15 Quick Sewing Projects Under 15 Minutes

Quick Sewing Projects

Let’s face it, sewists- you do not have all the time in the world. While we would love to sew for hours on end, life can get in the way. Luckily, you can use quick sewing projects to get your crafting fix in. These quick and easy sewing projects are an excellent way to take a break. Fast projects let you focus for a short amount of time on something besides your worries. These little projects are great stress-busters. If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, take a fifteen minute break. Just like a 15 minute power nap, quick sewing projects can help you find a moment of zen and center yourself during a chaotic week. All of the projects in 15 Quick Sewing Projects Under 15 Minutes help you find a sewing moment to yourself.

When I am stressed out, I find that taking just a moment of time for myself can help tremendously. Reading a favorite book, crafting a small project, or even sipping coffee all by my lonesome can help me gain some perspective. The best part about a quick sewing project is that you are being productive, too! So, if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, consider trying one of these fab projects. Enjoy!

Quick Sewing Projects in 5 Minutes

If you have 5 minutes, these insanely fast and insanely cute crafts are the perfect time-waster.

5 Minute Gift Card Holder from Burlap Scraps
5 Minute Halter Top
5 Minute Holiday DIY Headband
5 Minute Pillows
5 Minute Skirt

Quick Sewing Projects in 10 Minutes

If you have just a few more minutes, consider these 10 minute wonders. I’m in love with the 10 Minute Apron Pattern. It is just so cute. Don’t believe me? Look up!

10 Minute Apron Pattern
10 Minute Little Pillow
11 Minute Galaxy Skirt
Braided T-Shirt Headbands

Quick Sewing Projects in 15 Minutes

Fifteen minute projects are hands-down my favorite projects. It is enough time for you to take a serious break from the day. These projects giveyou a craft zen moment without eating up too much of your day. Plus, they’re really handy.

15 Minute Fabric Lunch Wrap
15 Minute Mouse Pad Wrist Rest
15 Minute Pet Bed Tutorial
15 Minute Tissue Box Cover
15 Minute Tuxedo Skirt
Bonjour DIY Bath Mitt

If you love these projects you will love our 32 Quick and Easy Sewing Projects.

When you have 15 minutes to sew, what sort of projects do you reach for?

19 Quick & Easy Mother’s Day Crafts

Getting your mom a gift for Mother’s Day might have stumped you in the past, but this time it won’t. We’ve rounded up a wide variety of sewing projects to show your mother just how much you care on this most special of days. It’s been said that the mother-daughter relationship is like apple pie: a lot more complicated than it looks. Luckily, these tutorials are all simple enough to master in less than a weekend.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner at sewing. There is nothing these step-by-step instructions cannot teach you! If you would rather keep a distance from the sewing machine, you’re in luck; there is an entire no-sew section just for you. Forget the department stores and get crafting today with these fun and easy Mother’s Day gift ideas.

 30 Free Sewing Patterns for Women: Mother's Day Gift Ideas

DIY Accessories

Buttoned Tablet Cover

Buttoned Tablet Cover: If your mom likes technology and gadgets, she’ll love this crafty and convenient tablet cover.



Gyme Tote Bag Tutorial

Gym Tote Bag Tutorial: Sporty mothers are such great role models. Let’s give them bags to make their lives easier.





Homemade Clothing

How to Sew Pajama Pants


How to Sew Pajama Pants: Make your mom’s dreams come true with these comfortable, roomy, and easily-adjustable pajama pants.




Ice Cream Social Skirt

Ice Cream Social Skirt: This ice cream social skirt will flutter and flow in the breeze when your mother wears it to the ice cream parlour.






DIY Jewelry Patterns


Pretty Fabric Chandelier Earrings

Pretty Fabric Chandelier Earrings: For a fantastic accessory, these fancy earrings should do the trick.





Linen Jewelry Travel Bag

Linen Travel Jewelry Bag: On-the-go moms could use a drawstring bag to hold precious jewelry items.








