Crafts for Kids: How to Say Happy Birthday

Birthday Hat BonanzaAs you get older, birthdays seem to get less and less exciting. So, in honor of my what-will-be-an-almost nonexistent birthday on Wednesday, I will reminisce on the days of yore when birthdays were thrilling. When you’re young, everyone’s birthday is exhilarating: your own, your Mom’s, your friends’, even a stranger’s. Let’s keep that spirit alive with fun birthday ideas, homemade birthday gifts, birthday craft ideas, and more.

Heck, let’s even bring the fun back to adult birthday celebrations. Craft with your kids on your birthday, and you’ll see the magic of celebration settle right back in. Throw on a party hat, eat some cake, and smile at the memories you’re making.

Ya know, after browsing through this list, my birthday may not be so lame after all. Instead of partying like it’s 1999, on our birthdays let’s party like we’re 10!

Fun Birthday IdeasDIY Cakes

For a fun birthday, fun decorations, invitations, and food are a must. Make the cake as original as can be with fun cake and cupcake ideas that reflect your personality and passions. If you’re a big camper, make Campfire Cupcakes, and if you can’t get enough of yummy burgers, shock your guests with an amazing Cheeseburger Cake.


Homemade Birthday Gifts You've Got Mail Pinata

You can spend $30 every time your little one has to go to a birthday party or you can start making homemade birthday gifts that will wow the recipients. Personalize the gifts you’re giving by crafting something to go with your store-bought toy. Because you’ll now have more than one aspect to your gift, your purchased present can be less expensive. If you have an out-of-town relative or close friend, craft a You’ve Got Mail Pinata  with your kiddos and send it on over to make someone’s day.


Birthday Craft IdeasPoppin' Balloon Snacks

Whether it’s your birthday or someone else’s, make sure it’s extra special by creating some of these birthday craft ideas. Nothing means more than a heartfelt card made with effort and love, and that’s an important lesson to instill in kids. To ensure that your kiddo’s birthday is the best one yet, hand him a can of shaving cream to decorate his very own cake or help him make adorable Poppin’ Balloon Snacks.

Which birthday was your most memorable?



Get Your Own Party Planning Partner with the New Birthday Crafts eBook

Happy Birthday to You eBook Have a ball at your next big birthday bash with a little help from! You’ll have another reason to celebrate when you take a peek at the new eBook Happy Birthday to You: 8 Handmade Birthday Cards, Birthday Crafts, and Birthday Activities. This free eBook is chock-full of ways to decorate and enjoy every birthday party that you throw. Plus, if you’re looking to attend a party, or show your gratitude to your guests, these birthday crafts include a selection of handmade birthday cards perfect for everyone.


The projects in the Happy Birthday to You: 8 Handmade Birthday Cards, Birthday Crafts, and Birthday Activities eBook include a selection of birthday crafts hand-picked to help you plan the perfect party for yourself, your kids or a loved one. These craft tutorials include detailed pictures and step-by-step instructions that will teach you “how-to” with ease. Before you blow up balloons and bake a cake, set the mood for your next birthday bash with a few handmade birthday crafts that will blow your guests away.


Looking to throw a kiddie party? Have at it with the help of this free eBook. You’ll have your choice between a Harry Potter theme for kids, a sports theme for boys or a princess theme for girls. Find the perfect handmade birthday activity for the little birthday boy or girl that you love. Whether your inviting over a crew of little wizards or the little guy’s baseball team this eBook has great birthday crafts for boys. We’ve got the girls covered too with pretty princess bracelets and newspaper party hats that every little diva will love to rock.


Even if you’re simply looking to add a little extra pizazz to your next party, Happy Birthday to You: 8 Handmade Birthday Cards, Birthday Crafts, and Birthday Activities has a selection of party planning options that will upgrade your next birthday party from good time to the perfect party to remember.

How soon is your first big birthday bash of 2013?

Cinema Saturdays: How to Make a Robot Candy Cake

It seems these days that everyone has a birthday, so make yours special by serving an amazingly unique birthday cake. Don’t just buy it though; make it! It doesn’t matter how crafty you think you are or don’t think you are, anyone can make this awesome kids’ treat with the help of this wonderfully clear tutorial. If you’re having trouble thinking of other crafty treats to accompany the great cake, over at AllFreeKidsCrafts we have plenty of ideas for you!

