Autumnal Tie Dye Tablecloth

Today’s post is brought to you by the talented Benetta Strydom for! This glorious, vintage craft is bursting with stunning, bright colors that will look absolutely awesome spread out on your table. You’ll love this DIY tablecloth that will get you ready for fall in style. It doesn’t get much groovier than this tie dye tablecloth. Personally, I think tie dye is one of the coolest ways to craft, and I wish I did it more often. Fall is my favorite time of year, so this tablecloth design automatically has a special place in my heart.

Here’s what the designer has to say about this project – “Tie and die became popular in the States during the 1960’s, where it was used to add colorful designs to a wide range of garments. Throughout the years, it often disappeared and reappeared on the craft scene. Currently, it is making a huge comeback again, but the focus is no more only on clothing items.”

Tie Dye Tutorial DIY Tablecloth


  • 140mm x 200mm unbleached linen
  • One spool of matching thread
  • Tingecor Guarany orange fabric dye powder
  • Acrilex burnt soil fabric paint
  • Meyco stencil of vine leaves
  • A few small sponges ~ use those that were inside medicine bottles
  • Thin string
  • Old sheet to protect the working surface when stenciling
  • 2 cups of salt
  • Pair of rubber gloves
  • Standard scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Stainless steel pot
  • Dressmaker’s marking pencil


How to Tie Dye a Tablecloth

  1. Wash the linen and rinse it thoroughly in cold water to remove any sizing agent from the material. Note: Do not add fabric softener when rinsing the linen.
  2. Allow the linen to dry and iron it thoroughly before continuing with the next step.
  3. Cut off the linen’s selvage, and sew a double fold hem all around the linen. This will prevent the table cloth from fraying.
  4. Iron the hem of the table cloth before preparing the table cloth for tie dying.
  5. Prepare the table cloth for the tie dying:
    1. Lay the table cloth out flat on a surface. Pinch a section of the table cloth between your fingers. Poke it up and tightly tie the string around the bottom of the pinched section. Then tie string all over the pinched section in a random manner and make a secure knot to keep it in place. For this project, it is better to use thin string to create a softer background for the stenciling.Tie Dye TutorialTie Dye Tutorial
    2. Repeat until the whole table cloth has been pinched and tied with string.
      Tie Dye Tutorial
    3. Now you are ready to color the table cloth!
  6. Dissolve the orange dye powder and two cups of salt in a liter of boiling water.
  7. Once the powder and salt have dissolved, add more water to the pot. The pot should have enough water
    to completely cover the table cloth. For a deeper orange, you might need two bottles of dye powder.
  8. Bring the colored water to a boil.
  9. Wet the table cloth in cold water, and then add it to the pot with the boiling dye solution.
  10. Keep boiling the pot on the stove for 30 minutes. Stir the pot regularly to make sure that the table cloth gets dyed on all sides.
    1. Note: Wear rubber gloves when following this step. Take the table cloth out of the pot and rinse it in your sink with cold water to remove any excess dye. Keep rinsing until the water is clean and then gently cut off the strings.
  11. Hang the table cloth in a shady area, or toss it into the tumble dryer.
  12. Iron the table cloth thoroughly before continuing with the next step. It will require a lot of ironing to get rid of all the creases.
  13. Add the stenciled design:
    1. Cover the working surface with an old sheet and then put the table cloth flat on the working surface.
    2. Divide the table cloth in four equal parts. Measure the length of the stencil design and use the dressmaker’s pencil to mark where the stencil should be placed.
    3. Position the stencil on the table cloth. Note: Use a few heavy objects to keep the stencil in place while painting.
    4.  Use the burnt soil fabric paint and a sponge to add the first vine leaves to the table cloth.Tie Dye Tutorial
    5. Carefully lift the stencil and move it to the next position. Weigh the stencil down again before adding another set of vine leaves with the paint and the sponge.
    6. Keep adding vine leaves in the same manner. In total, the design was repeated twelve times, 3 times in each quarter. Use a new sponge if the previous one becomes too dirty.Tie Dye Tutorial
  14.  Allow to dry flat for 24 hours.

Tie Dye Tutorial

Don’t stop there. You’re also going to love 100+ Tie Dye Patterns and Techniques.

What’s your favorite fall activity?