Easy No-Sew Craft Projects


Effortless T-shirt Headband

Effortless T-Shirt Headband: This headband is made from a recycled t-shirt sleeve and is essential for the active mother.



Easy and Cheap Apron

Easy and Cheap Apron: A no-sew apron is perfect for all your mother’s delicious kitchen endeavors.




Check out these other great projects for Mother’s Day!

  1. 30 Free Sewing Patterns for Women: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
  2. Zig Zag DIY iPad Cover
  3. Tea Time Mug Rug Tutorial
  4. Manicure Travel Kit

What is the best Mother’s Day gift you have ever received? Was it homemade?


National Sewing Month 2012: 4 Step Apron Tutorial

It’s day 6 of our National Sewing Month blog series. I hope you’ve been enjoying our special daily posts. I know you’re going to love today’s tutorial for a 4 step apron. We’re all busy and anything that can actually be completed in one sitting is fine with me! Remember, we’re not just sharing fun tutorials during our National Sewing Month series. We’re giving away a mystery grand prize as well. All you have to do is leave a comment at the bottom of any our posts (any with “National Sewing Month 2012” in the title) and you’re automatically entered to win! Now on with today’s fun post.

Today’s post is written by Robie Kaye Dodson from the blog So Sew Something. To learn more about Robie and to find all of her projects on AllFreeSewing, visit her designer profile.



Hi AllFreeSewing readers! I cannot begin to describe how much I love and have learned from AllFreeSewing.com. I check this website just about every week; whenever I’m in the mood for something new to make, and the projects never disappoint.  So, I am ridiculously honored to be a guest blogger today in honor of National Sewing Month!

For today, I’ve created a very special tutorial for those of you who like sewing EASY and CHEAP projects (like me). Head on over to my blog to learn how to make a 4 Step Apron using nothing but scraps and bias tape. The entire project will cost you no more than $3 … and take probably about 15 minutes. Seriously. I wouldn’t lie to you!


Have you ever sewn an apron before? What kinds of quick sewing projects do you like to make?


Summertime Aprons: DIY Apron Patterns for Women

Around holiday season, free apron patterns to sew are in high demand. If you’re spending hours in the kitchen baking endless amounts of Christmas cookies, you need the proper apron. But recently I realized the summertime is seriously neglected in terms of DIY apron sewing. Whether you’re slaving away in the kitchen baking refreshing treats or playing grill-master in the backyard, summer calls for the perfect apron sewing pattern too.

I’m about to show you a bunch of free apron patterns so cute, you’ll be dying to cook, bake or grill something. Seriously, throw one of these little numbers on the least-likely chef and they’ll suddenly transform from microwave diner to preparing gourmet meals! (Disclaimer: These free sewing apron patterns may not improve cooking skills. They will however help keep you clean and stylish while in the kitchen).


Pleated Apron With Built In Hot Pads: Discover how to make an apron with the hot pads built right in into it. It’s one genius idea we definitely stand behind.

Ten Minute Pillowcase Apron:  Believe it or not, this cute and useful apron sewing pattern only takes a few minutes to create. Make several in one sitting for that upcoming cookie baking party.

The Domesticated Skirt: It’s a skirt, it’s an apron, it’s pretty darn adorable. Follow this tutorial and learn how to make an apron you’ll want to live in this summer.



Betty Draper Inspired Hostess Apron: Calling all Mad Men fans! If you’re always wanted to get that Betty Draper look, here’s your chance. Play the part of perfect hostess in this lovely DIY apron.

Easy Ruffle Apron: Add ruffles to anything and you’ve got instant flair. This easy apron sewing pattern will help you create a pretty and feminine apron.

Patriotic Summer Ruffles Set Apron: Grab fabric in your favorite colors and easily create this fun apron set.


For even more apron ideas, check out 15 Free Sewing Apron Patterns collection.

