7 Ways to Use Construction Paper

Finding construction paper crafts for kids and adults can be pretty tricky since it seems that construction paper isn’t as “trendy” as it used to be. However, I refuse to let one of the cheapest and most versatile crafting materials die. If you are a paper crafting junkie, there’s no reason for you not to absolutely LOVE this useful paper, and once you see all these ways to use construction paper, you’ll see why! If you want to venture outside of constantly making paper flowers or using up all of your tissue paper, this crafting material is going to be your new best friend!

Construction paper is quickly losing popularity, which means there aren’t many construction paper crafts circling around on the web; I think these 7 ways to use construction paper out to be considered precious and unique. Each one uses construction paper in a way that is fun, simple, and inspiring. Plus, they come in real handy when crafting with kids because they are budget-friendly and can be made in just thirty minutes!

Ways to Use Construction Paper

7 Ways to Use Construction Paper

Cozy Paper DIY Lanterns

Cozy Paper DIY Lanterns

When the evergreens are the only plants that appear to be alive and the sun goes down earlier in the day, it can feel gloomy if you don’t have a good paper craft to help you pass the time indoors. You can capture light and warmth with these Cozy Paper DIY Lanterns.

Paper Plate Lion

Paper Plate Lion

This Paper Plate Lion is perfect for Fine Motor Skills development. Make your child color the paper plate provided by us and tear strips of construction paper to form the mane.

Paper Chain Heart Garland

Paper Chain Heart Garland

Here are step by step instructions on how to make this simple but pretty heart garland.

Handprint Art Chick

Handprint Art Chick

That’s one cute chick! When you and your little ones are crafting, there’s no better place to start than with this Handprint Art Chick.

Precious Paper Bunny Garland

Having your children help you decorate is a great way to get them in on the fun, and when it comes to ideas, this Precious Paper Bunny Garland is the perfect craft for kids! Thanks to the free printable template included with this project, all your kiddos have to do is cut out these little rabbits and create an adorable decoration.

Simple Sprinkle Paper Bows

Simple Sprinkle Paper Bows

Add a little touch of whimsy to your homemade gift wrapping with these Simple Sprinkle Paper Bows. Paper crafts like these that are both easy and elegant are a must for any busy crafter; after all, why sacrifice style just because you’re short on time?

Paper Snowflake Party Backdrop

Not only is this Paper Snowflake Party Backdrop a great addition to your decorations, it is also perfect for a DIY Frozen party. You will be surprised by just how easy it is to make this awesome backdrop.

What is your favorite kind of craft paper to use? Tell us below!

14 Actually Pretty Perler Bead Crafts to Melt

The 90s are back in full swing with chokers showing up on store shelves and beautifully bright, neon craft ideas populating the most popular crafting blogs and sites more and more every day. The days of 60s/70s/80s nonstalgia is taking a backseat to the #ThrowbackThursday love for all things 90s-themed. If you’re really looking to craft like it is 1999, consider making perler bead craft ideas. These brilliant little beads were popular back in the 90s and are experiencing resurgence now that we’re starting to look back. Traditional perler bead patterns create charming little designs from melted beads. This list offers perler bead patterns that are used in unexpected ways. Whether you’re making perler bead jewelry or perler bead home décor, you’re sure to love the 14 Actually Pretty Perler Bead Crafts to Melt.

   Unexpected Perler Bead Patterns and More

Petite and Pink Perler Bead Earrings

  1. Checkerboard Can Cozies
  2. Petite and Pink Perler Bead DIY Earrings
  3. Rainbow Perler Bead Keychain
  4. Fully Floral Perler Bead Tray

Fully Floral Perler Bead Tray

  1. Unexpected Key Holder Perler Bead Pattern
  2. DIY Perler Beads Fruit Bowl
  3. Perler Bead Christmas Ornaments
  4. Colorful Cookie Cutter Ornaments

  1. Fun Emoji Perler Bead Patterns
  2. Hama Bead DIY Rings
  3. Personalized Bike License Plate
  4. Fruit Fish Perler Bead Bracelets
  5. Lovely Perler Bead Cuff Bracelets
  6. Wonderfully Wover Perler Bead Planter

Find even more 90s-inspired craft project ideas in our collection of rad rainbow loom ideas, 10 Rubber Band Loom Projects.

What types of unexpected projects have you made with beads?