A Year of Quilts: Our Favorite Seasonal Free Quilt Patterns

According to our last site survey, a big number of our loyal FaveQuilts readers only want to spend a few weeks on their patterns. With the right quilt patterns, this could mean a new quilt for every month! Below, you’ll find some cute designs and projects ideas that will make each month special.

FaveQuilts 2014 Calendar


Treat yourself to something that’s stylish, useful, and very easy to piece together by making a Chinese New Year Pop Up Hexie Basket. Even if you won’t be celebrating the Chinese New Year beginning at the end of the month, you can make this cute little basket with English paper piecing.


Instead of a generic gift, you can show someone special how much you care with a sweet quilt pattern like the Heart of My Heart Valentine Quilt for Valentine’s Day. It’s the gift that keeps on giving; this heart quilt pattern is small enough to serve as a table decoration or small wall hanging.


Spring has arrived, and nothing will suit it better than a quilt pattern with refreshing green fabric. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, decorate your home with a Green Beer Quilted Table Runner. Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, the simple strip pieced design will bring a modest and modern look to any style of decor.



Nothing says April like the April Showers Mug Rug; whether it’s storming outside or bright and beautiful, you can enjoy a peaceful afternoon with a hot cup that you rest on this creative mug rug pattern. It’s perfect for scrap quilters looking to start cleaning out their stash in time for spring cleaning.


Nature blooms so beautifully during May, and now you can appreciate their beauty in your quilting too with the beautiful and easy Fields of Tulips Quilt. It’ll be a nice change from a vase of flowers, and these will last much longer.


If you have little ones, they’ll finally be home, and your schedule might be thrown for a loop. Even if you only have a few hours, you’ll still be able to make the cute Sunny Santa Monica Quilt and decorate it with your favorite free motion design.


Picnic season will be in full swing as soon as things heat up, so be prepared for some fun adventures with the family with your very own picnic quilt pattern like the Ravishing Rail Picnic Quilt. This eye-popping jelly roll quilt looks just as amazing in your home too.


Before the warm weather goes away, enjoy one final fun trip to the beach with the handy Seaside Chevron Picnic Quilt, which uses laminated fabric that ensures you’ll be able to enjoy your day and minimize clean up.


Another chill is on its way, but your family will always be warm and cozy thanks to a rag quilt like the Fuss Free Rag Quilt.


Many quilters don’t want to create a whole new project for Halloween because of how short the holiday is, but a project like the One Hour Pumpkin Hot Pad can be used throughout the season while still making a cute addition to your holiday decor.


Nothing’s more important than the table during Thanksgiving, so make sure yours looks its best with a classic table topper like the Cinnamon Spice of Life Tablecloth.


No matter what holiday you celebrate during December, the Attic Window Snowman Scene Quilt will be a sweet reminder of how magical the season is.




For more quilting inspiration year round, enter our 2014 Calendars from Landauer Publishing giveaway! We’re giving away two calendars full of beautiful ideas and designs for every month of the year. Enter by tomorrow!








What month/season inspires your quilting the most?

Quilt Your Way to a Great Holiday: 5 Thanksgiving Ideas and Free Quilt Patterns

Can you believe Thanksgiving is only a week away? The editors at FaveQuilts certainly can’t, and we know that for quilters, this time of year can be particularly hectic. It seems that there’s always something missing from your home decor that you don’t discover until the last minute; to help you out, we’ve put together a list of some easy quilted Thanksgiving crafts that you can make before next Thursday.


Thanksgiving Turkey Applique Template

Speaking of applique, one of the fastest solutions you can always rely on when you need to do a little Thanksgiving decorating is using applique patterns like the Thanksgiving Turkey Applique Template. It’s a cute little way to dress up your linens, add a holiday touch to a piece of clothing, and much more.

Pumpkin Table Runner

In need of something more specific? No need to panic; use iconic imagery from the holiday, as well as the fall season as inspiration for your home decor. A popular choice that’s also versatile enough to be used throughout the rest of the fall months is the Pumpkin Table Runner, which will be a cinch for anyone familiar with strip quilt piecing.

Homespun Thanksgiving Table Topper

Basic quilt block patterns and piecing techniques that you have previously learned can come in handy when creating a Thanksgiving-inspired design like the Homespun Thanksgiving Table Topper. Cut your rustic fabric into flying geese and snowball blocks, and you can make your own table topper pattern that has a charming appeal suitable for a holiday table. You can even add some fun applique letters to spell out your favorite foods; this could become a fun activity that encourages the whole family to participate.

