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Sewing Cute Kangaroos

When I was younger my mom used to do a lot of sewing projects. She had all these stuffed cats made with different  fabrics and patterns. They were all pretty neat looking because she gave them all different features so no two cats were the same. It’s always fun to see stuffed animals that people make since they can use their creativity and imagination. I was searching for some cute sewn animals and came across this cute kangaroo. I love the color schemes and the polka dots really make it flash. I think this would be a fun little toy for kids to play with but an even better use as a gift for an expectant mother. It’s a mommy kangaroo with her little joey. It can be a fun craft to sit in the baby’s room on a high shelf. I just love those precious homemade gifts, they are so special. This kangaroo craft was courtesy of a book called Softies Only a Mother Could Love by Myra Maasuda.

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