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10 Sorority Gift Ideas for Your Little and Fun DIY Gifts

So there are a million and one sorority gift ideas on Pinterest and Instagram, but there are the basics that every Little needs to start out with. If you’re a Big who wants to show your Little the ropes, you know how much you wanted to show your letters in every aspect of your life when you first accepted your bid. You probably went straight to Etsy to buy Greek apparel (I did it too). But quickly, you realized how over-priced Greek apparel and sorority trinkets are. You’ve learned, and you surely don’t want your Little to make the same mistake. Your job is to help your Little and guide them on their journey through the chapter and as a member. Starting them out with easy DIY crafts is the fun part. By this point, I know most of you have already started your “Welcome Home” baskets for your Little, but these are the basic starter DIY gift baskets that every new Greek life member needs.

Sorority Gifts

When I went through recruitment, it was informal, but it was the best time of my life. I used to be very much against Greek life—still slightly am, but I understand Greek life now and appreciate it for the intentions and the standards that each organization sets out for their members. I loved working with so many people with different interests and different viewpoints. I eventually dropped because of personal reasons, but the girls in my chapter are still some of my best friends.

Even if you are in a sorority or are not currently, these are some amazing gift ideas for those who are in a sorority or some very adaptable crafts. I’m sure you’re probably thinking, “Yeah right, what can I do with a paddle craft?” Actually, they are some really cute homemade wall decor. They are great for recognizing a milestone in your life. I’ve seen big/little matching ones, welcome paddles, “21st Birthday” paddle…the list can go on. Monogramming is very trendy with DIY home decor and homemade clothes. A personalized cooler is great for camping trips. These easy crafts are adaptable, you just have to think outside the box a little bit.

Crafting these cute gifts saves you so much money and it gives you the freedom to personalize it without breaking the bank. These would be really cute for graduation gift ideas and practicing monogramming. Sure, you can easily go on Etsy and find crafts already made, but is it really the same? No, it’s not. I can guarantee it because it wasn’t made by you to your little from her big. That’s what makes those baskets special. You may make them in advance, but it is for your perfect little that you find in the fall or spring recruitment.

10 Sorority Little Ideas and DIY Gifts

Monogrammed StoolMonogrammed Stool

This would be super cute with your letters monogrammed on the seat with colors to match your sorority. For those not in one, your initials would be just as cute with your favorite colors.


Family TreeFamily Tree

Everyone, no matter if you’re in Greek life or not, loves a good family tree. This one uses wood burning, but you can easily just put one on a canvas instead.


Paint and Paper LettersPaint and Paper Letters

Decorating your letters in their favorite pattern gives your decor a little more personality. If you don’t want your letter, use an inspirational word!


Pin BoxPin Box

Make something cute to hold their pin, or you can make this trinket box to hold small jewelry items.


Personalized CoolerPersonalized Cooler

I realize this is a sports cooler, but painting this your favorite colors, letters, and your open motto would be too cute.


Sharpie MugSharpie Mug

This is such an easy craft. I’ve done this so many times to make a personalized gift. Coffee is a must in college!


Decorated Bulletin BoardDecorated Bulletin Board

Getting organized right off the bat is setting up for good habits in all parts of life.



DIY Fleece Throw

from lifeovereasy.com

DIY No Sew Fleece Throw from Life Over Easy

If you don’t have a tie blanket, you’re missing out. These are so easy to make and last for forever.



Sparkle Letters

from eighteen25.com

Sequined Letters from Eighteen 25

If you’re looking to add a little extra sparkle to your letter, this is an easy tutorial on how to skip the rhinestones.



84 Paddle Ideas

from pagebypaige.com

84 Sorority Paddle Ideas by Page By Paige

The biggest collection of sorority paddle inspiration.





What else would you give to your little? If you’re not in a sorority, what do you think would be the most fun to make?