Vintage Autumn Table Topper

Another way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with your quilted Thanksgiving decor is through a more specific theme. Vintage has made a huge comeback in recent years and is always a favorite amongst quilters, making quilt patterns like the Vintage Autumn Table Runner a guaranteed hit. Putting this together won’t be particularly complicated, especially if you’ve already picked out some lovely charm packs to use. Like many of the other projects here, you may like them so much that you’ll decide to keep them out during the rest of the season, or maybe even the year.

Changing Season Attic Window Quilt

Your table isn’t all that needs decorating; give any room in your house a touch of fall that will perfectly complement Thanksgiving dinner with full-sized quilt patterns like the Changing Seasons Attic Windows Quilt. No matter what the weather’s like outside, you can depict a breathtaking fall landscape with a mesmerizing attic window pattern that will really wow guests. It’ll be hard to believe they’re not actually looking out of a window!


What’s the most important part of your Thanksgiving decor?

Turkey Day Tips: Our Top DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

The warm smell of roasted sweet corn, carefully pouring through Black Friday ads, and eating that first (and second) slice of pecan pie are the things that make me look forward to Thanksgiving. However, about 2 weeks before my family arrives for Turkey Day, I always get overwhelmed with a holiday dread when I think about my daunting Thanksgiving to-do list.

If you host Thanksgiving like I do, you get the same November nervousness that happens when you have to plan for cleaning every inch of the house, searching for the “good” plates, pre-ordering the turkey, and relocating every breakable object in a place where grabby toddlers can’t reach. It’s a miracle you even have time to think about making your home look festive. To confess, last year I was so crunched for time that I decorated the dinner table with some DIY pumpkin crafts that I had made for Halloween.

To make our readers’ Thanksgiving preparation as stress-free as possible, FaveCrafts has compiled a list of our most popular projects for DIY Thanksgiving decorative crafts. Whether you need help finding fast and easy holiday crafts, entertaining young guests,  or are looking for recycled decor crafts you’ll find all the decoration ideas that you need to make your Thanksgiving run smoothly.


Thanksgiving Home Decor Crafts

Give Thanks Mantlepiece

An important tip to remember while decorating for the holidays is that some of  very best decor can be made with common household objects. For example, use recycled soda bottles to make this heartwarming Give Thanks Mantlepiece (shown) featured in Link Love: Get Ready for Thanksgiving.  If you love natural-looking decor, consider using an autumn-inspired color palette while creating  homemade Thanksgiving crafts. Check out tons of harvest season home decor ideas featuring burnt oranges and light yellows in New Pattern Monday: Thanksgiving Decor. While adding festive accents to your mantlepiece and door will make your house look extra welcoming, don’t forget to add finishing touches to places like your kitchen and bathroom by making a Decorative Fall Towel.


Thanksgiving Table Decor and Centerpieces

Turkey CenterpieceWe haven’t even talked about the most important place to decorate for Thanksgiving — the dinner table! Not to worry crafters, just check out Simple Thanksgiving Crafts: Table Decor, Turkey Crafts, & More for some of our neatest centerpiece ideas. If you have kids coming to Thanksgiving dinner, a silly turkey sewing project like this Turkey Centerpiece (shown) is sure to make them giggle.

If you’re in doubt that you’ll finish cleaning before you can craft, just check out these 14 Ideas for Thanksgiving Tables for a unique variety of super fast, budget-friendly ideas for decorating your Thanksgiving Table. No one will ever know you added these to your table at the last minute!


Hungry for more Thanksgiving decorating crafts? Check out our FREE Thanksgiving Dinner and Decorations eBook: Let Me See Your Turkey Trot! for over 54 pages full of awesomely autumn holiday decorations and delicious new recipes from RecipeLion.


 What Thanksgiving crafts do you use to decorate your home?

Fall Craft Inspiration – Make It a Memorable Autumn

This post is brought to you by Kate Uhry for CraftFoxes.

