Cats in Hats Blog Hop + Giveaway


I know what you’re thinking. Cats? Wearing hats? How did they get that cat on the cover to even cooperate to wear that hat? Well, I don’t have an answer for you, but I think we can all agree that putting a hat on a cat makes one cute kitty.

Whether you’re a knitter or a crocheter, Cats in Hats: 30 Knit And Crochet Patterns for Your Kitty is a quirky little book with a variety of hat patterns to suit your needs. Sara Thomas came up with cute and funny hats to match your cat’s personality. Cats do have very unique personalities, as we all know.

Stay tuned! Tomorrow we are sharing a FREE PATTERN from this book!

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Want to win a copy of this cute book right here on the blog? All you have to do is answer this question!

What have you knit or crocheted for your pets?

Congrats to Kris! “I’ve made several sweaters for my Min Pin. She loves to dress up!” We’re glad your cat loves to dress up and we hope she enjoys her new hats when you make them from this book!


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Pretty Birds Blog Hop + Book Giveaway

pretty-birds-book-coverA little birdy told me that there’s a new sewing book out that you don’t want to miss! Pretty Birds: 18 Simple Projects to Sew and Love is a brand new book by Virginia Lindsay from Running Press. We’re in love.

This book includes pattern templates for all 18 birds and amazing illustrations by Jess Herbert. Each bird was beautifully photographed by Ivan Jones and with each page I turn in this book I am itching to sew each and every bird! They are all so whimsical and, just as the described in the book’s title, simple. Sewing patterns don’t have to be complicated to be beautiful and this book is proof.

One neat thing about this book is that each pattern comes with “other ideas to try.” We love this because crafters love options when it comes to creating something. Keep each pattern as is or switch it up a little bit to turn a bird into pencil holder, a gift topper, or a kitten toy (to name a few). Plus, these little birds are great stash-busters and great for using up fabric scraps.

I decided to try my hand at sewing one of these pretty birds. Can you guess which one I am going to try? Come back to the blog tomorrow and you’ll get to see which pattern I tried PLUS get the pattern from the book for free!

pretty-birds-fabricJoin the fun and follow this blog hop!

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Want to win a copy of this lovely book? All you have to do is answer this question!

What is your favorite bird and why?

Thank you all for participating in our giveaway! Congratulations to Laura S. who answered, “My favorite bird is the Eastern Bluebird. They are so pretty, especially the males, and they are great just fun to watch. The first set of babies to hatch in the summer will usually hang around with the parents and help them raise a second batch of babies later in the summer!” Get excited to sew your very own little bluebird with your new book!


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Craft Your Stash Blog Tour + Giveaway!

stash-buttonWe are beyond excited to be a part of the Craft Your Stash blog tour! What is “Craft Your Stash” you ask? Well, let me tell you! It’s an amazing new book by our good friend Lisa Fulmer! We have loved working with Lisa over the years and seeing her publish her first crafting book is simply amazing.

Raise your hand if you’ve got a closet full of craft supplies! Yes, we are right there with you all – and so is this book. Learn how to transform all of your craft closet treasures into gifts, home decor, and more right alongside Lisa Fulmer. Try new techniques and experiment with crafting styles you’ve never tried before. We loved turning each page in the this book and discovering new and exciting crafts on each page. Plus, she teaches us all how to organize our stash right from the start and we couldn’t think of a better way to clear our minds and get ready to craft. (You should see our craft storage here at the office…it’s….special). I’m seeing some great crafty days at the office in the near future with all of these new ideas!

Craft Your Stash.jpgWant a copy?

1. Signed copies for sale on

2. You can purchase your copy on Amazon

3. Local craft and book stores will also have copies for sale

4. You can enter to win a copy from Lisa on Facebook! (Plus other goodies!)

And…you can win our copy right here!

In order to win a copy of Craft Your Stash, all you need to do is leave a comment on this blog post telling us:

What is currently in your craft stash?

Thank you all for participating in the Craft Your Stash giveaway and blog hop! Congratulations goes to Kathy Lake who answered: “In my stash: canvas,yarn,paints, deco mesh, mason jars, fabric, ribbon,wood cutouts, stencils, and the list goes on and on and, well, you get it!” Enjoy crafting your stash!


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An Interview with Wise Craft Author, Blair Stocker

meinstudiolowresTeam FaveCrafts was SO excited to read and review Wise Craft by Blair Stocker.  Filled with amazing ideas for turning thrift store finds into home decor gold, Wise Craft is a must-have book for making your own home decor and accessories.

