How to Celebrate the “Catching Fire” Release

It’s been over a year since Katniss Everdeen has graced the big screen, and we’ve been counting down the days until the “Catching Fire” premiere ever since. Finally the wait is almost over, but we need all the help we can get to carry us through the final countdown. Over at, we’ve found a few ways to make the final stretch less painful. Keep yourself busy during these next 4 days with our favorite “Hunger Games” crafts and prep for the premiere!

“Hunger Games” Book Charms

While you wait for “Catching Fire” why not brush up on your Panem history? With your own “Hunger Games” Book Charms you can power through your favorite chapters and familiarize yourself with your favorite scenes and characters before you witness them on the big screen. These adorable book marks make great gifts for your fellow-readers, and they’re simple enough for kids to join in on the fun.



“Hunger Games” Love Sign

If you’re still aching for the premiere, try hosting a “Hunger Games” viewing-party, we’ve got the perfect piece of party decor for you. “Hunger Games” Love Sign will have your guests falling in love with the story all over again. What better way to decorate your front door than with a sign commemorating everyone’s favorite character as the countdown to the “Catching Fire” release comes to a close? Decorating your door may not seem like enough for the loyalist of fans, so pop a few Glistening Mockingjay Emblems on your windows for an added splash of support.

“Hunger Games” Cookies

These cookies are the perfect activity to work on the day before “Catching Fire” premieres. Finish a few batches and bag these cookies up, because you’re bringing a snack along! With wax paper as your aid, these piped mocking jays are a cinch! Your guests and friends will love these trendy mockingjay treats.

Good luck creating these “The Hunger Games” crafts, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


Who’s your favorite character from “Catching Fire?”



25 Book-Related Activities to Help Kids Learn

Seussical the Dessert-sicleBetter than movies, television shows, and video games, books are the best form of entertainment there is. You can get them free from the library, and there are so many to choose from. Nothing stimulates your mind more than reading does. As an English major in college, I spend most of my time reading, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love jumping into a different world each time I open up another book. Reading is a great way to expand kids’ knowledge, and it’s so important to start when they’re young.  To encourage reading, pair children’s stories with these book-related activities with four popular authors’ works. From a hungry caterpillar to Sam I Am, you can enter a world of adventure on every page.

AllFreeKidsCrafts has put together a list of reading crafts that are inspired by popular books. These book crafts for kids include anything from painting crafts, food crafts, to  sewing crafts. Sit down, grab your favorite book from the bookshelf, and start reading today.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar Crafts

Very Hungry Caterpillar Balloon CraftAs perhaps one of the most well-known books for children, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle will capture every youngster’s attention. These reading crafts will teach kids about transformation and appetite. You can create your own very hungry caterpillar when you make the Very Hungry Caterpillar Balloon Craft. This reading craft combines painting with balloons, and you can add another dot every time the hungry caterpillar eats something. The photography in this classic book is breathtaking and will encourage youngsters to partake in book crafts for kids that involve art.

Rainbow Fish Activities

Glam GuppiesDive into an adventure in the deep, blue sea. When you open the pages of Marcus Pfister’s Rainbow Fish, you’ll discover lessons about sharing, caring, and selflessness. These Rainbow Fish activities are a great way to get kids involved with reading while teaching them valuable lessons. Make these Glam Guppies that look just like the little fishies that Rainbow Fish shares his beautiful scales with. Book-related activities that encourage learning about new topics like underwater creatures, the ocean, and different colors are perfect for young kids. Expand their worlds with these reading crafts about a little fish who learned to share.


Dr. Seuss Crafts

'The Lorax' Truffula ForestOh, the places you’ll go! Hopefully one of them is to the library so that you can check out some classic children’s books by Dr. Seuss. He was a master with words and soon kids who read The Lorax and Sam I Am will be too. You can read classics like The Lorax and then make the ‘The Lorax’ Truffula Forest craft. Use nature items found in your own backyard to reinforce the message of being environmentally friendly. Reading crafts from Dr. Seuss books are so much fun because chances are that you have at least one of his books in your home. Try these book-related activities to encourage imagination and creativity, just like the story lines in Dr. Seuss’s rhyming stories.


