornament would be a companion to the bags.” – Dorothy Minor from hubpages.com

View the Tutorial

#3: Teeny Tiny Wine Cork Reindeer

Teeny Tiny Wine Cork Reindeer

“If you have wine corks and twigs from your yard, you can make these teeny tiny wine cork reindeer. Add a hook to hang on your Christmas tree, make a few to march across your mantle, attach them as toppers to gifts, put them into a coffee mug with hot cocoa packets and a candy cane!” – Ann Classon from makethebestofthings.blogspot.com

View the Tutorial

#2: Coffee Filter Angel Wings

Coffee Filter Angel Wings

“I wanted to give my co-workers a little something for Christmas and was broke! But then it occurred to me that I had access to a lot of coffee filters (my position was a coffee hostess) that were disposed of every week! I took some home and came up with angel wings!” – Regena Allen

View the Tutorial

#1: Christmas Bauble with Hearts

Christmas Bauble with Hearts


“The Christmas bauble is made by creating two identical halves first, starting with making the heart on each half. One finished making the halves they are crocheted together using a zigzag stitch, a variation of the braided stitch.” – Nicole Riley from nickishomemadecrafts.com

View the Tutorial

More Ornament Tutorials

Find more of our favorite new DIY ornaments below!

Tea Jug Poinsettia Ornament

  1. Tea Jug Poinsettia Ornament
  2. Butterfly Boy Vintage Christmas Ornament
  3. Sparkle and Shine Beaded Angel Ornament
  4. Shell of Hope Nativity Christmas Ornament
  5. Altoid Small Collage Ornament
  6. 3D Printable Map Stars
  7. Vintage Burlap Tree Ornaments
  8. The Christmas Flower Painted Ornament

View the complete collection of our Fave Ornaments of 2016!

Describe your favorite Christmas ornament on your tree.

10 Jar Gifts to Get You Through the Holidays

Whenever the holidays come around, I sometimes feel a sense of dread washing over me when I think about the many Christmas gifts I’ll need to get. People with big families know what I’m talking about. The thought of buying so many gifts can be slightly unnerving. That’s why I’m a big proponent of jar gifts. Gifts in a jar are the best strategy when you want to give something creative and special to everyone in your family (extended family included). Jar gifts are beautiful, easy to make, and very inexpensive. You can dress up each jar pretty easily, too. Add a ribbon here. Glue on some holly there. When you’re deep into decorating Christmas jar gifts, the task becomes mechanical at some point, and you can crank out a whole crate full of jar gifts in no time. I often turn on a favorite holiday movie in the background, too.

If I’m being honest, the hardest and most time-consuming part in coming up with the perfect jar gift is the idea. Great homemade gifts require thinking, and as Christmas gets closer and closer, time to think becomes less and less available. We all have so much to do! Whether we’re baking cookies or putting up Christmas decorations, there is never a dull moment in holiday preparation. This is why I LOVE lists. Did I make Christmas Cookie Gifts in a Jar last year? If so, then I’ll just gladly mosey on down to another item on the list. Making a list is quick. It’s convenient, and it lets you jump right in and tackle all of those gifts you still need to make.

10 Jar Gifts to Get You Through the Holidays

10 Jar Gift Ideas Your Family Will Love

  1. Christmas Cookie Gifts in a Jar
  2. DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser
  3. Tea Time DIY Gift Basket
  4. Udderly Amazing Gift in a Jar
  5. Citrus Bath Salts Gift in a Jar
  6. Wine Lover’s Gift in a Jar
  7. Spa Day Mason Jar Gift
  8. Jolly Gifts in a Jar
  9. Snowflake DIY Candy Jar
  10. Santa Candle Mason Jar Crafts

If you’re looking for EVEN MORE jar gifts to use this holiday, you really need to check out this 34 Holiday Ideas for Gifts in a Jar free eBook.

I’ve told you my secret. How do you prepare for the holidays?

3 Ways to Get Ahead on Holiday Crafting

Wintery DIY Wall Decor

Gift giving stresses me out big time. I spend way too much time running around and deciding what to get people, feeling like my mind is a blank slate. I am awful at it. Small gifts is not my love language.