Which of these apron patterns do you like best?


How to: Sew for Halloween

When most people think of Halloween sewing, they picture sewing elaborate Halloween costumes for their kids. When kids know their mom (or grandmother) can sew, they like to take advantage of it by asking for detailed, homemade Halloween costumes. But costumes are a small part of the Halloween holiday. Learn all there is to know about sewing for Halloween in just three easy steps, and pretty soon your machine will be whirring happily as you create Halloween decorations, treat bags, and much more.

Step 1: Pick your priorities

Halloween may seem far away, but between dentist appointments and soccer practice, it’ll be here before you know it. There is more inspirational sewing material online than any normal human being can accomplish, so you’ll have to pick and choose what you have to time make this year, and save the rest for next year! If your kids are absolutely begging and pleading with you to make a costume, or if you are morally opposed to buying pre-packaged costumes from shoddy Halloween stores shaped like pumpkins, then you’ll have to choose to make costumes. If your dream is to deck your house out with spooky, homemade paraphernalia, then you should choose Halloween home decor projects to work on.

Step 2: Gather your supplies and your tutorials

There’s nothing more fun than novelty print fabric! Buy some fun fabric with ghosts or pumpkins printed on it to make Halloween placemats, or purchase those yards of tulle you’ve had your eye on (but thus far have had no use for) and make a ballerina costume. If one of the best parts of Halloween for kids is getting to dress like someone (or something) completely different, then the best part for sewers is getting to buy and use completely different fabric.

As far as tutorials go, we’ve got you covered no matter what your Halloween sewing needs are! We’ve got everything from full costumes and parts of costumes to Halloween treat bags and aprons! Also check out these festive Candy Corn Softie and Pumpkin Placemats tutorials.

Step 3: Start Sewing!

If you’re already an expert seamstress, you can just dive right in. Otherwise, check out our sewing tips for extra help, and use the tutorials you’ve gathered to get going. A good thing about sewing tutorials is that you can customize your projects while still following the tutorials. Add some orange ric rac here and a little black lace there and you’ve got a Halloween pillow from a regular pillow tutorial. Any project you make with the aforementioned ghost and pumpkin print fabric can become a Halloween accent in your home. Just be creative, and be patient!

How to: Sew an Apron

It’s easier for me to do a chore if I am first outfitted with the proper accoutrements. For example, doing the dishes is much more palatable if I have a cute new pair of rubber gloves. Sewing is more fun with a pretty pin cushion too, and don’t even get me started on how much the perfect 1950s housewife dress makes me want to vacuum.

Baking and cooking are definitely onerous tasks for me, a clear kitchen novice, so what better way to motivate myself to put spatula to pan than with a cute new apron?

To make your own apron, all you need is a sewing machine, an iron, and some fabric (I used a vintage sheet again).

First I cut the fabric into the size and shape I wanted the front of my apron to be. I didn’t use a tutorial, so I just estimated and measured against one of my skirts. My fabric ended up being about 26″ wide by 20″ long, but as you’ll see at the end, it was a little too big. I also cut two strips that were 4″x45″ to serve as the waistband and tie. You could alternatively cut one 4″x90″ strip if your fabric piece is long enough.


I wanted my apron to have a rounded bottom because I thought that would give it a more vintage feel. Since I’m not confident in my free-hand abilities, I used a large, round serving platter as a template and traced an arc to round the two bottom corners.

And then cut along both corners to make the apron shape.

Next I ironed about 1/2″ around my apron piece and both waistband pieces so I could finish the edges more easily.

Then I went ahead and finished the edges. Do three out of four edges on the waistband pieces–leave one 4″ side alone on both because they will be joined together there later. Leave the top 26″ side alone on the apron piece because it will be joined to the waistband later.

After all the edges are finished, it’s time to join the two waistband pieces together along the unfinished 4″ side of both. Sew them together with the wrong sides facing out, and then iron the seams down in the back.

