8 Fun and Simple Halloween Costume Ideas

Have you heard of Instructables.com? If you haven’t been on the site yet and you love crafting or cooking or just being creative in general, you really need to check it out. It’s a site much like FaveCrafts with user uploaded tutorials for lots of really cool recipes and projects. One thing they have a huge collection of is DIY Halloween costume ideas. Isn’t that just what you were looking for right about now?

We’ve pulled together a collection of 8 fun and simple Halloween costume ideas to get you inspired and excited for Halloween this year! As you can see it doesn’t have to take months of preparation and an expensive budget to get away with a really cool and original costume idea.

8 Fun and Simple Halloween Costume Ideas


Need a fun last minute Halloween costume idea for your kids? This Halloween costume couldn’t be simpler to make and it’s quick to put together. Oh, and in case you couldn’t tell, it’s super budget friendly! Especially if you already have white fabric paint and freezer paper at home.




Were you as big of a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas as I was? If you were, then you understand the excitement I felt when I saw this Oogie Boogie costume! It looks so real! The best part? It glows in the dark just like Oogie should.




Are you sushi obsessed enough to try your hand at making this  DIY Halloween costume idea? Looks simple (and tasty) enough, right?







Your little ones are probably too young to want to save the damsel in distress, but how does fighting dragons sound? Let them live our their knightly dreams with these fun Halloween costumes.


Who doesn’t love Where the Wild Things Are? Bring nostalgia and joy to Halloween with this fun DIY Carol costume.






His and Hers Lego costume? You two will most definitely win best couples costume!




Do you still play Angry Birds? How about with your friends? How about life-sized with your friends? I smell some fun photo opportunities.






This Halloween costume idea seems simple enough, right? Lots of kids dress up as Mario and Luigi. What makes this one different is the sound effects!



Besides all the simple costume ideas you can find on Instructables, they are also holding an amazing costume contest they’re holding for Halloween! Since you’re all incredibly creative and crafty, it seemed like a good thing to share.

If you love Halloween and make your own costume every year anyway, why not enter? There are 6 different categories that you can submit your costume to and multiple submission are accepted! So pull together your best zombie-mermaid-leprechaun and start snapping some pics to submit right away

Not intrigued yet? How about this: this year they’re giving away two extra special Grand Prizes – your choice of a 15” Macbook Pro with Retina Display or a Full Spectrum Laser New Hobby Laser Cutter. There is also the chance to win an iPad 2 and a digital camera. How’s that for incentive?

You have until November 7th to enter, which is not a whole lot of tiny to sew, stitch, glue, and solder together an award winning piece so get to crafting!

What will you be this Halloween?

P.s. If costumes aren’t your thing, maybe pumpkins are. Check out our Pumpkinpalooza contest for more chances to win fun prizes.

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