Get That Gold: 15 Gold Craft Ideas

With the Big Event taking up all our TV time, it can be tough not to crave adding some gold to your own life. While gold medals and jewelry are crazy expensive, adding some spray paint or faux gold to your DIY crafts is cheap, easy, and chic! Look out below for some gold craft ideas that you are going to love. Whether you are looking to add faux gold jewelry to your life or a touch of gold to your home décor ideas, this list is full of shining star ideas. Get to crafting immediately with these Big Event-inspired ideas immediately! Add glitter and gold to your world with the DIY crafts in get That Gold: 15 Gold Craft Ideas!

Gold Craft Ideas15 Gold Craft Ideas that Look Like a Billion Bucks

  1. Gold Edged Clay Jewelry Dishes
  2. Star Spangled DIY Earrings
  3. Decorative Globe Anthropologie Knock-Off
  4. Gold Hot Curling Iron Travel Pouches
  5. Luxurious DIY Statement Necklace
  6. Gold DIY Ring Dish
  7. Metallic Duct Tape DIY Candles
  8. DIY Studded Loafers
  9. Rose Gold DIY Necklace Tutorial
  10. Glamorous Golden Sequin Vases
  11. Beautiful Ball Drop Earrings
  12. Clothespins DIY Craft Project
  13. Golden Lacy Crochet Shawl
  14. Golden Shimmer Shawl Crochet Pattern
  15. Gold Chunky Crochet Cowl

What’s your fave metallic to work with: silver, gold, bronze, or something else (like rose gold)?

9 Succulent Crafts You Can’t Kill

I know that succulents are supposed to be the easiest plant to keep alive. I have read over and over again that these low-water, low-maintenance, admittedly very cute plants are impossible to kill. This is supposed to be the case, but you know what? I have yet to meet a succulent I did not kill. My thumbs about as black as they come or maybe my apartment is a dead zone.  Whatever the reality is, the succulent struggle is real. This is why I have put together this charming selection of succulent craft ideas that don’t actually involve real succulents. This collection of pretty printable flower and plant crafts, paper craft ideas, and more succulent craft ideas is dedicated to my fellow black thumb sufferers. You absolutely cannot kill these cuties, because they are not alive.

9 Succulent Crafts You Can't Kill

9 No-Fuss, No-Water (Okay, Fake!) Succulent Crafts


Printable Flower Patterns


Find more lovely ways to add floral crafts to your home without worrying about keeping them alive and green with our collection of 81+ Printable Flower Patterns. This stunning collection of flower craft ideas includes paper crafts, crochet patterns, free sewing patterns, crazy easy DIY crafts, and more.

Faux and Fake Flower Crafts: Brilliant solution or a little bit tacky?

Charming Chompers: 19 DIY Crafts for Shark Week

The first Shark Week aired on the Discovery Channel in July of 1988, making shark week nearly 30 years old to this date. This fact alone is a testament to our obsession as a culture with sharks. Sharks are the dinosaurs of the deep, inspiring fear and fascination in our hearts. I’ve always been a little in love with sharks and, because of this, am a huge fan of Shark Week. A whole week dedicated to those chomping, swimming fishes? Yes, please!

Shark Crafts

In order to celebrate Shark Week, we have collected a wide range of shark craft ideas. From shark crafts for kids to more adult ideas like shark tooth necklaces and crochet patterns, the Shark Week crafts below are sure to be adored by any friend of these fierce fishes. Just keep scrolling (or swimming) to see all the jaws-dropping Shark Week crafts we have to offer. They won’t bite. We promise!

19 DIY Crafts for Shark Week

Jaws-Dropping DIY Necklace

Sharky Free Pillow Pet Pattern

Shark Fingerprint Art

Super Cute Shark Afghan

Shark Week Sewing Patterns
Find even more sharky ideas over at our sister blog, SeamsandScissors.com! Jaws-Dropping Ideas: How to Make a Shark for Shark Week features 11 free sewing patterns and sewing project ideas you will definitely want to sink your teeth into.



What’s your favorite shark movie? I love Jaws.

15 Big-Impact Small Space Garden Crafts

If you’re like me, you would love to have a huge green space where flowers bloom and bunnies visit hoping for a nibble to display all of your stunning garden crafts and outdoor DIY ideas. The spring and summer always makes me feel like running outside and immediately making garden projects. The problem is I live in an apartment and, while I may have a bright and beautiful sprawling backyard one day, right now I have a small little windowsill for my green friends. That does not stop me though! You can have a garden no matter where you live!