Superhero Crafts

SupercookiesCaptain America, Superman, and Wonder Woman, oh my! Comic books are well loved by boys and girls no matter their age. It’s important to encourage different types of reading, which is why comics rock! Get those creative juices flowing by making tons of book crafts for kids. While you’re reading, you can talk about what is happening in each comic while doing a book-related activity. These readings crafts will encourage kids to talk about their favorite superheroes and keep on reading to find out what happens to them.



What is was your favorite book when you were a child?

30 Back to School Activities for Kids


Summer’s over, which means that it’s time to head back to school. No more long days at the beach, endless hours at summer camp, or playing in the pool. Just because summer is ending doesn’t mean that the fun has to as well. Time to put on your reading cap, gather up your notebooks, and head back to school. Before you go, make sure that you have a head start with 30 Back to School Activities for Kids. These back to school crafts are some of my favorites because I love the freshness that comes with a new school year. Whether you’re in need of a quick gift for your teacher or a journal for math class, this collection of crafts from AllFreeKidsCrafts is great.

Don’t lollygag back to school unprepared and unaware; make sure that you’re ready to jump in head first by doing back to school activities for kids. Now is the time of year for new beginnings and a fresh start, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on teacher gifts and school supplies. Back to school crafts are a blast when you make them yourself.


Homemade Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Giant Goody PencilShow your thanks for all that your teachers do this school year by making a homemade teacher appreciation gift. If it comes from the heart, then your teacher is sure to love it. Teachers are the  make learning possible and fun, so show them your appreciation by making back to school crafts. You can’t go wrong with apple or pencil crafts, the back to school essentials. That’s why the Giant Goody Pencil craft is a hit as a homemade teacher appreciation gift. Use an old Pringles can and fill it with goodies to give to your favorite teacher. No matter what you make, your teacher is sure to appreciate your thoughts and efforts when you make these back to school activities for kids.


Back to School Supplies

Bookmaking for KidsMake the first day of school the very best day of school with all of your new back to school supplies that you crafted yourself! Save tons of money when you make your own erasers, journals, and pencil holders. Back to school activities for kids like making supplies are a great way to personalize your things. School is more fun when you can use something you made to write down fractions or store your pens. Bookmaking for Kids is a great way to save money and learn something new at the same time. Your book will be a one-of-a-kind back to school craft.


Learning Activities for Kids

Bean in a Jar Biology LessonEach lesson in school is an important building block in childhood. Ultimately that is what school is all about: learning. Learning activities for kids like the Bean in a Jar Biology Lesson make education fun. Each subject in school, whether it’s math, biology, or history, is interesting and exciting if you have the right activity planned. Back to school activities for kids are important to prepare for the coming months of learning, so make sure to get started. All of these back to school crafts are great lessons to teach kids about dinosaurs, math, and how to count money.


What are you most excited about this school year?



AllFreeChristmasCrafts Giveaway: Time to Tangle with Colors

Time to Tangle with Colors

You may love the idea of creating beautiful artwork, but maybe you’re not an artist. You might think you weren’t born with artistic skill, or maybe you just don’t have the time to learn. But don’t worry: we at AllFreeChristmasCrafts have the solution to your dilemma. Tangling can make an artist out of everyone! We are giving away one copy of Time to Tangle with Colors! Enter to win here.

Have you ever heard of “tangling” before? Zentangle is a unique art form that anyone can sit down and create. It was designed for people of all ages and all artistic skill-levels as a means of relaxing through sketching these repetitive patterns; hence, the name Zentangle. The steps are incredibly basic: squiggle lines on paper at random, fill in the lines with opposing patterns, and add shading. It’s as simple as that! You won’t believe the incredible art you’ll create from such a simple and enjoyable process.

Maria Browning, author of Time to Tangle with Colors, takes the concept of Zentangle in another direction as she focuses on the art of coloring in the beautiful Zentangle designs. From scrapbook pages to photo frames to landscapes and more, the ideas are abundant and seemingly endless in this wonderful book. Grab friends, children, students, coworkers, anyone! Sit down together and get creative in the most relaxing way possible when you learn the art of Zentangle. is giving away one copy of Time to Tangle with Colors to one lucky winner. You could win!

Learn more and enter to win here.

Contest ends July 16, 2013. You can enter once daily, return often to improve your chances of winning!


