What You (Almost) Forgot to Bring: Sewing Purses, Organizers, and More for Travel

Travel ProjectsWarning: This post contains incredibly helpful information and sewing tutorials.

You were supposed to leave 12 minutes ago for the airport, but you know you’re forgetting something. Your keys? Chargers? ID? What is it??

There just isn’t time to think about it anymore. Boldly you yell at everyone to get in the car, scoop the dazed 4 year-old off the floor, and head out.

Settled at your gate with your group of nomads, a heart-sinking realization sets in that you forgot everything.

Don’t worry! It was just a dream. To prevent yourself from forgetting those personal and family essentials, we’ve created a list of items that you definitely need. Best of all, they’re all simple sewing projects that you’ll enjoy making immensely. How do we know? Come on, you’re on a sewing blog; we’re one in the same. Take a trip with us by browsing through these tutorials on sewing purses, organizers, and more gear for traveling. You’ll be surprised at how incredibly useful each of these free sewing projects is.

Sewing Purses, Pouches, and Toiletry Holders

  1. Zip-Up DIY Cosmetics Bag
  2. Posh Paneled DIY Makeup Bag
  3. Zippered Dopp Kit
  4. Rainbow Scraps E-Reader SleeveZippered Dopp Kit
  5. Electronics Cozy
  6. Recycled Travel Pouch in Minutes

Sewing Project Ideas for Parents

  1. How to Make a Portable High Chair
  2. Mei Tai Tutorial
  3. Travel Change and Play Mat
  4. Diaper Pouch and Changing Pad

Reusable Sandwich BagsNecessities to Sew if You’re Camping

  1. Insulated Bag Tutorial
  2. Eco-Friendly Waterproof Picnic Blanket
  3. Reusable Sandwich Bags

How to Sew Helpful Accessories if you Lose Everything All the Time

  1. Posh Leather DIY Cord Organizer
  2. Fobulous Key Fob
  3. Coin Purse Key Chain
  4. Little Bag DIY Key ChainLittle Bag DIY Key Chain

Sewing Tutorials for the Luggage-less Traveler

  1. Retro Travel Bag
  2. Fashionable Travel Bag
  3. Zippered Travel Tote
  4. Easy Duffle Bag Set

Additional Items You Always Forget

  1. Patchwork Travel Neck Pillow
  2. Purse Organizer Insert
  3. Jewelry Roll TutorialPatchwork Travel Neck Pillow
  4. Travel Earring Organizer
  5. Safely Secure Travel Fabric Book

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