Occasionally I have pockets of inspiration, and I feel like queen of the world when I discover (or make!) a great gift that someone appreciates. Reading Marie Segares’ post last year on 7 Tips for Getting a Head Start on Holiday Crafting and DIY Gifts seriously helped me reframe how I view gift giving and holiday crafting. I highly recommend giving it a read!

Peering at this list and coming up with a few ideas of my own, I give you this year’s edition of:

3 Ways to Get Ahead on Holiday Crafting

1. Start Immediately

Snowflake DIY Candy Jar

One of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is to Be Proactive, and that applies to Christmas crafting. We have a matter of weeks before the holiday is upon us, and if handmade projects like knit and crochet patterns take 1-2 weeks to complete, well, you can do the math! Starting now allows time to pick your projects, take breaks, make mistakes, fix them, and finish your presents.

2. Plan

Classic Infinity Scarf

Marie Segares talks about deciding who will get handmade gifts, and then planning what to make for them. Getting organized and writing out a plan (or pinning the projects you’d like to make, or crafting your plan in any manner of your choosing) will help you visually see how much time you have and how much crafting there is in store! My norm is to sit down and make as many scarves as possible (like my absolute favorite infinity scarf pattern by Fiber Flux, linked on AllFreeCrochet) and choose recipients after I finish the scarves. This is not the best method. It is, in fact, a terrible method. Be intentional with your gift giving and plan out your gifts and your recipients!

3. Have a Backup Plan

Tropical Leaf Watercolor Printable

Maybe that crocheted afghan you wanted to give your best friend isn’t going to happen in time. Maybe you can’t knit 16 pairs of slippers before December 25. That’s okay! Be gentle with yourself, and consider an alternative like free printables for making wall art, quick knit or crochet projects, and any of the ideas below! If all else fails, a store bought item or gift card never hurts.

Quick Homemade Gift Ideas

Half Hour Jumbo Tote


What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

28 Snowman Crafts You Absolutely Need This Winter

Sometimes the endless snow of winter can really dampen a person’s spirit. Whether the stress of the holidays is getting to you or you’ve got the infamous post-Christmas blues, these cheery snowman crafts will add some much-needed crafting therapy to your life. You may want to create snowman ornaments to brighten your tree, or unwind from that visit from the in-laws with a crochet snowman pattern. Whatever your wish, you’ll find an answer here with these spectacular and adorable snowmen.

28 Snowman Crafts You Absolutely Need This Winter

When you’re all done with your designing ornaments or crocheting up a snowstorm, check out the lovely snowman cards and snowman DIY Christmas gifts to give your friends and family something special during the holiday season. There’s something here for everyone on your list, whether it’s the hot chocolate fanatic or the earring enthusiast in your life.

Snowman Ornaments

Snowman Glass Ornaments

  1. Vintage Snowman Ornament
  2. Paper Snowman DIY Ornaments – new!
  3. Antique Snowman Ornament
  4. Snowman Glass Ornaments – shown!
  5. Believe Snowman Christmas Ornament
  6. Glitzy Snowman Ornaments
  7. Cinnamon Dough Ornaments

Knit and Crochet Snowman Patterns

Mr. and Mrs. Snowman

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Snowman – shown!
  2. Crochet Frosty the Snowman
  3. Winter Snowman Dishcloth
  4. Knit Snowman Family
  5. Frostie the Snowman Beanie Pattern
  6. Smiling Snowman Jar Cozy – I totally want to make this!
  7. Frozen Olaf Doll

Snowman Cards

Post It Note Snowman Craft

  1. Geo Snowman Card
  2. Pop-Up Snowman Card – my favorite!
  3. Post It Note Snowman Craft – shown!
  4. Smiling Snowman Card
  5. You Melt My Heart Snowman Shaker Card – this one is as precious as it sounds.
  6. Snowman DIY Christmas Stationery
  7. Holiday Greeting Card

Snowman DIY Christmas Gifts

North Pole Snowman Cocoa

  1. Snowman Brooch
  2. DIY Snowman Decorated Candle
  3. North Pole Snowman Cocoa – shown!
  4. Faux Pearl Snowman Earrings
  5. Snowman Jar DIY Christmas Gift
  6. Snowman Belly Jars – what a cute idea!
  7. Cozy Canned Cocoa Snowman

32 Snowman Christmas Crafts


If you need more snowman fun, then check out this festive and fabulous list of 32 Snowman Christmas Crafts.


