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Link Love: Seashell Crafts

When I go to the beach, one of my favorite activities is collecting shells. There’s only one problem – I go to the beach maybe once a year, and that’s if I’m lucky. The rest of the time, I’m stuck in the landlocked Midwest, where authentic seashells are few and far between. Since I can’t head to the ocean when the mood strikes, I have to settle for my local craft store, where I can purchase seashells by the bundle.

Now is the perfect time to bring the beach home and craft with shells. That said, seashells never go out of style, rot or disintegrate, so you can use them even when the weather is cold. In fact, you can even use shells to create Christmas crafts! Create a Cute Beach Frame for a friend before a birthday or special event and be sure to include a meaningful photo (extra credit if you include a photo from the beach). You can purchase a new frame or use a plain one you already have – it’s completely up to you. Another great upcycle craft is a Seashell Treasure Box, which can be made on the cheap. Simply use a plain wooden box and add different types of shells. You can also create your own designs\ and use seashells to bring your projects to life. One example is Beach and Seashell Glass Candle Rings, which make an excellent addition to a dinner table. Make a few before your next barbecue or dinner party.

Even if you can’t head to the beach this summer, you can certainly make a few seashell crafts with items from your favorite craft store. Embellish an item you already have or create something brand new – it’s up to you!

  1. Clam Shell Friends from We Know Stuff
  2. Shell Jewelery Holder from A Lion’s Nest
  3. DIY Seashell Boutonniere from Bayside Bride
  4. Golden Shell Cake Stand from Nellie Bellie
  5. Shell Bouquet from Savvy Deets Bridal
  6. Easy Summer Starfish Wreath from House by Hoff
  7. Seashell Beeswax Tealights from Garden Therapy
  8. Freshwater Seashell Wreath from Just a Smidgen
  9. Metallic Sea Shell Christmas Trees from At the Picket Fence

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