With both pieces of your apron finished, you can now join them together. Pin the edge of the waistband to the ironed (but unfinished) edge at the top of the apron piece with wrong sides facing out, and stitch ’em down!

Now you may think we’re done, but, well, you’re wrong. I mean, what’s an apron without ruffles?? To make my ruffles, I cut another long strip of fabric that was about twice as long as the distance around the bottom of my apron (arc length? circumference? perimeter? I don’t do geometry…) and about 3″ wide. You may want to cut your strip longer because my apron did not turn out ruffly enough for my liking!

Next, use my How to Sew a Ruffle guide to turn that boring old fabric strip into a fabulous ruffle for your apron, and then pin the ruffle to the bottom of your apron. Stitch the ruffle down, and your apron is done!

And here’s what it looks like in action:

It was way too long, so it ended up being more of an empire waist apron!

And here’s the back:

For more apron inspiration, check out 6 Free Crochet Apron Patterns. FaveCrafts also has tons of fun projects for making or embellishing aprons:

Do you wear an apron when you’re in the kitchen? Have you ever made one yourself?

How to Make Turkey Time Aprons

If you have kids or if you remember when you were a kid then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Back in the day my mom and I would always put some kind of craft together. I liked painting and I liked making messes, so we would always find some kind of craft where I can do both of those. Every Thanksgiving we would work on a holiday craft, whether it was to give as a gift or decorate our home. We always went to my aunt’s house, so sometimes the gift would be for her.

This year, I found a neat craft that mother’s can work on with their children; it’s a turkey apron. It’s a really easy craft to make and once again, it allows the kids to get messy with fabric acrylics. There are few materials needed in order to make this apron:

  • DecoArt Products Required
    • SoSoft Fabric Acrylics
  • DSS41 – Burnt Sienna
  • SoSoft Dimensional Writers
  • DD102 – Cadmium Yellow
  • DD104 – Festive Red
  • DD115 – Black
  • Foam plate
  • Small round brush
  • Paper towels
  • Water
  • 3/8″ and 3/4″ round foam pouncer brushes
  • Natural canvas aprons, Loew-Cornell “Totally You” (APGN-3636, adult; KDAPN-3636)

Here’s how to make it:

You first have to prepare by laying newspaper out as it will get a bit messy. Aprons must be flat on surface. Be sure you have wet paper towels and soap ready to clean hands at sink.

Adult Apron
1. Squeeze and spread Burnt Sienna onto foam plate. With fingers spread slightly, press hand flat into paint and then press hand flat onto apron bib area. If more solid handprint is needed, use small brush to lightly fill in hand shape.

2. Use 3/4″ pouncer brush dipped in Burnt Sienna to stamp random dots over apron surface and around handprint. Repeat with Cadmium Yellow and Festive Red Writers. Allow to dry.

3. Use Cadmium Yellow to create small triangle for beak shape on turkey head; paint lines for legs and feet. Use Festive Red to paint small heart-shaped waddle under turkey head and to paint words below turkey.

4. Use Black Writer to paint dot eye on turkey and curved line for wing shape.

Child’s Apron
1. Repeat same instructions as above, but assist with stamping handprint and use smaller pouncer brush when stamping dots on apron.

This apron reminds me of a time when I was little. You can make this for any special occasion. My three sisters and I made a sweatshirt for Mother’s Day. I believe the only material we used was a sweatshirt, paint and puffy paints.

Here’s what we did:

1. We poured the paint into a tin of some sort, of course it was sitting on a table covered with newspaper so it wouldn’t get too messy.

2. We stuck our hand into the paint to be sure the entire hand was covered.

3. We firmly pressed our hands onto the sweatshirt so the paint would stick and then slowly pulled our hand back as to not mess up the pattern.

4. Once our hands were dry on the sweatshirt we used the puffy paints to design the rest of the sweatshirt with squiggly lines and polka dots. We also wrote happy Mother’s Day on it along with each of our names next to our hand print.