There won’t be any malfunctions during your birthday party when you make a robot candy cake– that is, as long as you don’t press your robot’s buttons. This cake is perfect for a mixed crowd because it involves both cake and candy, which means it’s been programmed to please everyone. If you’re a little “rusty” on the trends, listen up: robots are all the rage (see below). Make your birthday party trendy and tech-savvy with an intelligent sweet.

Robot Frame

Follow the video tutorial, and you and your kids can easily make this amazing cake. Twist Twizzlers, program M n Ms, and roll chocolate wafers into this incredibly soft, delicious cake to design the perfect robot pal (whom you’ll soon eat, so don’t get too attached). Kids and adults alike will be in awe over this adorably creative cake. Once you’ve mastered the robot candy cake and seen the extremely favorable response, perhaps you’ll be able to create a cake on your own. Follow the tips from the tutorial, and you should be a cake making master in no time!

Watch and learn the nuts and bolts of making a robot cake.

How to Make a Robot Candy Cake

Overload your party with robots with these robot crafts!

What is your favorite birthday party theme? is Now Featuring Birthday Crafts

Surprise! has exciting news for all of you readers. We love featuring crafts for holidays that come around once a year, but there’s one day that we get to celebrate during any time of the year. Birthdays are a special part of all of our lives, and what better way to wish someone well on their big day than with crafts?

For those of you looking for ideas for a unique birthday gift or a stand-out party decoration, start your search below with these free festive birthday crafts.

Bright Balloon Wreath
– This top birthday craft shows that you can get your party popping with birthday leftovers. The creative rainbow pattern is a surefire way for your guests to know where the party is, and the materials save money on party supplies. This is one of our many recycled wreath projects, so be sure to check out our birthday page for even more.

Birthday Princess Bracelet – If you’re throwing a party for your little one, you’re going to need a craft that will keep everyone busy and having fun. Try our popular bracelet craft; it’s made of recycled cardboard tubes and can be decorated with anything your birthday girl can imagine. This easy DIY bracelet allows all your little party guests to use their own ideas to look just like royalty.

Sports Ball Party Ornaments – Not only are our birthday crafts for little princesses, but also for future sports stars. One of my personal favorites is this group of ornaments because they look realistic and only require styrofoam and paint. You can create anything from a baseball to a tennis ball with plenty of time to spare.

Quilled Birthday Candles – Safety is one of the most important elements of party planning, and this little craft provides an elegant alternative to wax candles. They’re made entirely of paper and wire, which means there’s no mess and no risk of fire. These quilled candles look intricate, but are very easy to make, and can be reused for future birthdays to come.

Hidden Message Thank You Cards – No party can be complete without thanking all of your guests. I know I would be touched if I received a personalized thank you card like this; the colorful flaps each reveal their own secret message that you can customize as little or as much as you want to. Forget store-bought cards and really show your heartfelt thanks after your next party.

All of us at are so excited to be able to share these new birthday craft ideas with you. Be sure to check out our page if you’re interested in putting your own twist on birthday crafting.

What’s the best birthday present you’ve ever received? Homemade or store-bought, we want to know, so comment below!

Gift Sunday: Happy Birthday!

Today I chose to feature Happy Birthday crafts and gifts, because yes, today is my birthday!

One of the favorite small gifts I received was from a friend I wasn’t expecting to get me anything. Those are the best kind of gifts, the unexpected ones. She gave me a small assortment of aromatic soaps that might’ve come from a whole food store or soap shop. They’re the organic homemade kind, if you can picture what I’m talking about. Such a nice little gift.

My nieces both gave me handmade cards that I treasure like none other. One of my nieces made me a card with a wedding dress and “crown” for my upcoming wedding. So cute!

Here are a few birthday ideas for cards and gifts:

3-D Happy Birthday Scrapbook Page

Japanese Fan Card

Butterfly Decorative Soap

Make someone’s day a memorable one with more Special Occasion Crafts.