Sophia by Bernat – New Yarn On The Market

Brand New yarn Line

Learn More About Bernat’s New Yarn Line Called – Sophia

Sophia is one of the newest yarns by Bernat that has just been released. This is a yarn line that I think will be the most challenging to the average person. What can you do with this yarn? How can you accessorize this with you wardrobe? I think it can easily be answered by doing a bit of research.

This yarn is exceptionally thick and doesn’t require knitting needles or crochet hooks; you can just hand crochet with your fingers or even finger knit this. I could actually do nautical knots with this yarn and it would still turn out amazing.

The yarn is so thick that you don’t get a lot to work with. However, you still get a good amount to make an amazing scarf. Take a peak at for free patterns and video tutorials to follow along. You can find more product specifics at and more free crochet patterns at AllFreeCrochet.


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