Spring Forward 2014: 12 Spring Fashion Patterns featuring Peplum

Spring Forward with AllFreeSewingPeplum is a popular trend that resurfaced a few years ago. Even though it isn’t exactly “new,” it still manages to top the trend reports season after season. The best thing about peplum is that it’s very versatile; you can have peplum tops and tanks, peplum skirts, and even peplum dresses. If you’re so inclined, you can even find peplum-style jackets and coats! The reason for its popularity is that it’s a style that can look good on anyone! The peplum flare can be more or less structured, so depending on how much extra flare you want to add to your silhouette, you can find something that fits. Because of its versatility and flattering fit, we at AllFreeSewing dub Peplum as the top trend of 2014.

Peplum can be tough to pull off, true, but only if you don’t know how to make it work for you. If you want to give yourself an exaggerated silhouette and hips, a more structured and more flared cut is your best bet. If you don’t want that extra fabric jutting out, you can still rock the trend. There’s a gathered peplum cut that doesn’t flare as much and simply flows around your midsection. If you’re hesitant to try the trend, go for that style. Once you’re a little more comfortable, you can venture out into the more extravagant pieces.

There’s no better time than right now to jump on board the peplum trend. Whether you already have a few pieces or you’ve been waiting for the right time to try it out, there are plenty of ways to sew your own version. We’ve pulled some of our favorite patterns and tutorials for you to try, so check them out!


Peplum Tops

Peplum Top RefashionDIY Peplum ShirtRavishing Peplum RefashionAny Season Peplum BlouseEasy Peplum TankPeplum Top Tutorial

We’re also so thrilled that we’ve stumbled across some amazing peplum top tutorials online:



Peplum Dresses and Skirts

Origami Peplum RefashionRuffled Peplum SkirtSnap Peplum SkirtSide Peplum Skirt


Plus! Peplum Belt Tutorial!

DIY Peplum Belt

This great DIY Peplum Belt is from the lovely Natalia Oh!



 What do you think of the peplum trend?



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