I am very fortunate to live in the Northeast come October. For me, the fall season has its own set of traditions as strong and evocative as flip flops and a glass of lemonade. As temperatures slowly cool, I layer on cashmere, wrap myself in a cardigan, put on fingerless gloves and find my slippers. The teapot goes on the stove, and the Crock Pot comes up from the basement. The farmer’s market goes from corn to pumpkins, and all sorts of random root vegetables appear. Apples fill a bowl on my table, and I start to turn the oven on again. Come join me as I take you through some of the projects I’ll be working on this fall.


Fall Sweaters

I don’t like to knit in the summer – it seems that even the lightest weight cotton is intolerably sticky and hot. So in early fall, my thoughts turn to Christmas gifts. I go around surreptitiously measuring existing sweaters, eyeballing people’s arm lengths, and scouting patterns. Some of the ones I like are a little forgiving. Included in my go-to sweater patterns is a top-down version, which allows you to adjust the fit on the fly. There are also eyelet cardigans, a sweater coat, and a little boy’s sweater, which I promise he will actually wear, as long as you watch the itch factor.

Gifts for Kids and Babies

For my niece who never seems to be cold, ponchos seem to be the answer. This lightweight layer comes together really quickly, and can add an element of style without being too constricting. Get the how-to for this chevron crochet poncho pattern. For the babies in my life, I have my eye on a vintage bonnet pattern. It is a simple cap that cradles the head and tucks under the chin. Relatively quick to make but absolutely adorable, I can’t wait to see their little round faces in it come Christmas.

Fall Desserts

As I’m on sitting in the chair knitting, I like to fill the house with good smells. This season, I’m starting with these handheld pumpkin pies. Filled with cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, they’d be perfect in the afternoon with a cup of hot chocolate. Oh wait, perhaps I should whip up some mini pecan pies with bourbon? Or sweet potato mini pies with some whipped cream? I can’t decide, so I guess I’ll make them all.

Outdoor Crafts

I’m recognizing that perhaps I’m not the only one who needs feeding around here. Although there are plenty of acorns for my friends the squirrels, I will also hang this pear and peanut butter bird feeder. My friend Laura, who blogs at The Wind and Sail, came up with the idea of jamming two pears together to make a heart shape, and then adding an arrow covered in peanut butter and seeds. Seeing it outside in the just bare branches makes me smile.

Fall Home Decor

Finally, as the weather indicates that my house is starting the slow slide into closed doors, early nights and warm fires, I’ve got my eye on these recycled sweater pot holders and recycled sweater wreath. These projects showcase my front door and helps me deal with the fact that I’ve shrunk way too many sweaters.

I hope I’ve brought some inspiration to your home. Enjoy the season!




Find 9 Fabulous Fall Decorating Ideas in New AllFreeHolidayCrafts eBook

9 Fall Crafts and Fall Decorating IdeasIf fall is your favorite time of year, we have a treat for you! Our latest eBook is dedicated to all things autumn. We can’t think of a better way to transform your home into a harvest haven than with the help of this convenient collection of fall craft ideas. Our latest eBook, 9 Fall Crafts and Fall Decorating Ideas is the perfect way to get ready for the new season and decorate your home accordingly. Full of fun fall ideas, this eBook is the best way to celebrate all of autumn’s transformations. Start decorating your home with these lovely fall décor ideas to prepare for Halloween and Thanksgiving; fall crafts are a great way to decorate for the holidays all season long. The best part is, 9 Fall Crafts and Fall Decorating Ideas is a totally free collection, and it’s printable too! So what are you waiting for? Grab your free copy of 9 Fall Crafts and Fall Decorating Ideas today!

Table Decorations for Fall

When it comes to autumn, table décor is always a necessity. Our fall crafts eBook, 9 Fall Crafts and Fall Decorating Ideas has an entire section dedicated to adding a fresh fall palate to your table. From nature-inspired table runners to cute leaf motif napkin rings, these fall decorating ideas will have your family table ready for the season and all of the festive holidays that it offers.

Home Decor for Fall

When you have finished preparing your family table for the new season and all of it’s holidays, move right along to the rest of the house with some of our handmade home décor ideas. You’ll find an assortment of fall crafts for the home within your free copy of the 9 Fall Crafts and Fall Decorating Ideas free eBook. From pretty harvest candles to simple decorations for the season, you’ll find just what you need to make your home decor count this fall!