We were just so inspired by Wise Craft and all the amazing projects inside that we couldn’t wait to find out what the motivation was behind all these awesome tutorials.  Blair was sweet enough to answer all our questions, and even gave us some crafty tips on what to look for in thrift store finds and what three things she always has in her craft stash.

As a little added bonus, we’re giving away one copy of Wise Craft to one lucky winner!  Scroll on down to find out more about how you can win this awesome book!


What inspired you to create Wise Craft?
There are so many books already on the market that go deep in one craft or medium (like crochet, knitting, quilting, etc). I like to do all of these things, and rarely meet a DIY project or method I won’t try at least once. I felt like there must be others out there also want to dapple in all types of crafts to make their home a lovely place, without learning deeply about one particular one (at least not at first). There seems to be lots of us, thankfully my hunch was right!

What are some tips you have for crafters who are looking to embrace the DIY lifestyle?
Get inspiration from your favorite catalogs and stores. Often my favorite color combinations for a household related DIY project come from my favorite apparel catalog or store. And my favorite motto when it comes to household color changes? “It’s just paint!”

What is your favorite project in Wise Craft?
That’s hard to say, every one of the projects have so much meaning around them to me. I really do love the Avalon Quilt project in the Winter section of the book. It was made from my kids outgrown corduroy clothing. I collected it over a few seasons until I had what I thought was enough to cut into, then supplemented with some clothing from the thrift store.

You seem to be inspired by everything around you…but when the ideas just don’t seem to come, how to you overcome “craft-block”?
I work at home in a basement studio. If I find myself stuck and I just can’t seem to get the cogs churning, then I know its time to get out and do anything but make something! I love to window shop high end stores to look at the colors and displays. Sometimes I take myself out to lunch and people watch. I try to get together with my creative friends on a regular basis just to talk about all the things we want to do. And I never stop learning. Whether its going to weekend quilting retreats, taking online or in person classes, I am ALWAYS inspired when I learn something new.

What do you look for in a good thrift store find?
I keep a running list in my bag of what it is I’m wanting to find, because my eyes can glaze over when I walk into a big thrift store. I think it’s more of a gut feeling to find something- like fabric, clothing to cut up, or something furniture related- and just know it’s THE perfect thing. I’ve been collecting things from thrift stores for years, and I still come home with things that leave me wondering what I was thinking. I’ve gotten better. Practice makes perfect!
I usually don’t bring anything home that has something missing or needs too much repair, because I never get around to it.

Tell us three must-have craft supplies you have in your stash all the time.

  • Hot glue gun
  • Good scissors
  • A sewing machine

With these three things, almost every next step is possible 😀


BONUS!  We’re giving away one copy of Wise Craft to one lucky winner!  You have until August 29th to enter, and you can enter to win once a day…so the more you return, the greater your chances of winning this awesome giveaway!  Head on over to the giveaway page now and register to win today!


Want a little sneak peek?  Check out the Woven Chair Back project!

Meet the Authors: “The Crafter’s Book of Clever Ideas”

One of the perks that comes with being the editor of a crafting website is that designers will send their latest projects and publications right to you. When a new book from F+W Media arrived in the mail, I couldn’t wait to take a peek. The Crafter’s Book of Clever Ideas: Awesome Craft Techniques for Handmade Craft Projects is a quirky collection of family-friendly projects that were created by co-authors Andrea and Cliff Currie.

You might recognize Andrea as a “Craft Wars” champion (and you can read her reflections on the experience here). Her husband, Cliff, is a designer in his own right, and while the main goal of these tutorials is to have fun, you’ll pick up techniques from the pros along the way. I feel extra fortunate that I also got the chance to interview Andrea and Cliff about their crafting styles, sources of inspiration, and more.

What 3 words sum up your crafting style?

Andrea: Fun, Colorful, and Surprising

Cliff: Different, Multi-functional, and Fun

What is your go-to crafting tool?

Andrea: Hot glue gun because it’s equal parts useful and dangerous. Just how I like my men. 😉

Cliff: If I had to craft my way out of a precarious situation using just one tool, I’d pick a good pair of scissors. I can’t think of one project I’ve done that doesn’t involve using scissors. I like having heavy-duty, precision, and fabric scissors nearby me at all times. In fact, I’m pretty sure every drawer in our house has at least one pair of scissors in it!

Andrea, you’re a Craft Wars champion. How has that experience influenced you?

