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21 Stunning Summer Wedding Finds

summer-findsWedding season is on the horizon, and we’re on the hunt for stand-out details to inspire the brides of next summer and beyond (or those still tying up loose ends for their upcoming nuptials). If the weddings you attend aren’t this fabulous, then we apologize for making you wickedly jealous.

Bright colors are one way to welcome the sun, but there are also many more creative ways to turn the dog days into the season of puppy love. From unbelievably beautiful wedding cake designs with fresh flowers and delectable insides to the most brilliant way to serve appetizers, this collection has it all. We’ve searched high and low, far and wide for the most original, most stunning, and most fun summer wedding ideas.

Use the photos below as eye candy, inspiration, or models off of which to design your wedding. These wedding ideas are the best of the best, and we want you to have the first-rate affair that features them before anyone else. Guests’ jaws will drop, eyes will widen, and smiles will spread as they discover each amazing detail your celebration has to offer.

Make the first impression unforgettable with a mason-jar-lined aisle and exquisitely decorated seats.
Fresh flowers add a delicious scent to the already present romanticism in the air.


When committing to a summer wedding, you’re also committing to an incredibly stunning bouquet.
The vibrant colors of summer flowers radiate in these grabbing arrangements.

Prevent any confusion on the reception grounds by clearly directing guests to their destinations.
This fun sign does so in a trendy and rustic way.


Pair mint with some brighter pink hues for a delicate, romantic color scheme ideal for summer.
This color combination works beautifully in an outdoor space lit with strung Christmas lights.

Once the sun sets, you want to ensure guests can still see everything happening.
Light up the night in a fabulously original way to keep guests’ interests piqued.

Gia Canali Photography

For a daytime wedding, brighten up your space with strung flowers.
This gorgeous bohemian look is sure to get guests talking and gawking.


Creative food ideas are wonderful ways to rope in guests who aren’t as impressed by gorgeous decor.
No one will be able to turn down this amazing idea for passed hors d’oeuvres–mini salad!


Get innovative with drink serving by thinking outside of the box.
Aesthetically-pleasing and original setups draw guests’ eyes and encourage participation.

succulent-strawberry-pomegranate-punch beer
5311205 infused

Ditch typical table numbers and bring yours to life with edible centerpieces.
This sweet idea works for place cards as well.


Present your dessert in fun ways with out-of-the-ordinary treats and presentations.

IMG_1109-web  IMG_1061-web

Go unique with wedding cake designs for a final course that no one else will have.
Match the flowers with the rest of your event for a truly exquisite finale.


What’s your favorite season for a wedding?