Turn Your Favorite Book into Beautiful Christmas Crafts

Do you have a collection of favorite books that you just can’t get rid of? Maybe you have a few that you never plan on reading. Why not get crafty with them? Crafts using recycled materials are only becoming more popular, and it’s easy to see why. Everyone loves to save some money. So, if you are a frugal soul and you have some old books lying around that, let’s face it, you are never, ever going to read, then put them to some use with these Christmas crafts made from old book pages. Christmas may be a long way away, but book crafts can be made during any season.

A great craft that you should definitely try is the Book Leaf Wreath. This craft is great for this time of year in particular because it isn’t just a Christmas decoration! You can use different ribbons to make this wreath a summer decoration, and then change out the bows during each season.

Another fabulous book craft is the Altered Book Card Holder. This doesn’t need to be just for Christmas cards. Feel free to decorate it in whatever color scheme you like, and use it year-round for birthday cards, Valentine’s Day mail, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day.

Don’t forget the Recycled Bird Ornament! Use book pages to create this darling ornament craft. Even though it’s an ornament, it doesn’t exclusively need to hang from your Christmas tree. Add it to any plant, real or fake, that you have in your house. Just be sure you don’t accidentally water it!

  1. Book Leaf Wreath from Under the Table and Dreaming
  2. Altered Book Victorian Style Christmas Ornament from Fun Family Tips
  3. Christmas Tree Altered Book from Morganized Chaos
  4. Altered Book Card Holder from Beyond the Picket Fence
  5. Recycled Bird Ornament from Under the Table and Dreaming
  6. Stand Up Book Angel from Curtain Queen
  7. Christmas Book Decorations from Suzy’s Artsy Craftsy Sitcom
  8. Christmas House Shaped Book from That Artist Woman
  9. Music Sheet Christmas Ornaments from Lark and Lola




 If you love these great book crafts, be sure to check out our free eBook: 7 Thrifty Christmas Craft Ideas!






Now we have to ask, what is your favorite book to read?



FaveQuilts Giveaway: Flip Your Way to Fabulous Quilts

What’s the most important part of your quilting presentation to you? For some, it’s the pattern itself, while others may be more focused on how finishing elements complete everything. As we all know, quilters have so much to be aware of when it comes to making a quality quilt, and the best way to get better at the elements are through learning experiences. When it comes to the corners of a quilt, few are quite as skilled at designing them as Donna Lynn Thomas, author of Flip Your Way to Fabulous Quilts: Take Folded Corners to New Heights. You’ll be amazed at how clean your next quilt pattern looks once you apply her methods to one of the 14 impressive patterns she includes! Make something as simple as a triangle to something as complex as a series of pinwheels, all with the finesse of a master quilter.

Flip Your Way to Fabulous Quilts

What left me so impressed with this book was not only the original designs by Thomas, but the way in which she organized them. After a brief introduction, readers are given a quality education on the way to properly fold fabric corners and use the technique to make more intricate patterns. The color illustrations along with the easy-to-follow instructions make this book a winner from the start.

After readers are more comfortable applying the technique, they can choose from a series of patterns which are separated into three categories, “Try Me Quilts”, “Grow with Me Quilts”, and “Master Me Quilts”. This helps guide readers who are unsure of their skill level to see what patterns are giving them the best challenge, as well as helping them learn the process. Each and every design in Flip Your Way to Fabulous Quilts is gorgeous, so there’s no reason quilters in any particular level will feel any less excited about their results.

Ready to try a new approach to your quilting patterns? Then all you need to do is enter our latest giveaway on FaveQuilts for your chance to win your very own copy of Donna Lynn Thomas’ Flip Your Way to Fabulous Quilts. You have until the 21st, so head on over to our site and enter today!

AllFreeKidsCrafts Giveaway: Find It, Make It Green Crafts Book

Like free stuff? Um, yes; who doesn’t? Not only can you get this amazing book for free, but once you get the book, you can also craft for free. Like, for zero dollars. Zilch, nada, NOTHING! Lucky you! Find It, Make It by Clare Youngs is a wonderful, environmentally friendly book that teaches kids how to craft with nature and used materials. Over at AllFreeKidsCrafts, we’re huge green crafting fans, so we’re very jealous of whoever wins this giveaway. Perhaps you’ll share some of the projects that you make while being advised by this stunningly picture-perfect tutorial guide. While I continue to drool over this book, you should head on over to the entry form to try to win it for your kiddos.


