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Start your Summer Garden

I just decided that I’m going to start a vegetable garden this summer. With the high cost of fruit and vegetables, I’m hoping that it will pay off to grow a little of my own produce. I haven’t done any gardening for years, so all of the sudden I’m getting really into it! Not only is gardening a great green activity, but garden crafting is also a way to get the family together outside. I love these tips to decorate your garden while saving money from our tips on summer crafts with your kids. Check these out:

Windsocks are easy projects that only require a few materials:

You can make your very own windsock with just some colored paper, decorative ribbon and clothespins to hang it from. Your kids can help you decorate your windsock while you cut the ribbon. Click here for the blowin’ in the wind windsock project idea. 


Use what you’ve got:

If you have extra paint (that doesn’t stain!) let your kids decorate the fence around the vegetable garden with it. They can make their own signs to label what you’re growing too with just some colored markers and paper. If you have extra clay around the house, let them make their favorite animals in clay to put on the patio or in the garden. If you have an abundance of green clay, try making these cute clay turtles!


Make your garden unique and whimsical:

Add your own personal touch to your garden that will make your garden your own. Forget buying that expensive garden gnome! Try something like this bees and hive outdoor decor made out of terra cotta saucers.


Outdoor Bees and Hive

How cute are these? This is going to be my new craft project with my little cousins this weekend. I better start planting soon!

For more summer crafting ideas with kids check out our page at FaveCrafts.com.

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