The BEST DIY Gift Ideas: Knit and Crochet Baby Patterns

Looking for the best DIY gift ideas? The holidays will soon be upon us, so it’s time to start making all of your handmade gifts. These knit and crochet baby patterns are the perfect gift for the little one in your life. There’s love and care put into every stitch, so these baby patterns are bound to be treasured!

The BEST DIY Gift Ideas: Knit and Crochet Baby Patterns

Making knit and crochet baby patterns as gifts for either the holidays or for baby showers is a great idea for so many reasons. They’re often much more inexpensive than buying the same item at a baby store or boutique. They’re also a great way to use up your stash of yarn. For instance, baby bootie patterns are super stashbusters – you’ll get through your stash in no time!

We also love baby blanket patterns because they’re so snuggly and soft. Every little babe deserves a beautiful and cozy blanket for nap time. These gorgeous baby blanket patterns will make the perfect addition to any nursery or child’s room. Simply customize to the colors to your preference and get stiching!

The BEST DIY Gift Ideas: Knit and Crochet Baby Patterns


How to Make Baby Booties

Any of these crochet baby booties or free knitting patterns will help you make the best booties! From fun designs to the basics that every baby needs, these free bootie patterns are a must-have.

Cutie Newborn Baby BootiesSuper Easy Knit Baby Booties

Basic Baby Booties

Moccasin Style Baby Booties Pattern

Bitty Baby Uggs

Owl Crochet Baby Booties

Cowboy Booties

Cutie Newborn Baby Booties

Free Baby Blanket Patterns

Knit or crochet up something warm and snuggly for the perfect handmade gift that will last for years to come!

Fun & Free Baby Patterns 

These free crochet and knitting patterns are extra fun for that lovable little one in your life. They’re one-of-a-kind gifts that are too adorable to resist!

Which of these free knitting and crochet patterns would you make as a gift?

The Giveaway to “DIY” For + DIY Dyed Baby Onesies


This month we’re celebrating 15 New DIY Crafts from some fantastic companies. Each day we will be featuring one of these projects along with a giveaway to help you craft your heart out.

DIY Dyed Baby Onesies

DIY Dyed Baby OnesieAny groovy mommy would love to receive a DIY Dyed Baby Onesie at her baby shower. This homemade baby shower gift takes little time. Just follow this tutorial by The Rit Studio. Start with a plain onesie and transform it into the perfect onesie for a future hippie. The bright colors and tye-die look of the Rit dyes creates a psychedelic design. Make your DIY baby onesie unique by adding a stenciled outline of your choice, like a sun. This cute onesie will look adorable on your new little friend.

If you’re not a morning person, getting dressed can be a real chore. Plan ahead and get a few extra minutes of sleep with help from this homemade Days of the Week Organizer. Homemade closet organizers can really change your routine and turn your day around. With just a few easy-to-find craft supplies, you can create your own version of this colorful and practical project. Kids can make one of their own and add their own personal details to make their organizer extra special.
If you’re not a morning person, getting dressed can be a real chore. Plan ahead and get a few extra minutes of sleep with help from this homemade Days of the Week Organizer. Homemade closet organizers can really change your routine and turn your day around. With just a few easy-to-find craft supplies, you can create your own version of this colorful and practical project. Kids can make one of their own and add their own personal details to make their organizer extra special.
Crochet Patterns, Painting Ideas, and More:  15 New DIY Crafts
You can find this project, as well as many other DIY crafts, in our new Crochet Patterns, Painting Ideas, and More: 15 New DIY Crafts free eBook. Download your own free copy today! [break]
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Thank you all for participating in yesterday’s giveaway! Congratulations to Denise E. who answered “I love to dye my old clothes so I have something new and now my 10 year old daughter has discovered dye projects.”

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The Latest and Greatest Sewing for Baby Collection

Sewing for Baby: 11 Small Sewing Projects for Your Little One Free eBookThere are a million reasons to sew for baby, but we’ll just mention a few.

1) Babies, and everything associated with them, are adorable. Ergo, small sewing projects for a cute crawler are an easy way to celebrate the tiny, but nonetheless delightful projects that make us “ohh” and “ahh“.

2) If you’re expecting an arrival soon, you’re most likely keenly aware of additional expenses. Cute sewing projects like baby clothes and accessories can cut costs without sacrificing little luxuries for your child.

3) Even if you’re not having a child, chances are friends and family members around you have additional children to look forward to. Free baby sewing projects are extremely useful for those interested in DIY gifts. They’re budget-friendly and completely customized for the beneficiary’s tastes.