It’s not often you get to test your skills in front of an international audience and a panel of very discerning judges. What I learned is to embrace my kitschy style and to not worry what others might say, even if they are industry leaders! If you can’t sell your vision/style then you won’t ever be able to sell your products. Craft Wars was a crash course in selling my creations and I’m very grateful for the experience.

Cliff, some of your projects in The Crafter’s Book of Clever Ideas call for unusual supplies like Legos and dinosaur figurines. Would you say that the materials inspire your crafts? Or is it the other way around?

I have a little obsession with the 80’s. OK, it’s a big obsession, which I’m sure you’ll pick up on in the book. I enjoy working my childhood toys into fun projects and I’m lucky that the CEO (Andrea) has the same affinity for all things 80’s as I do. So, I suppose you could say the supplies inspire the crafts but it’s mostly a decade that inspires my crafts!

You’re called “America’s Handmade Sweethearts.” What is the best part about working with your spouse? Are there any unique challenges that come with it?

Andrea: Working with Cliff has been a wild ride and I love every thrilling moment of it. I suppose the audience that deemed us “America’s Handmade Sweethearts” never really saw those not so “sweetheart” moments. You know, like when we have creative “differences” and “accidentally” ruin a project by spilling alcohol ink on it. Yeah, those are the moments you realize that working with your spouse was the best decision you ever made.

Cliff: I couldn’t imagine not working with my glittery gal. She is so incredibly talented and driven which really pushes me to the edge of my creativity. We really have a symbiotic relationship. Her weaknesses (engineering and methodically measuring) are my strengths, and my weaknesses (design, color theory, and imagination) are her strengths. So the creations we collaborate on always turn out really amazing because it’s equal parts of both of us.

The Crafter’s Book has a unique his/her format. How did you develop this idea?

Andrea: We had never seen a “he said/she said” style book before and it was something we felt we’d buy if we saw it, so we pitched it and we were lucky enough to have F+W Media pick it up! Plus, let’s be honest: we wanted to battle out our creative differences in a book where the readers get choose who is the supreme crafter in the family, all while enjoying a plethora of fun projects. So far, we don’t have a clear winner but it seems like people lean towards Cliff’s projects slightly more. It pains me to say that, by the way.

Did you collaborate on the projects even if they were distinctly “hers” or “his”?

Cliff: Yes, we collaborated a lot. Well, actually it was more me relying on Andrea to steer me towards projects that were cohesive with hers.

Andrea: Yeah, we really didn’t foresee how hard it was going to be to create complementary yet very different projects but once we got about halfway through the book we found a fun groove, which made the projects flow much easier.

This book has a lighthearted, “just for fun” vibe, but many of the crafts combine fun and functionality–the Miniature Taxidermy Bulletin Boards come to mind. Would you say that making crafts practical is one of your goals?

Andrea: I suppose Cliff’s functional style has really rubbed off on me. When we were first married (9 years ago) I was happy just glittering something and calling it a day but he really pushed me to think out of the box and to find more uses for each project. Nowadays I’m always looking to craft up something fun and functional.

Cliff: I used to always work with wood and metal (very manly materials) and then Andrea sprinkled her sparkle all over the house and eventually our styles collided into a mishmash of practical and whimsical. Oh, and I’m not afraid to say that I LOVE glitter!

Do you ever feel uninspired? How do you break out of “crafter’s block?”

We always get crafter’s block at just the wrong moments, but when that happens we know to step away. Usually we go for a hike or a bike ride. Living in sunny San Diego makes it easy to refresh our brains and bodies at any given moment.

What can we expect from America’s Handmade Sweethearts in the near future?

It’s probably no surprise that we have a billion ideas for future books but we’ve learned to let things come naturally rather than tediously pushing one idea forward. While we let our thoughts simmer we are remodeling our home, which is a large undertaking even though it’s only 1,400 square feet! You should expect to see some pretty amazing transformations on our blog and fun craft projects ta boot!


What’s your favorite craft to make with your friends and family?




FaveQuilts’ Top 5 Quilt Novels

It can be hard to explain to friends and family why we quilt. Why do we spend so much time, effort, and pain (not to mention money!) at the sewing machine? Besides an easy baby blanket or a memory quilt, what exactly is to be gotten from so many hours of stitching and cutting and folding and measuring?

Well, it’s hard to put a finger on it, exactly. Many of us make simple quilt patterns because we love to create; others because quilting is a hobby and a gift passed down from generation to generation. Either way, we love quilting for much more than just the finished product! We love our quilt guilds, quilt fairs, message boards, quilt blogs, charity quilts, and of course  the story that comes with the process of making every quilt, even the simple quilt patterns that we could sew in our sleep. Every quilt has a story.