Pumpkin Patterns

When you ask yourself what the signature motif of fall is, most people stop immediately at one image; the pumpkin, of course! The pumpkin patterns that we have complied for you in 9 Fall Crafts and Fall Decorating Ideas give you great ways to decorate with artificial and real pumpkins that will last the entire season. Using pretty, glittery paint to dress up mini pumpkins and adding a few personalized touches to a grapevine pumpkin, are just a couple of the options available to you in this collection of fall crafts. These decorating ideas will be sure to leave you with the prettiest and most festive home on the block.

How do you plan to decorate for Fall?

16 Beautiful Fall Knitting Patterns

Knit Moebius WrapGet ready for cooler weather with these beautiful fall knits.  Great for layering, mixing, and matching, these knit shawls, wraps, scarves, and sweaters will help transform your summer wardrobe into a cozy and comfortable one.

Best of all, several of these patterns can take you through the winter as well.  The knit shawls and wraps can be layered with heavy sweaters or worn as a light jacket on those cooler autumn days.  The knit scarves in this collection are all warm enough to last through those blistering cold December and January evenings, and the colorful knit sweaters can be worn as is or layered with a tee or long sleeve shirt for extra warmth in January and February.

So spend a cool rainy weekend indoors knitting up one of these adorable patterns…and get ready to add lots of cute fall accessories to your collection!



Knit Shawls and Wraps

Easy Lace ShawlThese cozy shawls and wraps are great for keeping you nice and warm on those cooler autumn days.  Grab one as you head out the door to not only keep you warm, but to add some fun color and style to your outfit!  These shawls can also work as scarves come winter time, so you can get the most out of these cute knitting patterns this year.


Breast-Cancer-Awareness-ScarfKnit Scarves

Keep your neck nice and warm with these colorful and fun knit scarves.  Made with thick cozy yarn, these scarves will keep you nice and warm throughout the winter as well.  Knit scarves also make great stocking stuffers for the holidays, and are fun and easy projects for beginners and advanced knitters alike.


Comfy-Pocket-CardiganKnit Sweaters

If you’re looking for a bit of a challenge, try knitting up one of these cozy sweater patterns.  Great for wearing all year long, these knit sweaters are easy to layer and will make great staples to have in your wardrobe.  Perfect for more advanced knitters and those looking for a bit of a challenge, these knit patterns will give your needles the workout they’ve been looking for!



Light-and-layered-knitsEnter to win a copy of Light & Layered Knits!  This book is filled with beautiful patterns that can be worn all year long.  Layer these patterns to keep warm in the winter, or wear them as is in the spring and summer.  The contest ends October 8th, so head on over to the giveaway page now and enter to win today!



Link Love: Homemade Wreaths for Fall

Forget September… I’m ready to start dive head first into fall! This is my favorite time of year – the smells, tastes and sounds of fall just can’t be beat. Now that the heat is subsiding (finally) and the leaves are falling, it’s time to say goodbye to summer and officially welcome autumn. Bring on the pumpkins, candy corn and hot cups of cocoa!

You greet your guests by hanging a wreath on your front door, so why not do the same thing to welcome fall? Fall wreaths can incorporate a variety of colorful elements and seasonal fabrics. Use wood, burlap and twine to create a rustic, muted look that’s reminiscent of autumn. Apples are always a major part of fall, be sure to incorporate them into your own design. Create an Apple Pie Wreath using burlap and be sure to add a rolling pin at the bottom. You can also use store-bought plastic leaves to make a Colorful Fall Wreath. This is a quick and easy project that you can make in an afternoon. If you want to add an eco-friendly touch to your decor, create a Metallic Autumn Leaves Wreath or a Brown Bag Halloween Wreath – for both projects, you only need paper grocery bags!

Say hello to fall and hang a pretty homemade wreath on your door. This DIY idea is perfect for even a beginning crafter – many projects only require a few inexpensive supplies and little to no crafting expertise. You can even get the kids to help you welcome the season. It’s time to make an autumn resolution to get creative – start by making one of these delightful decor crafts.



