Berry Sweet Crafts and Strawberry Recipes for National Strawberry Month

If you couldn’t tell from the piles of low-priced strawberries greeting you near grocery store entrances, May is National Strawberry Month. Those juicy red berries are taking over! We at don’t mind one bit.

In fact, we welcome the sight of strawberries, that iconic summer fruit. Strawberries are so cute and girly, not to mention delicious. A whole month of strawberries sounds like the perfect way to welcome summer! To join in on the fruity fun, check out our strawberry-themed summer ideas.


Strawberry Crafts

Sweet Strawberry Terra Cotta Pots

Strawberries are a perfect symbol of summer. They’re so attractive with their bright red color and that permanently-wet look! Just imagining sinking your teeth into one is refreshing. It’s the flavor of the season, and seeing strawberries just makes people happy.

That said, decorating with these fun summer decorations will help you transition from spring to summer. As the temperatures rise, so does the crafty cuteness level!

  1. Sweet Strawberry Terra Cotta Pots
  2. Strawberry Fields Little Girls’ Dress
  3. Sweet Strawberry DIY Pom Pom
  4. Precious Patriotic Berry Cups
  5. Pretty Pink Strawberry Stool


Strawberry Recipes

Strawberry Macaron Flower Pops

What’s even better than looking at adorable strawberry crafts? Devouring strawberry recipes, of course. Strawberries have the perfect balance of juicy and sweet. Best of all, they’re healthy! Let’s say thank you to Mother Earth for providing such a perfect fruit for desserts and salads. Strawberries are a guilt-free sensation.

These recipes will have you snackin’ on berries all month long.

  1. Strawberry Macaron Flower Pops
  2. Sweet Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes
  3. Summer Strawberry Smoothie Recipe
  4. Strawberry Almond Shrimp Salad
  5. Easy Strawberry Pie
  6. Fluffy Strawberry Salad
  7. Strawberry Sundae Roll Up



What’s your favorite strawberry craft or recipe?



  1. Eugenia West says

    My favorite dessert is strawberry shortcake made the old-fashioned way, a mile high mixture that makes everyone stand next to you while you put theirs together and ask for more. Yum! I have crafted burlap purses with strawberry print inside.

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