Little Dorothy Baby Dress PatternAre you sold? Because we’ve got a new collection of free baby sewing tutorials that we’d absolutely love for you to explore. Sewing for Baby: 11 Small Sewing Projects for Your Little One includes free baby clothes sewing patterns as well as accessories. Download this new eBook for free and keep it for as long as you’d like on your desktop or tablet.

Peek-a-Boo Preview of Free Baby Sewing Projects

So, what will you find when you download Sewing for Baby: 11 Small Sewing Projects for Your Little One? We’ve pulled three great DIY baby sewing projects that we’re hoping will inspire you to create from this new piece of sewing literature.

Little Dorothy Baby Dress Pattern (find it on page 19) – Create a classic for a little girl close to you with this free baby girl dress tutorial. Choose to style this Stylish Baby Change Mat Clutchproject after the famous film or use a different print of fabric to apply to this design. An excellent DIY alternative to spending big bucks at the store, this makes a great gift to parents who don’t feel comfortable splurging.

Stylish Baby Change Mat Clutch (find it on page 42) – No new parent can go without a trusty changing mat. Give the gift of mobility to families that just welcomed a newborn by sewing this clutch. Folding easily into a discreet and stylish purse, any recipient of this project will love its ingenuity.

Baby Mary Jane Shoes (find it on page 51) – Small sewing projects like these teeny tiny shoes allow you to get that adorable addition to a baby’s wardrobe. Don’t pay too much for something a baby can grow out of in months; instead, try easy sewing projects for babies like this fashionable footwear.

Intrigued? Excited? Ready to create some sweet and simple sewing projects that will be just as fun to mBaby Mary Jane Shoesake as holding a newborn? Browse at your leisure through Sewing for Baby: 11 Small Sewing Projects for Your Little One. You’re just one click away from beautiful baby projects.




Stella EdgeIs it hard to see those little baby projects? They’re pretty tiny. We have a solution.

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How to Make a Tutu + More Tulle-riffic Crafts

How to Make a Tutu + 4 Tulle-riffic CraftsThe saying goes that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I think when it comes to accessories, the tutu is seriously underrated. Tons of little girls love flaunting their fabulous tutus every chance they get. In fact, I know quite a few that tell me dress up time is all the time!

Whether your little princess doesn’t own a tutu or already owns twenty, you can learn how to make a tutu she’s never seen before with the help of these simple tutorials. Weary sewists, never fear. Scroll all the way through this post to learn how to make a tutu without sewing!



Basic DIY Tutus

1-Hour TutuSo you’ve decided to jump into the tulle-riffic world of making tutus. Congratulations; your adorable adventure starts here! All of these DIY tutu tutorials will teach you everything you need to know to get started, even if you’ve never tried making a tutu before. Dive into these easy sewing projects and learn how to make a tulle tutu:

 How to Make a Tutu for Everyday Wear

How to Make a Tutu DressTutus are more than just a whimsical accessory to add to your child’s outfits. Truthfully, little girls can (and will) wear their tutus any time they want, but if you’re going somewhere with a dress code, their super-poofy tutu might not blend in. Thanks to these easy sewing projects, you can let your child wear their love for tutus on their sleeve….or, rather, on their shirt. Learn how to make a tutu they can wear anywhere:

Homemade Costumes with Tutus

Mystical Mermaid TutuWe’ve already determined that dress up time is all the time, so I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s no need to save your child’s costume tutus for a special occasion. Allow your child to unleash her imagination any day of the week with any one of these adorable DIY tutus:

How to Make a Tutu the Easy Way

No-Sew Fairy TutuIf your sewing skills are a little lackluster, don’t fret; you can still learn how to make a tutu! These no-sew projects will help you outfit your little princess in her own fabulous tutu.



BONUS! Other Tutu-Inspired Projects

Fluffy Tutu and Button Wall ArtFeeling inspired by all these DIY tutu tutorials? Dress your little girl’s room to match her tulle-riffic style with any one of these decorative crafts!


Which one of these DIY Tutus is your favorite?

Link Love: Clothes for the Little Ones

I’m a huge fan of homemade kids’ clothes, probably because I would dress like a child if I could get away with it. Kids get to wear the best stuff: Ruffles! Cartoon characters! Bright colors! Plus, their clothing is so much faster to make (and cheaper too!). If I had kids I’d spend even more time behind my sewing machine. Here’s some inspiration for ya!

  1. Winter Wonderland Baby Couture from Kojo Designs.
  2. 20-Minute Ruffle Dress from Me Sew Crazy.
  3. Tiered Toddler Dress from Obsessively Stitching.
  4. Kid Pants from Made.
  5. Bustle Skirt from Sun Scholars.
  6. Braided Little Girl’s Dress from Me Sew Crazy at The Girl Creative.
  7. Avalanche Skirt from No Big Dill at Project Run and Play.
  8. Springtime Ruffles Dresses from Morning by Morning Productions.
  9. Scribble Shirt from Schwin and Schwin.

