Spring into Creativity with New Easter Craft eBook

Just the other day I saw two surefire signs of the coming of spring.  No, it wasn’t flower buds popping out of the ground and it wasn’t the snow slowly starting to disappear.  No, my first glimpses of Spring 2012 were in the form of fluffy, yellow marshmallow chicks on the shelf of my local grocery store and the first airing of that iconic Cadbury commercial where the different animals are all auditioning to be the Easter bunny.  You know the one I’m talking about:

It may seem early to be talking about chicks and bunnies, but we’re almost in March and really before you know it Easter will be here!  That’s why the folks at AllFreeHolidayCrafts decided to help you get a head start on your Easter preparations.  They’ve just released their brand new eBook, 7 Cute Easter Craft Projects, which has some really great ideas for egg decorating, basket making and general holiday home decor.  Check it out for yourself; you can download a free PDF copy right here!


Download your free copy of How to Make Easter Crafts: 7 Cute Easter Craft Projects today!



I’m personally so excited about this eBook because this is the first spring where I’m feeling especially crafty.  I can’t wait to try my hand at this Grass is Greener Wreath (featured on page 23 of the eBook).  I first noticed it over on Pinterest where a ton of my friends were obsessing over how cute it is and vowing to make it this spring.


I think there are a couple reasons why this wreath has been super popular. First, it’s ridiculously easy to make. See that plush green “grass”?  It’s really just some Fun Fur yarn!  Clever, huh?  Also this wreath is very practical; it’s a decoration that you can leave up all season long.  A lot of Easter wreaths feature eggs and bunnies and the like, but the simplicity and seasonal nature of this one makes it fitting for March through September!

So that’s the project that I’m most looking forward to making from this Easter craft eBook, but there are a bunch of other really great ideas.  Anyone who is even thinking about making homemade decorations for Easter this year should check out this craft collection. You can download the eBook for free with one simple click, right here on the AllFreeHolidayCrafts website!

To recap…

In the 7 Cute Easter Crafts eBook you’ll find:

  • The adorable “Grass is Greener” wreath pictured above
  • Easy egg crafts
  • Easter basket tutorials
  • Cute DIY Easter decorations

And so much more!  So what are you waiting for? Spring forward and get started on one of these 7 cute Easter craft projects today!

I’m curious:  What’s your favorite craft project to make for Easter?


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