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Summer Reading and Crafting for Kids: The Giving Tree

It’s time for kids to start on their summer reading list! If your kids aren’t overly fond of sitting down and reading, introduce hands-on experiential learning through Summer Reading and Crafting from AllFreeKidsCrafts.com. The kids crafts and art projects below will help children grasp and conceptualize important themes in the story.

The Book: The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree by Shel SilversteinImage courtesy of Amazon.com

The Giving Tree is a beautiful story of love, friendship and sacrifice written and illustrated by poet, author, artist and songwriter Shel Silverstein. One of his most famous books, The Giving Tree tells the tale of a young boy who loves a tree. The tree provides the boy with everything he needs throughout his life, while receiving nothing in return. When the boy is an old man and the tree has given her shade, apples, and even her trunk to her young friend, she is only a stump and has nothing left to give the boy except a quiet place to sit.

Important Concepts:

The Giving Tree provides open-ended lessons in selflessness, giving, love and sacrifice. The relationship between humans and nature is also a good topic to discuss with children. These concepts can be complex ideas for young readers, so creating crafts associated with the books allows children to form visual and tactile associations that will help them remember the important details of the book.

Crafting with The Giving Tree:

The Giving Tree Scenes on Cookie Canvases: These tasty treats provide a sweet and pretty canvas upon which children can draw or paint their favorite scenes in edible ink.

Story Scenes on Cookie Canvases

Hand and Armprint Giving Trees
Children can use their hands and arms to make artwork that looks like the Giving Tree. Have them draw a picture of themselves in the shade of the tree like the boy from the story.

Hand and Arm Print Trees

The Giving Tree Leaf Rubbings
: Have children head outside with some homemade crayons to make rubbings of different sorts of trees. Talk about the different patterns in nature and discuss the ways we can use natural resources.

Leaf Rubbings and Dappled Crayons

The Giving Tree’s Apples
: The Giving Tree gave away all of her apples to the boy because she loved him so much. Have children make these paper bag apples and give them away to the people they love. They can even fill the bags with small gifts and handmade items for a more selfless and “giving” project.

Paper Bag Apples

If you enjoyed reading about The Giving Tree and exploring these great educational kids craft ideas from AllFreeKidsCrafts.com, check in again next week for some more great ideas!

What are your kids reading this summer? I want to know! Tell me in the comments below!