This giveaway runs from April 15th until April 29th, and luckily, you can enter once a day. That means that you can enter 14 times and be 14 times more likely to win this fantastic piece of art.

Click here to read more about Find It, Make It.

What is your favorite green material to craft with?

AllFreeSewing Book Giveaway: Weekend Sewing

Weekends are meant for relaxing and spending time doing things you enjoy. For the busy sewist, Weekend Sewing offers more than 40 beautiful and quick sewing projects that can be completed within two days. Inside the pages of this creative collection the reader is led through step-by-step instructions to make blouses, scarves, bags and more. Designer Heather Ross presents lovely projects complete with pullout patterns that help execute the project.

Read the full book review.
We’re giving away a copy of Weekend Sewing. Want to win?

The contest ends April 1, 2013. You can enter to win every day so keep coming back to increase your chances!



FaveCrafts Giveaway: Finish-Free Knits Book

I think that a knitted article of clothing can be the most darling wardrobe choice. When it’s homemade, rather than store-bought, it’s that much more special, and I think it really shows. It’s the passion and love that’s shining through the stitches. A lot of knitters, though, seem to stick to scarves and hats for fear of stitching clothing together, and that cute sweater they’re wearing is missing that special something. Kristen TenDyke and Interweave Press have made it possible to knit an entire article of clothing without picking up a sewing needle. Skip the dreaded finishing touches and just be done with Finish-Free Knits. If this sounds ideal to you, enter to win your very own copy of Finish-Free Knits!

Finish-Free Knits

The patterns in Finish-Free Knits are fun and just intricate enough to appeal to the eye but to keep knitting relaxing. Amongst the 20 amazing patterns, you’ll find pieces for all ages and all levels. Beginners won’t be intimidated as the book leads you step-by-step to knitting victory. All terms are explained and tips are given to make you feel comfortable and informed. Knitting masters will not be bored, though, as there are some solid, challenging patterns to put your skills to the test. Learn new techniques like how to shape set-in sleeves while working in rounds. These advanced skills are specific to keep you on your toes.

Thumb through the pages of this lovely book and you’ll be pulled into the world of knits. The photos are vibrant and colorful, leaving your fingers itching to pick up some yarn. My favorite piece in the book is titled “Honor Pullover,” and it has a wide V-neck collar showing just enough collar bone. The sweater is perfectly fitted as waist shaping is not forgotten in the flirty design. Finish-Free Knits also features mesmerizing pieces like the “Joy Lace Tunic,” the “Calm Tee,” the “Divine Vest,” and more alluring designs.

If you want to win this awesome book, head on over to the giveaway page and register to win today. You have until March 12th to enter, and you can enter to win once a day…so the more you return, the greater your chances of winning this awesome giveaway! You can also gain additional entries by blogging about this giveaway or talking about it on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.

AllFreeJewelryMaking Giveaway: New Dimensions in Bead and Wire Jewelry Book

Take the art of jewelry to a whole new dimension with North Light Book’s New Dimensions in Bead and Wire Jewelry. Jewelry is more than interchangeable body decoration, and Margot Potter wants to be sure that you understand that. Work with beads and wire to take jewelry past face value into the world of sculptural art. Whatever your style may be, there are multiple designs that will call out to you insisting that you act as their medium of expression. To stun your friends, family, admirers, and passerby with artwork in the form of jewels, enter for the chance to win your very own copy of New Dimensions in Bead and Wire Jewelry.

While the thought of twisting and coiling wire as you simultaneously attempt to incorporate beads in a chic way may elicit feelings of frustration, this lovely guide never leaves you in the dust. It holds your hand from the beginning lessons to the master creations of beauty. Step by step you will advance from novice to expert, masking the challenge with brilliant exercises of jewelry shaping. You are patiently guided through the basics of beading and bending, and you only must move on when you are ready.

Whether you’re a jewelry-making champion or you’ve never touched wire before in your life, by the end of this book you will have created magnificent pieces of art that will dazzle and impress. There is no better time than the present to learn a new skill that will result in pride-inducing products. Prepare to amaze yourself.

Enter now for your chance to win a copy of New Dimensions in Bead and Wire Jewelry! The contest ends February 11, 2013, and you can enter once a day, so keep coming back to improve your chances!

Are you a fan of the look wire contributes to a piece of jewelry?