Small Space Garden Crafts

Scale down big garden ideas and create these small space solutions. Flowers can be an option in your life, no matter how big your backyard! The following garden craft ideas fit in little spots. Whether you live in a small apartment, an assisted living spot, a trailer, or just have a small house with a little yard, these 15 Big-Impact Small Space Garden Crafts are for you.

Super Easy Succulent Garden

Coffee Pot Terrarium

Bright DIY Hanging Planters

Rolling Pallet Planter

Summer Air Plant Ornaments

Plus, How to Make a Fairy Garden!

Check out our full video tutorial below on how to plan, plant, and take care of a fairy garden then head on over to FaveCrafts.com for the full tutorial, complete with even more fairy garden ideas.


DIY Garden Decor


Check out our favorite garden ideas from last year in DIY Garden Decor Ideas You’ll Totally Dig.


Which do you prefer: succulents, flowers, herbs, or indoor trees?

Home on the Range: 19 Country Western-Inspired Crafts and Recipes

While I certainly would never claim to be a country girl, I have to admit that I’ve always been captivated by all things Western. The cowboys, old black and white Westerns, the beauty of the American Southwest, all of it. So while you may be a city slicker like me, you can still channel a fun Country Western vibe with this list of summer crafts and recipes, all geared toward letting your inner cowgirl out into the open.

I’ve complied the best Southwestern recipes that are perfect for a summer cookout, from adorable dessert recipes to easy-to-make alcoholic drinks. If you’re new to playing bartender, then you should definitely check out this super handy how-to guide for making cocktails and other drinks. If you’re less of a mess cook and have more of a crafty side, then you’re totally covered. I’ve included denim crafts, yard and garden projects, and other awesome DIY home decor ideas that will let you totally trick out your homestead.

Be sure to comment below and let me know your favorite cowboy-inspired crafts and recipes. Saddle up and get ready, because I know you’ll love these easy craft ideas and yummy recipes.

Home on the Range - 19 Country Western-Inspired Crafts and Recipes

Home on the Range: 19 Country Western-Inspired Crafts and Recipes

 Cowboy Crafts: Rustic-Inspired DIY Projects

Cowboy Boot DIY Planters

These boots were made for planting!

Salsa Can Recycled Planters

A wonderful recycled craft project that your family will love!

Saloon-Worthy Drinks and Southwest Recipes

Desert Desserts Cactus Cupcakes

Tasty + adorable = the perfect desert dessert combo!

San Antonio Margarita Recipe

The perfect compliment to warm summer weather!

What are your favorite Country Western crafts and recipes? Leave a comment below!

Recycled Crafts: 26 Button Crafts to Use Up Your Stash

I don’t know about your craft cabinet, but it seems like I always have a random supply of never-ending buttons. Buttons from sewing, buttons that came with new clothes, random buttons that seem to have just appeared there over night…the list is literally endless. I have no clue where all of them came from but they definitely can clog up my sewing box pretty quickly. If you’re like me and need to do some serious spring craft cleaning, then you’re in luck. I’ve created a list of fantastic button crafts that is guaranteed to help clean out your craft space.

If you’re looking for some pretty DIY accessories for summer, I’ve got them. If you’re searching for crafts for a specific holiday, I’ve got them. If you’re just needing a new and exciting craft project, BOOM! I’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. I have all of your button basics covered and then some, so set back, relax, and clean out that craft cabinet, because we’ve got some serious crafting to do.

Do you have any cool DIY button ideas of your own? Let me know below in the comments. Here’s wishing you happy crafting!

Recycled Crafts: 26 Button Crafts to Use Up Your Stash

Recycled Crafts: 26 Button Crafts to Use Up Your Stash

Fashion Forward DIY Button Accessories

Red, White, and Button Earrings

Show off your patriotic pride with these easy DIY earrings!

Add some serious style to your jewelry box this summer with these fun DIY accessories that are on trend with the latest designer fashion!

Button Crafts for Every Holiday

Easter Egg Button Art

A chic and colorful way to celebrate Easter!

These crafts aren’t just for summer! Create beautiful button art to celebrate each major holiday throughout the whole year!




Other Holiday Ideas

Amazing Button Crafts for Every Occasion

Adorable Owl DIY Wall Decor

This DIY decor is a definite reader favorite!

Whether you use them for cool DIY decor, fun recycled ideas, or crafts with kids, these button crafts are perfect for anyone and everyone!

How do you use your leftover buttons? Leave a comment below!