What’s your favorite Christmas memory?

Paint-Stamped No-Sew Table Runner for Christmas

Learn how to make a table runner that’s both a no-sew and budget-friendly Christmas craft idea! Only a few simple steps are needed to know how to make this super fun and festive DIY table runner! Need a last minute table decoration or don’t want to spend too much time making a table runner? Then, try this easy craft tutorial that you can customize to your needs. Feel free to make your own designs or to use stamps that you already own.

Paint-Stamped No-Sew Table Runner for Christmas

This Christmas table runner combines two fun and easy craft techniques I really love – paint-stamping and mosaics from paper or fabric. And bonus…it’s no-sew, too! This runner is made with a special no-fray synthetic fabric that has a fun pinhole texture, but you could also make this holiday craft project with paper or stitch it up with your favorite fabrics.


  • Oly*Fun material – white, red, green
  • Paper-lined, double-sided adhesive tape
  • Craft paints
  • Foam stamps
  • Rotary cutter, ruler, cutting mat

Paint-Stamped No-Sew Table Runner for Christmas

Decide on the size of your runner and trim a long piece of Oly*Fun yardage to size for the base of your runner and set it aside.

Use your favorite foam stamps (and pencil erasers too!) to stamp a random, all-over pattern on 3 colors of the material and let dry. I worked with 12×12″ sheets of green, white, and red.

Paint-Stamped No-Sew Table Runner for Christmas

Cut the stamped material into 3″ strips and then into 3″ squares – cut some squares in half for a more varied look to your mosaic.

Paint-Stamped No-Sew Table Runner for Christmas

Arrange all the pieces on the runner however you like – I love how random paint-stamped patterns and symmetrical mosaic tiles collide!

Adhere two strips of paper-lined tape to the back of each tile, then remove the liners and press each tile into place on the runner. That’s it, you’re done! I sprinkled some pretty red and green acrylic gems in between small votive candles to accent the runner on my table. It’s super cute and festive by daylight or candlelight!

Paint-Stamped No-Sew Table Runner for Christmas



Comment below and let us know, how do you decorate your Christmas table?

The Latest Trend in DIY Christmas Gifts You HAVE to See

Are you familiar with the fun and quirky ugly Christmas sweaters that have been all the rage the last couple years? Well, there’s a new trend in DIY Christmas gifts you HAVE to see: Ugly Christmas Socks! This DIY gift idea is just as fun and unique as that homemade ugly Christmas sweater. What’s more, the trend has manifested itself in a “Sock Exchange” rather than the traditional Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange. It’s such a hilarious idea for the family or for a bunch of coworkers to participate in — especially those who love to craft! Plus, socks are awesome gifts for the holidays because they’re easy and quick DIY gifts that are super affordable. They’re even better last-minute gifts or they’re great for when you’re just not sure what to get someone. Scroll down for our best free sock patterns.

The Latest Trend in DIY Christmas Gifts You HAVE to See

You can see ugly Christmas socks all over the internet:

A photo posted by Ndasgirl (@ndasgirl) on

[break] You can even see the sock exchanges in action on social media. The best part of the sock exchange is when everyone adorns their fabulous, new ugly Christmas socks for the best photo-op ever!

A photo posted by JB (@justcallmeturtle) on


Our favorite ugly Christmas socks are the DIY versions. You can easily decorate your own with leftover crafting supplies such as beads, pom poms, or even googly eyes! If you want to make your own socks, then try any of these free patterns listed below. You can knit, crochet, or even sew your own socks and then decorate with your favorite crafting materials. Take your decoration inspiration from ugly Christmas sweaters and remember, the uglier your socks — the better! For inspiration, check out these ugly Christmas sweater tutorials!