Speaking of stories, maybe the best way to explain to others isn’t to tell them about the minutiae of quilting or explain how to cut half-square triangles, but to show them a story about how quilting can touch the life of the quilter. So, with no further ado, FaveQuilts presents: our top 5 quilt novels, available on Amazon!

The Wedding Quilt1. The Wedding Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini

As her daughter’s wedding day approaches, Sarah McClure reflects upon Elm Creek brides past and present—the traditions they honored, the legacies they bequeathed, the wedding quilts that contain their stories in every stitch.

Unexpectedly, Caroline confides, “I wish I had a wedding quilt, one I made myself.” Even the most talented novice would be daunted by the task of stitching, mere days before the wedding, a worthy symbol of the couple’s bonds of love, commitment, trust, and hope for the future. Turning to her cherished friends, the Elm Creek Quilters, Sarah asks them to pool their creative gifts. As the women stitch, their memories render a vivid pastiche of family, friendship, and love in all its varieties.


The Basement Quilt2. The Basement Quilt by Ann Hazelwood

In The Basement Quilt, a novel by Ann Hazelwood, you’ll get to know the family and friends of Anne Brown, a plucky florist whose daily ups and downs will seem so familiar—you’ll identify with her right away. 

Anne decides to learn to quilt to help her aunt, and in the process learns family secrets. Then she uncovers a mysterious presence in her mother’s basement—or does she? 

Anne learns about love, too, in various forms. She and the members of the Colebridge community go through some big life changes. Are their decisions wise or does trouble lie ahead? 


Apart at the Seams3. Apart at the Seams by Marie Bostwick

Twice in her life, college counselor Gayla Oliver fell in love at first sight. The first time was with Brian–a lean, longhaired, British bass player. Marriage followed quickly, then twins, and gradually their bohemian lifestyle gave way to busy careers in New York. Gayla’s second love affair is with New Bern, Connecticut. Like Brian, the laid back town is charming without trying too hard. It’s the ideal place to buy a second home and reignite the spark in their twenty-six year marriage. Not that Gayla is worried. At least, not until she finds a discarded memo in which Brian admits to a past affair and suggests an amicable divorce.

Devastated, Gayla flees to New Bern. Though Brian insists he’s since recommitted to his family, Gayla’s feelings of betrayal may go too deep for forgiveness. Besides, her solo sabbatical is a chance to explore the creative impulses she sidelined long ago–quilting, gardening, and striking up new friendships with the women of the Cobbled Court circle–particularly Ivy, a single mother confronting fresh starts and past hurts of her own. With all of their support, Gayla just might find the courage to look ahead, decide which fragments of her old life she wants to keep, which are beyond repair–and how to knot the fraying ends until a bold new design reveals itself. . .

Tie Died4. Tie Died: A Quilting Cozy

Sixty-seven year old Sarah Miller sat among her unpacked boxes reliving the loss of her husband, her young grandson, and now the place that had been home for forty two years. Everything she unpacked carried a memory, some warm and some painful. But, Sarah is a survivor.

As she reaches out into the retirement community that is to become ‘home’, she finds friends, activities, new hobbies, and possibly a love interest. When one of her new friends is murdered, she and her feisty friend, Sophie, are determined to find the killer.


The Quilt Walk5. The Quilt Walk by Sandra Dallas

It’s 1863 and 10-year-old Emmy Blue Hatchett has been told by her father that soon their family will leave their farm, family, and friends in Illinois, and travel west to a new home in Colorado. It’s difficult leaving family and friends behind. They might not see one another ever again. When Emmy’s grandmother comes to say goodbye, she gives Emmy a special gift to keep her occupied on the trip.

The journey by wagon train is long and full of hardships. But the Hatchetts persevere and reach their destination in Colorado, ready to start their new life.

Follow Emmy’s journey of family, love, and adventure.

By the way … 

Easy and Fun Free-Motion QuiltingHave you heard about our current giveaway? It’s a copy of Easy and Fun Free-Motion Quilting by Eva Larkin! Free motion quilting is one of the most common techniques quilters used to add detailing to their patterns. If you’re in need of some beautiful patterns or want to begin learning how to incorporate free motion quilting into your patterns, read Easy and Fun Free-Motion Quilting. This book takes a different approach to machine quilting, and instead of simply giving you quilting designs, focuses on frames and fillers that encourage quilters to think about how they add their swirls and lines in a new way.