  1. Pumpkin Yarn Embroidery Hoop Wreath from Silly Pearl
  2. Who’s There Owl Wreath from About Family Crafts
  3. Wood & Burlap Natural Fall Wreath from Finding Home Online
  4. Spooky Halloween Wreath from The Cheap Luxury
  5. Spooky Spider Wreath from Eclectically Vintage
  6. Candy Corn Wreath from Artsy Fartsy Mama
  7. Scarecrow Wreath from Ann-Kay Home
  8. Spooky Halloween Spider Web Wreath from The Tiptoe Fairy
  9. Dried Apple Wreath from L. Michelle

Link Love: Rustic Fall Crafts

Fall is here! Okay, it’s still technically summer, but let’s face it – autumn is everywhere! My neighborhood coffeeshop just unveiled its latest offering, maple lattes, and at this point, Pinterest should be renamed Pumpkin-rest. Frankly, I couldn’t be more excited to put away my summer shorts and pull out my chunky sweaters!

When I think of fall crafts, I immediately imagine a cozy country cottage in the woods. I imagine crunchy dry leaves on the ground, a slight chill in the air, and hollow wooden logs lining my path. In other words, autumn is the most “rustic” time of year. From the slightly unfinished fabrics to the muted colors, fall is all about the quiet calm you find in the woods rather than the bright and shiny colors of the beach. A Country Apple Garland, looks great above a mantel or hanging on a wall. The beige muslin fabric is easy to work with and so appropriate for fall. You can also use jute or hemp for Recycled Decoupage Luminary Jars. It gets dark earlier in the fall, so place a tea light inside each jar and use them to light your front porch. Cork is also a great resource if you want to make a country craft, so save up those empty wine bottles! Use the toppers to create Beaded Wine Cork Keychains. This is a quick and thrifty recycle craft that will help you keep track of your keys.

This fall, take a trip to the country without ever leaving home. Use fabric like burlap, muslin and hemp or recycle materials like cork to create rustic projects. Turn your home into a woodsy cottage and don’t forget the requisite pumpkins!

  1. Rustic Fall Centerpiece from Love of Family and Home
  2. DIY Place Card Holders from Coordinately Yours, by Julie Blanner
  3. Rustic Wood Planter Box from Make Life Lovely
  4. Woodsy Cupcake Stand from The Lovely Cupboard
  5. Giant Chalkboard from The Merry Thought
  6. Rustic Wood Frame from Design, Dining and Diapers
  7. Photo Clipboards from Love Grows Wild
  8. Rustic Wood Tray from Liz Marie Blog
  9. Wood Stained Table Numbers from Oh So Very Pretty

Free Printable Crafts for Kids

While kids are darling, they can’t always color inside the lines, draw the perfect circle, or fold the paper correctly. And on top of that, you can’t always color the exact shade of brown they’re looking for, draw the perfect elephant that matches their imagination, or fold an origami star just right. To ease the crafting process, some bloggers grace you with templates and printables. These either provide the right color, the perfect outline, or the correct places to fold (or if you’re lucky, all three). Craft time goes a lot more smoothly when these generous bloggers make it easy on you. Printables start the kids off on the right foot and simply require them to connect the dots. And if it’s still not perfect, who cares? Perfect isn’t going to start any conversations, now is it?

Summer Printable Crafts for Kids

Beat the heat by crafting the symbols of summer. Whether you’re bringing the happiness of sunshine inside your walls or the freshness of fruit to excite your tummy, printable crafts for kids are the perfect place to start. I love the fresh feel of the 3D Fruit Frenzy. Enjoy summer with these other printable crafts for kids:

Fall Printable Crafts for Kids

The leaves are falling, school is starting up again, and summer tans are fading. To keep your kiddo happy, surprise him with notes in his lunchbox. Don’t worry if you can’t think of anything to say after the first few, they’re all thought out for you thanks to Printable Lunch Box Notes. Make the rest of autumn easy on yourself too with these other printable crafts for kids:


Winter Printable Crafts for Kids

As the temperatures drop, more time is spent indoors. Beat the boredom with these printable crafts for kids made just for the winter months. When it’s too cold to build a snowman outside, design some inside with the handy Draw a Snowman Printable. Celebrate the many holidays of winter with these other printable crafts for kids:

Spring Printable Crafts for Kids

Spring is the lovely season where vibrant colors start returning and pink reenters the cheeks of children. Welcome the joy of spring with the convenient and adorable Happy Spring Printable Posters. For the days when it’s not quite warm enough or when April showers are promising May flowers, keep this list of printable crafts for kids close.

View all 50 free printable crafts for kids here.

Which is your favorite season to craft in?