To make your own socks, try any of these free patterns:

The Easiest Slipper Booties You Will Ever Make

The Easiest Slipper Booties You Will Ever Make

Chunky Knee High Socks

Chunky Knee High Socks

DIY Toe Socks

DIY Toe Socks

Toe Up Raggi Socks

Toe Up Raggi Socks

Basic Crocheted Socks

Basic Crocheted Socks

Wintermint Sock Trio

Wintermint Sock Trio

Fun Multicolor Crochet Sock Pattern

Fun Multicolor Crochet Sock Pattern



Comment below and let us know, what’s your favorite type of gift exchange?



Quick and Easy Pinecone Crafts for the Holidays

Pinecone crafts are simply the best when it comes to holiday crafting. Why? For starters, they’re super affordable! If you can’t forage for free pinecones in your backyard, then they’re always available at big-box stores or craft stores for a reasonable price. They’re even great Christmas craft ideas for kids because they can be super quick and easy. They’re so easy, they’re also the best for last-minute holiday crafting. The possibilities are endless when it comes to pincone crafts for Christmas, so take a look at a few of our favorites and get crafting!

Quick and Easy Pinecone Crafts for the Holidays

Gold Tipped Pinecone Ornament: the classic pinecone craft for Christmas! If you don’t have a few of these DIY ornaments on your tree, then they’re a must-have this year. Mix things up by coating your pinecone in glitter or using other metallics to create colorful tips on your handmade ornaments.

Gold Tipped Pinecone Ornament

Breathtaking Frosted Pinecone Décor: learn how to create the perfect, frosted pinecones for a wintry DIY home decor project. You can display these around the home or even on your Christmas tree!

Breathtaking Frosted Pinecone Décor

Simple Pine Cone & Ornament DIY Garland: use those metallic, gold-tipped pinecones or those frosted pinecones to create a rustic and simple DIY garland. It’s a simple and classic homemade Christmas decoration that you can use year after year.

Simple Pine Cone & Ornament DIY Garland

Gorgeous Glitter Pine Cone Wreath: this tutorial shows you how to make beautiful, glitter-tastic wreaths with pinecones in different colors! Make one in your favorite festive shade to adorn your front door.

Gorgeous Glitter Pine Cone Wreath

Bleached Pine Cones: a different approach to the glitter and metallic pinecones, this bleached pinecone tutorial shows you how to get this gorgeous effect. It’s a budget-friendly, rustic, and simple DIY decor project — a win, win, win!

Bleached Pine Cones

Frosted Pinecone Mason Jar Lights: create these decorations for easy mason jar lights to decorate your holiday mantle or any other space in your home that can use the soft glow from candlelight. We love how this mason jar craft idea incorporates one of our favorites: frosted pinecones!

Frosted Pinecone Mason Jar Lights

Pine Cone Ornament Mobile: the ultimate in rustic and simple DIY decor, this DIY mobile creates a decor piece that truly brings nature inside. If you like glam, then try using Gold Tipped Pinecones to take this craft up a notch.

Pine Cone Ornament Mobile

Pottery Barn Knockoff Faux Antler Wreath: pinecone wreaths are super affordable and easy to make, so we’ve included two on our list. Not only does this tutorial show you how to make a DIY wreath to die-for, but also how to save money by making faux antlers!

Pottery Barn Knockoff Faux Antler Wreath

Pretty Easy Pine Cone Place Card Holders: create this simple and affordable place card holder for your next family gathering. It’ll make your table setting for your Christmas dinner oh-s0-festive!

Pretty Easy Pine Cone Place Card Holders


Comment below and let us know, what other materials are great for holiday crafting?


Unique Cross Stitch Patterns for the Holidays

You wouldn’t think it, but cross stitch is a great project for the holidays. You can make an endless amount of unique craft projects with cross stitch — all you need is your creativity! From DIY ornaments to gift tags, you can easily incorporate cross stitch patterns into your holiday crafting. Just scroll through our list for some crafting inspiration and for some free cross stitch patterns!