Keep in mind, this can be done for any special occasion. If you want to make a Thanksgiving sweatshirt or apron, you do the same thing. Get paint on your hand and make the handprint. Then use puffy paints to draw in the rest of the turkey. It makes for a nice homemade gift or decoration.

For more great Turkey and Thanksgiving crafts click here!

Bite-Sized Cupcake Crafts

I love cupcakes. I love their smell, their texture, the sugary frosting and unusual flavors. I really love the bite-sized nature of cupcakes and everything associated with them, from the holidays I consume them on to the act of actually baking cupcakes and making my kitchen smell like warm butter and vanilla. Wow.

So naturally, when I walked into Anthropology the other day and came face to ruffle with an adorable cupcake apron I fell in love all over again. It was tiny and petite, just like cupcakes themselves, with colorful cupcakes decorating the apron. Unfortunately, not all of us have $30 to spare  on cupcake aprons, so I had to sadly walk away.

When I noticed the new Sprinkles Cupcake Apron on FaveCrafts today my mouth nearly popped right open! This is even cuter than the apron I saw in the store because it is actually in the shape of a cupcake. It’s fairly easy to make yourself, and you can wear it or use it to decorate the kitchen.


There are tons of other cupcake crafts out there. One of my favorite blogs, Cupcakes Take the Cake, often features cupcake crafts along with cupcake recipes and photos. How cute are these crafty cupcakes?


If you like the cupcake apron, click here for our 14 Favorite Free Apron Patterns.

Aprons for Your Favorite Mom

Mother’s Day is coming up fast and I still don’t know what to get my mom. She’s a great cook and I love all the food she makes. At Christmas-time she wears her snowman apron, so I thought for Mother’s Day why not make her a cute apron that says I love you! Every time she’s in the kitchen she has an excuse to wear it. It’s easy to make and you know she’ll like it since it was made with love!  There’s also this cute cupcake apron for those with a sweet tooth.


If your mom isn’t into a pattern like this one then check out our 14 favorite free sewing patterns for aprons. Do you have any ideas for a different kind of apron?

Favorites Friday: Free Apron Projects and Patterns

A homemade apron is usually the first project for those learning how to sew. I remember sewing two reversible aprons in high school home-ec, which I still wear. For this round-up, we’d like to share our 14 favorite free projects for making an apron. Many recycle old jeans or pillow cases to create a handy craft apron!

Half Aprons

  1. This quick and easy apron from A Feathered Nest is quite adorable. I love the wrap around tie.apron
  2. This ruffled beauty comes to us from One More Moore. The coordinating fabrics are superb.
  3. Bari J shares a tutorial for making a simple apron. She creates the most beautiful fabrics! Please visit her blog and click on the apron tutorial in the right column.
  4. Turn a pillow case into a apron with this tutorial from raina on Craftster.

Full Aprons

  1. Create two aprons in one with a reversible, frilly pattern from Quamut.
  2. Create a full-coverage apron perfect for bakers with this tutorial from Still Dottie.
  3. A very extensive step-by-step tutorial for making a pocketed apron is provided by J Caroline Creative.
  4. I love the girly design on this apron, shared by Happy to be Called Mommy!

Jean Aprons

  1. This full length apron from My Byrd House is a clever way to recycle old jeans. You can certainly create your own appliqué like her adorable bird.
  2. This no-sew apron tutorial from Kleas creates a crafty apron from a pair of old jeans.
  3. This denim Chef Apron (pdf) features pockets for quick access to cooking utensils.

Special-Use Aprons

  1. This apron from the cottage at frog creek is used for gathering eggs, harvesting vegetables or collecting berries or wildflowers. Unbuttoned, the full length apron is perfect for kneeling in the garden.
  2. This vintage clothespin apron is a handy tool for those who hang clothes on a line.
  3. This apron from Creative Little Daisy has five pockets for the organized crafter or seamstress.