Don’t miss this book of awesome patterns and tutorials to have you free-motion quilting like a pro! Read the full review and then head over to our giveaway page to enter for your chance to win!

Do you have any favorite quilting stories or memories? Share them below!

Exclusive Interview & Giveaway for Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love!

Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love

AllFreeSewing is so excited to have Kerry Goulder, creator of Kid Giddy to talk with us today! In addition to running a blog, shop, and more, Goulder is the creative genius behind the new book, Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love: 18 Toy Patterns for the Storytelling Sewist, which was just released this year. True to its name this book offers a fantastic journey that any imaginative sewist should take. See what Goulder has to say about what inspired her to create this collection, the challenges she had while creating it, and more!

When you’re through reading, find out how you can win your very own signed copy of Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love: 18 Toys Patterns for the Storytelling Sewist.


Kerry Goulder from Kid Giddy1. Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love is your first sewing book. What inspired the topic?

Everything we do in life has a story behind it. I wanted to capture some of the stories from my own life in a fun and meaningful way for my kids, to have and share later in their lives. I knew I wanted to write a story to go along with each pattern, and wanted the book to have the appeal of an old (but new) story book to be shared with loved ones while making their projects or giving them.

2. The variety of characters and elements in this book is incredible; do you usually design with someone specific in mind to give the toy to, or do these creations come to life as you sew?

Many of the patterns have been inspired by different people, places, or times in my life, as well as from my dreams. Some patterns have also been inspired by trends popping up all around, like the hot air balloon. I have never been in one and probably never will, but the beauty of them floating in the wild blue yonder is certainly tempting.

3. Do you have a favorite toy from this collection?

I’m not sure I can pick a favorite. I tell my girls that it’s not nice to pick favorites because it could make others feel left out. I will say that although some are easier and quicker to make than others, it doesn’t always mean I love those more. Many of these patterns I have held onto for years in the hopes of putting them all together in one book.

4. What was the biggest challenge for you while creating this book?

Keeping the family, church, and life balance was by far the hardest challenge. There were many days I woke up and fell asleep crying from the stress of deadlines and the feelings of being unbalanced in my life. I wondered often if I was doing the right thing, but couldn’t throw in the towel. I’m a perfectionist and wanted what was in my head to show in the book. For me that meant not just one gnome, but four, not just one mushroom or buoy, but multiples of each. I didn’t want the photos to be limited to single samples, so I made a ton of extra pieces for many of the patterns. Looking back, I wouldn’t do anything differently regarding the book or the samples, but would def bring in a sewing helper to help balance my time with my family.

5. Do you have any creative role models?

Other than my retired art teacher mom and my twin sister artist…there are a few designers I have kept tabs on since learning about them many many years ago. I discovered Heather Bailey and her invention, the Trash Ties™ when I invented the Tuck ‘n’ Go™. At the same time, I found her Nicey Jane™ and Pop Garden™ fabric lines which I still hoard in my studio. Around that same time a friend had told me about this fabric she saw recently and thought I’d like it. It was Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern™ fabrics, and yes, I hoard them too. In the past few years I’ve discovered SarahJane – she’s such a sweetheart and her fabrics are equally hoarded here. All three of them have inspired me for years to find my own voice.

6. Do your kids have a favorite toy that you’ve made (either from Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love or otherwise)?

They love all of the patterns but the Gnomes are most loved by all. When working on new patterns I don’t make anything with muslin (I guess you could say it annoys me because it is a boring color). I make all of my samples and patterns in beautiful fabrics, so my girls get to keep any “misfits” and love them despite their quirks! When a pattern works the first time, they are sad they don’t get to keep it.

7. In terms of being a published designer, what’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

I think the best advice I have ever gotten as an artist (not just a published designer) is to be true to myself. There are so many ideas out there, and so many artists are being copied left and right. We each have something to offer without having to copy someone else’s work. Learn new skills and techniques, but stay true to you and your own style. Be original so others can’t help but notice.

Thank you, Kerry!  All of the editors at AllFreeSewing are beyond excited about this treasure trove of toy patterns. If you’d like your very own copy of Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love: 18 Toy Patterns for the Storytelling Sewist, we’re giving away a copy! Even better about this copy? It’s signed by Kerry Goulder herself! Enter once a day, every day until December 16th! Best of luck to everyone!

Tell us, what was your favorite toy when you were little?

