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Summer CHA and Plastic Bag Dresses?

Just last week was the summer’s CHA show, also known as the Craft and Hobby Association at the Rosemont Convention Center. As usual, there were so many different things to see. A lot of the show consisted of paper crafts and scrapbooking, which of course has some really neat projects to make. I, being the editor of AllFreeCrochet, was a bit disappointed when I didn’t see many crochet items. I think I knew that going into it, but it would have been neat to see all the new yarns and colors out there.

Any way there was a really neat display in the middle of the showroom floor full of amazing dresses made out of different materials. These weren’t your ordinary dresses, but dresses made out of paper and bags; some were fabric. My favorite dress was the Recycled Prom dress by Candice Windham. This was the neatest type of dress I had ever seen. I kept staring at it and touching it to make sure that’s what it was made out of, yep recycled plastic bags. Candace took plastic grocery bags and turned them into ruffles and a bodice for a prom dress. She then painted the bags to make it look nice and added some embellishments for one of the coolest-looking dresses ever! There were some other unique dresses as well!

If only I could make something like that for myself….AND have the guts to actually wear it somewhere. It reminds me of those competitions high schoolers have with original prom dresses. The gum wrapper dress springs to mind. These people are super talented and I just think it’s the coolest thing ever to come up with such great creations.

Check out the other trends that were at this summer’s CHA.

If you had to come up with a unique idea for a dress, what material would you use?