Making Baby’s Clothes Book Giveaway

The book is broken into chapters for different age groups including 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 2 years, and 3 years with additional sections for techniques and suppliers. The baby cloths are modern, cheerful, casual and dress-up! All the seasons are included for dresses, jackets, pants, and overalls.

We’re giving away a copy to one lucky winner!

Learn more and enter for a chance to win!

Contest ends January 25, 2011.

How to: Makeover a Onesie

I was invited to a baby shower last weekend, and I had no idea what to get the mom-to-be. Since I write for a crafting blog (and I even have business cards to prove it!) I felt obligated to make something. Don’t get me wrong–no one expected me to whip up something fabulous and gravity defying, but as you crafty people can attest to, it just feels wrong to buy something that you could make. The baby  is going to be a boy (if doctors are to be believed), so that ruled out just about every sewing project I could think of. After consulting a few mothers, aunts, and other baby enthusiasts, I concluded that a new mom can never have enough onesies. Cue the light bulb over my head–I’d embellish a onesie for the little bundle of joy!

Here are some different ways of embellishing a onesie, and read on below to find out what I did!

So which one of these projects did I choose? Actually, none of them! When I saw this Tie Applique tutorial on Crap I’ve Made (which, by the way, is the best blog title ever, after FaveCrafts Blog), I knew I just had to make one. What’s more manly than a tie?

I started by downloading, printing, and cutting out the pattern she has on her site.

Then I traced the pattern onto a bit of stash fabric, cut that out, and pinned it to the front of the onesie. The tutorial suggests using fusible web like Wonder Under, but I literally made this the night before the shower, so I took some liberties.

I stitched around the perimeter of the tie pieces using a simple running stitch and some bright orange thread.

It was quick and easy, and I was done in about a half an hour!

New Pattern Monday: Knit a Baby Jacket

There’s something about knitting that just makes everyone so calm and happy! Perhaps it’s the repetitive and therapeutic stitching, or the way a simple ball of yarn can turn into a warm, cozy afghan or sweater. Last week on, we added some brand new patterns for knit baby jackets for you to enjoy. Make one to give to your baby and you’ll both feel calm and happy!

Strawberry Baby Cardigan: The strawberry baby cardigan is a cozy, girly cardigan for your little one. Make one using this free, cute knitting pattern and she’ll wear it while you sing “Strawberry fields forever…”
Strawberry Baby Cardigan

Baby Wrap Jacket: If you’re looking for free baby knitting patterns, try this one for a baby wrap jacket. What a great homemade gift for a baby to wear in colder weather!
Baby Wrap Jacket

Asian Inspired Baby Jacket: Put those knitting needles to use with this free baby knitting pattern! Make an Asian inspired baby jacket for your worldly baby or toddler to wear on her international adventures.
Asian Inspired Baby Jacket

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our knitting for baby projects, especially my favorite, the Cuddly Bear Hat!

Cute Baby Crochet: The Most Adorable Collection

When I decided to put together a collection of the cutest, most adorable crochet out there, of course I ended up surrounded in all things baby. There really just isn’t anything cuter in the crochet world than baby clothes, baby hats, amigurumi and baby toys. Even baby blankets are adorable!

Now I don’t have any children myself but looking at these too cute for words free crochet patterns makes me want to run out and make them now. Why not? I’ll have kids someday right, I might as well stock up on adorableness while I can. Plus these make such perfect gifts for baby showers who could possibly resist. So if you’re a crochet lover, or maybe you’re looking to become one, these teeny tiny cute patterns are a great place to start. Check out our collection of 15 Cute Free Crochet Patterns for Baby.

I mean take a look at some of these pictures. I dare you to pick a favorite.

So which crochet for baby do you like the most? Have you found even cuter ones to add to my list?

Style your Child

Did you find the cutest outfit for your baby boy only to find that two other boys are wearing the exact same thing? That’s when you think to yourself, bummer, this was such a cute outfit and now I have to return it. Well guess what, now you don’t have to. Style your child with his own personality. Add a little puppy embellishment to his outfit. Now his outfit will shine and it won’t be like any other boy around.


And you thought you had to return it! Another cute idea to add to your child’s clothing is a fishing embellishment. These young years are the times to teach your kids and take them out for good times. Whether he’s dressed to play with puppies or dressed to go fishing, he’ll be one stylish kid!