Steampunk Your Wardrobe Giveaway

Steampunk Your WardrobeWhen it comes to style, everyone loves a little vintage fashion now and again. There’s no better way to add an old-fashioned touch to your wardrobe than by making DIY vintage items all by yourself. Here at AllFreeSewing, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve that stylish, vintage look you crave, which is why we are so excited to announce our Steampunk Your Wardrobe giveaway.

This book is perfect for anyone who enjoys the Victorian style. Whether you’re trying out these tutorials for yourself or making vintage items for a friend, you are sure to love everything you find within the pages of this book. No matter what your skill level as a sewist (or a non-sewing crafter) is, there is something for everyone in Steampunk Your Wardrobe. For those who love ruffles and those who love feathers, this book provides step-by-step instructions to create just about any Victorian fashion or accessory you can imagine.

Taylor included projects in her book for beginning sewers, advanced sewers, and some no-sew projects too. Follow along with the simple patterns to make your own Ruffled Lace Choker, Bustled A-line Skirt, and more. These easy sewing projects are a great way to get started making DIY clothes and accessories. As you progress through the book, you will practice new skills that you can apply to any sewing project. Before you even get started crafting, Taylor walks you through the basic techniques and tips you’ll need for making do-it-yourself steampunk clothes.

The projects in Steampunk Your Wardrobe show you how to add some style to your closet without spending a lot of money. You can make any of these projects by refashioning clothes you already have or by using low-budget materials from a flea market or thrift store. The classic Victorian fashion full of cabbage roses and lace is completely budget-friendly for you to create. There’s no need to dip into your bank account to add these stylish items to your closet because you can sew them yourself for a fraction of the cost.

If you’re ready to add a Victorian flair to your wardrobe, this book is a must-read. Whether you want to wear your newly-sewn clothes individually or you want to create a complete Victorian outfit, Steampunk Your Wardrobe will show you how it’s done. Learn how to sew your own clothes the stylish, Victorian way by winning yourself a copy of this book.

If you win Steampunk Your Wardrobe, will you keep it for yourself or offer it to a friend?

Read the full Steampunk Your Wardrobe Review here, and enter to win once a day, every day until August 5. Giveaway: Glitterville’s Handmade Halloween

Glitterville's Handmade Halloween

Glitterville’s Handmade Halloween is a collection of funky Halloween holiday projects with a fun-house feel that will have you crafting right up until the end of October. Fill your Halloween party with these frighteningly festive decorations. The book includes instructions for 20 Halloween craft projects that you can make with the simplest of materials. Just some glitter, clay, pipe cleaners and imagination are all you need to make these fun-filled crafts.
 Glitterville’s Handmade Halloween is the creation of Stephen Brown, the designer behind the Glitterville gift and decoration line and a judge on TLC’s Craft Wars. The whole book is infused with Brown’s unique and quirky sense of style. Each project is introduced by a wacky poem about the craft, and all of the decorations in the collection have a cohesive feel. Brown loves bright colors, goofy faces, and skinny limbs made of materials like florists’ wire and chenille sticks. This gives his projects a bright, zany look that can be a little unnerving–perfect for Halloween!
If you’re bored by the same old spooky Halloween decorations you can find in any party store or craft book, Glitterville’s Handmade Halloween is for you! These crazy, whimsical craft projects will keep Halloween cheerful and fun. is giving away one copy of Glitterville’s Handmade Halloween to one lucky winner. You could win!

Learn more and enter to win here.

Contest ends September 14, 2013. You can enter once daily, return often to improve your chances of winning!


AllFreeKidsCrafts Giveaway: Art Lab for Little Kids

Calling all adults who know a preschooler. You would be doing that precious little bugger a disservice if you didn’t try to win Art Lab for Little Kids for him. This fantastically creative book is aimed at children aged three to six and intends to engage imagination, expand knowledge, and elicit questions. This kids’ craft book is unique in that each lab is inspired by a piece of art from around the world. That special touch makes this book more than appropriate for older kids as well. There is so much to be learned from this 144-page book. It is an excellent resource to have in your home to bust boredom on any given day. The projects in this book use unexpected but easily accessible materials, most of which are already in your home. That means that you can get right to work on one of these 52 fabulous projects.

This easy-to-follow guide to creativity is also perfect for teachers. 52 projects conveniently divide into one project per week for an entire year. Imagine that! There are more than enough clever ideas bound together to keep a class learning and interested throughout the school year.

You can enter once a day from September 2 – September 16 for the chance to win a copy of Art Lab for Little Kids.

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