16 Sensational Spring and Summer Shawls

summer-shawlsSpring and summer are not far away (hopefully!), but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a few cooler evenings scattered into the mix.  If you’re planning an outdoor dinner party or are enjoying an outdoor music festival in the summer, chances are the weather will cool off quite a bit, and there’s no better way to keep warm without overheating than to use a lightweight shawl.

These 13 Sensational Spring and Summer Shawls are perfect for those slightly cool evenings where it’s too warm for a jacket but too cool to go without a little sweater.  With lots of designs and styles to choose from, these beautiful shawls are sure to suit outfits of all kinds, from everyday tee shirts and jeans to elegant summer weddings or concerts.

These shawls are also super quick and easy to make.  There are both knit and crocheted shawls in this collection, so no matter what your preference, there’s bound to be something you can make here.  Shawls are also great for beginners since they often only require 1 skein of yarn and are made up of simple stitches that descend after each row.


16 Sensational Spring and Summer Shawls

  1. Breezy Shawl
  2. Stella Luna Lace Shawl
  3. Princess Shawl
  4. Hairpin Lace Shawl
  5. Ocean Front Shawl
  6. Emily’s Circular Lace Shawl
  7. Pretty in Pink Crochet Shawl
  8. Crochet Shawl for Summer
  9. Soft Shoulder Shawl
  10. Summer Wrap
  11. Goddess Shawl
  12. Grace Kelly Bolero Shawl
  13. Downton Abbey Shawl
  14. Penelope’s Flirty Shawl Crochet Pattern
  15. Knit Pear Sorbet Shawlette
  16. Coraline in the Wine Country Crochet Shawl Pattern

Have you ever made a shawl?



If you’ve been hunting around for the perfect year-round shawl, you’ve found your destination. These knit and crochet shawl patterns are great for summer and winter and everything in between! So grab those needles and hooks and let’s get to work!


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  1. Kathy Klein says

    These shawls would be perfect for the Panhandle of Florida where I live. Gorgeous!

  2. Alexander Vassiliadis says

    What a spring classic! Who doesn’t love the jeans and shawl combination? Simple, neat, and classy. These designs are perfect for a warm spring evening out in Boystown or Old Town, Chicago. Keeping warm and chic.

  3. Marybeth P. says

    I have knit/crocheted many shawls. Over the last two weeks, I knit six and crocheted three! I love shawls, they are so versatile.

  4. louisa says

    I never click on the links, too much time, I’d love thumbnails of each shawl so I can click to the ones I might want to look at. This goes for all “Top Ten XYZ to knit/crochet/etc”

  5. Vivian says

    I have made many shawls. I love doing them and am looking for new ones to do all the time. I am always amazed by all the designs and the beauty of them.

  6. Sandy McIntire says

    I enjoy making shawls and am currently working on one for my granddaughter. My new daughter-in-law also wants one. Am always looking for new patterns.

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