Unique Cross Stitch Patterns for the Holidays

Cross Stitch Babushka Ornament: this cross stitch project is so adorable! We’d love to create a family of Babushka dolls to decorate our tree.

Cross Stitch Babushka Ornament

Cross-Stitch Holiday Towels: looking for a way to add some festive flair to your kitchen? Try this pretty cross stitch pattern. You can even add this gorgeous pattern to table napkins for an extra special detail to your table decorations.

Cross-Stitch Holiday Towels

Beautiful Christmas Angel Cross Stitch Pattern: an angel is such a classic cross stitch pattern, but we think this design is so unique – we absolutely can’t get enough of this colorful design!

Beautiful Christmas Angel Cross Stitch Pattern

A Child is Born Dish Towel: this is a wonderful dish towel idea. We love the idea of using a cross stitch pattern to put a classic Christmas saying on a DIY home decor project. It’s simply charming!

A Child is Born Dish Towel

Christmas Tree Cross Stitch Necklace: we love the idea of creating a unique piece of holiday DIY jewelry with cross stitch. We even think this craft idea would be great if you want to make a DIY ornament for your tree as well!

Christmas Tree Cross Stitch Necklace

Printable Cross Stitch Gift Tag: this gift tag is so simple and easy. It’s made even easier because it’s a printable design. What a fun and unique way to add some cross stitch into your holiday gift wrapping!

Printable Cross Stitch Gift Tag

Cross Stitch Holiday Card: if you aren’t into gift tags, then try making some handmade cards for Christmas. You can use this craft project idea to make a fun, cross stitch Holiday card.

Cross Stitch Holiday Card

Wooden Cross Stitch Ornament: this a such a unique and different ornament idea! Get creative and make different cross stitch designs for your tree. We even think these DIY ornaments would make great stocking stuffers.

Wooden Cross Stitch Ornament

Cross Stitch Gift Tag Idea: another great DIY gift tag idea! This cross stitch gift tag is truly a work of art.

Cross Stitch Gift Tag Idea


Comment below and let us know, what’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

Easy DIY Ornaments

Christmas is quickly approaching, and it is just about time to decorate your tree! What better way to decorate your Christmas tree than to incorporate some DIY ornaments? These handmade ornaments will make your Christmas even more meaningful. You’ll be able to spend time with family and friends creating these easy DIY ornaments and all your guests will see your hard work on your tree.

Easy DIY Ornaments

Just think about the wonderful memories that will be brought to mind every time you look at the tree. There’s just something extra special about handmade Christmas decorations and to know that these crafty creations were the result of some time spent with loved ones is just magical! Save these DIY ornaments and bring them out year after year. As you decorate the tree with your family, you will all be able to relive the fun you had making them.

And when the kids are older and move away, you can send some of those ornaments along with them for their own Christmas trees. They will be continuing the tradition with their families and cherishing the memories from years gone by.

  1. DIY Ornaments with Rit Dye From Mod Podge Rocks
  2. Simple and Easy DIY Wooden Ornaments from A Little Craft In Your Day
  3. DIY Neon Puffy Paint Ornaments from The I Love To Create Blog
  4. Glitter Galaxy Ornaments from The Swell Designer
  5. DIY Mason Jar Lid Ornaments from DIY on The Cheap
  6. DIY Mosaic Ornament from A Little Craft In Your Day
  7. Washi Tape Ornaments from FaveCrafts
  8. DIY Cupcake Ornament from FaveCrafts
  9. Let it Snow Scrabble Tile Ornament from Crafts By Amanda
  10. S’mores Peppermint Ornament from Sew Licious Home Decor
  11. Cookie Cutter Ornament from Favecrafts
  12. DIY Glass Photo Ornament Tutorial from Fynes Designs
  13. How to Make Salt Dough Ornaments from Viva Veltoro
  14. DIY Wood Slice Ornaments from Upcycled Treasures
  15. DIY Glitter Ornaments from Create and Babble

There are so many fun DIY ornament ideas to choose from – you are surely going to find something for everyone in this list!

Are there any other easy DIY Ornaments you’d like to share? Write about them in the comment box below!